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Installing Centos7 in Oracle VM VirtualBox

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In this video, Live Demonstration of Installing Centos 7 Version in Oracle VM VirtualBox is being shown. Website for Downloading Centos 7: www.centos.org Command to Activate EPEL-Repository (Basic Repository) #yum install epel-release
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Silvermanshehadi (16 days ago)
AWSOME VIDEO TUTORIAL!! will you do a tutorial for VM Ware??
shiva shankar (1 month ago)
Thanks for uploading useful video.we are able to used dedicated server from www.datasoft.ws and learned configuration by using these video
Akhil Jith.S (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing CentOS configuration useful video . am using SSD based Cloud Servers @ $4 per Month subscribed from www.datasoft.ws
Harry Kirakosyan (2 months ago)
Thanks you helped me a lot, but I don't like epel repository installation. You don't have to install it
abdulrahman3khan (2 months ago)
Thanks for the guidance
NM Aggie (4 months ago)
Thank you!
sri nvs (5 months ago)
nice anand .Very good explanation step by step
rakib luc (6 months ago)
Hello Mr Anand once i click for install Centos 7 . my window showing just black box .Can you help for that please. This is my Email address, [email protected] Thanks
karthikeyan mg (7 months ago)
Clear Cut
praveen kumar (7 months ago)
sir what is the use of minimal ..... can u tell me the difference between dvd and minimal
Gyaan With Anand Nayyar (7 months ago)
Minimal install will only give you the Linux Shell, Which means only the interface where you can work with commands no graphical user interface. With GUI and command user interface you have to select the option of Server with GUI which will give you desktop environment. DVD is the source. Better to install with ISO image .. Thanks
Virtus Brædder Opstrup (7 months ago)
Deepak Dhanigond (8 months ago)
Thank you.
hari hara Sudhan (9 months ago)
Excellent video
CloudSoldier (9 months ago)
Thanks Annand really helpful....I was so annyed with other videos no one told that we can select Server GUI...well done
sanjit malik (9 months ago)
Hi i have total of 4gb of RAM in my system. How much RAM do you suggest if i install CentOS 7 in oracle virtual box
sanjit malik (9 months ago)
Thanks... though i have CentOS 6 already installed in my machine and use it regularly along with windows(dual os at boot), there are times when i need windows and have to reboot my machine to use windows.. I thought it would be better to use virtual box and use both simultaneously..
Gyaan With Anand Nayyar (9 months ago)
It is better you upgrade the RAM of your main machine RAM from 4GB to 16GB atleast. if you want to experience better connectivity and you want to work properly in Centos7. Centos 7 is heavy Operating system and if you want to work and configure it further like Proxy Server, Web Server you need atleast 4 to 6GB Ram which is to be allocated to Centos 7 Machine. So, better to upgrade your RAM atleast to 16GB in your main machine.
commievia7 (9 months ago)
Neha Singh (10 months ago)
Thank you so much Sir, it was really helpful!
Bahata Ansumali (10 months ago)
Hi. The tutorial is just great. Thanks a lot. My mac is having an wifi connection. And I am not being able to ping my virtualbox from host or connect net from there!
Gyaan With Anand Nayyar (10 months ago)
First of all do one thing, shutdown the virtual machine. Now on the Main Window of Oracle VirtualBox right click on machine and point to Settings. On the left plane, you see Network, Click on that. On the right side you see adapter, Set to NAT...Select Bridged Adapter from there and click ok...Now Restart the machine. And when the machine booted up. On the top right corner of your desktop you see networking icon...Click on it and click connect. You will be assigned the ip address. Now open terminal. Type: ifconfig..You get address and then go to your main host machine like Windows 10/7 and ping the ipaddress you can ping it from the host machine.
Belike Water (10 months ago)
Clear explanation. Thank you. It worked perfectly.
Loop loop (10 months ago)
yum install epel release this command cannot run , it says i am not root
Gyaan With Anand Nayyar (10 months ago)
It is better to either run the command via login via root. Just type: su - and then type password. If you have not set the root password. first run the command--sudo passwd and then set the password and then run the command. You can even type: sudo yum install epel release and press enter and you can start the installation procedure, Thanks.
Amit Patra (11 months ago)
Excellent explanation. Resolved all my problems. Thank you very much.
Darren's Tech Tutorials (11 months ago)
Hey Anand, would there be any other free hypervisors other than virtual box that'd you'd recommend?
Darren's Tech Tutorials (11 months ago)
Thanks Anand :)
Gyaan With Anand Nayyar (11 months ago)
Hyper V is the free. OTHERWISE there is no free option available. You can even download Free Version of Vmware Workstation 14 from the website or via torrent..
Sandeep Yadav (1 year ago)
very simple and best way of teaching. Anybody can understand .
Abdelkarim Samira (1 year ago)
Oscar (1 year ago)
Thank you very mucho senore :D!!
Eric (1 year ago)
Indians teach. No wonder they have the best IT engineers in the world.
RevexGov (9 months ago)
Souda Crete (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for giving a very clear explanation on this.
Khudadad Alam (1 year ago)
Thank you for such an amazing tutorial :)
KORA BLACK (1 year ago)
awesome tutorial man.....straight to the point
Lasa Marndi (1 year ago)
This beautiful video but i have centos7 operating system but i want know that how to uninstal the os
Jeevan Kishore (1 year ago)
A very clean and straight video of the actual content with no additional unnecessary talks. Good work sir.
Dhillon (1 year ago)
Amazing video tutorial! Followed exactly and now successful =)
my virtual box is not showing red hat 64 bit instead it showing red hat 32 bit only? What is the problem with the this one? Other than that it's a very good video.
#WreckedProdigy (1 year ago)
Enable Virtualization on your pc's boot menu
Abdifatah Abdi (1 year ago)
Make sure when you go to bios that you Enabled "Intel VTd" and virtualization I had the same issue my friend. https://superuser.com/questions/866962/why-does-virtualbox-only-have-32-bit-option-no-64-bit-option-on-windows-7
Katie Boldizar (1 year ago)
Fantastic video! Thank you for posting.
Colum Gaynor (1 year ago)
+ Super thanks!
Colum Gaynor (1 year ago)
Super clear and well made video!
shyam N (1 year ago)
Hats off You Sir, the way of your explain the Centos.
Wasef Al Hakim (1 year ago)
You are amazing instructor, I love this video
Wasef Al Hakim (1 year ago)
very insightful video...thanks REPLY
Ramesh Shinde (1 year ago)
Excellent instructions.....
shrikant ahire (1 year ago)
very insightful video...thanks
Petii (1 year ago)
well explained step by step. Good job
Pixelles (1 year ago)
Thank you for the clear instructions.
David Li (1 year ago)
that s great video thx.
Murad Abuseta (1 year ago)
You Made my day man, Thank you for the clear voice, clear description... Like that
manash pal (2 years ago)
I will feel proud to be a student of yours sir. Conveying my respect to you and waiting for such good demonstration incoming.
Pushpendra kumar (2 years ago)
thank you..
Arif Mahmud (2 years ago)
Nicely done. thank you.
Brovelasky Ronald (2 years ago)
His accent is adorable
Hava Yildiz (2 years ago)
very helpful! thank you so much for this video!
Akshay GHOSH (2 years ago)
great video..thnx a lot for this really helpful
Amit Ray (2 years ago)
great video.... So clear explanation
Swapnil Pise (2 years ago)
great...such a nice way demonstrated. thank you..
Robert Koretsky (2 years ago)
Excellent video, very well produced! I only had a couple of differences in my installation of CentOS 7 on May 30, 2016, using the DVD dowload on that same date, as follows: 1) in VirtualBox, I had to set network to bridged adapter, not NAT., 2) I had to accept the license agreement before the installation would proceed, 3) yum had an intefering process I had to kill -9 before it would work. Thanks for putting this online.
Virendra Gawali (2 years ago)
Wow.......! So clear explanation of everything. In this you have explained how to install CentOS with GUI on Virtual Box. Can you explain how to do this for Google Cloud VM instance? I want CentOS 7 with GUI as web hosting server on Google Cloude VM instance. Is there any image of CentoOS available with GUI? Or there is any other way. Please do reply. Thank You.
dadkinson (2 years ago)
This is really very clear and helpful, most impressive! Thanks for taking the time to make this video.
challa reddy (2 years ago)
Thanks for the wonderful video.
Muthanna Waili (2 years ago)
great video. thank you

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