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♫ "Thank You!" - A Minecraft Parody of MKTO's Thank You (Music Video)

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Please leave a LIKE, SHARE with your friends and if you feel like being Awesome... Click here to SUBSCRIBE: http://full.sc/1al4zrY Buy the song on iTunes for only 99c: http://full.sc/19vPkfD This is my way of saying THANK YOU to the Minecraft Community. Every one of you has contributed to making the game what it has become! _______________________________________________ ● Buy the song on iTunes for only 99c http://full.sc/19vPkfD - Click above to Support the Creator and Singers ● or DOWNLOAD the song for FREE at: http://full.sc/1gonDKH _______________________________________________ ● Mr MEOLA - Producer, Director, Animator, Writter, Story Board, Maker of Awesomeness http://youtube.com/MrMEOLA http://twitter.com/THEmrMEOLA http://facebook.com/MrMEOLA ● Jacob Cescato - Co-Writter, Jacob Voice Actor http://youtube.com/Apocalypse968 http://twitter.com/Aavimus http://www.facebook.com/Aavimus ● Hans Inglish - Male Vocals http://youtube.com/hansinglish http://twitter.com/HansInglish ● Damielou Shavelle - Female Vocals http://youtube.com/EQVAY04 http://twitter.com/Damielou ● GrayGeo -- Steve Voice Actor http://youtube.com/GrayGeo1 http://twitter.com/GrayGeo1 ● Nine Diamond -- Audio Production http://NineDiamondBeats.com http://twitter.com/ProducerNine _______________________________________________ ● Original Song: MKTO - Thank You http://youtube.com/watch?v=X0gtzHJphVg *All audio and visual used in this video were made intentionally for this video. No 3rd party copyrighted content was used in this process. _______________________________________________ Programs used: ● Animation - Cinema 4D ● Rendering/Post-Effects - Sony Vegas 12.0 ● Thumbnails/Textures - Photoshop CS6 ● Audio - Audacity _______________________________________________ Lyrics: Yo, this one right here Is for all the epic mod makers The awesome map creators The Red stone abusers The ones that chose to be Tubers For all the Griefing kids and the hermit outcasts. Mojangsters! This one's for you!! Minecrafters! We are the ones The ones who play Minecraft Don't tell us how Tell us how to play our game Ten million strong We're all playing our own way Thank you for making A game where no one plays the same Thank you for stealing years of our lives Thank you for the endless worlds to survive. Thank you for the mobs that come out overnight But I'll be fine Cause this world is MINE! Thank you for the time we woke To the smell of burning oak Those griefers made us frown as our house burnt to the ground, but We'll build our pillars high Right through that anvil sky And when they ask Umad? We say nah man you're banned! We are the ones The ones who play Minecraft Don't tell us how Tell us how to play our game Ten million strong We're all playing our own way Thank you for making A game where no one plays the same Na na na na Na na na na na na Na na na na Na na na na na na Thank you for the times you said don't dig straight doooown, Thank you Rule 1 but this is MY playground. Cause Imma smash my diamond pick straight through that smooth stone ground And when I hear that sound, (cmon) I'll throw my potions down! (Ha) Hey! This redstone worlds amazing Its just too complicated Who was the one that made it? I feel so damn degraded Don't worry I'll show you! Got a blueprint I once drew Red stone, I'll take a few Now look what i can do! We are the ones The ones who play Minecraft Don't tell us how Tell us how to play our game Ten million strong We're all playing our own way Thank you for making A game where no one plays the same Na na na na (heyy) Na na na na na na Na na na na Na na na na (thankyou) na na (x2) Thank you from the bottom of our hearts To all the players Those who pushed this game so far I say thank you I say thank you Yeah... Oh... thank you Chorus starts here Thank you, thank you Yeah, Yeah.... WOO We are the ones The ones who play Minecraft Don't tell us how Tell us how to play our game Ten million strong We're all playing our own way Thank you for making A game where no one plays the same We are the ones The ones who play Minecraft Don't tell us how Tell us how to play our game Ten million strong We're all playing our own way Thank you for making A game where no one plays the same (Thankyou) Yo! If you wanna explore an infinite world, Go do it! (ha) If you want a world like nobody else before you Go make it! It's YOUR world It's YOUR style And YOU RULE it! Minecrafters! Mine it! Craft it! Love it!
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Text Comments (41207)
ッMax (4 hours ago)
Cringe af
SGC Yum (6 hours ago)
the good old days :))))))))))))))))
Tf Knight (10 hours ago)
Man what happened this was a cure of my depression but after that I forgot about. it here I am back I’m in my freshman year, I use to enjoy this when i was in 4th grade and what I’m here playing gta,fortnite, and COD. Back when the 2000’s was the life. Minecraft I’m coming back
Bleu wolfie Da Wulf (13 hours ago)
Still the best Minecraft song
Shuji Games (1 day ago)
I love this song TvT
Envy_Fungal (1 day ago)
Oh. My. God.
MekotheHusky (2 days ago)
Evan (2 days ago)
This feels bittersweet. Most of these youtubers are retired from minecraft. its unfortunate
Mr.Flawless (3 days ago)
just saying to everybody that hates fortnite you know back in 2013 everybody said minecraft was toxic,bad,and babish now fortnite is taking that in and the minecrafters that hate fortnite are mad about TF2,Counterstrike,WOW Players that hated minecraft now everybody loves it so minecrafters show a little love for fortnite we love our games and please love yours please stop hating on new games just because they look dopey,stupid and annoying recommendations i mean it's fine to hate a game but only if u play it. i hated fortnite but when i played it had a great Community *at the time of season 1* but seriously spread the love for new and OLD Games, Thanks -Mr.Flawless
dibo bibo (3 days ago)
IIHomeLess Crab (4 days ago)
What's the name of the people on 0:50
LilyChan 29 (4 days ago)
Minecraft is my childhood, and I have so many fond memories of it. Occasionally I look up minecraft youtubers i used to watch and then see they've moved on. It honestly breaks my heart because it's still a good game. I think it had a decent chance in making a comeback, in all honesty.
JeizaLoiza (4 days ago)
Yeah, Thank You Minecraft.
J A (4 days ago)
Damn I remember commenting 2 years ago I loved it so much and I still love it! I miss the minecraft days.
TheHeartOfGaming (8 hours ago)
Cant find my comment from 4 years ago
Reaper Leviathan (4 days ago)
SkyDoesMinecraft is making a new series. It won't be the same Adam but you know it will be a nostalgia ride for all of us butter for life!
0:50 Who them
The one youtuber who still plays minecraft isnt even here
Twilight 102 (5 days ago)
*Thank you for making a song For this .Beautiful game*
MiMi Лейси (5 days ago)
such a cool song raised my spirits and even sing
Shirazu Gaming (5 days ago)
2019 anyone?
*Minecraft wasn't entairment to us* *It made us...* *Thank you Minecraft*
Lukas Maximilian (6 days ago)
ДАМБО MUSIC copied this video in Russian.
Map creators- gone Redstone -gone Youtubers-gone
The good old days
Thank you to be my childhood game minecraft and i will never forget the good time i spend playing
Aidan Productions (7 days ago)
RIP minecraft. you will be missed and remembered.
shivery_storm 2007 (8 days ago)
2019?!?? This song is a bop and it makes me sing and dance when o was like 5 thx people btw I'm in all these categories
yet trooper (8 days ago)
I remember watching this thing when I was 7 now I'm 12... the good old days
Андрей Жал (8 days ago)
Omar_Hopman (9 days ago)
Ah, the good old times.
Bidoof Studios (9 days ago)
I miss mine craft now all anyone talks about is Fortnite
hydro channel (9 days ago)
In 2019 Minecraft die n fortnite is number one
Gerard Niño Omilda (10 days ago)
this music video is old as gold.
Gerard Niño Omilda (10 days ago)
GOD this game, THIS IS MY CHILDHOOD.Many people just move on tho. MISS this and LOVED this GAME. THANK YOU.
nxmi__ MCPE (10 days ago)
I miss the time where people play minecraft.. and now some of them forget minecraft and play fortnite :(
shivery_storm 2007 (8 days ago)
Omg what's good another Kate momcrafter sup
BoeTheSnowFloof Owo (10 days ago)
Look at all these sad comments- come on guys! Cheer up! Minecraft will rise up again! I know it! I've played Minecraft almost my whole life *IT SHALL RISE AGAIN.*
Demon Productions :D (2 days ago)
Same and *YES IT SHOULD*
Mr. GiveBoss (10 days ago)
Кто российский 👇
mama's 12 (10 days ago)
DominusZak (10 days ago)
No nostalgia bro I still remember this vid broo
HarrysDog malaysia (10 days ago)
oh yeah vintage beef no legs joke
0:26 I actually have so many memories of this game. My cousin actually got me interested it. Therefore, I bought an Xbox - 360. My cousin and I played everyday after school and we made so many creative and survival maps. We even made our own hunger game map. Multiplayer was also really fun! When I wasn't on with my cousin I would usually be playing by myself. Then a few years later I found out my best friend plays the game. So me and my friend played! It is very sad to know that most people have abandoned the game. I played this game for years and I'm still a huge fan. Don't worry Mojang, the company of Minecraft, I'm still here and always will be. Heck, I still buy a lot of Minecraft skins and maps! Anyways, I wrote 0:26 at the top for me to listen to the song on the bus. I have a very short bus ride so I just decided to skip to where they sing. Bai now! ^-^
+Neutral fox 7990 That is good! Please tell your grandchildren when you get them! Thanks by the way!
Neutral fox 7990 (1 day ago)
First of all I luv ur vids second I still play Minecraft I will tell my grandkids about it
+IIHomeLess Crab My bus ride was ok. I never talk to anyone on the bus.
IIHomeLess Crab (4 days ago)
How was your bus ride?
Kript Ton (10 days ago)
Mario-Mario party
RostedMarsh M8 (11 days ago)
Yes... thank you, for being apart of my and another people's childhood♥♥ I won't shall forget those days of playing and watching vid of you on YouTube, thank you for making those memorable moments 🎭.
Irma Diaz (11 days ago)
I hate people who says forknut is better than Minecraft f**k all you haters on Minecraft this s game is in almost everybody’s childhood and everyone knows that Minecraft is special and f**k off haters saying fortnite is best and Minecraft dead f**k off it’s the game I still play so I want to say you Minecraft haters SHUT THE F**K off you cause you only talk smack about Minecraft but yet you can’t even make a game like that’s f**k off also sorry for all the cuss words
Shahida Edmand (11 days ago)
JF Gaming (11 days ago)
If you had the option to play Fortnite or Minecraft which would you choose?
Tqcr (12 days ago)
This is so sad. Alexa pla- I can't even make that joke cause I'm to sad that this game died
TheHeartOfGaming (8 hours ago)
Minecraft never dies
Golden Lover 21 (12 days ago)
It’s funny, I just watched this video after about 5 years, I’ve still memorized the whole song by heart and ended up crying tears of joy and sadness for remembering how big Minecraft was in my childhood. 😊
Fruit Sponge (12 days ago)
dang I still remember listening to this song when I was smaller ): those were the good old days
Lil Bird (13 days ago)
I remember listening to this when I was 8
Tin The Can Man (13 days ago)
i made the theme song in fortnite #NEVEFORGET!
Just Spoony (13 days ago)
Did anyone cringe on that one part
Game Enforcer (13 days ago)
2013 was the best year. I wish i could go back in time. What a great year that was. Minecraft will forever be part of my childhood. To the game who started it all.
joana stan (13 days ago)
recently started playing minecraft again. best decision i ever made 🥺💕
Bell Iron Fist (13 days ago)
I used to sing this song as a little kid 😂
Emoji Master (13 days ago)
R.I.P TruMU/Minecraft Universe 3:40
Seanymazing (14 days ago)
When I look back at the Minecraft parodies I’ve listened back then. It brings back so much memories. But it’s so sad that almost all the iconic Minecraft Youtubers don’t play this game anymore ☹️
BlinnMachine (14 days ago)
*Thank you* for the memories
Kronikal (14 days ago)
sad nostalgia from my childhood.
A Random Meme (14 days ago)
It is very sad to see the combat-fuelled pvp game that Minecraft has evolved into. I will never forget all of the good times I had on that peaceful games with good friends that I am now out of contact with. Thank you everyone who watches this video, at least you have a nostalgic childhood.
Brad Adam (14 days ago)
I went to this summer camp in elementary school because my parents were both working. I didn’t know anybody there and was really lonely. Than I saw some kids playing Minecraft on their iPads and I gained the courage to go play with them. They instantly became my best friends and we played Minecraft while listening to these parody’s, laughing all day and building huge buildings and having battles to who could get diamonds first. I started begging my parents to take me to the same one so I could go play Minecraft with all of them every summer. And I have to say I made some of my best memories with this game. Minecraft will forever be amazing, thank you notch for letting me grow up with this wonderful game and not Fortnite.
Web Sparkle (14 days ago)
Love the song! Saw some people I recognized!
Gamer_boy 18 (14 days ago)
No other game will be better than minecraft. Yet I’m here with a Pokemon picture for my profile.
Maria Kudriavtsev (14 days ago)
this song is so annoying. its litterally just na na na na na again and again. cancer in a music video send help
ルナリスLunaris (5 days ago)
This is childhood nostalgia, how could you not love it?
Jonathan Fernandez (7 hours ago)
6 years later and this game is forgoten to most of the world BUT NOT TO US VETERANS MINECRAFT FOREVER!!!!!!!!
TheHeartOfGaming (8 hours ago)
TheHeartOfGaming (14 days ago)
Zen 350 (15 days ago)
5 years geez
EliousMOTW (15 days ago)
Watching this when I played Minecraft and it was way more popular I didn’t appreciate it as much. Now it’s 2019 and I got chills watching this again. Truly thank you minecraft
xxxtentacoin _fan (16 days ago)
R.I.P minecraft ; ; _____
The Sandron (16 days ago)
who listen in 2019
Samuel Lee (17 days ago)
Glad I grew up with Minecraft and not fortnite (I know it’s not an original comment)
Eye Tactical (17 days ago)
the og is back
thehalsteds (17 days ago)
Minecraft is and always will be my childhood.
Heartbroken feb (18 days ago)
Ahhhhhh..... I miss the old days...
assassinpayday (18 days ago)
This was the last Minecraft soing
mecha mantis1607 (18 days ago)
It’s 2019 this is still a great vid.
Brandon Thach (18 days ago)
these parody’s were the start of my childhood
DoritoKing_200 x3 (18 days ago)
I don't know what Minecraft have to be not such famous that it must be. FORNITENIT WORST THAN MINECRAFT! SOME FRENCH THINK LIKE ME I KNOW BECAUSE I'm FRENCH.
shaun minkove (19 days ago)
10 years since Minecraft first launched
ShiftersMidnightsun (19 days ago)
Feels like an of mind crack reunion up there
Phospore (19 days ago)
i love these days way better than fortnite lmao
Demon Productions :D (2 days ago)
Then why u have a ViginNite Pfp??
Stage2Hemeroids (19 days ago)
Goodbye to those YouTubers that shaped me into the man I am today. I’ll never forget you guys
AlienWare 2008 (19 days ago)
1:28 me when my mom finally got me Minecraft
Joe Bolen Bolen (19 days ago)
Skrigler (19 days ago)
1:35 ITS KERALIS!!! OMG man i miss the old days of watching him for hours
TheDR (19 days ago)
this song should released in last day MC alive....this still good
spykai 08 (20 days ago)
I will always stick with. Minecraft and i was nit able to comment when this came out but thank you for a thank you song for minecraft
Natalee Mackin (20 days ago)
I have never gotten such a wave if nostalgic energy in my life as i just got. This was the only song i played when i was little omg
Blue Tech (20 days ago)
Trezdon Nelson (21 days ago)
guys who cares if minecraft is dead its still on and doing its best to make fortnite dead!!!! WE R MINECRAFTERS!!!
DormantArtist98 Gamer (21 days ago)
Anyone March 2019
Corgi (21 days ago)
*I remember when minecraft was the top of the charts*
rinjoo (21 days ago)
revisiting Minecraft music I used to listen to in my glory days, I’m crying way too much
David Tyrrell (21 days ago)
I love dis song 😇🥰🤗
Jorah Mormont (21 days ago)
Minecraft was better before.
Bianca's World (21 days ago)
Still know every word
Galaxystar17 (22 days ago)
I remember always watching Minecraft video and always coming back lol I still know the words xD

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