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how to style ficus bonsai tree for beginners including potting

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here's a complete start to finish of a ficus tree collected from walmart nursery stock... basic pruning and wiring to get the main structure started then potting the specimen into bonsai pot
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Tung Nguyen (9 months ago)
In Việt nam, it is very cheap
Loyce March (11 months ago)
Do you root your clippings? If so which plants.
Bass n' Bonsai (11 months ago)
Loyce March I tried to when I'm dealing with my ficus trees for sure haven't had much luck with the other trees but occasionally all the take some of the cuttings and plant them
Wasim Ahmed (1 year ago)
Nice. I enjoyed your video. I personally like bigger pot for the smaller plants . It helps to grow and thicken the tree faster. Anyway, wish you good luck.
Bass n' Bonsai (1 year ago)
Wasim Ahmed thanks
Esther Salvatierra (1 year ago)
Great video! What kind of soil do you use for your bonsais?
Bass n' Bonsai (9 months ago)
Esther Salvatierra sorry I just saw this but I'm still actually working on a good soil mix

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