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How to install Windows 10 on a Mac (using VirtualBox)

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In this video, you will learn how to install Windows 10 on your Mac using VirtualBox. Link to download Windows 10: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10ISO Link to download VirtualBox: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads To display Windows 10 in full screen mode on VirtualBox: https://youtu.be/NfAVpIIiy20 Read detailed instructions on my website: http://hubertstable.com/install-windows-on-mac-using-virtualbox/
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Text Comments (316)
Nitya Thomas (2 years ago)
This is an awesome video! thank you! :)
TheMobileGaming (1 day ago)
2:53 Searches "vir" *virgin america*
tasie chinweike (1 day ago)
so when I'm downloading games do I download "games for windows"?
Shammah Tesfamariam (2 days ago)
hey when ur purple windows screen pops up mine just says windows 10 running on a black screen. Anyone know whats going on
Marthiella Araujo (6 days ago)
I'm using a macbook air, which has no cd drive. I was unable to select the media from windows 10 to install it. I'm stopping at this point. Can anybody help me?
Myown Jody (4 days ago)
Marthiella, it is a "virtual drive" so it isn't a physical drive in your machine. I have the same mackbook as well. Start the video at 8:40 and go from there. When he says windows 10 dvd he just means the .iso file you downloaded earlier. Hope that helps, cheers!
Xingye Liu (8 days ago)
But it's too lagging, i wonder how to fix it
Prajwal Keshav (11 days ago)
Awesome video! Very helpful
MysticTerror394 (14 days ago)
please get this person to 700k subscribers thank you so much i liked and subscribed!!!!
eriona games nl (15 days ago)
it gets stuck on the windows begining screen could you pls react and help? cus i really need this for my school project
FrostPrince (15 days ago)
My screen doesn't pass 9.42 the thing is running but the windows icon just stays there and nothing happens?Pls help
FrostPrince (15 days ago)
Will all the data go on your mac physically or will it go to the virtual allocated space?Can you change where the data goes with the windows?
Renix (15 days ago)
This is a lot better for me than a Bootcamp partition. Thanks for the tutorial and the awesome accent!
Masher414 (16 days ago)
Im getting an error Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908) Make sure the kernel module has been loaded successfully. where: suplibOsInit what: 3 VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED (-1908) - The support driver is not installed. On linux, open returned ENOENT.
David Mann (16 days ago)
Excellent , Thanks so much
SalmaN SulthaN (19 days ago)
Thanks a lot.
Kyle Harris (20 days ago)
Hi! I followed all of your steps and continue to get the error message "No bootable medium found! System halted." Not sure why that is happening :/
Twan,GFX (22 days ago)
not working
Hi, I have a problem in 3:55. After the installation of the VirtualBox it says "Installation Failed". Is this an outdated version? How can I continue the process? Please help, would really appreciate it! :)
Yasin Alsbey (27 days ago)
mate can you help me with the full screen shit cuz its full screen but everything is so tiny. thank you!
Fri McWilliams (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for the extremely thorough instructions! Especially that last point about ejecting the virtual CD, that would have stumped me for sure. As someone else said, watch at 1.25x or 1.5x speed but if you're like me you'll probably have to go back several times to pick up on what he's actually clicking on each step.
Christian Huerta (1 month ago)
great video helped me troubleshoot an old machine super cool thank you
MG MG (1 month ago)
Excellent video!
otrava nita (1 month ago)
I just try and Huston we have a prob. :D Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908) Make sure the kernel module has been loaded successfully. where: suplibOsInit what: 3 VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED (-1908) - The support driver is not installed. On linux, open returned ENOENT. What can i do? TNX
E-Commerce Tips (1 month ago)
any help please I managed to follow all the steps but after installing my windows i got an error shows up right after [ JUST A MOMENT ...] ANY HELPE PLEASE
Ultra Jacob (1 month ago)
finally i can run games.
Durjoy Zaman (1 month ago)
it shows failed to install virtual box
Jihan Salsabila (1 month ago)
How to turn on the wifi from the windows ?
George May (1 month ago)
How do you make it full screen? When I open Windows in the Virtual Box it only opens in a small window with a big black border around it
Adile BELLA (1 month ago)
thanks a lot it was very helpful regarding the comments too thx everyone .
Daniel Spinu (1 month ago)
My windows instalation does not start. Can someone help me please ?
Miki Shved (1 month ago)
You are the best! Thank you:)
jacquibekker (2 months ago)
Hi Hubert, awesome video. Do you think you could do another video for 2019, some things have changed. My quick question is I want to run Microsoft office: mainly emails, word and excel (I use a lot of excel). How much memory do I need to allocate? Is there any considerations if you delete Virtualbox (aka allocation of disk space does it automatically get freed on your MAC - weird rumour).
Xinyan Li (2 months ago)
I failed downloading virtual box. It says "The installation failed. The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance." who can help me...
Inês Teixeira (2 months ago)
Is there a way to use the mac keyboard on the Windows 10 when running Virtualbox? My laptop is a MacBook Air
Jorge Dominguez (2 months ago)
Very helpful. Thank you!
Jonathon Mecklenburg (2 months ago)
Thank you I did get it to work but it slowed the mac way down. And i don't like bootcamp because my computer got stuck on windows mode and didn't want to go back to MAC OSX
Deric Masten (2 months ago)
Can you move this onto an external ssd to boot up? Sorry I haven’t looked through comments! Any help is appreciated!!
Jonathon Mecklenburg (2 months ago)
Thank you for making this video boot camp was not a good option for me because my computer got stuck in windows mode. Now I can keep the mac and not want to get a windows computer to get what I am missing.
Boss Cron (2 months ago)
can some one help me with the "You must specify a machine to start, using the command line." issue
Kenny TopX (2 months ago)
I just got an error message when I load an online game: "You must specify a machine to start, using the command line. Usage: VirtualBoxVM --startvm <name|UUID> Starts the VirtualBox virtual machine with the given name or unique identifier (UUID)." Can anyone tell me what should I do?
Kenny TopX (2 months ago)
+Boss Cron nah, wish someone could help me
Boss Cron (2 months ago)
exactly what happened to me have u figured how to fix it?
X7 Soldier (2 months ago)
I dont wanna use the Bootcamp Method because it is tiring Your method works fine but is there any way to make it fullscreen?
KNG Radio On Line (2 months ago)
Love Villain (2 months ago)
How do you have all those programs and keep your cpu from running high cause I have fl studio 20 and it has latency issues and I’m run 3 terabytes fusion drive
TheLonelyBeaver (2 months ago)
when i boot it shows a odd patteren of blinking red and green rectangles
Conor Skurk-Dawgg (2 months ago)
Does anyone else's mouse lag?
Andy Chu (1 month ago)
Yes, have you found a way to fix it?
Deadbeat Productions (2 months ago)
Keeps saying Abort mission. I followed all your steps. What am I doing wrong. Please help.
Well (2 months ago)
IBES ah ok
Deadbeat Productions (2 months ago)
Shmoo I realized that virtualbox will not work on mojave so I eneded up using bootcamp and it worked.
Well (2 months ago)
same here idfk whats wrong
Void VI (2 months ago)
You sir saved my sanity because of the stupid apfs bs i could not use windows but now I can thank you
Geocaching Plonker (2 months ago)
Hi I have installed virtual box and gone through the windows 10 install but as soon as it completes install it restarts the virtual pc and looses all progress taking me back to the start of the windows install :( any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong?
PixiTurf - (2 months ago)
Merci beaucoup !
Annie Baby (3 months ago)
Will I be able to install parallels desktop if I use VB to install windows 10?
Hossain Mutahammil (3 months ago)
Windows 10
MELON CAT (3 months ago)
just like that, i'm deleting parallels
Daniel Ochoa (3 months ago)
6 hours 27 minutes download
Johnnyo1138 (3 months ago)
Hi, you reference the cd/dvd drive. is that a "virtual drive" that you put the iso file on? I have the correct iso file already on a USB stick that was loaded on using bootcamp. IS this usb stick necessary at all or can I just load windows from the iso file in my downloads? Thanks,
CryPtiK Youngsavagster (3 months ago)
Ferdi Genetelli (3 months ago)
Hello Stable thanks al lot for your help.... now is runing only the sreen is not full on the left and right site has dark space ..... do you konow how is runing to have a full screen?????
Doffy (3 months ago)
When I try to load the windows 10 iso file they're greyed out and then when I select all files to select it I get an error saying failed to open disc drive. Is there a fix for this?
flow2k (3 months ago)
Technically, the different partition method (using bootcamp) can still share files with mounts. But I agree, it's not as easy as Virtual Box.
Zakaria BENALI (3 months ago)
French accent 😅, good work budy
Electre (1 month ago)
Very good english tho !
Radu Szilagyi (3 months ago)
Can you help me install the drivers? I need especially to use USB ports. Unfortunately I cannot use them, I connect my flash drive or my phone, they are seen in macos, but in windows 10 not. I tried using driverpack online, and driverscloud, but no drivers are detected. I am not interested in display or sound drivers, only USB.
Daniel Thomas (3 months ago)
How to fix sound???
CryPtiK Youngsavagster (3 months ago)
SPM72 (4 months ago)
It installs again what do I do
라이언мємєѕ (4 months ago)
takes 15 mins to download windows ten for me
will buchta (4 months ago)
My audio is messed up in windows ten. Any fixes?
Atomic_Lenny (4 months ago)
why is the product key not needed
Raghu B Gummadi (4 months ago)
If we need base memory is more then 32 GB, what is the procedure. I wanted to give close 100 GB, but there is no option to increase the base memory
Azam Azez (4 months ago)
its very very slow !!, you cannot't do anything with it
Alexey Vorobyov (4 months ago)
Great. Thank you! ;)
Tira Zainol (4 months ago)
Hi, can you help me? I need to use MS Access which is not available on Mac. My MacAir is only 4GB RAM. I tried to use your way. but it seems like its not working for me. do I need to download windows 7 instead or windows 10 is okay for my Mac? or do I need to download windows 10 32-bit instead? Thank you in advance
Amrita Bakshi (4 months ago)
Getting the following error while booting windows- "Permission denied Windows.pxe file" Also NO more network devices..System halted.Please help
Supermonkey 1964 (4 months ago)
If you click the option "I DO NOT HAVE A PRODUCT KEY" won't Windows just keep nagging you every so often to Activate It? and also won't it have limited functionality until you do activate it with a valid product key? :)
Mohamad Sedighi (4 months ago)
can i destroy it with viruses and make a new one? lol just asking
Harshdeep Dwivedi (4 months ago)
Archie Baer (4 months ago)
64-bit! Not byte!
Arthi Shanmugam (4 months ago)
It was the best! very useful. :) Thank you.
Josh Hanson (4 months ago)
if you don't mind me asking, are you french?
Travis Riggins (4 months ago)
Great Video!
Marielle Ilao (4 months ago)
“The exception unknown software exception occured in the application at location 0x0007FF9BFC1F218” please help meeee
IcyPlayz (5 months ago)
It took 3 days to download...
DiamondSteveX ! (5 months ago)
when ever i start it up text comes up and it says FATAL: Could not read from the boot medium! System halted.
Anushka Sharma (5 months ago)
shukriya jalim
Viji v (5 months ago)
Thank you!
Hritik Chapagain (5 months ago)
why my virtual box installation is failed?,, it says, contact to software manufacturer... plz help someone😐😐😐😑😑
Durjoy Zaman (1 month ago)
same problem bro
uWOW PLAY (5 months ago)
this video makes my mac crash
Itsme 1673 (5 months ago)
I tryed windows 7... it didnt work. Now im trying windows 10
Stan Grace (5 months ago)
It says that a drive is missing please help
Naga Tejas Raja (5 months ago)
When I try to Install Virtualbox, The installation keeps failing. Can you help
FlyMcFly Teamwoodstock (5 months ago)
save your self and watch at 1.25 speed
Dario M (1 month ago)
FlyMcFly Teamwoodstock I the same 😂😂
FlyMcFly Teamwoodstock (5 months ago)
after you download everything open vitrual box and then click this 4:20
Jason Catlyn (5 months ago)
Thanks for the help, it was a useful video!
yoyleyes (5 months ago)
"Select the driver to install" no drivers in the virtual pc
Joshua Sustache (5 months ago)
Hello!! I did the whole process but when I click to "install windows" it automatically says" A media driver your computer needs is missing. This could be a DVD, USB or Hard Disk driver. If you have a CD, DVD, or USB flash drive with the driver on it, please insert it now. Note: if the installation media for windows is in the DVD driver or a USB driver, you can safely remove it for this step. Does anyone know how to answer this??? My MAC is a newer version and doesn't have an input systems for DVD/CD (don't know if that matters). HELP!!!
moon femme (5 months ago)
this worked for me! i was trying to use bootcamp before but it got complicated very quickly because i have an unsupported macbook pro from early 2011. ultimately, bootcamp didnt work and didnt let me install the windows OS. so instead i used this tutorial and it works for me! now i have windows 10 fully installed. thank you very much! :D
Mina mimi (5 months ago)
Can I download something from cd in that windows?
mougoue tchatchoua (6 months ago)
thanks, man you just save my life. Bootcamp has been tormenting for a very long time already. Your video is just awesome
NC6677 (6 months ago)
Thanks for the great vid. You just got a new sub ;-) But what about the Windows license key? Not necessary? How to run updates etc. without the key?
Micky Baeza (6 months ago)
If you are getting the "FATAL: No bootable medium found! System halted." message, you need to: 1. Click Settings on your Windows 10 option in VirtualBox. 2. Go to the System section. 3. In the Boot Order section, move Optical to the top of the list and make sure it is selected. 4. Click OK and the start your Windows 10 again. Hopefully this helps!
virtualleo (6 months ago)
EX destroyer (6 months ago)
omg it worked thank you so much
Debasish Hazra (6 months ago)
Hi Hubert, Hope you are doing great. I have gone through your youtube video "How to install Windows 10 on a Mac (using VirtualBox)" on yesterday. Then I tried to do the same in my MAC. But while I was trying to install the VirtualBox in my MAC, I encountered the error at the end of the installation as "The installation failed" and have been advised to contact the software manufacturer for assistance. I don't see any placeholder to attach my screenshot here, otherwise I could have done so. Can you please help me to resolve the issue ASAP ? Thanks & Regards - Debasish (Debasish Hazra)
Adam Salamin (4 months ago)
boi dis da yt comments. not gmail
Heena J (6 months ago)
Informative vid, thanks a ton!

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