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Haken @ Night of the Prog / Loreley 2012

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Haken - Premonition + Nocturnal Conspiracy (from the Visions-album) Night of the Prog Festival 2012 Loreley (St. Goarshausen) Germany, July 7+8
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fretrunner (6 years ago)
I didn't count them, but I guess about 2000? From this view you maybe get a wrong impression! Just look at bit (dot) ly (slash) O5KI4W so you'll get a better idea :-)
Anomander1 (6 years ago)
i haven't been there, but tell me, how many ppl where there? It looks like about 15 ppl in front and seeing how they stand i can not imagine many more being there. This band deserves many more ppl in the audience.

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