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The Try Guys Try Extreme Swimsuits

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Text Comments (11800)
Katarina Rose (4 days ago)
One size fits some people ~Keith
Jackie Edgin (6 days ago)
And I thought speedos were terrible
Kristina Boodoo (7 days ago)
Eugene's "Hi Spongebob!" got me 🤣🤣🤣
Everything Emma (9 days ago)
Gacha Ray Ray (9 days ago)
“Your butt would be like HIII SPONGEBOB”
OnQuest Spencer (10 days ago)
@ 4:15 Keith said "God forbid you get a boner in this!" 🤣
Why am I even.....this is...I can't.
Aadil Shaik (11 days ago)
Hi sponge bob lol😂😂😂
Ava Burford (12 days ago)
keith Zach and bed are my favorite I like uguene too I just don't think he's as funny as the other guys I just think that he tries too hard
" Oh, it's just like a speed-oooo nope" 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Sasha Saifi (13 days ago)
3:11 Eugene I- 😂😂😂
Miss Louise (13 days ago)
What if Wes sees this one day?
Devika Daya (13 days ago)
3:21 Aww..Zach is looking so cute😍😘
Anna Carroll (14 days ago)
Why am I so turned on by all of this...?
Meghan Garry (15 days ago)
RayRay Raven (15 days ago)
*bends over* Hi SpoNgeBoB
Melinda Efta (15 days ago)
Wow eugene is so quotable in this video "Hi spongebob" "Nips out without judgement" "Master would you like your cake today?" "Idk, why are serial killers made?!" The possibilies are endless
Pickled JellyBean (15 days ago)
I like how they saw women HAVE to wear skimpy swimsuits, like we have no other option
Kyle Kelemen (15 days ago)
This is so funny and kinky lol right up my alley 😂
SmollPotato (15 days ago)
0:33 I’m scarred
corncorncornme (15 days ago)
Keith: "my butt ate way more of that string than yours" HAHAHA. I am ded.
yetus fetus (16 days ago)
The first one seems like something james charles would wear
Sophia Collier (17 days ago)
1:11 really got me
AzzyFu202 (17 days ago)
Eugene: "I feel like a very very revealing butler in a porn." Also Eugene: "Master, would you like your cake today, sir?" *slaps his ass*
Katie Anderson (18 days ago)
I love how Eugene knows exactly who likes what and why they like it 😂
Wuruan Jenny (18 days ago)
Well at leastyou can poop winhout taking the speedos off
Puppy Pranks (19 days ago)
"What about the pubic hair... that you have... because your human?"
Natalie Wentzell (19 days ago)
*Hi Spongebob*
Tatum t (19 days ago)
Hi spongebob
Tatum t (19 days ago)
Squishy milko (20 days ago)
I felt that when they”👙”
dakudeku yaoilover (21 days ago)
I think Eugene looks the hottest in all of them is it just me 😏😏😏😏
Cassandra Dowd (21 days ago)
“Hi spongebob”
Annika Little (21 days ago)
I can imagine the four of them going into a group chat 20 years later, and I feel like Zach would bring it up. Zach: Hey guys! Do you rember the Extreme Swimsuits video and how Eugene had to lick us? Eugene: Don't bring back that scary memory Zach, don't you dare! Ned: You gave us the idea! And I'm glad you know me so well.
Tommy Ramchiary (22 days ago)
2:45 upps sideball upps everyone see sideball . 2:50
- aesthetic_boi - (22 days ago)
back when they censore with the yellow circle
MTPJR113 (22 days ago)
0:11 arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh that's was super sexyyyyyyyyyy
Jessica Shaw (22 days ago)
One has man boobs........
Jessica Shaw (22 days ago)
Love ned
Georgia Thompson (23 days ago)
Ops sideball 😂😂😂
Charlee Laird (23 days ago)
Yes this is great
Sarah Lucas (23 days ago)
"If you dropped something and had to pick it up, your butt would be like HI SPONGEBOB!" -Eugene
XxKazxX xoxo (23 days ago)
If i had a great body i wouldn’t mind wearing this revealing for my bf... i actually feel uncomfortable at the beach or pool because i have to be shirtless lol but if i was toned of coarse i wouldn’t care... work in progress... very slow progress
tornoofo17 (24 days ago)
I like to think that they tried to save money so they only bought one set of swimwear for all of them to try on.
Sarah Lucas (24 days ago)
Eugene is so iconic
gay dragon6939 (24 days ago)
At 1:12 lmfao
Funnn Haha (25 days ago)
Eugene sound like Patrick Starr!!! IM FANGIRLINGGGGGGFJRJDND
itsMMSM_ 17 (25 days ago)
Ned:*Wife calls* Me:Does she know you’re showing your dick and your butt on camera? Lol
M Elizabeth (25 days ago)
they are so young
Liyakhanya Mxekezo (25 days ago)
1:13 hi sponge bob
Booty Guru (25 days ago)
“If you bend over your butt would be like Hi SpOnGE Bob
maya maya (27 days ago)
*please tell me they washed these before one of the other guys used them*
Jacob Klassen (27 days ago)
Annette Mercado (27 days ago)
I feel the need to mention that a couple days a go I saw a guy with knee high boots and a Speedo dancing to music and just living it
Jasmine Covenant (27 days ago)
And they say it is a family show...😂
Silver Bells (28 days ago)
4:51 Nice visual
Dash Soft (28 days ago)
Oh wow, I stumbled into the depths of the comidy sh*t hole.
Park ChimChim (29 days ago)
I'm crying 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀
Eugene's d!ck is just to big for some of those swim suits, I mean c'mon its true
Dx Fire (29 days ago)
God level of Soy boys😂😂
Salma Mohamex (29 days ago)
Classic Eugene
Lol Memes (1 month ago)
Megan Simpson (1 month ago)
"This looks like a mistake!" 😂
Ğachä Qxeeñ (1 month ago)
The "Hi spongebob" killed me My mom thought I've gone mad
Ella Miller (1 month ago)
1:13 hahahahahaha
black cat (1 month ago)
Wtf?- 😂
Emily Sutton (1 month ago)
1:10 Eugine your butt yould be like hi sponge bob
yoga cats (1 month ago)
Honestly, might as well just wear a sock over your dick and call it a day😂😂😂
Siaroara (1 month ago)
Why were they made idk why do cereal killers exist ahaha 😋
EiveLovly Heart (1 month ago)
Eugen:you drop something and your butt is like (in Patrick’s voice)HI SPONGE BOB!
THE_ G0AT_G0D 000 (1 month ago)
These old sexual try guy videos make me cringe
Lily L (1 month ago)
Potato (1 month ago)
Just saying Eugene’s ass in the thumbnail better be edited. If it isn’t Kim K better watch out
Unaesthetic Toast (1 month ago)
Yasmin Villegas (1 month ago)
So what happened to the try guys try European swimwear video...
F-zero91maru (1 month ago)
Ok honestly this video is funny Some of these guys look uncomfortable which was funny Can you make normal dudes wear gimp masks?
F-zero91maru (1 month ago)
It be more better if they wear butt clapper pants haha 😂
ItsCoolCarlyXO (1 month ago)
Everyone on buzz feed just asks to be on set to see eugenes dick 😂 sorry I can imagine that so much 😂
Natalie Gleason (1 month ago)
Is anyone else shook from Eugene’s impression of Patrick
music lover4201 (1 month ago)
One of my favorite parts aside from "HI SPONGEBOB," is when Eugene is walking away at the end and ned goes "Ha! I can see his butt." XD XD XD XD
Next_ Monday (1 month ago)
Side Ball by ball 😂🤣😂
Jane (1 month ago)
Those poor camera people
Jane (1 month ago)
1:11 help me
Jane (1 month ago)
0:38 he’s SUCH A DAD
Leila Renfro (1 month ago)
Why did he have to say "hi spongebob!"????
Reba Lindsay (1 month ago)
1:13 hi sponge bob is killing me 😂😂😂
Sophie Shaw (1 month ago)
Okay 1:12 made me laugh no matter how many times I watched it 😂
ocean nash (1 month ago)
do you people live off soy or something cause your testosterone levels are lower than a 100 year old men
Tory Knotts (1 month ago)
Remind me to never borrow Neds phone.
ponthea (1 month ago)
ponthea (1 month ago)
Kittyart05 (1 month ago)
oh man try guys why do you do this t yourselves :I
lcc726 (1 month ago)
Zack: its like my dick broke and needs a sling OMFG LOLZ! im dying!
Chelsea Carrier (1 month ago)
OMG😂 Hi SpongeBob 😂 I lost it.
Mr. Anonymous (1 month ago)
Uncensor this
Serena Odonata (1 month ago)
"I hate this video" "You look so handsome!" ^^
Serena Odonata (1 month ago)
I know now why there are serialkillers . . . . ^^
Serena Odonata (1 month ago)
"All that I can think about wearing this is Ned . . ." ok, Eugene . . .

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