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Top 5 Craziest People of All Time

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Text Comments (209)
Vlad III (1 month ago)
You can't even pronounce Vlad's country right. You know shit.
ut18729 (2 months ago)
Hitler as number one. What a load of bullshit , just like the holo-hoax. Number one would be more realistic if you gave the title to Natan:yahoo:. or any of the other zionists
Anyone here in 2018
Darkvid (8 months ago)
How do you get a jewish girl's number? *You stop saying auschwitz jokes...* How do you earn my respect? *You stop saying auschwitz jokes...*
Philip Greenwald (1 year ago)
Let’s not forget the most evil person who ever lived Katy Perry
CitizenErased 17 (1 year ago)
wow lol. Never seen a Trendcrave video this old. You wouldnt even think its the same person
-_HA_- (1 year ago)
Stalin isn't evil*
Charlize Akkerman (1 year ago)
Wow you do know your history #suprised
Eddy Que (1 year ago)
what about trump
Butters (1 year ago)
i think vlad the impalor is more evil the hittler dud, he litterly decorated the battle feilds with corpses on poles.
George Hennon (1 year ago)
Vladimir the impaler is amazing fighting off Muslims
Cody Gardner (1 year ago)
you forgot donald trump
Zero Ezreal (1 year ago)
Vlad is someway good. Everyone should treat evil ottomans like that.
forbidden philosophy (1 year ago)
Just another brainwashed loser sad
EvilChuck (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who really likes Vlad? Sick bastard! ^^
colten m (2 years ago)
😠all are very bad
(2 years ago)
All these people think this is a joke well when someone like these people gains control you will see how horrible it is
snuffy (2 years ago)
vlad dracula=vlad tepes im from romanian
Chase Kennedy (2 years ago)
Adolf Hitler... You just made the list!
TamerJamer93 (2 years ago)
this should be a Top 10 there are way more evil people than this who did way worse
Tommy Tran (2 years ago)
King Napoleon ( I think) who killed millions of people, and cuts hands/feets/fingers of anyone who didn't work for him or disrespected him? Took control of ALL OF AFRICA
Tommy Tran (2 years ago)
King Leopold of Belgium*****
MrInfernoPlays (2 years ago)
What about Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish.He was a child canibal and raeper
rayandreina (2 years ago)
Actually, even these Top Evil Ones could be completely nice on occasion -- WHEN THEY WANTED TO BE!!!
Dai huan Tran (2 years ago)
Dude, Mao Zedong kill around 65-85 million people
Tanner Lilley (2 years ago)
no mention of the cannibal king of Uganda? (Idi Amin)
jdguy23 (2 years ago)
sounds like exactly like what hillary clinton wants for us is death with communism
jdguy23 (2 years ago)
me grandfather was in Holland when WW2 hit thank god he got out with the help of family from one of hitlers POW camps
this is what TrendCrave used to do? damn.
ROLL Boxer (2 years ago)
heres a bonus one: Vladimir Makarov he killed a lot of civilians in the airport and he started ww3 XD 😂
Savage sami (2 years ago)
us is the most evil let's see killed the natives and kicked them out of their own land they invaded Vietnam for no good reason they dropped two atomic bombs on hiroshima and yakasaki invaded Iraq and Afghanistan to kill bin laden when he had nothing to do with them the kkk who killed so many Muslim Mexicans and black I can go on but nah. ..
ggs388 (5 months ago)
Savage sami Andrew Jackson bought the land from the Indians fair and square and the kkk was an anti government group AND bin laden planned 9/11 so shut the fuck up
Gubber Nubbets (2 years ago)
You forgot Donald Trump ;)
xd Kayotic (1 year ago)
Gubber Nubbets They forgot Hillary Clinton who killed 1 million innocents from the Middle East due to wanting to kill a few terrorists
Noah Kwet (2 years ago)
gengis khan should b 1
So apparently Dracula kills people by roasting them. Those roasts must be so hot they got a job in Hell
Cloudy15th2 (2 years ago)
Hehe I'm Romanian :D I love my country.
Aivottaja (2 years ago)
Also, Vlad the Impaler was more ruthless than evil. He used terror tactics against his enemies, yes, but is (rightly so) considered a national hero for fending of the Ottomans.
Aivottaja (2 years ago)
Hitler was peanuts compared to Stalin. Or Mao. Or Leopold II. Or even Genkhis Khan. This list is pathetic.
pokeblade121 (2 years ago)
+Matteo Oggioni I mean the other dudes killed people...hitter killed and tortured people
Matteo Oggioni (2 years ago)
sorry for the terrible English, in italy At 13 years we are not Very good in it
Matteo Oggioni (2 years ago)
this is only my opinion of course 😆 I Hope people like this will never birth again
Matteo Oggioni (2 years ago)
Stalin and mao have killed more people than Hitler But he also started the war and he deloveped a racist idea so They are At The same level for me But an important thing is Hitler and mao tried to do a good things for our nation so They are terrible But They have something good But Stalin was never a real communist like Lenin, he only wanted Power and it's easy to understand it with the murdered of trokyj. the other two made what They said But Stalin wasn't a communist because he destroyed sindacates and rights of employee and if marx said "all will be of anyone " he trasformed it in a "nothing will be of nobody"
M Peters (2 years ago)
There were many more than just Jews who where killed and sent to concentration camps. If you notice the a man standing in the front row of the picture at 5:50 he is wearing a purple triangle which marks him as a Jehovah's Witness who were in direct opposition to the fuhrer. He also used average German citizens for his disgusting experiments to make a master race. Any where from young women used as baby factories, to mentally ill, physically disabled and so on. Toward the end of WWII as Germany was loosing ground he lowered the age of service on the boys to 12 years old and the men as old as 70+ just to give an idea to those who thought that Hitler only targeted Jews. Everyone was fair game to this monster.
and leopold 2 of belgium,jumeni,sadam.king of saudi arabia ,george bush,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,etc etccc,,,,,,,,,,,,
peyton plays (2 years ago)
What about Andrew Jackson He moved almost all the Indians in the middle of winter and be for that all of the Indians were in camps with little shelter .
Gally (2 years ago)
Hiter wasn't bad! He killed the right people XD
Balder (2 years ago)
Mao Zedong and Stalin both killed more people than Hitler so how does Hitler get first place?!
Vagelis Sabbas (2 years ago)
because the other people got tortured and brainwashed
KaynePain99 (2 years ago)
im surprised sam pepper isn't 1st ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)‎
Callum Lloyd (2 years ago)
Hoars (2 years ago)
Hello, This is history nerd 345394058083945 here, and I'd just like to say Hitler didnt decide to join the German army he was FORCED to. (Btw I'm not kidding about him forced into the army.)
Hoars (2 years ago)
+History Kingx No, the reason he moved to germany is because he was guna be in the Austro-Hungarian army
History Kingx (2 years ago)
Actually no that's bs because he decided to join the German army instead of the Astro-Hungarian arm
Jenny Smith (2 years ago)
Stalin killed 13 million
Aivottaja (2 years ago)
Try 30.
chaos16boy (2 years ago)
actually Hitler had no plan to conquer the world. and for a brief while he assumed the war was over, but the British wasn't going to stop harassing him
Adolf Hitler (3 years ago)
Thank you, I feel honored!
xd Kayotic (1 year ago)
littletimtim455 roblox Search on Google anti Nazi boycott of 1933 and that's why the Holocaust happened
Duane West (2 years ago)
hitler fuck u hope u get killed by jews
Craftycupcake 03 (3 years ago)
my video started over and went on to 10 mins😰I'm scared
Steve Cain (3 years ago)
What about Polpot?
John Marston (3 years ago)
That's a lie about the ghengas khan and he was forced to watch the live be of his life die in front of him as read a book about him and he was the greatest Mongolian leader there was
Urban Street (3 years ago)
Lev Trotskij was a killer of many moore than Hitler did! And you should add many moore freemasonic-bolchevich-jews to this list😜
Pro Crastinator (3 years ago)
Just a question, has anyone ever dug up any jewish mass graves? I mean I have seen documentaries about mass graves from every civilization, but never jewish mass graves. Should they not be dug up and given proper burials?
Hipster Jesus (3 years ago)
where is bin laden
Alon Rivkin (3 years ago)
that video made me cry im jewish and half of my family died in the shoa (word war 2)
Grizly Rants (7 months ago)
Alon Rivkin (2 years ago)
Aivottaja (2 years ago)
Some people lost their whole families in that war and many others. Just shut the fuck up.
LENDOPIGNVIL (3 years ago)
its making me feel sick
3nderkatgamz 6019 (3 years ago)
Nickelback shouldve been #1
Jacket (2 years ago)
Nickelback isn't a person dummy
Goldensnitch AJ68677 (3 years ago)
You forgot my math teacher
Nightfall Shadow (3 years ago)
I dont know, cooking children and making their parents eat them sounds a lot more fucking evil than gas chambers to me.
Gengas kong chinken anyone
Sophia Young (3 years ago)
Hitler was an evil man, and so was everyone on this list, they all should've died more painful deaths
Eugene Riehle (3 years ago)
Trump is worse than hitler
Jacket (2 years ago)
How about the millions of immigrants he plans to send to their deaths
Ura Nogirag (3 years ago)
+Eugene Riehle Wrong. Did Trump even kill someone
Ju Piter (3 years ago)
Ameria Woods (3 years ago)
when he started saying that list for the dude who impales people i was like goddamn
Olli Ikonen (3 years ago)
Did you know that Stalin was worse than Hitler?
Cormac Kelly (1 month ago)
I know, we could’ve also seen Mussolini as well
Mao’s the worst
xd Kayotic (1 year ago)
dom loranger Mao Zedong was worse than Hitler and Stalin combined he killed 45 million Stalin killed 20 million
Temax (2 years ago)
+FürDasDeutscheVaterland "I'm fifteen and an atheist, heheh I'm pretty good at redstone, also check out this sword cane I got.
treytown530 (2 years ago)
+Chris Samee God is not real you imbecile.
David Huynh (3 years ago)
Mao redoing was not bad he was a hero to china
David Huynh (3 years ago)
Mao zedong
Noah IX (3 years ago)
This sounds like FaZe Blaziken
Riley (3 years ago)
Where is osama bin ladin
Hey I'm not a noob (3 years ago)
the most evil person of all time is justin biebers small dick
Weretolop (2 years ago)
How do you know its small unless you fucked him
Edward Couture (3 years ago)
Oh burn
Emmy Brito (3 years ago)
+Riley Gunn your funny
Riley (3 years ago)
Its a person
Emmy Brito (3 years ago)
Coral Heart (3 years ago)
Wow... From artist to evil person. Just, just. Wow.
Israel Valdivia (9 months ago)
He wasn't evil
TangTuyetMinh (3 years ago)
How dare you left out Ho Chi Minh????
Shirwac Hassan (11 months ago)
TangTuyetMinh Ho Chi Minh was awesome!
Where's Truman?
His Majesty (3 years ago)
These are just some of the most powerful dictators. I'm sure there were more evil people. If you put normal people in their positions, they would probably also do fucked up shit.
Le BeauGringo (3 years ago)
Just saying there is no historical evidence of gas chamber use in ww2. Really like the video by the way.
SS68MARO (3 years ago)
There is a mission in Bo1 where you play as Resnov in World War 2.
francisco andrada (3 years ago)
Prime (3 years ago)
+SS68MARO yep
SS68MARO (3 years ago)
Play B01 XD
Hdzuid _ (3 years ago)
Genrikh Yagoda?
Where's Miley Cyrus?
Ian Ian (3 years ago)
Ali Zilla (3 years ago)
Did u know when hiter was 16 he has a Jewish girlfriend
Rebeca black
mikeandthecam (3 years ago)
They have found more constrained camps in Europe they is to believe about 26 million ariagonly there was only 11 million sorry I don't now how to spell to day
Andrey Kravchenko (3 years ago)
Mao Zedong killed more people than all of the other men on this list COMBINED and he still gets 4rth place?????
Trollolol Hehehe (1 year ago)
but mcdonalds kill more by diabetes, heart dieseses, colesterol, and stuff and its world wide
Zero Ezreal (1 year ago)
Anyway, Mao is a very versatile and clever man. I think he can be a very good guy if he born in nowadays.
Zero Ezreal (1 year ago)
Reuben Lovegrove I am Chinese. Mao did something good to China in his early time but he is really evil since 1950. Now China is still doomed someway bcz him.
GAMERSTEVIEJ (2 years ago)
yeah i was thinking the same thing!!!
Dai huan Tran (2 years ago)
Andrey Kravchenko SUPER DUPER AGREE
Andrey Kravchenko (3 years ago)
Am i actually the first person to dislike this video????
Johal is a lier (3 years ago)
I wanna be just like them when i grow up :)
Darkvid (8 months ago)
I understand you're kidding, but the people on this list are too shitty to joke about.
Margad Pagva (11 months ago)
Johal is a lier Wait WHAT????!!!!
Ultron (3 years ago)
then you do it and watch us two March in ur house and take you
Prime (3 years ago)
What the f***
Magnar Š. (3 years ago)
This was really interesting video! I hope you will continue with this great content!
Austin Erickson (3 years ago)
xd Kayotic (1 year ago)
Before Hitler had any laws against Jews and had became councillor of Germany in 1933 Jews boycotted the Germans and were racist not buying from them because of their race Hitler responded but in movies it says Hitler boycotted the Jews first due to propaganda and the anti Nazi boycott started the Holocaust. So the Holocaust=Suicide
Austin Erickson (3 years ago)
FUCK HITLER HE IS A PIECE OF SHIT!!!!! Have u seen (The Boy In The Striped Pajamas) OMG the saddest movie and the worst movie of all time
how do u change name (1 year ago)
Watch The greatest story never told it looks like you have been brainwashed
Chris Samee (3 years ago)
+Austin Erickson Riiiight and because there is a movie about it that makes it true hey? L.O.L, idiot.
Suck My Ass 2.0 (3 years ago)
Keep up the good work :)
cruzzzy (3 years ago)
This guy sounds like FCglitching Anyone else relate?
LatestTop10s (1 year ago)
zuzu (3 years ago)
+BlueFingerz obviously
BlueFingerz (3 years ago)
+Matthew Thornton that is him -.-
Xx_neat-beat (3 years ago)
Not when its repeted like million times.. Not funny bruh
Riley (3 years ago)
Face palm...
Adolph Torres (3 years ago)
Zaid Alzubaidi (3 years ago)
What about saddam Hussein
Eizak (3 years ago)
Transylvania isn't Romania, It is in Romania. My family is partially from there.
ImSwinx HD (3 years ago)
Benjamin tesseidre, you think grammar is a mutherfucking game?
goldenholden - (3 years ago)
Ya and people say Americans are fucked up
Joker11297 (3 years ago)
+Liam Samuel I'm an American and I have to agree with you. The majority are more concerned with Facebook and their smartphones than what's going on around them.
francisco andrada (3 years ago)
+Potat O well, then the part that makes otherd think that the US population is fucked up is fucked up
Liam Samuel (3 years ago)
they are the stupidest people
Derek Agengo (3 years ago)
Americans are pretty fucked up.
yarinn4 (3 years ago)
Americans r fucked up but hurler is more ;)
Omar (3 years ago)
Forgot George Bush
Landon Crowley (3 years ago)
Those people did some fucked up things!
Alon Rivkin (3 years ago)
+xXGhostWarfareXx go fuck youre self
Spektrace (3 years ago)
+BlueFingerz I was just joking...sowwy
Spektrace (3 years ago)
No, everything they did was perfect
Mario Saw (3 years ago)
Good vid keep em up
zoidz 诶 (3 years ago)
What about pol pot?
Jordan Steel (3 years ago)
However, if it was not for WW2 the UK would be way different, in a bad way
Graceful Piplup (3 years ago)
Great vid
Calvin Dang (3 years ago)
I knew afew of these people and you also forgot that Adolf did lead the propeganda against the Jewish People
Geometry dash Dude (3 years ago)
Woah those were evil people
benjamin teissedre (3 years ago)
I love so much youre new vid bro :)
SickEguitar Licks (3 years ago)
Nice vid

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