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How to: tumblr gifs! 2014

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Dana here~ I'm back on tuesday with my first tutorial ever! Hope it's helpful and will make you subscribe like and comment!! Here is the gif! Reblog it and please follow if you like my tumblr! http://lordbaek.tumblr.com/post/84243535988/heavens-door-watch-the-tutorial-on-how-i-made See you next week!
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Text Comments (3)
anaxfl (4 years ago)
Waa cat de simplu pare. Multumim, Dana ^_^
eecassie (4 years ago)
Nici macar nu folosesc photoshop si tot a fost dragut sa privesc...si pare destul de simplu. Well done my Dan ♥
ROYAL FANGIRLS (4 years ago)
mersiiiiiiiiiiiii iub <3 <3

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