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Humidifier Setup & Purified Water - INDOOR BONSAI CARE

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Text Comments (32)
240Sil (3 months ago)
my tropicals always drop quite a bit of leaves
Bob McCarlie (3 months ago)
I set up a 3 shelf stand with LED grow lights for my tropical/sub-tropicals for the winter (southern Ontario Canada). I watched you video where you created your winter grow stand. How many hours a day do you have your lights on for the trees? Thanks. Keep up the informative videos.
Lennart Ruhnke (3 months ago)
Are you sure that your flat won‘t mold?
Bonsai Talk (3 months ago)
No it won't, it's so small doses of water comming out in a little room.. Besides i do live in a house!
Ahmet Bilal Aytekin (3 months ago)
I placed an aquarium near my trees, it works well. Also, I put a wet towel on the radiator this way tropical trees can enjoy the heat and humidity.
Bonsai Talk (3 months ago)
Not a bad idea at all... All solutions is good, aslong as they work.. Welcome to BT Ahmet!
Normando Rodriguez (3 months ago)
well this was timely, i just started monitoring humidity the other day! your graphic at the 1 minute mark is just what I needed.
Bonsai Talk (3 months ago)
Plant Obsessed (3 months ago)
I recently installed a reverse osmosis tap on my sink. It lasts much longer than the filters. Here in the US each of the filters was 20$ they last a month. The RO system is 200$ and each filter 30$ last 6 months. Something to think of for the future.
Bonsai Talk (3 months ago)
Not a bad idea perhaps.. Especially if you need large amounts of water!
ogajodocenario (3 months ago)
I have a bit of a doubt. So the first product just turns tap water into distilled water? If that's the case it would be very useful to me. I live in an apartment so rain water is very difficult to come by, so I buy distilled water in the super market because my tap water has a lot of limestone. I think I can save a lot of money with your method. Great video as always
Bonsai Talk (3 months ago)
The only difference between distilled and purified water is distilled water goes through distillation while purified water goes through other processes such as reverse osmosis, ion exchange, Ozonation, sand filtration, but i think both works well in a humidifying system with you beeing in charge over just how much water the units spews out..
ogajodocenario (3 months ago)
That's good enough for me. Thanks a lot mate
Nicholas Hansen (3 months ago)
ogajodocenario filtered water is not the same as distilled. But it is probably close enough for plants.
Bonsai Vital (3 months ago)
interesting video, I wonder if it is possible to put some drop of essential oil in this kind of machine. So could also do a treatment against pests. vidéo intéressante, je me demande si il est possible de mettre quelque goute d'huile essentiel dans ce genre machine. Ainsi ont pourrait également faire un traitement contre les parasites.
Bonsai Vital (3 months ago)
+Sarunas Liutkus https://youtu.be/vn9BnV2OZEw I hope the youtube translation will not be too bad j'espère que la traduction youtube ne sera pas trop mauvaise
Sarunas Liutkus (3 months ago)
+Bonsai Vital go ahead! Would be nice to know! Winter is coming here also so thinking about air humidifier tho.
Bonsai Vital (3 months ago)
I made a video about plant extracts and other natural preparation, if you give me permission I put the link here j'avais fait une vidéo sur les extraits de plantes et autre préparation naturel, si tu me donne l'autorisation je pose le lien ici
Bonsai Talk (3 months ago)
Interesting.. We need to check that out, investigate it, Pros' & Cons.
Bonsai Vital (3 months ago)
+Sarunas Liutkus be careful, I'm talking about essential oil. not neem oil attention , je parle d'huile essentielle. pas d'huile de neem
Vaman Joshi (3 months ago)
We are lucky to be in tropical area and don't face snow. Nice to see you preparing for winter
Vaman Joshi (3 months ago)
Mel I will first find where to get them. Thanks for sharing.
Mel Llave (3 months ago)
Try larch or yew
Vaman Joshi (3 months ago)
Seriously what specific do you recommend for tropical people like me to choose as a challenge from cold continent. A Christmas tree or something
Mel Llave (3 months ago)
Cold climate have the best tree materials for bonsai. I’m in LA and I can’t even grow larches, yews, Japanese white pine,, hawthorns and American hot beam and American elm, and I’m in America. But I can grow a lot of the others though...
Vaman Joshi (3 months ago)
For sure I will sometime in future
Jeff Peterson (3 months ago)
Bonsai Talk (3 months ago)

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