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One Republic - Dreaming out loud with lyrics

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Edward Jernigan Jr. (3 days ago)
Sooooo I don’t know if anyone has noticed but why does this song not exist on iTunes or Apple Music. Even when looking under the album it seems to just vanished
Brenden Bryson (21 days ago)
Still trying to figure out why one my favorite songs is not on Spotify.... ? (Huge One Republic Fan, one of my top 3 favs songs by them)
Levi Seeman (5 months ago)
Man I really wish this was on Apple Music
A.C. Harrison (5 months ago)
Ryan Tedder is underappreciated and overlooked. He deserves more credit.
Broadway Baby Aldc 567 (6 months ago)
This wasn't what I was looking for...... But okay.
just CRISSIE (7 months ago)
Does anyone here know why this song doesn't show up on the album anymore?
Baby Dream used to live with me lol
Nadiya Mohado (8 months ago)
Such a sad but beautiful song
Vengeance Fray (10 months ago)
Grew up listening to this. Never gets old. One Republic of that time was even better.
Sandeep Chanduri (10 months ago)
Why can't i find it on Spotify?
Bill Mclane (1 year ago)
Bill Mclane (1 year ago)
Like it
lorithewoosical (1 year ago)
One of the best 1R songs imo, yet one of the least known ://
Kordo (1 year ago)
The Best Album of OneRepublic in Indie Rock,Brit Pop,Alternative Soft Rock Style.Greets from Poland ;)
Anna Ferrar (1 year ago)
Does anyone know if this is on Spotify??
f0tis92 (1 year ago)
it is
Mariechen Fu (1 year ago)
Childhood song gooooood I still love it
Ashawyn (1 year ago)
better lyrics: [Verse 1:] Well hello sir, we live for Mondays, Confident we'll get there someday, Pushing all the papers to a wealthy man, Might I say, a beautiful tie you wear, And how do you find such lovely polka dots and stripes these days? [Bridge:] Break all my thoughts hit the floor, Like I'm makin' the score, I'm the king of the world, I'm a popular man Count by zeros to ten, If you can't, well I can, Don't let any one wake me [Chorus:] I'm dreamin' out loud, Dreamin' out loud, And all at once, so familiar it seems, I'm dreamin' out loud, Dreamin' out loud, Can't find a puzzle to fit any piece or a part of me [Verse 2:] Curtain calls and sanctuaries, Actors in the cloth, they freak me out, I get my purpose, in the magazines, Famous how they make you feel grand, They're always there to hold your hand, In times of trouble, they're best of friends [Bridge:] Break all my thoughts hit the floor, Like I'm makin' the score, I'm the king of the world, I'm a popular man Count by zeros to ten, If you can't, well I can, Don't let any one wake me [Chorus:] I'm dreamin' out loud, Dreamin' out loud, And all at once, so familiar it seems, I'm dreamin' out loud, Dreamin' out loud, Can't find a puzzle to fit any piece or a part of me [Bridge:] They don't care what you say They don't care what you think All they care, what you do, Long as your off beat, Take a look at yourself Storm tries to come and wreck my world, No I won't let it Stumble to escape, through anchored drapes, no weight of bedding (?) [Chorus:] I'm dreamin' out loud, Dreamin' out loud, And all at once, so familiar it seems, I'm dreamin out loud, Dreamin out loud, Can't find a puzzle to fit any piece I'm dreamin out loud, out loud, Can't find a puzzle to fit any piece or a part of me Well hello sir, we live for Mondays
Tzu Kit (1 year ago)
This should have been a single!
Yutella (1 year ago)
I remember listening to this song a lot back in 2009. I suddenly remember of it today. And just a few seconds in, I'm in tears. Sr for being melodramatic, I don't know why either.
KD (1 year ago)
This song made me love OneRepublic even more than I already do, it's so awesome. 😍🎶❤️❤️WHY IS IT NOT ON ITUNES THOUGH???? 😱☹️
wuffy (1 year ago)
Who needs iTunes when you have Audacity? xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Stephanie Haugaard (2 years ago)
Just curious why this song only on youtube and its not on Spotify, amazon or on OneRepublic's website?
Stephanie Haugaard (1 year ago)
@Kk 202 yeah you are right this song should be available on spotify, iTunes, amazon and other music downloading sites
KD (1 year ago)
Ikr! I love this song so much but it's not even on iTunes 😰
CaptDF97 (2 years ago)
OneRepublic* (no space)
Kiran Kaur (2 years ago)
Most underrated song ever. Deserves more than million views at least
reuben cheek (11 days ago)
I agree
1R Gang (1 year ago)
I guess since it doesn't, we can keep it for ourselves
Game Over (2 years ago)
A bit late but goodbye maplestory :'(
CoolHouseCat (2 years ago)
I prefer the chorus the first time it is sung at 1:07 than the rest. It sounds better without the drums in my opinion.
sarah peterson (2 years ago)
Stephanie Haugaard (2 years ago)
Thanks for the link :)
Wilbert Cubero (2 years ago)
https:// www. 7digital. com/ artist/one-republic/ release/dreaming-out-loud-deluxe- 954071 Just delete the spaces from the link.
Stephanie Haugaard (2 years ago)
Where can I find the deluxe edition of the album. I can't find it anywhere.
Wilbert Cubero (2 years ago)
It's only in the deluxe edition of the album.
Jay M. (2 years ago)
MOHD SHAHRUDDIN (2 years ago)
i like
Cold Republic (2 years ago)
This song is AMAZING! It should be on Spotify! I love Ryan's voice so much ❤️
MS8 Studios (2 years ago)
my life. im dreaming out loud for my whole life. nothing is real and life could be so much more than just money and work. it should be... i dont know... more than that. it should be more than just money. me? everyone criticizes me for being imaginative and not wanting to grow up. im sixteen and i dont give a damn about anything. telling me to worry about college and wrk and everything. im like, im not ready to grow up. ill never be ready. to anyone out there feeling the same, dont give up. maybe one day well find a place for us. all of us imaginers.
Alison Clingan (10 months ago)
I know I'm late but I agree with you all the way. There has to be something more. There has to be. Money doesn't have value to me, like I really couldn't care less. Thank you for that comment, I thought I was alone in my way of thinking.
1R Gang (1 year ago)
I'm with you all the way
BridgetB (2 years ago)
I agree... that was bitterswet and cynical
Levi Gordon (2 years ago)
+Noi Pi Chill that was such an insensitive thing to say to a fellow who's expressing his actual feelings about something serious going on in his life don't be a prick
Noi Pi (2 years ago)
accept the fact Dude Grow Up............................
MS8 Studios (2 years ago)
just watched bridge to terabithia right now and im listening to this... trying so hard not to cry...
MS8 Studios (2 years ago)
+MS8 Studios my efforts to resist failed... it felt good to cry
Quayshawn Hennings (2 years ago)
i hate this song
McKenna Kendrick (2 years ago)
Then why the fuck are you here?
Stephanie Louise (2 years ago)
The bridge is so much better than the chorus, in my opinion. I wish the chorus could only play once.
I use to be Him (3 years ago)
This is my life's anthem :)
Irisa Hoxha (3 years ago)
ehej....maybe "50 shades of Grey" has taken some traces in the melody of this song o.O
Jorge E (3 years ago)
this album is the shit
Sahara BO (1 year ago)
Jorge E you ever been hit with a piece of dog shit!!!!
TheDagi11 (2 years ago)
+123leyang321 Ohh,thanks ...I'm learning during all my life... :)
123leyang321 (2 years ago)
+TheDagi11 When someone says something is "the shit", it means it's something really good (the shit = a slang for something good). When someone says something is "shit", however, they mean it's shitty. (Yes, English can be a strange language...)
ohmybell (3 years ago)
ninguna cancion de ellos puede ser mala, es ley
Loki (3 years ago)
2010-2015 Still listening. Still loving <3
Kyriaki Gaitanidou (3 years ago)
Ι am dreaming out loud.....dreaming out loud :) amazing song... One republic is the best music group ever... <3
Hope Phillips (3 years ago)
My boyfriend doesn't like OneRepublic. It isn't his taste. Oh well. Some people are deaf when it comes to good music. #AlwaysARepublicFan <3
Naraa Erik (7 months ago)
well done ;)
Leonardo Braynen (7 months ago)
Hope Phillips sorry you broke up Hope. Relationships are beautiful but it can be a real drag when it ends... Find someone who shares similar likes and play Coldplay from the getgo and if they dont like it, RUN!!!!
Prak Kash (2 years ago)
+Cojin Cojin for president!!!!
Cojin (2 years ago)
+Hope Phillips Just get a new boyfriend
Patrick Linehan (2 years ago)
+Hope Phillips I agree!
Emma M (3 years ago)
has someone else realized that  the intro sound like the new version of crazy in love ? :|
Captain Mayday (2 years ago)
no, crazy in love sounds like this song
Amanda Whittaker (3 years ago)
Count by zeroes to ten If you can't well I can, Don't let anyone wake me I'm dreaming out loud.  One of the first OneRepublic songs I fell in love with!
Verifey (3 years ago)
i friggen love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MusicPenguinOnline (3 years ago)
I love this song!!! Sadly it was not available for download on iTunes :( I'll listen to it here!
KD (1 year ago)
Karolina to ja (3 years ago)
OneRepublic* ;)
Mariam Gurashvili (3 years ago)
Are there any people who can tell me what does meant dreaming out loud?
PaperBoy570 (3 years ago)
I thought it was: can't find a puzzle to fit any piece or part of me
Ashawyn (1 year ago)
you're right. A LOT of these lyrics are wrong: "Well hello sir, we live for Mondays" "And all at once, so familiar it seems" "Can't find a puzzle to fit any piece or a part of me" "Curtain calls and sanctuaries" and made of bedding isn't right either...but I can't quite figure out if he's singing "no weight of bedding" or "No way to bedding" ....but weight makes more sense....either way...they clearly copied the lyrics from a crappy place that had them wrong to begin with.
Georgedean27 (3 years ago)
Live for Monday*
Yao Vang (3 years ago)
Song will never get old ^^
TheDagi11 (3 years ago)
Dreaming out loud-so far the best album of 1R..I think...but I although I love all their songs
manoogaren ramasawmy (4 years ago)
#onerepublic have a peculiar and unique talent, and each and every of their music is a piece of art. To some extent, they had helped in shaping me...
that's nice! :)
manoogaren ramasawmy (3 years ago)
+Anjinee Ramasawmy what were u saying
Cari the Fire Angel (4 years ago)
Hello sir, We'll live for Mondays Confident we'll get there someday. 
Julia Gruber (4 years ago)
Anisha Tripathi (4 years ago)
The feels!
Nata Jurado A. (4 years ago)
Confusa, Intrigante y Cusiosa cancion Pero Me encanta !!! 1R
Whitlinger (4 years ago)
I used to think it was, "And I've walked over a million seas."
titch (4 years ago)
it seems like a lot of people didn't realize this was a song for a while
Kailyn Wynn (4 years ago)
It was never released, and even if it was, it wouldn't chart. In my opinion, it's a flawless song. It just doesn't fit as the average pop song.
Dea .D (4 years ago)
oooooooh misterious......
Dea .D (4 years ago)
well the begginning
Deplorable Will (4 years ago)
Yeah, go Two Republic!
Ta-Ho-Mas Williams (4 years ago)
What could you possibly be trying to say with "two republic"?
Amber a. (4 years ago)
MK Neskovic (2 years ago)
+Amber a. me too. I just found out about this song on wikipedia and I love it.
Amber a. (4 years ago)
Wow sassy
Kailyn Wynn (4 years ago)
+Amber a. Believe what you want, just keep in mind you don't have authority over me. Have a nice day.
Amber a. (4 years ago)
... Uh huh.
Kailyn Wynn (4 years ago)
Huechi Lee (4 years ago)
Which album is this song on? I bought the "Dreaming out Loud" album and my album does not have this song :(
Citygirl (4 years ago)
It's on mine (Track 12), I've got the dual disc album so it's 'Dreaming out loud' and 'waking up' in the same case :)
Reza Atabaki (4 years ago)
it wasn't released...
Gene Corrado (4 years ago)
Be careful-this site is loaded with Malware.
Tania Ruedas (4 years ago)
Love this song it's amazing.
Justine Sturrup (4 years ago)
I personally love both One Direction and One Republic...I don't see why people can't just enjoy music for what it is....like for real, just because you like an artist doesn't mean the whole world has to like them too
Kailyn Wynn (4 years ago)
Adrianna Sisemore (4 years ago)
Amazing song
Samuel Coughlin (4 years ago)
One of the best things about OneRepublic is that Ryan Tedder writes their music, which is more than can be said for most singers and bands nowadays...
Winry Elric (5 years ago)
Winry Elric (4 years ago)
both, :D heheh
Keira Charles (5 years ago)
Do you mean the song, your name or both? (I'm an FMA fan too!)
SuperBlablablaxxx (5 years ago)
Amazing amazing amazing!
Lois Clark (5 years ago)
Both are just perfect
SteA7XMitchell (5 years ago)
They've gone more mainstream with their recent album and are losing that sense about them which they had in their earlier albums.
Nicolas Cobos (5 years ago)
1R and ID for life (ID=Imagine dragons)
Ta-Ho-Mas Williams (5 years ago)
different, yes. better, debatable
Triality (5 years ago)
Plus.... 1. They aren't good enough to sing solo (according to judges of that show) 2. Boy bands come and go very fast, 1R stand fast.
Triality (5 years ago)
1D suck, 1R rule! I agree, 1D should not be compared.
Fatlord27 (5 years ago)
I feel like this album is so much different than what OneRepublic puts out now. And better.
Ryan Heighway (5 years ago)
One republic has soul to it. You can feel for the music. There's a level of emotion that you can only get from few Rock and alternative bands. One direction ? Well, I think pink Floyd said it best 'all in all your just another brick in the wall'. They are pop music . Pop music has no feel...
13Ravioli (5 years ago)
One Republic = best band ever
Alive Hiphop (5 years ago)
One Republic is musiiiiic people, but One Direction is a band for a teenagers with empty brain. One Direction is only marketing, but One Republic is a one group with future, present and past. Pace.
07awb (5 years ago)
It's an interesting song. And I like the music in the chorus. Good stuff.
Anne Laurie (5 years ago)
Deadpool (5 years ago)
Either way One Republic is better
Tina Kelly (5 years ago)
My secound favorite band
SuperBlablablaxxx (5 years ago)
One Republic is just so amazing
Lucy Sure. Why not. (5 years ago)
I think One Republic AND One Direction are both awesome bands!!!!!!
Remi K (5 years ago)
Satinder sartaj
jazzaroolich (5 years ago)
Now why the hell is this not on iTunes?
kbecks123 (5 years ago)
they are so underrated its unbelievable. One of my favorite bands.
MSFTS .Rep (5 years ago)
This shud be in the Skyfall movie
flinky tamayo (5 years ago)
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.lurv eeet
Duma Paul-Mihai (5 years ago)
nope... great song...you should listen to it more carefully.. enjoy !
JOXI1999 (5 years ago)
of course it is
Yukimura Ayano (5 years ago)
This song is a little bit creepy XD it's suitable for horror movies or games.
Jason Quinn (5 years ago)
You'd think the song that that gave the album it's namesake would be a feature.
JediMasterJD996 (5 years ago)
It is on iTunes, you just have to live in Ireland and pay for it in euros...... It's stupid, I know.
Omar Bgn (5 years ago)
<3 '
sophia mccutcheon (5 years ago)
there is no way people should compare these to one direction first reason: they have been out many more years than 1D. there music is more meaningful different genre more experienced and more mature fans OneRepublic might not have as many fans as one direction but that is because they were not on a talent show and are not teenage boys. but at the end of the day one direction no where near hit the talent these guys have they just look pretty. no offence to 1D though because they can sing
leongwai (5 years ago)
One Republic Korean !
willceth (5 years ago)
The amount of ignorance in this comment is very high.
willceth (5 years ago)
It's OneRepublic, not Onerepublic. Just saying.
willceth (5 years ago)
It should be a sin to compare OneRepublic to One Direction. OneRepublic is the shit, while One Direction is shit. I have loved OneRepublic since this album (which is there first one) came out.

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