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Witchery Bit-by-Bit: Magic Mirror

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A Bit-by-Bit of the Minecraft (1.7.10) mod Witchery (version 0.24.1) by Emoniph. I cover how to create and converse with a Magic Mirror as well as fighting your reflection in another Bit-by-Bit! Witchery Wiki: https://sites.google.com/site/witcherymod/ Witchery Mod download: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/witchery
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Text Comments (40)
AngliNex (7 months ago)
What do you do with the gold heart?
TylerTest00897 (9 months ago)
tip for facing reflection demons inside throw a weapon in go out go back in and then go out punch it and pick it up and if its a good weapon it will kill it because you dont have armour on so it just kills it
Demetrius Turner (10 months ago)
What can you do with a golden heart
RitØæА (1 year ago)
Shea bresnahan (1 year ago)
_Shook_ (21 days ago)
Shea bresnahan type in chat "/mirror mirror take me home" Without the quotation marks.
Darian Stephens (1 year ago)
I'm pretty sure that your reflection only stopped because you were also stopped by Slowness. Does that spear thing apply slowness at all?
Seth White (1 year ago)
If I'm a vampire, and I take a brew of gas mask and throw demonbane gas potions at my reflection, is there any good reason that he doesn't die from it? I used up several on him, until my gas mask brew wore off and I died
Darian Stephens (1 year ago)
_'Reflection',_ they probably had Gas Mask, too.
Crispy Bacon (1 year ago)
i just did the spell before coming here and i made it i was just wondering why the hell i made it
Kyle Scheirmann (1 year ago)
If I were to walk in the mirror with the demon and carry a wood sword, leave and then come back with a sharpness 5 diamond sword or something like that, will the demon still be holding the wood sword, or will it switch to the diamond one?
Mischief of Mice (1 year ago)
Every time you enter, the demon will have the same equipment that you do BUT it won't have special effects, magics, brews, etc.
Corbin Bishop (1 year ago)
You didnt mention that you can expand the inside of the mirror, or that if you break the mirror while in the mirror dimension you can type "mirror, mirror, take me home" to teleport back to your mirror.
Christina Riter (1 year ago)
Tried it, doesn't work.
aaron wang (2 years ago)
What was the dire wolf 20 joke?
STaSHZILLA (2 years ago)
Bro, I seriously hate that Owl sound. Sounds like its coming from my window (real life) everytime i hear it.
Enderhippo1224 (1 year ago)
same here
Ater Nefarium (2 years ago)
+Mischief of Mice hey dude could it be possible to have a player go inside a mirror take the mirror when there inside and trap them?
Mischief of Mice (2 years ago)
Stevan345YT (2 years ago)
Ok i guess not...
Mischief of Mice (2 years ago)
I guess you found out the hard way. :3
Stevan345YT (2 years ago)
Will the deamon be free if you get suced in?
SuperDuper (2 years ago)
I got a question +Mischief of Mice , is there a way to make a hollow mirror without doing the ritual
Mischief of Mice (2 years ago)
+SuperDuper :)
SuperDuper (2 years ago)
+Mischief of Mice I see, thank you
Mischief of Mice (2 years ago)
+SuperDuper To the best of my knowledge, no. Not without creative mode.
Nathan C (2 years ago)
i got a question. can you use the mirrors to make an elevator that goes even higher than 16 blocks? i tried to make one based off the redstone elevator concept where you have mirrors that lead up a floor then one next to it to go up the next floor. ( this is like a stair case sort of made with mirrors) however it seems that you can't put multiple mirrors in the same z-axis. is that correct? also please help me make an elevator using the mirrors. ( i have an image of the design but can't upload it into the comment)
Nathan C (2 years ago)
+Mischief of Mice Thanks for considering?
Mischief of Mice (2 years ago)
+Nathan C um... maybe.
Nathan C (2 years ago)
+Mischief of Mice I was wondering if you can make a video of this staircase working. I've been going test and have some strange results. In some instances it will work however it doesn't work when they are stacked in order. For example when you stack them top to bottom it will work but not vice versa. CAn you please make a video with a working mirror staircase?
Nathan C (2 years ago)
+Mischief of Mice umm actually i was theory crafting. i actually don't own minecraft but i was hoping to try it out on my cousin's computer (he's planning on letting me try out witchery on his FTB server).
Mischief of Mice (2 years ago)
+Nathan C Hmm. Sounds like something you'd have to test out in a creative world to save yourself a lot of headache to make sure it works. From my glance, I'm not very confident it will function as you are wanting it to.
Donna Freeman (2 years ago)
Hi I am stuck in hell, I was taken in by getting to near my mirror and now I can not get out HELP !!!! I can" t do anything my mirror was broke when I killed the deamon
Vallen Frostweaver (2 years ago)
omg... ***facepalm*** I forgot that the mirrors will not work w/in mirrors w/out an altar w/enough power either so that's something to factor in as well.
Mischief of Mice (2 years ago)
+Donna Freeman Hey Donna! Not sure how you managed that one but I'll try to offer a little help. Typically, if the mirror is broken off the wall, you can pick it up and put it back on the wall where it was (type this without quotes: "/chant mirror mirror send me home" and it should take you back to where the mirror was on the wall - there should be 1 space between the mirror and the floor so place the mirror on the 3rd block from the floor on the center block of the wall to align the mirrors and you MIGHT be able to get back out - if - and only if - the mirror holds it's same link, that is (which it probably won't and you'll still be stuck). Otherwise, the only other method I know of is to die (you can starve if need be) and you will respawn in the overworld allowing you to exit though re-entering will still be the same issue. Alternately, your admin of the server or you (if playing solo) could use console commands to get back home. Hope this helps.
Daniel Covington (3 years ago)
How do you use mirrors within mirrors? The wiki says there's a way to use altar power in order to place a hollow mirror inside a hollow mirror and you can have, essentially, a room filled with rooms. However, the wiki does not give details as to how this is done.
codebracker (2 years ago)
there might have been a full room on the other side, should've tried another wall
Daniel Covington (2 years ago)
I have had an altar in the room, with over 10000 power
codebracker (2 years ago)
+Daniel Covington you need an altar in the room

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