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Bonsai Style: The Secrets of Shaping

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A successful bonsai is the product of careful care and shaping. It is an art form which requires a great deal of attention to the growing form of the tree and recognizing the similarities to its full-sized counterpart. Subtle manipulation of the plant and pruning is required. The goal is to achieve “keisho-sodai“, which literally means “small size, great similarity”. This is the desired result of good bonsai artistry. There are several points to consider when working with your bonsai. In the beginning, it is important to develop a sturdy foundation. Proper root and trunk growth is critical to a successful, healthy bonsai. From there, attention can begin to focus on the limbs. When working with the branches of your bonsai, you will do two basic things, wiring and pruning. Wiring helps mold the form of the developing tree into the desired mature form. Pruning, meanwhile, allows you to manipulate the growth and refine the form of branches and leaves. Individual focus is placed on the pruning of branches, buds and leaves. Choosing what to allow to grow naturally and what to change requires some basic knowledge of plant physiology. This allows you to predict how your plant will grow and make successful alterations as needed. In addition, an understanding of the species of tree you are growing is necessary. The two major classifications of trees are deciduous and coniferous, and some of your bonsai care differs between the two types. Knowing the exact species is also important so you understand the basic form you are trying to achieve.
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