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Funny Dogs Video Compilation 2015

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Awesome Dogs Compilation - The Best of funny moments with cuttest dogs. Become our Patreon and support us to grow: https://www.patreon.com/user?alert=2 Be sure to subcribe to see more: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChannelTVSmash
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Text Comments (14954)
Ran Foula (10 hours ago)
Dickheads blowing in the nose and mouth of dog...disgustingly sick for the dog and human
1:47-1:51 When you know its NO NUT season but you just can't help it
Tony Stuart (12 hours ago)
Damn! He's going to town @ 0:40 in!
Laura Walsh (13 hours ago)
Milou Duitgenius (18 hours ago)
Odin the German Shepherd (20 hours ago)
@4:58......”you look really bloated today”........LOLOL
EvilNecroid (21 hours ago)
0:44 i want a turn of that
R F (1 day ago)
The dog dancing could be considered animal cruelty being leashed to the back on that kitchen chair thumbs down
Lexi Baldwin (1 day ago)
Why do dogs get stupider the smaller they are? Like what's wrong with them
Nicola Curran (1 day ago)
Omg 00:39 is doo cruel
kayden toth (1 day ago)
so far i think this video is not funny because there is alot of dogs humping
Nicoleta Bortes (1 day ago)
lost in my mind (1 day ago)
We don't deserve them ♡
abdula kemal (1 day ago)
4:21 most funniest grandma flies to china bwaaahahah
Andrea Lagerström (2 days ago)
How cute? 4:47😍😍
Sacha Hobbs (2 days ago)
When you blow in a dog's nose like that it will die cuz the lungs pop
No te Aburras (2 days ago)
1:03 jajajajjajaja
No te Aburras (2 days ago)
1:3 jajajaj jajajaja
amigo slimes (2 days ago)
4:38 that person is grabbing the dogs ears back and shaking it
히어로즈구루 (2 days ago)
We ' ve just had a visit from police . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wMI86LBc1g
Marlyne Fonseca (2 days ago)
1:50 has me weak and dead 😂😭👎
Rosa Pfeffer (2 days ago)
To much stupid people...😨
Diamond Duo (2 days ago)
4:58 Well then...
Diamond Duo (2 days ago)
2:52 When I try to be normal...
Tennessee Life (2 days ago)
2:04 is that dog ok?
Bob Loblaw (3 days ago)
4:30 Its Steve-O from Jackass in dog form.
Deeva Cooksey Cooksey (3 days ago)
Who know dogs can laugh. Like if you agree!
Draco Braving (3 days ago)
Grandma + Great Dane = Flight
Sophia Kessel (3 days ago)
1:13 was the absalut funniest
Ema larY (3 days ago)
5.00 get off motherfcuker the dog say😂😂😂😂
Wayne Oxford (3 days ago)
1:48 When i am still a virgin
Bradley Shepherdson (3 days ago)
0:15 at least the dog's polite enough to wipe his feet.
Gymnast 101 (3 days ago)
2:51 oh 🙂😮
Gymnast 101 (3 days ago)
0:40 so funny lol 😆
Alwaleed Rr (3 days ago)
0:46 good 😂😂😂😂😂
Mauricio Salazar (3 days ago)
:'v 2:03
Flori Gonzalez Saez (3 days ago)
5:03 omg HAHAAHHA🤣🤣🤣
viel zu viele Szenen sind nicht lustig! 3:41 was soll das??? die Leine ist viel zu kurz!
Renata Rab (4 days ago)
EERYZ ZYREE (4 days ago)
3:36 is the best clip
Alisson Erin (4 days ago)
DominicanManowarFan (4 days ago)
A lot of douche bags in this video both male and females.
THE READ QUEEN (5 days ago)
0:43 that dog blew her back out! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Łîźżø Çœñß (5 days ago)
I’m gonna put random time stamps there probably all cute- 2:11 0:04 5:04 4:07 4:55 3:59 0:12 4:32
Marqan (3 days ago)
Eva Femme (5 days ago)
A dog dragging his butt over the carpet isn't funny, it means his anal glands are full and it itches like hell. Go to a vet and let them empty those glands before they get inflamed. The dog will feel so much better.
Itz_Emily_Murray (5 days ago)
Animal Abuse!
Ari Randle (5 days ago)
4:22 haha
Tosia Gaj (5 days ago)
02:00 im scared 😶😶😶😶
Priscy Ofori (5 days ago)
1:58 is killing me
Tom Pierson (5 days ago)
1:03 me in any social situation
- إيفا - (5 days ago)
1:04 has to be one of my favourite videos ever.
Jem457 Gaming (5 days ago)
4:59 XD
ShenzyyLope XD (5 days ago)
0:45 ...rly? U will never get a baby..
ShenzyyLope XD (5 days ago)
Wat the frick a dog havin sex with hummab??
byeoung won jung (5 days ago)
SolidTubeGaming (5 days ago)
1:51 lmao
kirby superstar (6 days ago)
0:38 (insert Tasmania Devil noises)
Nellie Barney (6 days ago)
I was diein and ew dogs humpin 🤮
Fancyunicorn 10 (6 days ago)
2018 anyone
Nansu Rahma (6 days ago)
It's so funny
Janet Marlow (6 days ago)
1:00...so sweet
CreepyPanda YT (6 days ago)
4:59 lol
Badboy CZ459 (6 days ago)
2:51 and 4:58 is best
Lola Rougier (6 days ago)
05:49 so cute
Archana Suresh (6 days ago)
So sweet
Roman reigns ;-; (6 days ago)
dogs like humping
SammySummer Ninada (6 days ago)
4:18 i hear WreckingBall😍Shit
RAHAB WANJIKU (7 days ago)
0:46 what was that🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱😱😡😡😡😡🤮👹👹.
표믕룸 (7 days ago)
4:21... oh my god
Peet Singh Brar (7 days ago)
1:23 me lol
FlorchiGamerYT (7 days ago)
at 3:40 they are mistreating the dog because it has a rope around its neck
JV liked (7 days ago)
Cute dogs
Louis Baxmann (7 days ago)
All old clips, but still funny haha
Ayla Zepeda (7 days ago)
0:36 was just really wrong abusement to the animal
Wtf the dog that was humping the lady
Watery Blez Y0u (7 days ago)
Kid: Mom I Wish I Was Superman Mom ok there a dog 4:20
Luis Suarez Camara (7 days ago)
The Saturn karahanlı (7 days ago)
0:45 WTH XD
Minecraft 1.14 (7 days ago)
Michio Shishido (7 days ago)
Eu gostei de ser vídeo
Day Dreaming Miriam (7 days ago)
The first one 😂😂
GEYM 101 (8 days ago)
4:20 there she goes i laugh that part is so funny😂😂😂😂
Donald Duck (8 days ago)
4:58 Приятого Аппетита!
Grace Jones (8 days ago)
Lol, dogs are such dorks!!!🤣
PÉ DE PANO (8 days ago)
Gizmo the umbreon (8 days ago)
The one where the dog is dancing is not choking him, there is a chair in the background and the leash is long, you guys who say he is chocking needs to use their eyes for once
Pug Lover 2.0 (8 days ago)
5:00 is me on a daily basis
min cha (8 days ago)
Omg 4:58
Natalie Schall (8 days ago)
that dog on 106 is skinny
alexandra Lopez (8 days ago)
Craig Davis (8 days ago)
0:44 WTF???
Daily Cotttoncandy (8 days ago)
0:35 isn’t funny 😡
Ana Clara (8 days ago)
Mais são fofos benza Deus
Perla Martinez (8 days ago)
Like si tienes perros🐶🐩🐕
4:05 : mood
Deepa Shinde (9 days ago)
4:19 grandma reminds me of Atom Ant . Up .. Up.. And awayyyyy......
Caner Dalkılıç (9 days ago)
0:44 omg sexy
A Doggy's World (9 days ago)
The boxer @0:18 was too funny. You just have to love boxers. A very funny and hilarious breed.
danny mercier (9 days ago)
Sierra Holt (9 days ago)
0:09 my dog did that one time I'm was laughing so hard while was trying to punish him for doing that 😂😂😂

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