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Discount | Part 1 | IBPS Clerk 2018 | Maths | Day 12 | Live at 09:00 pm

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Discount | Part 1 | IBPS Clerk 2018 | Maths | Day 12 | Live at 09:00 pm pdf link: http://www.mahendraguru.com/2018/10/video-pdfs-03-10-18.html This tutorial is all about Discount by your Maths guru. Watch all IBPS CLERK CLASSES : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPlACV9U2YPG2KDWw11pyGR7TLazUUhYj&disable_polymer=true Mahendra's Speed Test Video Box 4 Hours Offer On 3rd October 2018 Get Rs. 499/- Worth Speed Test Video Solution Card in Just Only Rs. 99/-. Hurry Up !!! Limited Offer. Offer Valid From 10:00 AM To 2 PM & 8 PM To 11:59 PM. In this Speed Test Video Solution Card, aspirants will get 5 Online Speed Test Video Solution for IBPS clerk prelims. The validity of this Speed Test Video Solution Card is for 4 months. In this Card, Exam pattern are same as per Notification of IBPS Pre Exam. In this Card, aspirants will get Quick Result with depth analysis through video. In this Card, aspirants will get in-depth analysis of every single question through video solution. Within 5 days of package subscription, you will get speed test and video solution. We do not provide refund for any product once the order is confirmed or purchasing has been completed. There is no provision for order cancellation In case of any Confusion please go through the FAQ on Home Page of My Shop. For details in brief, Call on Our Toll Free No.1800-103-5225 Offer Image-https://a2z.mahendras.org/owncloud/index.php/s/ImxRj8p0ZXCpfYK Are You Preparing For Government Job | Banking | SSC | Railway | Other Competitive Examination then Join Mahendras To Enhance your practice on Stportal : https://stportal.mahendras.org/ Buy our New Speed Test Cards From : MY SHOP- https://myshop.mahendras.org Visit Branch Location - https://mahendras.org/branches.aspx Subscribe to our Mahendra Guru Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiDKcjKocimAO1tVw1XIJ0Q?sub_confirmation=1 JOIN US ON:- FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Emahendras/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Mahendras_mepl INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/mahendra.guru/ PINTEREST : https://in.pinterest.com/gurumahendra/ GOOGLE + : https://plus.google.com/+MahendraGuruvideos TELEGRAM CHANNEL : https://t.me/MahendrasOfficial 1. No duplicacy or editing of the videos is allowed without the written permission of the publisher. 2. All the dispute are subject to Lucknow Jurisdiction only. @ Copyright Reserved
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Text Comments (53)
Sani Kharwar (4 days ago)
thanks sir
Amit Gupta (15 days ago)
Ganesh Sahu (1 month ago)
dipak gupt (1 month ago)
Punam Singh (1 month ago)
Thanks sir
1000 Billion Dreams (2 months ago)
Thik hai
manpreet kaur (2 months ago)
Never benefit..... last time I have purchased
Amol Gawade (2 months ago)
28.56% ka 2/7kaise yyaa
pritam kumar (3 months ago)
sir thora dhira padhyia
Ritesh Thakre (3 months ago)
Fantastic classs sir
shubham birle (3 months ago)
Que 3 me 6 or 6 kese cancle ho gya could u explain plz..?
Meerrja Mehathab (3 months ago)
Q.no8 10% 30 explain sir
himanshu agarwal (3 months ago)
Riti Thakur (3 months ago)
28.56% = 2/7 ... Kindly explain this
Riti Thakur (3 months ago)
+Suraj Sain thnku😊
Suraj Sain (3 months ago)
1/7=14.28% so 2/7 =28.56%
Raksha Jain (3 months ago)
Sir question no.8 repeat krna samjh nhi Aaya
SUNITA PATEL (3 months ago)
SUNITA PATEL (3 months ago)
aaryan soni (3 months ago)
S.t ketne aayegay esme
Anuska Chaki (3 months ago)
thanks sir
PRINSI VERMA (3 months ago)
love u sir
PRINSI VERMA (3 months ago)
thanks sir
AMIT GUPTA (3 months ago)
Wahi purane question Kuch nai variety nahi h kya ab question ki
Divya Gupta (3 months ago)
Divya Gupta (3 months ago)
Ishu Siddiqui (3 months ago)
Q 3 has wrong option Ans will be 28.57
Sandhya singh (3 months ago)
1/1*2*3+1/2*3*4+1/3*4*5+1/4*5*6 = ????
Sandhya singh (3 months ago)
(2-1/3)(2-3/5)(2-5/7).......(2-999/1001) What is short trick of these type questions
Bhawna Nagar (3 months ago)
Sir plz explain answer this question Q. Find a single equivalent increase, if a number is successively increased by 20%, 25% and 30%.
akash nilange (3 months ago)
120*125*130=100*100*100 increase ke liye bhi same method
akash nilange (3 months ago)
+Bhawna Nagar maine discount nikalne ki trick batai. Muze pata hai ki ye increase wala question hai
Bhawna Nagar (3 months ago)
+akash nilange answer is 95%
akash nilange (3 months ago)
Ye easy hoga
akash nilange (3 months ago)
54=100 and then 100-54=46% equivalent discount
Rajesh Jena (3 months ago)
Sir please continue clerk course
Harsh Gujjar (3 months ago)
Sir Pls PDF de diya kro
RAHUL NILKANTH (3 months ago)
Thanks lot
anil viswakarma (3 months ago)
AMIT Thakur (3 months ago)
Umakant Singh (3 months ago)
7. 15%
Umakant Singh (3 months ago)
8. 4%
Umakant Singh (3 months ago)
6. 32
Umakant Singh (3 months ago)
5) 36%
Umakant Singh (3 months ago)
4) 59.42%
Umakant Singh (3 months ago)
3) 28.56%
Umakant Singh (3 months ago)
2) 46%
Umakant Singh (3 months ago)
1) 52
shivam sharma (3 months ago)
Sir mahendra ki classes ka schedule ni pta lgta ek community me schedule daal do classes kb kaise hoti hai
Vijay Rana (3 months ago)
sahi bola bhai
kajal gupta (3 months ago)
Awesome session .

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