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Guys Who Deserve A Medal for Their Relationship Skills 「 funny photos 」

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Text Comments (572)
Mary Williams (9 hours ago)
I love this music.
Rollsroyce44 (1 day ago)
Damnit. Now I want ice cream.
Geovany Ruiz (3 days ago)
The ball pit one was made up it was actually roman Atwood f n liars
Mai A (5 days ago)
I just hope I find myself a man like that.
Riiisa U. (5 days ago)
Number 14...the ice creams.....LET ME HAVE THEM ALL!
EvilThotSlayer __ (14 days ago)
I aspire to be like this.
Madison Heilman (17 days ago)
when in doubt use power tools
XcuddleXbearX11 (1 month ago)
The tomato one....that's something my husband will do hah 😂
whisperingsage (1 month ago)
I like that hiding candy trick. I'll have to do that
Dominic (4 months ago)
Rama Rao (4 months ago)
All those guys are probably cunts or SJW soyboys... Or both... Mostly both
dmc blidz. (4 months ago)
Which music is used in the video in begning and ending of the video
Hazel Pretz (4 months ago)
I love watching these and reminding myself that I'm single and alone 😆😆
jorja H (4 months ago)
Men dont know how to solve problems. Women can solve there own problems and dont need men this video is stupid and sets womens rights back like 20 years. You can tell this was made by stupid men who think they can solve womens every problem.
Ava Grace (4 months ago)
0:56 that was a youtube prank..
DVS (4 months ago)
That intro/outro music though
Xyz Ratz (5 months ago)
Number 16 I have the same stove, number 26 I have the same scale. Am I basic?
Adam Furqan (5 months ago)
Sweet !!!
Bookworm (5 months ago)
Dying with laughter here. I would totally use the drill for whipping cream though. 😁
Tenzin Gobom (5 months ago)
Intro music name plzzz ?
Barbara Donegan (5 months ago)
2:49 and after he hung the mirror in the bathroom he installed a front door in there as well. Shame on him.
ILove ChineseFood (6 months ago)
Oh my God it's Roman Atwood when he filled his house with 10,000 plastic balls
Blind Spot (6 months ago)
i dont understand why western woman thinks they look ugly when they are in pregnancy. as an indonesian male i must say that pregnant woman are the most beautiful woman. they literally "glowing". if i put them in a dark room, they will light it.
Kvass Man (6 months ago)
who stole my jams!!? (6 months ago)
3:13 that poor dog😂😂
B.t .a.b (6 months ago)
No.30: " " " Me: *Fair enough*
deirdre delaney (6 months ago)
This video is fake af. Roman ain't married. (He is now.) When this video was uploaded Roman was NOT married. You just take a picture and slap a story on it.
SotiCoto (6 months ago)
A large chunk of these are epic fails...
Henry Gutierrez (6 months ago)
That one at the end with the dog looks like something I would do.
Shana J.L (6 months ago)
The last one 😆😏
Marlene Welliver (6 months ago)
this was the best time I ever s pent on my tab so funny and hit home please keep them coming what a joy
Michele Johnson (6 months ago)
Kiwi guys pick up line 'hey blondie, how do you think you'd look with me hanging out of ya?!" I've heard a few but WTF! I married him 2 years later!
L. Chula (6 months ago)
All these were great!
premium garbage (6 months ago)
Ben and Jerry Ice cream ♡ (。3。)
MsPinkwolf (6 months ago)
all those trans fats. yikes
Christy Stewart (6 months ago)
Love these, I once asked my husband to pick up some canned vegetables while he was at the grocery ....he picked up one can of Veg-All !
Chukwunweobi Mortanya (6 months ago)
0:56 That was fake it was RomanAtWood
B. W. S. (7 months ago)
Very clever and funny!
RomneyGack (7 months ago)
I treated my wife like a queen. I spoiled her. I brought her stuff at her job to make her female coworkers envious. Now she wants a divorce because she's "emotionally done". Don't worry if your man is untidy. Love him till the day you die. I wanna die...
Ancy Clerk (7 months ago)
can anyone please tell me the name of the music at the start of the video
Ginger Cat (7 months ago)
we 'HAS' put together .... ? come on ... not a good start. And yes, most if not all of them are fakes, people put some captions to make them funny.
Nicole Gin-Dozier (7 months ago)
Hi, please watch my first youtube video: https://youtu.be/SdbuBrPlNMM Thanks so much if you do <3
Mariah Francois (7 months ago)
These were lovely
Mariah Francois (7 months ago)
These were lovely
Edone j (7 months ago)
We really don't need father's. Wake up people men are evil
Lisa Godin (7 months ago)
What??? Give them a medal for doing what should come naturally? For being nice? No medals from me! You shouldn't need a virtual medal for being a human being! What next? Men will be nice guys, good with kids for the reward?
kayper54 (7 months ago)
Could anybody read what that pink Valentine’s card said? Please let me know what it said, my eyes are too bad to read it myself.
Jeremiah Llagono (7 months ago)
I would like to ask about whats is the name of that soundtrack dat u use early 5 second, that beat is so cool.
Jocelyn Jones (8 months ago)
2:36 spaghetti in the stove. Cant stop laughing! 3:16 look at the dog.😀
Raiden (8 months ago)
A series of dumbass husband stories that can only have been fabricated by a woman. Either that or these guys are acting pathetic to play on their wife's emotions. Fake is fake.
MsErikaOh (8 months ago)
Are there still men like this?
Sigmund The Sea Monster (8 months ago)
MsErikaOh yes
A Wulfe (8 months ago)
Christine Ellison (8 months ago)
Debbie Judd (8 months ago)
Not very funny at all step up
silvanus slade (8 months ago)
LOL And dat butt hot. I love it!
Mood Breakers (8 months ago)
Sarah Berkner (8 months ago)
A lot of those are great but the last one's my favorite.
maggie m (8 months ago)
Rah (8 months ago)
A "husband" is the stage of development of the man where he starts to make dad jokes
Sunday Grayson (8 months ago)
Drunk me liked it😂😂😆😆
Miłka Chromińska (8 months ago)
So cute :3
Jagan Joseph (8 months ago)
Lol fake after seeing Roman
Apple Rhey Gwapo (8 months ago)
That stash 😂
Mad9977 Productions (8 months ago)
haha these guys have a nice sense of humor =)
Viiral Puga (8 months ago)
0:56 Thats Roman Atwood
Naiya Chatoorie (8 months ago)
Number 5 is Roman Atwood❤❤❤
Ictpilot Ictpilot (8 months ago)
I wonder how that new flavor of Alpo is he's been eating for the week.😁😁
Trish Fitzpatrick (8 months ago)
I just LOVE the smile on my face!
Donna Robinson (8 months ago)
Just wonderful !! Really enjoyed every entry proving once again the delightful humor and ingenuity of the American male
Darth Cersei (8 months ago)
Lol so he puts an effort to wrap bad milk bottle into all that but to remove it is too much of a job for him 😂
Dee 77 (6 months ago)
That's part of the joke. Hahahaha!!
Alexie Toledo (8 months ago)
So much genius
ellie Cho (8 months ago)
I don't get the "clean out the fridge" one? Someone please explain lol
yup i said it (8 months ago)
Her husband put eyes on everything.
Risky Dripz (8 months ago)
0:59 um that's Roman atwood
Manasi Joseph (8 months ago)
Can anyone tell me that which song is played between 00.00 to 00.07 please..
ツTech (9 months ago)
Wtf 0:59 that’s fucking Romanatwood him and Brittany wasn’t even married at the time lol
Dani Maynard (9 months ago)
Nawwww, I'm almost jealous of these couples. Almost!!!!
Brendan Schibley (9 months ago)
2:18 diabetes
Kendra Curtis (9 months ago)
2:15 yass 👌👌
Abby Erica (9 months ago)
0:57 that’s the biggest lie iver ever seen,cuz that’s Roman Atwood and the title of the video wasn’t the caption on this video
Andrea Macedo (9 months ago)
Number 27 that big dog in the back anybody noticed that
Noka 777 (9 months ago)
the NOKIA phone did not last though :)
Taylon REID (9 months ago)
2:12 thats SO me.
strategicexit (9 months ago)
Smacks of immature men who don't actually help, but create mess and problems which women still have to deal with. Are they worth the few laughs and the quaintness of their childish pranks? Not when they believe that they are god's gift for doing it! Only after self-congratulations to serve their own egos.
khey_ 001 (9 months ago)
Aye the last one is adorable
Elizabeth Kleine (9 months ago)
Hahahahahaha! The Nokia phone though...
Anna Mozatee (9 months ago)
RIP anyone/everyone wearing headphones/earbuds, etc...
mary Jacobs (9 months ago)
All this balls at 5 wow
Neolithika (9 months ago)
I don't understand how women can hate men. They are the best!
Shintaro 92 (6 months ago)
Neolithika if you are a girl, you deserve to be loved
Snoglydox (9 months ago)
I am sick of this music; I'm gone!
John Staton (9 months ago)
So having a relationship is now a skill wtf.
Bruce Roger Morgan (7 months ago)
It always was a skill if you wanted to really make a success of it. Skill for both partners. If you both put in the effort you can have the best life ever.
KP Roshni Sreejith (9 months ago)
The utensil washing was superb. 😂😂😂
Inferno Clan (9 months ago)
1:00 thats Roman attwood
Karthik B N (9 months ago)
04:52 from wer did u get this tune it's nice...
Marco Stichnoth (9 months ago)
The Music sucks
A. K. (9 months ago)
What’s the intro song? Pls
ibrahim khan (9 months ago)
What is the music name of the opening
Pyreleaf (9 months ago)
That thing with the drill and cream was pretty clever.
Abdul 'The Doc' Chaudhry (9 months ago)
Hey BossDT, what is the music in the first few seconds?
LadyJAtheist (9 months ago)
that was awesome. Love seeing creative, caring men.
Gail Daniel (9 months ago)
Oh my goodness! You just made my day 😂😂😂 Thank you lots
Beallthere (9 months ago)
You should add the word some to the first text page and change has to have in the next one. Here are the texts: 'But thanks to ingenuity and a sense of humor, some guys in particular..." Then: 'To prove this to you, we have put together...' ...Keep up the good work.

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