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retro girls workout - dancing 80s

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Clip of girls working out in leotards, dancing and prancing. Retro style.
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Deann Dubois (7 days ago)
Harris was a total perv. He organized all this. I think.
Damin Mance (1 month ago)
Friday the 13th part 4!
Michael Lanier (1 month ago)
As a teen. I awoke each morning to observe these beautiful young models to begin my day. Soft porn in my adolescence needless to say.
Aaron Jarrell (6 months ago)
God, 80s chicks were so hot 😍😍😍😍
chubb chubbs (8 months ago)
Thanks Jason.
Dug Diaz (8 months ago)
Yes!!! This is the most satanic thing ive ever seen. 👀👓
danielloja (9 months ago)
somebody know th name of teh soundtrack
Tracy Lindsey (10 months ago)
Ha, I remember these video from my early teens.
Edward Grosser (10 months ago)
I remember turning on the tv. And I  saw this. Oh my god. my mom saw what I was watching. And told not watch that channel. I get  in s zillion premonition's. I picture in my head earlier today. Now I'm blessed with seeing this again.
daddy69plus4 (10 months ago)
Thanks to these girls growing up in my teens was much easier....😂🤣
Brian Mcbride (11 months ago)
what the f
Soul Hunter (1 year ago)
Hey this is the video Axel was watching in Friday the 13 part 4
Joseph Jucutan (1 year ago)
i bet it smells good in there
TheManuHimself (1 year ago)
Juanitos used this for the Black Samba video?
Dr. Old School (1 year ago)
I think this is the same video from Friday the 13th 4
Adrian (1 year ago)
Incredible symmetry.
Jamie Corbett (1 year ago)
Im gonna hang there like mission impossible and lick pussy
Billy Batts (1 year ago)
How the fuck did I get here????
QuilomboTribe (1 year ago)
Isn't this the workout in one of the Friday The 13 movies
coxson (1 year ago)
To all the guys saying they want to be in the middle naked, That combined vaginal heat would melt you! I can almost smell it .... 😤
Arias Mark (1 year ago)
blatta and inesha anyone?
George Brady (1 year ago)
Friday the 13th anyone???
David Lord (1 year ago)
MOnkeY in the middle? um yes.
Elsie Viola Dupuis (1 year ago)
Ritualistic mating dance?! o.O
Geo Lew (1 year ago)
If you think this is good, you should see the nude version of this.
J SHANGHAI (1 year ago)
I'd love to meet the brain behind this masterpiece.
Jamie E (1 year ago)
ahhh, the bare foot fetish episode... clearly a classic
Rayark 9 (1 year ago)
Is it a fart exercise?
Carlo D'Anna (1 year ago)
And-a with a really nice-a porn groove.
Teddy Hart (1 year ago)
good jagoff material here... I'll take my lunch break now
rhoadnaroahs (1 year ago)
I remember watching one of these with my mom. Most uncomfortable 5 minutes of my life. LOL
Josh (1 year ago)
Wasn't this the workout video that was in Friday The 13th?
Emma Williams (1 year ago)
This feels really french. like a french music video. for some reason. Sexy french birds pumping their arses up and down!
Wessel Zapffe (2 years ago)
Does Jason appear when you watch this? The scene is in Friday the 13th, part 4.
ali muti (2 years ago)
is this a dick worshiping ritual
Emma Williams (1 year ago)
ali muti No its an arse worshipping ritual.
flashy5150 (2 years ago)
I wish my weiner was in the middle at 3:11
Dino Buckhoy (2 years ago)
I thank these lady's. They were a part of my boy hood. My the memories.
superlinks x (2 years ago)
Waporvave (2 years ago)
I couldn't imagine a less appealing way to present a cooch
J SHANGHAI (1 year ago)
Waporvave fool
The End Is Near (2 years ago)
if those asses would have smacked together at least once i would have shot a load
Aaron Jarrell (6 months ago)
The End Is Near lol you go Jesus!
Joseph Jucutan (2 years ago)
when I was 13 yrs old in the 80s I thought that was a real workout but years later I found out they where simulating a very long penetrations. Duh
Mathew Mckew (2 years ago)
Watch out for Jason everyone
vintageceilingfans (2 years ago)
LOL, this is the scene that's on Friday the 13th Part 4, the Finale chapter.. I think the the light brown hair chick is looking directly into the the camera as Axel's death is happening on the movie..
Dewayne White (2 years ago)
vintageceilingfans remember it well
Media Man (2 years ago)
oow yep ;) im watching now.. u r right ;)
James Pawson (2 years ago)
It just occurred to me that they probably did a lot of coke on set.
Emma Williams (1 year ago)
James Pawson lol
Melodii (2 years ago)
Roshi will be pleased
alwaysopen (2 years ago)
I forget the name of this show but all previous answers I have seen are wrong. If you have noticed their asses are cropped out. This was done because they had a few labia slippages and people complained. Now you know why men loved the show.
alwaysopen (1 year ago)
People are puritanical until after dark and then flip their cable channels to porn. Hypocritical assholes is what they are. It was fun catching a shot of some vag in the am.
Emma Williams (1 year ago)
alwaysopen what's wrong with a bit of lab slip? I mean no one whinges when there's nip slips. Do they.
DonPeyote (2 years ago)
Mike Young (2 years ago)
lmfao this was in Friday the 3th part four I believe axel is watching this while Jason kills him
vintageceilingfans (2 years ago)
Yes it was.. That's funny how this scene comes up on Youtube.. He had the volume down on the TV, and the nurse kept changing it to the news..
The great Soda Popinski is impressed by your sexy capitalist workout show. If only we had this to cherkov to, instead of fat babushkas with gold teeth. No wonder I drink.
Aaron Jarrell (6 months ago)
Сода Попински lol I like this one
WolfsBlood44 (2 years ago)
I think this is "20 min workout". Not for sure. But as a teen boy I used to watch this early in the morning before school. Nothing like having a raging hard on and trying to get yur shit together for school. Watch a little of this then it's straight to the bathroom to "comb my hair". lol. Bit of trivia-Bess Motto (who usually was the lead choreographer) was also "Ginger" in The Terminator.
WolfsBlood44 (2 years ago)
+Whiplash Maggie Lol. So true. Thank God as we get older we learn "dick control".
Whiplash Maggie (2 years ago)
+WolfsBlood44 "20 Minute Workout"- or 3 minutes if you're the average teenage boy.
Retro PAL (2 years ago)
My dick gets harder than an armored truck watching this.
R C (1 year ago)
Jumpoff A -- You're just quite the boner killer, aren't you...
Jumpoff A (2 years ago)
+Retro PAL Not if you knew that these girls are in their mid sixties. hahahaha go grandma go!
Joseph Jucutan (2 years ago)
this was on a little part in the movie " 48 hours ". at the two lesbians apartment.
Joseph Jucutan (2 years ago)
i remember watching this as a teenager, My dick felt so hard it could lift a car. Lol
meacomefeyou (2 years ago)
Theese womwn made me a freakin freak a nature plus they were sexy too as usual I love my 80's women forever 20 minute work out. Wonder how they look today? Cougars hot an sex sayyyyiee older womens ?? since I was 7 and under yeaaaaa! 70s 80's 90's the best women
CubanPete1990 (2 years ago)
Hey I saw the clip of it in the movie call'ed Friday the 13th the final chapter (1984)
India Bertram (2 years ago)
Regis Palmer (2 years ago)
STRONG WOMEN.. Bess is awesome
Miguel Diaz (2 years ago)
The tensile strength in my hand is 100% thanks to these vids from my teens, Thanks girls!
Mitt Obama (2 years ago)
Actually one of the girls confessed later she had one too many French fries and baked beans the night before.
PersianImm0rtal (2 years ago)
What is this frome?
Taydra Brookshire (2 years ago)
Taydra Brookshire (2 years ago)
Showtime 1980s-90s
Retro PAL (2 years ago)
+PersianImm0rtal It was in the movie Friday The 13th The Final Chapter.
truearies77 (2 years ago)
Was i the only young boy that was turned on by this as a kid!? I actually remember watching this very same girl as a boy!
omnipop (1 year ago)
I watched this show almost every morning while my mom was getting ready for work (and to drive me to school). I was about 13. I remember openly yelling from my room, to Mom (down the hall) about how awesome these visuals were. She'd just laugh while applying her makeup. :)
Painindeass1million (2 years ago)
If memory serves, the usual trio was Bess Motta, Tina Rocco, and Debra Corday.
The Nordic (3 years ago)
Cheesy and exploitative for sure but this is back in the day before women had GMO food McDonalds guts. The way these young women are built was actually the norm.
Jesse Schouviller (3 years ago)
I really want to hump the one with the krinkle cut hair....yummy!
Truth Seeker (3 years ago)
The Devil blessed the 80's
Dewayne White (3 years ago)
also the movie 48 hours with Eddie Murphy they had the arobics in it when he gets hit with the baseball bat
Dewayne White (3 years ago)
one of the house wives was an abrobic girl I believe
thatonedrewguy (3 years ago)
Be careful when watching this. There's a 10% chance Jason Voorhees will appear behind you. It's your responsibility to ensure that no sharp objects are present if he does.
Jumpoff A (2 years ago)
+thatonedrewguy or worst, Richard Simons. Hahahaha
5outho (2 years ago)
+thatonedrewguy Rly?? wow
XxShorty729xX (2 years ago)
+thatonedrewguy LMAO I was just thinking..is this the one they show in friday the 13th
szymikon1980 (2 years ago)
+thatonedrewguy Fortunatelly there is Michael Mayers who will smash Jason out
thatonedrewguy (2 years ago)
+Silver.Exe You ever see Friday the 13th Part 4? The coroner is watching what appears to be this same film. Jason sneaks up on him, slits his throat with a bonesaw and twists his head around. Best Friday flick.
The Readers Corner (3 years ago)
Gotta love the music.
TheCRTman (2 years ago)
Sparkyinfla Williams (2 years ago)
Thanks, I was curious who/what actually produced these...we know why!
Lydia L Pineault (3 years ago)
+The Readers Corner That's what I was looking for! All the music to all of these videos was produced by Ron Harris. I think these videos were on VH1 or some other one of the very first video stations on cable in the early 80's, hubby and I would almost choke to death laughing, seeing that these were always rather suggestive, and not a word was ever spoken! And yes, the music is/was great! Funny huh?!
Fan Made Videos (3 years ago)
I wonder how the producer of this segment pitched his idea to the Showtime Execs?
Generation X (3 years ago)
Holy cow, I remember in the early 80s watching these girls on HBO. I used to emulate them, even though some of their exercises were kinda corny and didn't really do anything (like this one) My older teenage brother used to tape these HBO episodes on our big clunky VHS VCR.. he used to watch them over & over again.. I don't know why LOL. 😅 They were (&still are) pretty erotic, considering it was 35+yrs ago and on cable tv. Glad I found this, it takes me back in time. Thanks for uploading! ✌
TheSilentCartographer (3 years ago)
The original twerkers.
Tyler Lafountain (3 years ago)
I like there sexy nice asses I wish I can bang one of them
pfurman69 (3 years ago)
I was 13 when this was out.  Talk about perfect timing in my life.  Kids these days have no imagination.  This is still as good as it was.
David M (3 years ago)
They could not make a video like this today They'd have to have one blonde, one brunette and one woman of colour. Diversity you know.
Serjo777 (3 years ago)
Btw does anyone know the song used in this video? I really like it but I'm pretty sure I can get a better quality if I know the name.
hendrixnow (3 years ago)
+Serjo777 rofl
Serjo777 (3 years ago)
+Kylie Smith Really? lmao? Are you 10 or what?
Kylie Smith (3 years ago)
TheSilentCartographer (3 years ago)
Darude - Sandstorm
arianna banks (3 years ago)
Serjo777 (3 years ago)
Yeah right "workout", this is totally not softporn..
Thomas L.S. (3 years ago)
Oh don,t Stop !
angmhalp (3 years ago)
3:15  I don't know what art is but I know what I like.
Crispin Goolsby (3 years ago)
My 14-year-old self totally got wood from this.
djjerome (2 years ago)
+Crispin Goolsby same here : )
Crispin Goolsby (3 years ago)
1981 RULED!!!!!!
Jeri Caroline M (3 years ago)
I don't care how retro this is! thirty years later youll still get a boner!!!  Youll still get the urge to rub one out!!! ;)
jetsonicman (3 years ago)
Anglovox (3 years ago)
3:15.....Nope, doesn't allude to SEX at all  
baronterror (3 years ago)
Friday the 13th Part IV...I always wondered.
Kandee Kysses (3 years ago)
OK!!! What Guy..Uploaded This Video!?! LMAO!!!
Muasi Basl (3 years ago)
voll der porno
Friday the 13th part 4 :)
daminmancejin (3 years ago)
I got Friday the 13th part 4
daminmancejin (3 years ago)
+Alan partridge  yup I though this was a porno...lol
apurplebutton (3 years ago)
Going to try this tonight. Looks LEGIT. 
brute dje (3 years ago)
This was the best workout!
borderlord (3 years ago)
Possibly the best combination of music and movement I have ever witnessed! When's the sequel coming out?
Grouchy Dude (3 years ago)
Check Amazon.com....."Totally Nude Aerobics." They do the same moves, but with their vaginas hanging out. Some of them look like they bite, so it's a plus or minus situation going on.  
jo mo (3 years ago)
I am remember this being on TV in the early morning.  Recall watching this s I drank my morning coffee
bub yacobozzi (3 years ago)
I wanna be in the middle on a chair that spins around so can take turns licking their asses
Marty Helbig (1 year ago)
what's to hide?? instant boner wouldn't you say?? oh you already did.. yes I like your idea a lot..
Fiilis1 (2 years ago)
i like you <3
bub yacobozzi (2 years ago)
I don't even try to hide it!!   +Fiilis1
Fiilis1 (2 years ago)
+bub yacobozzi you're one nasty person lol
Jumpoff A (2 years ago)
+bub yacobozzi Hahahahaha
NBAGOATS (3 years ago)
Feminist would be all over this today.  BTW, wish i was standing there in the middle.  NAKED
Crispin Goolsby (3 years ago)
+6plastic Man!!!....You ain't kiddin'!!
6plastic (3 years ago)
the 3:08 mark for me :)
BikeRidinManiac (4 years ago)
I got a beter 1 nothing like catchin friends or foe beatin off to this
Jim Garrison (4 years ago)
I remember going to visit my old man back in the day and finding him watching this same video. I walked in the living room and said, "What's up pop?". He didn't even take his eyes off the TV and all he said to me was some sort of grunting sound with a crooked grin on his face. Here I am some 30+ years later and the same thing just happened to my son while I was watching the very same video.
Ryan Andrew (6 months ago)
Jim Garrison lmfao I bet the 80s were dope
Da Goblin (9 months ago)
yeah i saw dirty work too
Jumpoff A (3 years ago)
+Jim Garrison Like father, like son. . .
James Long (3 years ago)
+Jim Garrison The circle is now complete.
Dos895 (4 years ago)
As a red blooded guy, I declare that I like this...a lot!
lostlotta (4 years ago)
Porn o cize
Perry Jean (10 months ago)
lostlotta can come be at by
Charles Argyle (4 years ago)
Friday the 13th part 4

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