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Sally J Johnson - Dreaming Out Loud (Traxx Project Remix) |FREE|

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A work of art... Download it here: https://www.facebook.com/traxxproject... Go give Traxx a shout: http://www.youtube.com/user/kaineshutler https://www.facebook.com/traxxproject... Picture: http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=dream... Sheepy on Spotify: http://bit.ly/MrSuicideSheepSpotify Website: http://mrsuicidesheep.com/ Sheepy Shop: http://bit.ly/2b8GvBm Submit Tracks: http://bit.ly/2aPHMvw
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Text Comments (154)
Mrjohnnyp (1 year ago)
Coming back to this in 2017 because this is fire!
Captain Cleve Sparrow (3 years ago)
+Geoffrey Head Killer tune man.
Captain Cleve Sparrow (3 years ago)
+Matty Reynolds it's a beauty for sure
Matty Reynolds (3 years ago)
Been in love with that tune for years :D
Captain Cleve Sparrow (3 years ago)
+Geoffrey Head happy you dig it man. I know he has his own music label, not sure if he helps direct music videos though.
Geoffrey Head (3 years ago)
Thanks Cleve enjoyed... I love the music that Suicide Sheep puts out... but I think he needs to work with a video producer  for some of his songs!!
Captain Cleve Sparrow (3 years ago)
+Jasmin Thomas ha! happy you like it!
Surt El (4 years ago)
Nice bass
Dubktza (5 years ago)
don't forget Majestic =D
Whathypemayneverpie (5 years ago)
shake drizzle !
No Sorrow (5 years ago)
Lyric ?
Leon Pagel (5 years ago)
And Tristam
Deracros (5 years ago)
Yes sir lol.
MissLels55 (5 years ago)
THANK YOU!!!...........I hunt high and low for tracks like this.....there is NOT enough of them! :) In pure love
Ted (5 years ago)
Nto free to use. Free to download. If you want to use it, you'll have to tag them or mention their names with their consent.
Florian Egger (5 years ago)
Dragons Rage anyone?
Vector-San (5 years ago)
And Ridmic
P3RF3CTD3ATH (5 years ago)
Well there is also OnlyChillstep.
JohnsonR (5 years ago)
and trmlol but he is sadly not uploading anymore music as of yesterday. :(
Seb_Lombaerts (5 years ago)
You have probably never heard of Eton Messy.
ShockKing (6 years ago)
you know tastynetwork?
Nathan Smith (6 years ago)
Don't forget... JustinBieberVEVO
DoPMN (6 years ago)
Yeah, he has some great stuff too, maybe lying more in my range of taste :)
Amanda (6 years ago)
Thank you for the fantastic music you upload!! :)
ChineseChav (6 years ago)
what a fucking track!
Adam Henry (6 years ago)
and quietmountainwolf ones he gets going.
ih8y00u (6 years ago)
I say keep your beliefs to your fucking self. no one cares.
Tris (6 years ago)
Liquicity goes without saying!
February19th (6 years ago)
Dont forget Blackmill also ;)
DisasterEqualPeace (6 years ago)
Wow. I feel sorry now. I missclicked and hit the dislike button.. but this song is more than worthy enough for a simple "like" .. Forgive me :/
WhatVengeance (6 years ago)
trikpa (6 years ago)
1. You merged religion and capitalism, while dots clearly say otherwise. 2. Your each word is in reference to something you want me to say. Out of "n" combinations, you pick one and you try to claim this is what I meant, without presenting any other possible combination that would make you realize how narrow-minded you are on the subject. 3. You didn't get what I said and you're making false assumptions; 105 people got it and they're feeling it. Sapienti sat. I'm done.
avafrav (6 years ago)
You created a binary. My language may contain exaggeration, but each word is in reference to something you said. I didn't address music because ultimately capitalism and religion are completely irrelevant to one's capacity for musical appreciation. And who said anything about fault?
trikpa (6 years ago)
It's your fault when: I say religion, you think non-Christians. I say capitalism, you think capitalist pigs. I say music, you say nothing. You are only here with your faulty assuming. 107 people are only here to dream.
trikpa (6 years ago)
It's your problem when: I say religion, you think non-Christians. I say capitalism, you think capitalist pigs. I say music, you say nothing. You have words, and a faulty logic. 107 people have that feeling.
avafrav (6 years ago)
The most popular voice isn't always the correct one. Even the bible is right on that one.
trikpa (6 years ago)
Read again, please. 105 people got it straight.
avafrav (6 years ago)
Are you trying to imply that all non-Christians are capitalist pigs? Because the majority of the 1% is Christian. It doesn't take religion to be a good person; you don't need to lie to yourself to do good.
Cesar Augusto (6 years ago)
Too bad 17tumba is long gone...
1Dblade333 (6 years ago)
Height of music right here.
Ley Bubble (6 years ago)
Sheepy + Tumba = <3
fríjolito 3000 (6 years ago)
Martin Kráľ (6 years ago)
@cobrexu in truth, there is more such a channels
Constance Connie (6 years ago)
this is beautiful !!!
Raymond Mai (6 years ago)
tits mcgee!
eaxzwo (6 years ago)
slickone53 is not longer on youtube -_-
Maxime Lessard (7 years ago)
Listening 2 da track ; Ignoring the trollin' ; kkthxbai.
Croyles (7 years ago)
@cobrexu Dont forget Liquicity
Blazed-Banana (7 years ago)
@trikpa : D not sure if amazing or sad for typing such a long and awesome comment : D
SageOne (7 years ago)
@trikpa man you have to be shit high to wright such a nice commentary lol :D agree with every word, deep stuff
be4ter93 (7 years ago)
@Boo19951 No ^^ Peace and love sis
Boo Boolina (7 years ago)
@be4ter93 u mad bro ?
cocopopwarrior (7 years ago)
@trikpa Beautiful.
Technitium (7 years ago)
best remix ive evr heard , there is no better remix , if there is let me kno
be4ter93 (7 years ago)
@Boo19951 Im singel because im still young and don't want to be with the only one. I still have time to stuff like that :) And you must be dumb if you don't understand that it's just a joke, and nothing more.
Boo Boolina (7 years ago)
@be4ter93 You must be single because only single guys tell jokes about women in the kitchen
MrBangJung (7 years ago)
@trikpa word brother, word.
tie147 (7 years ago)
Tune into ' The Sheep ' Open Photoshop Make Art While listening to Art <3
Lux A Tempore Nostro (7 years ago)
@trikpa It's ever so difficult to express in words what true music makes me feel like, but you did a nice job, well done!
be4ter93 (7 years ago)
@MrsLFisher Yeah. But stuff like that doesnt happen so often. You don't know how to use a computer..
Martin Gunn (7 years ago)
@farodin07 /user/17tumba
Martin Gunn (7 years ago)
@farodin07 @17tumba
XxmeisterfischxX (7 years ago)
free download ? wow thanks very much.
PhillyLeGrand (7 years ago)
@cobrexu Liquicity not to mention ^^
ZipLineAttack (7 years ago)
Pop-up notification sound @ 0:51 ?
Felix Wsg (7 years ago)
can someone send me the link of this tumba guy?
Will Girling (7 years ago)
Bit harsh bringing Tumba up on Mr Sheeps page.. There both awesome and I cant describe how much the music they give me means! Keep it up :).. And couldnt agree more Cobrexu..
OhStyleTube (7 years ago)
@cobrexu You sir. Are brilliant.
cobrexu (7 years ago)
You people are so stupid. There are only 2 great youtube channels that provide the best music and you argue which is better ? Be glad that there are atleast 2 instead of 1 or ... nothing. 17tumba & MrSuicideSheep are the best music channels !!
bjorn braet (7 years ago)
who or what is "Tumba" ? Is it some children's commercial for breakfast or something?
be4ter93 (7 years ago)
@LuiasMaskottchen Hahaha! I see
Kizzainpleh (7 years ago)
shes sweating gatorade
Matthew B (7 years ago)
Beautiful :|
Avocado (7 years ago)
@be4ter93 Nah, youa sked who will miss her and I said not me because I have my GF
be4ter93 (7 years ago)
@LuiasMaskottchen wait.. is Miss lefty your girlfriend ?
Avocado (7 years ago)
@be4ter93 Not me, I have my perfect GF haha :D
be4ter93 (7 years ago)
@LuiasMaskottchen Miss lefty was a slut, so in the end, who the hell will miss her?
Avocado (7 years ago)
@be4ter93 I only know miss lefty :>
be4ter93 (7 years ago)
@LuiasMaskottchen My right arm . .lol
Avocado (7 years ago)
@be4ter93 Who is miss righty :O?
zeroexpress (7 years ago)
Holy tits
Aaron williams (7 years ago)
@MrSuicideSheep its a she and its make-up......
Joseph Kipling (7 years ago)
be4ter93 (7 years ago)
@LuiasMaskottchen Ah.. Lucky you then. But miss.righty is a good girl too.. She do what I want her to do!
be4ter93 (7 years ago)
@sillva94 I love em too, but not in the gay way
Fervid1UZ (7 years ago)
Tumba is good but @MrSuicideSheep is better, I dont get commercials as a plus but the music choice is a bit more genuine as well.
Tiago Silva (7 years ago)
@be4ter93 I love Tumba!
Avocado (7 years ago)
@be4ter93 Let me think about it... no. Im happy to have her and Im happy that I was lucky to get the perfect girl :D
SuskySkate (7 years ago)
@MrSuicideSheep what do u have against tumba?
be4ter93 (7 years ago)
@LuiasMaskottchen can your girlfriend be my girlfriend too?
Avocado (7 years ago)
@be4ter93 Do you talk about my Girlfriend?
m kzstyle (7 years ago)
frans dijckmeester (7 years ago)
@be4ter93 No kidding, my girl like's this music. And she's sexy and sweet!
Jeroen Verlinden (7 years ago)
MrSuicideSheep, I really love your uploads! Thank you for this uploads and these nice songs. I really appreciate that!
londonTown1989 (7 years ago)
@somerandomspanner deffo is just as good as sheep :)
TheDemonliciousS (7 years ago)
Awsum!... <3
trikpa (7 years ago)
Some people, in achieving the ecstasy of faith, embrace religion. Other, in achieving dollars, embrace capitalism. We, in achieving serenity, embrace this song. When ecstasy of faith fades away, one experiences withdrawal. When dollars are buried in dept, one experiences loss. When serenity ends, we experience its echo until our last drawn breath. After that breath, well ..... who knows? At least now we know, now we feel the perfectness of it all. Thank you for this song, have a nice day all.
BboyIrock (7 years ago)
@MrSuicideSheep sick taste of music which is somekind of over-heating in the sun result? :D
_Mega_ (7 years ago)
haha always a pleasure to read the comments :p
Trafford9008 (7 years ago)
Kaine never dissapoints :)
DubzDe (7 years ago)
@Seannaz453 that's because I didn't do anything to hide it! :)
rawdney88 (7 years ago)
Tumba = subsribed,; MrSuicideSheep= Obsession
KINGFLX (7 years ago)
i very very rarely listen to the same song but this has everything i need BASS LYRICS RHYTHM i ask for nothing else first comment in a time........................... BLESS BIG TUNE!!!! respect soooo heavy
Sylviabomb smith (7 years ago)
i eat sheep for breakfast
Jason Hu (7 years ago)
@Quizitix Read Sheep's response to be4ter93's comment

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