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Top 10 Beautiful Nickelodeon Teen Girls Under 18 - Star News

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Star news (1 year ago)
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WZTwiggs (2 months ago)
Thanks for the pin lol
Francisco Ortiz Sanchez (4 months ago)
Star news
Roxanne Roxi (5 months ago)
Star news
Star news nora not beautiful
Veronica Celaya (8 months ago)
Star news https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iQo-1XgBNk&feature=share
neema mhagama (4 days ago)
lolass231 (5 days ago)
I’m older than Ella Anderson by 2 months I’m in January
Bram Mesman (6 days ago)
Madisyn shipman beautiful
MORONI LOPEZ (14 days ago)
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Maddison Pharis (16 days ago)
Olivia is Disney
Tapiwanashe Chirarwe (19 days ago)
Ths is not so cul.every one is beutiful no matter what
Reuben DeYoung (22 days ago)
Jade should be 2nd
julia kostova (24 days ago)
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Dharma Chatterji (25 days ago)
Fine Children, God has made,
where´s ciara Bravo?
Rudy Durrel (1 month ago)
Crz Show (1 month ago)
Fuck me ! Christ Hansen at my door
GAMER TEEN (1 month ago)
I like cree cicchino like if u agree
Lilou Lol (1 month ago)
And Kira kosarin ? "The thunderman "
London Stroud (1 month ago)
Did anyone else notice that they used a pic of Cree Cicchino for Breanna Yde?????
jade who acted in school of rock is sooo cute
Brady Thomas (2 months ago)
Olivia Rodrigo is wrong because she's from Disney and not Nickelodeon so read the title
Bet De La Rica (2 months ago)
Cree is the most beautiful of them
Radiant School (1 month ago)
Manuel Rico (2 months ago)
dolapo deborah (2 months ago)
June ,my sweetheart
WZTwiggs (2 months ago)
The fuck are you perverts doing on this video?
Alex williams (2 months ago)
Breanna Yde and Lizzy Greene ❤❤❤❤❤😍
Radiant School (1 month ago)
Hi dear
Censtorm J (2 months ago)
Ladies and gentlemen we got em
luigi 28 (2 months ago)
This is wrong. No kids!
Emmanuel Akinsanya (2 months ago)
Was it just me or did dat theme song whack
MaRc _CaCaL77 (2 months ago)
People in this comment you are now under surveillance by the fbi by checking out kids that are under 18 years old 😅 jk
Donovan Mcgee (3 months ago)
Anrx gaming (3 months ago)
Pedophiles unite
Toni Singh (3 months ago)
Noras birth 26.01.2004 my birth 26.01.2008 cool 😍😍🤣😂😊😊😊😋😋😋
Dino Elegado (3 months ago)
HEY!!! Why is Jade pettyjohn 8th She is so beautiful 😄😂😘
Kiran Deshpande (3 months ago)
Love u lizzy!!
Annika Marie (3 months ago)
Were is victoria justice ???
Radiant School (1 month ago)
Phillip Warwick (3 months ago)
Annika Marie she over 18
_Bubblegum_ Kitty!! (3 months ago)
What about Kira?
Joshua Silva (3 months ago)
I used to have such a big crush on Isabella Moner (I'm 15)
jorjina Mp (3 months ago)
Ναι ναι ναι!
NicolCrystal123 - (3 months ago)
page from bizavadrk is not in nick
Less Mua (3 months ago)
Madisyn Shipman, Isabela Moner & Jade Pettyjohn 😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤
PhilTheTater (3 months ago)
wtf is that song at the later half of the vid
Lyric Wizard (3 months ago)
my crush is jade pettyjohn
Evelyn Shumba (3 months ago)
💕💕💕💕💙❤ I am the same age as Nora
Botond Mező (3 months ago)
Jade Pettynjohn is the 1st
Elizabeth Akhabule (3 months ago)
The Bondex (3 months ago)
Breanna Yde most beautiful one
I’m Jay Schif (3 months ago)
10.) Olivia Rodrigo is okay 9.) Madison Shipman is soooo hot!! 8.) Jade Pettyjohn is okay 7.) Addison Reicke is not so much 6.) Riele Downs is not hot in my opinion 5.) Cree Cicchino is soooo hot!!!! 4.) Breanna Yde is not so much 3.) Ella Anderson is not so hot in my opinion 2.) Isabella Moner was hot before she cut her hair 1.) Lizzy Greene is pretty hot
Nick Nguyo (3 months ago)
I like jace's couple
Andrea Turatto (3 months ago)
I love Lizzy Green and Cree Cicchino 😍😘😍😘💑❤💓💖💗💕💝💞💟
Roderick Afriyie (3 months ago)
Olivia isnt Nickelodeon
Petra M (3 months ago)
pt vlogs (3 months ago)
breanna ydw
Adexe DANIELA (3 months ago)
C Daddy (3 months ago)
Jade and MMMMMMMadisyn.... Are delicious meals
Marisa Cahill (3 months ago)
Olivia Rodrigo is Disney channel so is bizzardvark
Athina Kirst (3 months ago)
1. Lizzy Greene 2. Chree Chiccino 3. Riele Downs
KF29GaMES (3 months ago)
Lizzy Greene is my girl💖😭
Canal do Renan (3 months ago)
Credo man que musica horrivdl
sasjehh msp (3 months ago)
jade is 18 o.o
Emily Hill (3 months ago)
Bet this video was made by a creepy old american man
Jay Dee (3 months ago)
Hell no, Madisyn Shipman is easily #1 followed by Isabela Moner #2 and Cree Cicchino #3
Əkbər Zeynalov (3 months ago)
Best jade
Lan Volk (4 months ago)
Jade pettyjohn is first
Like of NORA
Olivia’s Vlogs (4 months ago)
(Olivia Rodrigo) my name is Olivia and she was born 3 days after me lol
xMiły (4 months ago)
Where is kira kosarin?!?!
Montana Toni (4 months ago)
"Uhm honey why is the FBI at the door"
Olivia Slime (4 months ago)
On breanna yde picture it's a picture of Cree cricchino
Mirsada Demirovic (4 months ago)
corrupt edz (4 months ago)
UR RIGHT. As long as it has my favourite actresses
Antonio D'Mora (4 months ago)
Isn't this pedo?
TOMIII (4 months ago)
Addison Riecke 1:50
Entertainment Channel (4 months ago)
you can also see some videos on my channel
viola kiss (4 months ago)
James Simpson (4 months ago)
Oml shipman is my age. She hot.
Gamer Tyler (4 months ago)
THEY ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL 😛😛😛😛😛😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘
grevil Foxy (4 months ago)
So who stayed Game shakers and How to rock Thundermans are gone Hathaways gone Victorious gone I carly gone Sam and cat gone Henry danger gone 100 things to do gone Bella and the bulldogs gone nrdd nicky ricky... is gone Like if you miss old nick shows
Jay Dee (3 months ago)
marvel future fight none of those are "old Nick shows" try Kenan & Kell, The Amanda show, All that, Drake & Josh and Zoey 101. Those were the days.
Damiano (4 months ago)
Miranda Croshower?Jennette McCudy?
Daria Muggeo (4 months ago)
Jade Pattyhon is the first Lizzy Green is the Third Isabela is the second
Rainbow 23 (4 months ago)
Breanna yde😍😍😍
Matheus Cabral (4 months ago)
Jade pettyjohn first no lizzy greene
alejandra zeas (4 months ago)
Some of them doesnt seem like they have does ages. Like if you agree
Ania Więcławska (4 months ago)
Czemu nie było kiry kosair
Nicolas Morones (4 months ago)
Esta bonita adissonn yo también nací en 2004
Anne Mu (4 months ago)
Kittycat 123 (4 months ago)
I think Jade Pettyjohn is prettier that Breena Yde
yotta93 meister (4 months ago)
I'm calling the cops
Wølfy_Gacha Queem (4 months ago)
1.Ella Anderson 2.isabella Monet 3.cree cicchino
Devid Silvestri (4 months ago)
What about peyton list she is beutiful
Devid Silvestri (4 months ago)
I m scorpion
Ahmad Imam (5 months ago)
Although lizzy is preety i think cree is more preetier
Ahmad Imam (5 months ago)
I think cree should be the first
Rubens Costa (5 months ago)
Eu amei esse tipo de vídeo👑👑
hamid reza ghiasi (5 months ago)
1-Isabela moner 2-Jade pettyjhon 3-Cree chichino 4-Brec bassinger 5-jojo siwa
Selena Gomez` (5 months ago)
Selena Gomez` (5 months ago)
Selena Gomez` (5 months ago)
Josh Blassingame (5 months ago)
besides you forgot to put the girls' ages
Josh Blassingame (5 months ago)
how is Maya Le Clark (Chloe Thunderman) not in this?!?!?!
Brat story_time (5 months ago)
Annie Leblanc is not here 😭😭😭😭
Eliane Fernandes (5 months ago)
As meninas mais bonitas 1 Addison Rieke 2 Ella Anderson 3 Jade Pettyjohn 4 Cree cichino 5 Lizzy Grene
Radiant School (1 month ago)

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