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BLACKBOUGH SWIMWEAR HAUL || Bikini Review and Try On

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I am wearing a size SMALL on both top and bottom in every style. COMMENT YOUR FAVORITE! Check them out here - http://bit.ly/SHOPBLACKBOUGH FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA https://www.instagram.com/alittlebikini/
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Text Comments (29)
Greg Johnson (6 months ago)
Wow she has a beautiful little body,very nice!!
A Little Bikini (6 months ago)
she? you mean ME? jajajajaja
Gabi Battaglia (6 months ago)
A Little Bikini (6 months ago)
my looooooove thank you :) just subscribed to your channel :)
maddie gangel (6 months ago)
I’m new to your channel but I love it so much already! It makes me want to go out and buy all of them💖
A Little Bikini (6 months ago)
omg YASSSS join me in my bikini addiction problem jajajaja! thank you so much for watching my videos <3
Marty Doiron (6 months ago)
The Hawaiian print looks so good on you! Awesome haul. I hope the see more you. OF COURSE I subbed :)
A Little Bikini (6 months ago)
Thank you!
Sarah Jane (7 months ago)
Is this sponsored?
A Little Bikini (7 months ago)
No my love, I actually have a bikini problem jajajaja reason why I am a bikini blogger/vlogger :)
Kelsey Palmer (7 months ago)
what bra size do you wear?
A Little Bikini (7 months ago)
hi love, 32B
Arbe Works (7 months ago)
in well mannered way... you use the 99% of the time in talks and 0.5% in try on... why? regards!
A Little Bikini (7 months ago)
Because of terrible experience with creeps using youtube as the wrong platform to harass women :). My videos are informative for women, reason why I talk 99% of the time, not a peep show for pervs :)
Camila Montesano (7 months ago)
lol " if you dont know what I mean, forget what I said" jahahhahab love it
A Little Bikini (7 months ago)
jajajajajaja love you!
Cesar Arias (7 months ago)
vanessa diaz (7 months ago)
I want them allllllll 😍
A Little Bikini (7 months ago)
girl!!! it's a problem! jajajaja
KenYiHimurA (7 months ago)
Show ur face in reviews
A Little Bikini (6 months ago)
thank you love
Gabi Battaglia (6 months ago)
A Little Bikini He means when u try on the clothes you should show your face. I don’t get why it’s necessary though. Loved the video!
A Little Bikini (7 months ago)
I show my face the entire video...
Jonique Depina (7 months ago)
I LOVE THE TONA TWIST TOPS!! Honestly love them all such a beautiful brand and I love the diff styles they offer
A Little Bikini (7 months ago)
I secretly love the izzy top the best!
David Kereliuk (7 months ago)
Hi from Canada
A Little Bikini (7 months ago)
Hello there!!!
Shauwn S (7 months ago)
Very cool try on. Do you have more of bubble butt or smaller toned ? Hard to tell
A Little Bikini (7 months ago)
Smaller toned

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