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How To Style And Shape A Bonsai Tree

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Episode : How To Style And Shape A Bonsai Tree Follow my journey and share yours - Let's talk Bonsai ✂ SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/bonsaitalk?sub_confirmation=1 ✉ CONTACT : [email protected] FOLLOW US : ✘ (FACEBOOK) https://www.facebook.com/BonsaiTalk/ ✘ (TWITTER) https://twitter.com/Bonsai_Talk
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Text Comments (57)
Nicholas Lunn (1 month ago)
Hi from South Africa Johan . Could you do a recap on this tree at the beginning of spring . I know it's cold now . Thanks alot for all the interesting content ! Keep up the hard work brother !!!
Mitchell Woodhouse (2 months ago)
N I C E ! ... It looked so topiary at first I didn't think it had a chance. She's going to be sweet in the years to come.
Epic tree
Bruce Brain (6 months ago)
when you transform, prune, and repot do you decrease sun light?
iam oldja (7 months ago)
I am brand new to bonsai, my journey started only 4 days ago with the purchase of a small bonsai. i am writing / asking this to learn. A trees natural shape and growth is beautiful to me. I can accept pruning to maintain size and even some shaping to enhance the trees natural beauty. However, I do not see the improvement in the tree from so drastic a change. What is your goal or perhaps vision for the tree as you continue to work with it? Maybe better question is why or how is the tree improved by your work?
Bonsai Talk (7 months ago)
Ok, i understand.. Well bonsai is about making a young tree look old. Taper, nebari (fat rootsurface) small leafs, refined branching is desirable. We want to create uniqueness, trees that reflects the beauty, harshness from nature.. trees that have character and features. This is way young looking plants with topgrowth, straight trunks, juvenile foilage and no nebari (fat trunk) is un-desirable.. Hope that gives you more wisdom.. thanks for beeing so curious!
iam oldja (7 months ago)
My friend, your reply leads me to believe you misunderstood my question. I apologize for not being clearer in my quest for knowledge. I ask to learn, because I do not yet know. I do not judge your skill, the tree, or what you find beautiful. I wish to learn.... why you style the way you do. Why is a thick trunk better? Why is a straight trunk bad? Perhaps the more basic question is... What is bonsai? So many videos show the how, but not the why. Your obvious love for trees and bonsai is part of the reason I ask you... why?
Bonsai Talk (7 months ago)
Just saying, pruning to have a tree beautiful is ONLY something for refined and old trees that already has gone thru heavy modifications, such as this work... ect. In the journey of a life with Bonsai in all stages, bonsai to the fullest, many layers of knowledge and techniques are applied..many. As beeing said, newly styled material always looks a bit flat and boring to begin with, however this very common when making the first styling, with time this will improve alot as the pads, branches fill in.. Also this will give me reasons to re-think the design since the quality and refined in the tree drastically changes..There is no special method or pretentious act behind my journey as a bonsai grower, but there is techniques and skills to be learn and i used them in my work, right there, on that tree to create my vision. I belive that you need to explore bonsai alot more then you can truly decide if you like the styling aspect or not, it's complex to judge as a novice beginner.. Let's grow Johan
Eyes, Skies, Bonsais (7 months ago)
Super spruce work!
It's a wonderful idea.
Gecko Bonsai (7 months ago)
Precioso sin trabajar...
Patti K (7 months ago)
what is the name of the music and song in the introduction, the words are unusual.
Leonard Penny (7 months ago)
beautifully done.
Nick Kellogg (7 months ago)
nice first styling to that spruce!
Evan Bauman (8 months ago)
Great Video!
MrJcalvino (8 months ago)
Really good work. When the pads start filling, it will be a spectacular bonsai.
Bonsai Talk (7 months ago)
I hope so aswell!
Bob McCarlie (8 months ago)
Not what I would call a classic Japanese styling, but I find it strangely appealing. Kind of spidery in look and movement at the moment, but once it grows and fill out I think it will look awesome. I like the branch movement you used! Thanks! :)
Bonsai Talk (8 months ago)
Hey Bob! I don't like the thought that japanese bonsai styling is the norm, standard, law for Bonsai design in general so i tend to avoid stigmatized old patterns and think free with my visions and creations, however there is deep knowledge from the east about this artform and they are light years ahead of us in many things bonsai.. You are right, it's very natural and that's also just about what the tree has to offer as a first-time-ever beeing styled nursery stock material becoming a future bonsai. Hopefully as you say we will get pads with depth and more refinement over the next comming 3-5 years, and with timing and luck more back- budding in the right places for future diverse more compact branching.. Go Go Spruce, You Can Do It!
João Pedro Ferreira (8 months ago)
A perfectionist respecting the shapes of nature always brings stunning results like this. I've just realized that every Bonsai Talk video teach me to be a better tree keeper,
C. Faris (8 months ago)
This video inspired me to do my first major styling today.
Yaroslav Pronin (8 months ago)
Beautiful style, but it seems to me some foliage pads look too flat. I think it's a matter of time. Thank you very much!
Bonsai Talk (8 months ago)
Yaroslav Pronin thanks for tuning in to the channel. You are right my friend, however with time this tree will look better, first styling is always a little unbalanced and out of tune, especially with commercial nursery material.. with years to come we will get there, i hope to see you around!
Rosario Ochoa (8 months ago)
nice. work
Burak Erkil (8 months ago)
So how long you keep all these wires on your tree ? Until your next repotting ? Also how trunk gets bigger & stronger in time with all the wires ? (Apparently I'm super newbie on bonsai) All the best
Bonsai Talk (8 months ago)
There are no questions stupid enough to ask brother, the best answer to this is when the wire starts to dig in to the tree, trunk, branches, and that can only the tree decide.. there is no right or wrong, just timing..
Bonnie Hyden (8 months ago)
I can definitely see the graceful movement in the shaping you've done. I'm a very visual person. She went from a lady standing at a ball in her ball gown...to a lady moving in the dance at the ball. lol
Bonsai Talk (8 months ago)
Bonnie Hyden, that was a very nice comparsion.. This living artform is just about that, making something beautiful and powerful from nothing sometimes... thanks for tuning in to Bonsai Talk, stay tuned!
Matthew kizziah (8 months ago)
Future pruning on this tree will be just the growing tips?
Matthew kizziah (8 months ago)
Bonsai Talk thanks for the response. I have seen people wire trees but not what to do afterward.
Bonsai Talk (8 months ago)
Yes, however as the tree progress the pads will also fill in and get more rounded not so flat, with backbudding and with stronger growth..On a spruce this can take loooong time, but still, First styling is always just a little bit out of tune and definition with time it will look better. Welcome to Bonsai Talk Matthew Kizziah
Celine Schüttler (8 months ago)
I have a hard time at the moment when everything goes wrong but Bonsai and your videos help me out of this
Celine Schüttler (8 months ago)
Great Video with a big Transformation! Started to wire a Bonsai too, now a lot of work has to be done...
Bonsai Talk (8 months ago)
Cool, just practice Celine and you will get better and better.. you can even practice on dead branches in the forest. Have a growing weekend!
Dave Pickett (8 months ago)
Love your videos! This one of the best! Well done! Awesome stuff.....
Bonsai Talk (8 months ago)
Thanks for the kind words Dave, let's grow!
stefano cappai (8 months ago)
mikbonsai (8 months ago)
Nice work, Johan.
mikbonsai (8 months ago)
Took a break for ten weeks to recharge the batteries. Thank you for the warm welcome.
Bonsai Talk (8 months ago)
Hats off to you Mr. Khan.. thanks and nice to see you on the tube again..
Claudio Estrada (8 months ago)
Very well done Johan!
Bonsai Talk (8 months ago)
Tack min vän, Thanks my friend, hope we can meet up soon..
Carmie T (8 months ago)
Cool video I also enjoyed the video of Q&A with Nigel Saunders👍what kind of soil do you use with your Bonsai's?
Carmie T (8 months ago)
Bonsai Talk Sorry I forgot to put my name down it's Mark. And thanks for telling me what kind of soil you use👍. I use Turface & Perlite it seems to f I well for my trees.
Bonsai Talk (8 months ago)
Let's grow Carmie T! I always go with 90% diatomaceous earth (Catlitter non-clump) and 10% chipped bark. I can also go for.. Lavarock 33% Pumice 33% Akadama 33%.. depending on the tree and horticultural situation..
Brandon Tran (8 months ago)
Nicely done
Marco Talotta (8 months ago)
With an artistic touch, you gave that tree a cool personality.
Bonsai Talk (8 months ago)
Kind words Marco Talotta.. I hope i inspire others aswell with my visions and work.. Let's grow!
Bonsai Amador (8 months ago)
belo trabalho
Kai Samuelsen (8 months ago)
Wow that is so beautiful
Aurélien Valade (8 months ago)
Nice styling. How long did the whole process took? It seems to be quite long between the pruning and the wiring! I'm hopping to hear from it when you're going to repot it ;-) Have a nice day.
Bonsai Talk (8 months ago)
Hey Aurélien! Hmmm.. I think it took about 6-7 hours of consistent work.. I'm sloooow, but I'm careful..
BONSAI HUNTERS (8 months ago)
We dig it
Bonsai Talk (8 months ago)
Peace bro.. may the trees be strong with you.
deadeyeski (8 months ago)
Ground is starting to thaw here in CT. I want to get my shovel!
Urubu Tattoo RJ (8 months ago)
Legend português please? !
Bonsai Talk (8 months ago)
Eu precisaria que alguém traduza para todos os idiomas lá companheiro! Obrigado por assistir ..

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