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Coast- Daydreamin Out Loud

287 ratings | 39909 views
Artist- Coast Album- Thinkin Out Loud
Category: Музыка
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Tilla Munster (7 years ago)
Can we get some muthafxCkken lyrics up on this vid PLEASE!!!!.
MaakaTsuki (7 years ago)
I usually NEVER listen to rap because all it talks about is stupid shit, but this is awesome. I love real music like this. 10/10!!!!
TheLilkek210 (8 years ago)
elsalitre1990 (8 years ago)
Man, Coast go hella hard!!!! That dude need to find a company that Pushes his shit hard!!!!!!
unluckyth1rt3en (9 years ago)
I would almost agree with that if Jill Scott didn't ruin the Lupe version.......

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