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Starting a Dragon Tree Bonsai, Feb 2018

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My store bought plant, starts the journey to become a bonsai tree! I am using a Dracaena marginata, to style in the form of a Dragon's blood tree. Music from the YouTube library.... Mirage Retreat...Jason Farnham Victoria
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Jack Seabrook (21 days ago)
Hi Nigel, how is your dracaena coming along? would be nice to see an update :)
Jack Seabrook (21 days ago)
Nigel Saunders, The Bonsai Zone that’s quite bizarre! looking forward to it
Funny you should ask, an update is coming in a few hours! Thanks Jack.
Adam Maik (1 month ago)
Hi Nigel? would you mind updating the dracena?
OfTheDawn Patriot (1 month ago)
Hope you do an update. 🤔
srh9893 (1 month ago)
I hope you do an update on this... I just potted my first one as well, not sure I did a good job lol.
OfTheDawn Patriot (1 month ago)
+Nigel Saunders, The Bonsai Zone I've always seen these and even got my grandma one ,shes had forever. I had no ideal they were endangered or that it was called a dragon tree. It's one of those living things that have an ancient aura about it. It has become a new favorite.
I will, I was just looking at it yesterday and it is very close to needing it's second pruning!
Stan Kolodin (2 months ago)
Is that a snow flake at 7:27???
Not in the plant room, it must be dust! (Unless you mean me!)
derfrauihrmann (3 months ago)
Hello Nigel, I just cut off two branches of my dragon tree. I put one into water, the other into substrate, that I keep wet. Which one will be successfull and make roots? What do you think? Many regards an thank you for your work and for showing it to us :)
I think both will root! There is a danger of them rotting before they root, but if left in full sun, you should have success! Mine is almost ready to be trimmed again!
Is this a plant kept in high humidity?
Thanks Nigel. Can you tell me roughly the shade-sun ratio your bench is exposed to throughout the day?
It is outside on the bonsai bench at the moment, in the winter it gets high humidity, indoors in the plant room.
Fatma Kavaz (4 months ago)
I've followed your lead Nigel. Wish ii could share some pics with you..
I'd love to see them, my email is.... [email protected]
Hola as probado con un bonsai Araucaria Chilena?
Wolfy Kaname (4 months ago)
Honestly dracaena's are so hard to kill you can root it in water. Or grow it without a pot sitting on your porch with no water except rain. They are effectively unkillable.
Thank you, I hope I don't find a way to kill mine!
Tee Montana (4 months ago)
Is it to late to start this procedure with my dracena?
Tee Montana (4 months ago)
I’ve gone ahead, getting excited already.
No, summer is the perfect time!
xabier137 (5 months ago)
update please!
xabier137 (4 months ago)
Nigel Saunders, The Bonsai Zone oh thank you so much! I didn't notice them.
Here is a link to the playlist for the Dragon tree, you can see the updates in the last two videos! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQouTWwmTQoz7TyS78qDQGKhPSrIDk7mo
Veronica Carneal (5 months ago)
I just stumbled across your channel. This was so great to watch. Thank You!
Jennifer Thorpe (5 months ago)
Why is there a little 5 next to “The Bonsai Zone” logo?
That indicates "season 5", my fifth year making YouTube videos!
Michael Timmerman (5 months ago)
My true dragon blood tree seeds just arrived today!!!!
fleshrocker (5 months ago)
Really enjoy your videos. Glad I came across this station. Ive never bonsaied, but Im excited to try.
I hope you like it as much as I do!
Chaotic Mist (6 months ago)
Maybe an Evergreen would look good in that pot. They sometimes have a blue-ish tint to them ^_^
Sookielein (6 months ago)
I love the color of the pot maybe it would complement some sort of caribiean tree.Like the divi divi tree if it's possible to turn them in to bonsais.
Woodslee Summercraft (6 months ago)
Loving these 3D printed pots Nigel.
Samy Perfex (7 months ago)
The only thing this guy does whit trees is butchering them and fill their pot whit perlite and pumice. For beginners who copy him, Most of trees will not survive root pruning like he does so dont do it especially whit pine trees, roots should match the size of the tree and pot should match the roots size. Dont cut the roots only cause it wont fit in a pot also Perlite and pumice are not soil and trees cannot survive whit only them so giving light fertilizer whit every watering is a must. My idiot friend saw some of his videos and went to buy a expensive pine tree and copied what he does and pruned the root and needles after 2 days tree died. So dont do somthing like this and dont kill poor trees.
Thank you Samy, it's nice to hear your views on the techniques I use.
Sebestyén Tóth (7 months ago)
I saw a few of your videos and i was wondering the bonsai soil is basically small rock mix?
Yes it is a 50/50 mixture of perlite and turface. I sift the soil to remove the fine particles. The roots really like to grow in this soil. Here is how I water and fertilize.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXIIpxUqxdY&t=141s
Maggie Rezac (7 months ago)
Hey Nigel, just stopped by to check out your channel! Got a head's up from my friend Charlie at #BassandBonsai about how you prune/clean out your roots. The very same way I have been doing it since I began this journey in 1991! O'er the past few years, my 'collection' has dwindled substantially! I also live in 'sunny' South Dakota, so, just a USGA climate zone or 2 below you. So, I have minimized to just the Tropical {Indoor} Bonsai o'er the past several years! So the Dracs, & the Sheffs & the Ficus' & so forth. This came as a complete & refreshing surprise! I never thought of turning a Drac Marginata into a Dragon's Blood Tree Bonsai! I have 4 in a grow pot at the time & WAS thinking of doing a forest with them, but now...this is intriguing! My current oldest tree is a 22 year old F. deltoidea {Mistletoe Fig} that I started from a cutting in 1996. And yes to the comments I just read about all of the 'experts' out there...yeah, John Naka, I'm talking to you! ;-) Being in the Climate Zone you are, I will need to watch more of your videos about {specifically} the dreaded wintering over process. I long ago gave up on Conifers, but the Deciduous ones...we had 4 refrigerators that we used to winter them over, post defoliation! Worked great...until the year I killed a 300+ year old Japanese Imported Ginkgo Biloba Tree! Most Humbling indeed! Tree survived Hiroshima & Nagasaki but not me? Liked & Subbed! O dai jini, Hai!
Thank you Maggie, growing bonsai is indeed a humbling experience! Mother nature likes to show us who's boss every once in a while! I enjoyed your comment about your bonsai experience and I hope you have a great summer this year! It's still snowing here today, but I'm patiently waiting for better weather.
N3ver Winter (7 months ago)
btw didnt know it was dragon blood tree until this video so tnx again😊
N3ver Winter (7 months ago)
we have a dragon blood tree also but its large now i was planning of trunk chopping it to make it to a bonsai also or just make a cutting of it still undecided but with this vid i made up my mind to root a cutting from it to make a bonsai😊tnx for this insperational video sir nigel
Seth W (7 months ago)
Would you consider selling the 3D printed bonsai pots ready made for those who dont have a 3D printer?
I am working with Spectra 3D to make the 3D printed pots available for ordering. More details on this will be coming soon!
Antony Spar (7 months ago)
I always try to rip off the leaves pointing in unwanted directions, as I find it easier to do than removing the sometimes very rigid and sticky stumps they leave when cut short.
Interesting, this sounds like a pinching approach to the growing tips. My new branches are just starting to emerge now, some are pointing in the right direction, but not all. I'll let nature sort this out, the shoots that get light will live, those shaded out will die off.
Yo tengo una aqui en mi casa en la ventana pero en españa al ser los veranos muy secos necesitan mucha humedad saludos desde alcala de henares madrid.
R R (8 months ago)
Please tell what is bonsai soil ? I heard about it a number of times but don't know what it is, can I make it at home? If yes then how please reply
R R (8 months ago)
Nigel Saunders, The Bonsai Zone thank you ☺
It is a 50/50 mix of perlite and turface. The ingredients are sifted to remove the fine particles so you get a finished size of 3 to 4 mm. Here is a video on watering and fertilizing this soil... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXIIpxUqxdY&t=70s
Susan Shaw (8 months ago)
These videos make me really happy. I'm glad you have this channel.
Thank you Susan, stay happy!
emargulis (8 months ago)
Nigel, have you ever considered doing an araucaria? It's a magnifecent tree
Yes, I have always wanted to grow one. I am going to order seeds this spring for all my wish list trees! I'll make a video on this!
sameo88 (8 months ago)
Hey Nigel, greetings from South Australia. Does the plant room allow you to prune and repot all year round? Would you recommend a plant room or a greenhouse? Or both? Haha.
sameo88 (8 months ago)
Nigel Saunders, The Bonsai Zone great, thank you for the information.
The plant room can get quite dark on some of those short cloudy winter days. The temperature and humidity are good, just the light is a factor. I am getting a new LED grow light soon, so this may help solve the problem. My small Aspect grow light helps a lot. I position it over a different tree each night. The plant room is attached to the house, so it is easier to keep it warm than a free standing building. The plant room stays empty all summer when the trees go outside.
Justin Iadonisi (8 months ago)
No kidding! I was going to try one of these, but I was talked out of it in a popular Bonsai forum! My tree is still very young, maybe I will try this!
I'm sure with time, you'll get branches and nice roots. You will have a good challenge for the future!
Justin Iadonisi (8 months ago)
Oh, but I bought mine as a sapling. It didnt come with any of those nice roots or multiple branches.
annamat123 (8 months ago)
Got one 2 y old dragon blood tree. I could mail a photo of it back to you if you mail me at [email protected] i would appreciate filet for 3D painting. Great work. Keep going on. cheers.
I am sending you the files now!
Amazon Queen UK (8 months ago)
Hello Nigel. I have been following your inspiring videos for about a year now and am totally hooked on bonsai. I have just managed to sprout a couple of baobab seedlings, and wondered if you might have some advice on how to progress them on to eventually bonsai them?
Amazon Queen UK (8 months ago)
Thank you so much for the information, and I'm excited to follow your baobab story soon.
Here is an article that might help. They are quite difficult to grow in any climate that is not like their native habitat, but with the right techniques it can be done. I have never grown one, but I am going to order seeds this spring and give them a try! https://swindon-bonsai.co.uk/2011/06/22/baobab-tree-as-bonsai/ http://balconygardenweb.com/how-to-grow-a-baobab-tree-everything-about-baobab/
obalajadia (8 months ago)
Thanks, Nigel. So we have something to look out for in the future, and see how this Dragon tree will have looked like, say in a year time or less? Exciting.
I hope it will get lots of new branches after pruning the top! Exciting!
michael whyte (8 months ago)
hey mate just wondering if u had any ideas about a good salt hardy tree to grow as bonsai? i live on coast in qld, oz and get a lot of salt spray that i think is stunting my tree's growth. prob gonna try bansia integrifolia (coastal banksia) which seems to grow well here. i really like ficus trees but my couple of benjamina (i think) seem to be stuggling. any ideas from u or your viewers would be appreciated. oh also norfolk pines do well here, but i dont find them that interesting, would they have to be like a formal upright style?
michael whyte (8 months ago)
hey mate watched a few vids on tamarix, seems like an interesting, hardy tree with some biblicle relevance, cool. every example i saw was a weeping design so yours should be interesting to watch. good luck, im on the lookout for one.
michael whyte (8 months ago)
Nigel Saunders, The Bonsai Zone thanks i would not have thought of that.
Definitely a Tamarix, often called a salt Cedar. They make really nice bonsai too! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamarix
bonsaijoe1 (8 months ago)
So is the draceana tree one can buy at a big box store the same as the dragon blood tree from Socotra? Thanks
No, they are from the same family, but the dragon tree doesn't have the red sap like the dragon's blood tree.
Lawrence Conn (8 months ago)
Do you sell your soil? If not you should and if you do you should advertise more.
I don't sell soil, I usually just mix up enough to last for a while. I don't think I would have any time to run a business, YouTube and my trees keep me plenty busy!
Owen (8 months ago)
Hi Nigel I have one of these and not long ago pruned a branch to get more branches and it died back, have you got any idea what I could seal the cuts with ? Thanks.
Owen (8 months ago)
Nigel Saunders, The Bonsai Zone Thankyou Nigel! I will try it.
I would suggest using white glue, it will seal the cut long enough to stop the tip drying out, but it won't stay on long enough to cause the tip to rot.
OfTheDawn Patriot (9 months ago)
When are you going to get a crepe myrtle?
OfTheDawn Patriot (8 months ago)
Nigel Saunders, The Bonsai Zone just get a tree. New bonsai world on ebay sell a lot of dwarf myrtles for reasonable prices.
I have to wait until spring to order seeds. It will stay below freezing here at least until mid April. I don't want the seeds to get damaged in the cold.
Holly Munford Bloe (9 months ago)
Thank you, I'm looking forward to seeing how it all goes in future!
Ow3nX1 (9 months ago)
your cyan pot would be perfect for a blueberry bonsai!
That would look good!
Vrinda Bandishte (9 months ago)
Are you planning to make some 3D printed rocks for pen Jing , some time?
Yes, I have a long list of things to print for the future, temples, ponds, people, animals etc! I feel I've just scratched the surface!
Vrinda Bandishte (9 months ago)
Great video,as usual. The 3D sculpture has come up beautifully. I always believed that one must have artistry to make a good bonsai. I could see a common crow sculpture behind you in the video. What is it made of?
The crow (my favorite bird) is just a plastic one that I got from a second hand store. It was made for a Halloween prop. I will be teaching a bonsai course, "bonsai for artists" at a art studio this spring, I'm looking forward to it! Bonsai is a mix of art and horticulture, so there is lots to learn!
JUSTIN V (9 months ago)
Hello! Yesterday i had to throw away my dragon tree because the trunk got soggy and the roots were dead. I believe i over watered it and had soil with poor drainage. How often do you plan on watering your dragon tree? Will you let it go days while it is bone dry? Thank you, inspiring videos.
JUSTIN V (8 months ago)
Thank you! i was over watering for sure.
I mist the tree twice a day, but I will only water it once a week in the winter. I may water it more if we get many sunny days in a row, but generally once a week seems good in winter. In summer I usually water once or twice a day, again it depends on the weather. Good free draining soil is important, and makes it harder to over water.
OfTheDawn Patriot (9 months ago)
Anywhere in North America they can live outdoors?
Any of the areas that don't see frost, mine will go outside from June to October, the rest of the time, it's indoors.
Corvus corone (9 months ago)
Crowbonus again ;) And I join the "do something green today - controversy", I read in some other comments. Would be nice to hear it here and there sometimes :b Something (maby) more personal: you said "kids" in the last video comment. How much are they, beside Julian? Greetings!
Thanks, great suggestions, caw, caw , caw!
Taylor Crandall (9 months ago)
Really excited about this planting cant wait to see the progress
Thanks Taylor, my son has a larger one and it is getting a really nice trunk and root base on the tree. I think they have potential!
Lourdes Chamorro (9 months ago)
Thank you for another excellent video. You have inspired me, as well as my husband and 12 year old daughter, to start a few bonsai trees of our own. Great fun!
Nick Kellogg (9 months ago)
loropetalum with the white fringe flowers would look interesting in that pot. the color of the pot is a tuff match though.
Thank you Nick, someone suggested a Colorado blue spruce, that might work also!
Dan Bleumer (9 months ago)
Hi Nigel, I live not too far north of you and am wanting to start bonsai. I was wondering where a good place to get soil and other bonsai supplies would be? I'm just north of Hanover, thanks!
Dan Bleumer (9 months ago)
Thank you sir!
You can try "The Bonsai Guy" here is his website.... http://www.bonsaiguy.ca/
Athena Atkinson (9 months ago)
Would I be able to make a zz plant bonsai?
Athena Atkinson (9 months ago)
Thank you, I'll certainly give it a go
I think you could prune it to keep it small and attractive as a house plant, but I'm not sure if they would get a trunk on them. They do have interesting roots that could be exposed as trunk. I hope you give it a try!
Calroy HBC426 (9 months ago)
Really cool project. Looking forward to seeing the progress. 👍
Thank you Calroy!
Dallas Ford (9 months ago)
greatttt video love it!!!!!! im addicted to watching your vids lol
Thank you, more to come!
Fred Grech (9 months ago)
Hahaha women they are hard work
Thanks Fred!
Lyle Z (9 months ago)
Nigel. How much does the Library charge you to print the pots?
Lyle Z (9 months ago)
That is not bad. I know Office Max/Office Depot have 3D printers. Not bad prices. I might have to check how big they can print. Our Library does not have a 3D printer as far as I know.
It depends on the size, the smaller pots are about 4 dollars and the larger ones 8 to 10.
asgar ali (9 months ago)
Butyfull Vedio Sir tel me vich time is good to prone??
asgar ali (9 months ago)
Thanks a lot sir
It is best to prune your tropical trees after they have had a good growth period and just before the next period of growth. The tree needs lots of leaves to build up and store energy in it, and then the tree can be reduced safely. It will use this stored energy to regrow new branches and leaves.
J. Victor Rocha (9 months ago)
Hey Nigel, what happened to that Crown of Thorns you bought last year? I was really excited to see if you would be able to turn it into a bonsai
Veronica F. (1 month ago)
+Nigel Saunders, The Bonsai Zone, a Pomegranate might suit that pot once it is available again.
It is growing well and I'm hoping to make a video of it soon! I think it needs pruning.
Bonsai Beginning (9 months ago)
Hello does anyone know Nigel’s email address I would like to send an email and ask a few questions Keep up the amazing videos Nigel you inspired me a year ago to take up bonsai as a hobby and I’ve fallen in love with bonsai
I know what it is, it's... [email protected] Thanks UK Bud, I look forward to hearing from you!
Borisperez Perez (9 months ago)
Hello, my lemon seed just germinated couple weeks ago there started to grow. I'm happy to see them grow, but the soil and the pots I don't know where I can find all that I have 9 lemon and 7 apples that just germinated.
It is best just to grow them in regular clay nursery pots for the first few years and then when the roots and tree are looking good, plant them into bonsai pots. You can order bonsai soil on line, but it is expensive to buy and to ship, it's best if you mix up your own soil. There are several good recipes on YouTube for mixing it up. Any of these will work fine. Here is my video on fertilizing and watering.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXIIpxUqxdY&t=173s
OfTheDawn Patriot (9 months ago)
Aren't they endangered?
OfTheDawn Patriot (9 months ago)
To many humans. : (
They are having a tough time growing on the island of Socatra, here is more info on them..... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dracaena_cinnabari
ManMountain526 (9 months ago)
Great video! Now I have to go hunt one of these trees down and eat a bowl of Rice Krispies lol.
I'm glad you found a tree, happy growing!
ManMountain526 (9 months ago)
And wouldn’t you know tonight I was making a return to our local Home Depot and there was one sitting right there. I picked it up! Still have to get some Rice Krispies though
Elizabeth Long (9 months ago)
"˚°◦.¸¸..thank you Nigel◦仌°"
Elizabeth Long (9 months ago)
..thinkingofyou ;;''; ◦仌°"◔◔"˚°◦.¸¸◦仌°"
Thank you Elizabeth, it's going to be 13 C (55 F) here on Tuesday, I'm not sure if I'll be able to take the heat!
Fred Grech (9 months ago)
Your amazing guy never stop surprising me you're even good with your fashion colours
Thanks Fred, painting the woman was a lot harder than growing a bonsai!
Cooper Olm (9 months ago)
I just saw these growing outdoors into huge trees on a trip to Cuba I just returned from! I saw so many interesting plants, including many I know only as house plants in Ontario. It’s fascinating to see things growing wild in climates where they can flourish rather than in a pot!
I know what you mean, whenever I'm somewhere down south, I'm always looking at the amazing trees!
Cesar Padilla (9 months ago)
una obra de arte, maestro
¡Gracias por su amabilidad!
the guy who loves plants (9 months ago)
Thank you, it's off to a good start!
A great start.
I can't wait for the new branches to start forming!
Joseph Miller (9 months ago)
Hey Nigel! I have a tree that looks just like that, it might be a dragon tree! The plant was having a hard time in the yard so I put it into a pot. Maybe i'll make video about it! The one I have has really cool roots btw. Yours looks awesome.
Sounds good Joseph, keep it growing!
Dada, I have recovered completely.thank you for your videos
Nigel Dada thanks. I have learnt everything about bonsai making from you. Great work. I want an update on your root over template project
Great to hear, your channel is doing very well also. Nice!
Christian Medina (9 months ago)
Nice, I also have a 2 of them growing one day they'll be a nice tree. Question. Any major root pruning would be done before spring or would it be better while the tree is dormant?
Root pruning is best done after the sap flows. This distributes the sugars to the upper parts of the tree and leaves the roots on empty. They can be safely root pruned at this time, just as the buds are swelling. The leaves will come out on the tree and start to supply new energy for root growth.
Minstera Marc (9 months ago)
i bought 2 in 2010 my first plant,s that lived for more than one month ! this year they died ,but i have 2 cuttings alive i pruned the top but no subdividing ,just new leafs Good luck !
Sometimes if you don't prune the tips back hard enough, they will just keep growing without subdividing. I think I pruned back far enough that the tip will be forced to sub divide. Thanks!
shoeless joe (9 months ago)
Noticed you are from Ontario (I think). I have been getting into Bosnia and I am wondering where I can buy more in Ontario, either online or at a nursery. looking for anything, seeds or already mature trees. Any suggestion would be great, thanks
You can get most items from the Bonsai Guy.... http://www.bonsaiguy.ca/
Angelo Celestino (9 months ago)
Awesome elephant........
Thank you, I was happy to get it for 4.99 instead of new at over 20 dollars!
Mark Mondrinos (9 months ago)
Hi Nigel - I think this variant will work for mimicking the Dragons blood trees! It's a great start for the first treatment of a store bought tree, awesome find! Also, just my opinion, but that pot is pretty nice, eventually may work well with an elegant/feminine deciduous tree with very light colored bark...something like a korean hornbeam with a slender form....maybe one of your American elms?
Mark Mondrinos (9 months ago)
+Nigel Saunders, The Bonsai Zone - Same here Nigel except all the way up to 75F and on the heels of very warm weather for weeks now - everything is budding. Its really bizarre and kind of a disaster for the bonsai because there will definitely be cold weather again and trees will have to be shuttled inside on nights with frost.
Thanks, Mark, I'll have to think about it, I'm sure something would look good in the pot! We are getting a heat wave this Tuesday at 55 F! I'll have to get out the shorts.
baldysoftknuckles (9 months ago)
i got 2 of these last year, you inspired me to do the same to mine, i had a spare large bonsai pot so have put them both in together. I pruned all the leaves from mine, hopefully they live and i also have planted 6 cuttings from what i removed.
Sounds like you'll have a forest! Happy growing!
Chris Conn (9 months ago)
Great vid as always. Did you get my email about the seeds I wanted to send you?
Chris Conn (9 months ago)
Re-sent!! Thanks!
I don't think I did, my email is.... [email protected] Can you put "seeds" in the title of the email, thanks! Nigel
John Rice (9 months ago)
The resin smells great burned
I have heard it is sold as incense, I can't wait to get my seeds on order!
Carmie T (9 months ago)
Nice video on the dragon tree.
Thank you Carmie!
Nolan Friedline (9 months ago)
A Colorado Blue Spruce mightd be a nice color for that odd colored pot.
That is an excellent suggestion! Thanks.
JR (9 months ago)
Wow Nigel! The quality of your videos is getting better each time! great work!!
Thank you JR, I'm hoping to get some better lighting soon, that should help even more!
Nigel is that soil a 50/50 turfus perlite? When do you add organic components to your soil?
Thanks, here is the video on this.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXIIpxUqxdY&t=176s
Yohann Misquitta (9 months ago)
Nigel may answer this himself, but from what I've seen of his videos, his plants get their nutrition from the very dilute fertilizer solution that he waters them with (at every watering). No organic component is necessary in his soil mix (though he has used organics in his soil mix in the past).
Francesco Gallarotti (9 months ago)
Looks like the perfect small tree to try see if you can get it to be a bonsai... I am guessing the foliage will never look in the right scale, but you might be able to get the trunk to look like a real tree... interested to see the development... I do have a question for you.... I am trying to grow date palm trees from seeds... do you know if palm trees can be made into bonsai?
Kiki Tran (8 months ago)
Francesco Gallarotti 1
I have read that Palm trees can't be miniaturized, but maybe they can from seeds? I would try experimenting and see what can be done!
Sunit Vadgama (9 months ago)
Thank you again for the thumbs up!!!
yes Graph (9 months ago)
I don't know if you've considered acetone vapors to smooth out your surfaces but in case you haven't, here's the suggestion to do it :P You'd save on primer.
Thank you, I may try this in future on the nGen plastic and see how it works!
It will be an imaginary journey considering it is happening on a globe Earth and not a plane Earth. LOL
The flat Earth society is bogus. They inject non sense into the notion of the plane Earth. That would make you a globeliever.
I guess that makes me a round Earther, what will the flat Earth society think of me!
Zain Jawaid (9 months ago)
hey nigel nice vid again but let me remind u that u didnt gave the update of bougainvillea
I'll be making a video with just the updated Bougainvillea bonsai soon! Thanks Zain!
bonsai J (9 months ago)
What a great start! The mature trees in the pics are very impressive. It would be awesome to go for a walk through a landscape full of these trees. A great job on painting the woman!
Thank you bonsai J, I enjoy your videos!
Jaugusto Damasceno (9 months ago)
Muito bom, show
Muito obrigado!
M. K. (9 months ago)
Another great video with some great content! I also have a dracena plant that is similar to yours. I almost wanted to get rid of it because for a while it didn't look good, the leaves were yellowing and browning. It was because I kind of neglected it. I pruned it back a few years ago and it grew to new shoots. Now it's looking much better and this winter it bloomed for the first time! I'm so happy now! The flowers were beautiful and very fragrant. I will keep pruning it to make it look like your tree!
Well now I can't wait until I smell those flowers! Thanks M.K.
Plants & Life (9 months ago)
Nice sir
Plants & Life (9 months ago)
Nigel Saunders, The Bonsai Zone thanks a lot sir for your such compliment, I'm a student and there will my board exam in next month, that's why I cannot upload any videos for now. Thanks a lot once again
Thank you, I checked out your YouTube channel, thanks, you have really good videos! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbV1BqYn4aObVU2I1VEKfjg
JochenThe1 (9 months ago)
If you do not seal the cut, then a part of the branches may die back. I loose 1 branch out of 4 on those dracena plants.
JochenThe1 (9 months ago)
Nigel Saunders, The Bonsai Zone If it rots below the seal then the tool was not steril. In a humid environment the danger of dryback may be lower. As the seal shall prorect from both sides it should not matter if its humid...
Thanks Jochen, my plant room is very humid and I have found that if I seal the cuts under these conditions, I get the tip rotting below the cut paste. If the tree were in a less humid room, a sealer would be a good idea.
Delicti-Art .movie (9 months ago)
Reale Great works! i'm a Swiss gardener....all tips & infos about the plants are reale professionell!! Greats from Swiss!✋🏼
Thank you, I was born in Switzerland, but only lived there for three years.
Zach Wells (9 months ago)
I literally just got some of these as a gift!
Perfect timing!
Adam Maik (9 months ago)
My neighbour throw away an preety large dracena (aprox 1,3m) at the 31'st of december :) so beore the new year party choped it (to 11cm) and bare rooted, placed in a training pot with sewere root pruning. It started to push out buds at the begining of febuary, im also reety exited about this project, it has same colour patern as yours! So, here we go!
Adam Maik (9 months ago)
the actual "bark" seems to be paper like (with same colour, texture like pergaminus), so a thin layer to cover the internal one. Do You think it would be good to peel of the external layer and expose the live one?
Sounds like the start of a good project, I know the trunks can get some really nice bark on them as they get older!
Deej John (9 months ago)
Really strange coincidence, my Mother in law has one of these, and not even 24 hours ago I asked the Reddit bonsai community if it can be developed into a bonsai and the answer was an outright 'no'. So I'm very very interested to see you develop this.
Wolfy Kaname (4 months ago)
S Brian Chong because he's being a fun nazi.
S Brian Chong (6 months ago)
+outsiderdf - Why don't you just call yourself an ultra-orthodox bonsai believer and not argue with the moderates? Heck, if you're gonna be so extremist, why are you calling it "bonsai", when obviously it should be called "penjing"?
Zoidberg Ammerer (6 months ago)
outsiderdf Of course the end product will truly never come, there are some bonsai that are hundreds of years old and continue to change over the years. What your saying doesnt make sence and is a very obtuse observation. "Should probably never come.." To be honest your not really even making any sence your saying "should" should never been in a bonsai video and there for are "standardizing" the very art of bonsai to what YOU deem it to be when bonsai is like painting or drawing, or creating music it's part of the person and how THEY do it and it wont ever be quite complete. People can think of him as a teacher or amateur, what does it matter of he's putting out good information, it's up to YOU and the viewers to take what knowledge you "want" and put it to use. Everyone does bonsai different, who gives a hoot if you or anyone else says he's doing it "wrong" you can't bonsai wrong... unless it's dead :P
outsiderdf (6 months ago)
Zoidberg Ammerer That's fine if you enjoy what you are doing. Alas, the word "should" should probably never come from these videos, if one is just showing people what they enjoy doing. But, people come to these videos to begin working on their own tree and might see this person as a teacher.
outsiderdf (6 months ago)
Zoidberg Ammerer That "end product" will never come.
Madran7 (9 months ago)
Hi Nigel, about those 3D printed pots, do you have in plan designing something suitable under those pots, so when you water a tree, water won't flow all over your room? :)
I use those large boot trays under my pots, you can put a gravel layer in them for the pots to sit on and they will hold quit a few small pots.
Hamed Hasanpur (9 months ago)
Congratulations on your new journey. Good to have videos released from you more often ; thank you for that
Thank you Hamed, spring is coming fast and I have so much work to do indoors first!
Karst de Boer (9 months ago)
Thanks for brightening my shitty day
Karst de Boer (9 months ago)
Nigel Saunders, The Bonsai Zone I can 't wait :)
Thank you, tomorrow will be better I hope!
Sven Lucas (9 months ago)
hi Nigel, could you please make a Thingiverse Account and upload your 3d Print models? Love your work :o) Greetings from germany
I'll send you the 3D models, I don't want to put them on Thingiverse, people steal your models and try to make money with them. Here is my email address... [email protected]
Carving Bonsai (9 months ago)
very good Nigel, I really like the novelties you get in plants, what a fantastic species, but I can not help but notice that you are also very innovative and the printer pots seem to me to be the future ... big hug emu friend
Thank you, I think the fancy 3D pots will be exciting new direction!

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