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CHATTY GRWM | new products, cruelty free & my plans

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Lets chat! Heaps of info below 👇🏼 Think I missed something below? LMK in the comments. Don’t forget to use Ebates on any qualifying purchases for cash back or sign up here: https://www.ebates.com/r/RHIANX For any Colour Pop purchases, you can get 20% off your first order via my link: https://www.talkable.com/x/0z4edt Find Logical Harmony's cruelty free brand list here: http://crueltyfreebrandlist.com Pixi Cleansing Wipes: http://bit.ly/2PeBkGl ELF Natural Glow Lotion: http://bit.ly/2PggHKa LH Cosmetics Infinity Glass: erm, can’t access their site rn?! Farsali Jelly Beam Illuminator: http://bit.ly/2JKrhD1 Tatcha Kissu Mask: http://bit.ly/2PfOTp1 Colour Pop Foundation Stick (Light 67 N): http://bit.ly/2AOFc8b MOTD Buffing Brush: http://bit.ly/2zvXr0t Cover FX Power Play Concealers (N Light 1 + 2): http://bit.ly/2PdGl2e ABH Foundation (Cool Golden): http://bit.ly/2JKA3Rn Beauty Blender: http://bit.ly/2PcJlMa ELF Beauty Shield Spray: http://bit.ly/2PaTtF4 Colour Pop Setting Powder: http://bit.ly/2LsM6lM Colour Pop Brow Pencil (honey blonde) : http://bit.ly/2QmLHVa Colour Pop Brow Gel (lt brown): http://bit.ly/2Nxehkl Colour Pop Brow Boss (taupe) : http://bit.ly/2QDJnsz Blue handled brushes: http://bit.ly/2z4w5iL Milani Bronzer (Dolce): http://bit.ly/2PhmoaI Wet N Wild Sculpting Duo: http://bit.ly/2PcJFum Colour Pop I Think I Love You Palette: http://bit.ly/2Luozkt Thrive Mascara: http://bit.ly/2yKR5uo Lilah B Cream Blush (b real) : http://bit.ly/2JLiFMH RAL Lip Liner (natural): http://bit.ly/2Pium3v Colour Pop Blotted Lip (Loved Bite): http://bit.ly/2Luozkt Dose Of Colors Gloss (Can You Not): http://bit.ly/2PhptYk Cover FX High Performance Setting Spray: http://bit.ly/2PdLA1V Cover FX Dewy Setting Spray: http://bit.ly/2PbVHnL FTC: This is not a sponsored post. Some products were received in PR. Affiliate links or codes are used, meaning i receive a small % of sales made via them. Shopping via these links helps support my blog and channel but you’re under no obligation to use them. All opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest. 👍🏼FIND ME HERE👍🏼 Amazon Influencer Store - www.amazon.com/shop/rhianhy Blog- http://wifelife.co Insta- instagram.com/wifelife Snapchat- rhianhy Twitter- twitter.com/rhian_hy Facebook- http://facebook.com/rhianhy Email- [email protected] (no weird stuff plz) Mail- Rhian HY, PO Box 469, Dollar Bay MI 49922 👇🏼LINKS & DISCOUNTS👇🏼 GENERAL/MISC: Ebates - https://www.ebates.com/r/RHIANX (cash back on loads of big stores) BetterHelp Online Therapy: https://www.influencerlink.org/SHU Prana Mat Bed of Nails: http://bit.ly/2AXuEoZ BEAUTY: Petit Vour Vegan & Cruelty Free Subscription Box - http://bit.ly/2IZdxnG Ella + Mila - http://9nl.es/Rhian (Ella40 gets you 40% off) Makeup Geek - https://mkgk.co/wifelife Root Pretty - http://bit.ly/2HtyvtC (RHIAN or RHIANINTL for free shipping) Snapwhite Teeth Whitening - http://bit.ly/1rzBurT (WIFELIFE gives you $10 off) MOTD Cruelty Free Brushes - http://bit.ly/2EYjEKl (WIFELIFE gets you 15% off) Complex Beauty - https://complexbeauty.co/discount/WIFELIFE (WIFELIFE gets you 10% off) Kaia Naturals Deodorant - kaianaturals.com/shop/ (WIFELIFE for 15% off first order) DefineMe Fragrances - definemefragrance.com (WIFELIFE for 10% off & a deluxe sample) Colour Pop - https://www.talkable.com/x/0z4edt 20% off first order Thread Of Roses Etsy - http://bit.ly/2qkqoWU (WIFELIFE for 15% off) Madam Glam Vegan Gel Polish - http://bit.ly/295WDoN (Rhian30 gets you 30% off) Perfect Locks Hair Extensions - http://bit.ly/2wF8jG6 (WIFELIFE gets you 10% off) FASHION: ENA Apparel - enaapparel.com (WIFELIFEENA gets you 20% off) Mara MMA Vegan Bags - https://maramma.store/ (Rhian gets you 10% off) Proof Sunglasses - http://proofeyewear.refr.cc/rhianh (20% off orders over $50) Miakoda NYC - http://bit.ly/2Ayq0dj Angela Roi Luxury Vegan Bags - http://bit.ly/2eqdNM5 Sol & Selene Bags - http://bit.ly/1rhXh71 (WIFELIFE gives you 15% off) Urban Expressions Vegan Bags - http://bit.ly/2mXyUx4 (WIFELIFE gives you $$ off) BHAVA Vegan Shoes - http://shrsl.com/si69 PopSockets- http://popsockets.refr.cc/RCLCZ6P ($2 off via this link) EATS: Splendid Spoon - http://splendid.to/rhian ($20 off your first order via this link) Not Pot CBD Chocolates - http://bit.ly/2zhG0BX (WIFELIFE gets you 20% off) Alpen Organics CBD Products - https://bit.ly/2JvsHjV (WIFELIFE for 30% off) Livwell Vegan Protein Powder - http://bit.ly/2f8AdRI (WIFELIFE gets you 10% off) Teami Tea - teamiblends.com (WIFELIFE gets you $$ off) Filming equipment i use - http://bit.ly/29dDRLK
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Text Comments (144)
Zineb (1 month ago)
Please don’t ever feel obligated to post, your well-being always comes first 🖤
Raquel F (1 month ago)
Would love to see the ‘juicy skin’ tutorial!
Simina (1 month ago)
I loved the purple series! Would love to see maybe a rich, emerald green :)
Tess (2 months ago)
I think green would look great on you!💚
Quest for Cruelty Free (2 months ago)
love this! thank you for everything you do! and YES PLEASE take time off! you deserve it!
Irene Xifaras (2 months ago)
Can you do more videos with Tashina? I love watching you both!!! It would be fun!💕
Irene Xifaras (2 months ago)
Oh wow! I had no idea!❤️
Rhian HY (2 months ago)
We'd love to but live >2000 miles away from each other!
Imelda O'Neill (2 months ago)
I use Logical Harmony as my guide for purchasing cruelty-free brands. Tashina is amazing and I am so grateful for all of her hard work!!! I do purchase from cruelty-free brands even if the parent company is not cruelty-free. I want my purchasing power to speak to the fact that I am willing to support cruelty-free brands.
Angelica Guerrero (2 months ago)
Why is it so relaxing watching you smudge stuff on your face? Idk, but it makes me feel better.
Ludivine (2 months ago)
About people caring more about you enjoying your content than about you having a fixed schedule and, really, just about you being lucky with the type of followers you have; you get the community you deserve. 😉 Unrelated but you're looking radiant. ✨
Rhian HY (2 months ago)
Thank you sweet one <3
Vanessa Garcia (2 months ago)
Which brand are those blue brushes from??
miasara79 (2 months ago)
Before I only used cruelty free brands now using cruelty free products isn't enough for me. Even if a brand is cruelty free, the eyeshadow palettes are often not (they contain Carmine and you know it's not cruelty free) and it bothers me.So now I'm only using cruelty free and vegan products. What is the brush you used to contour your nose (the kind of small Artis brush) ? Thank you
Erica Howard (2 months ago)
I'd love to see you do more looks with fun/bright colors. Something with a bright pink or bright orange!
kielikau (2 months ago)
I hate that cruelty free requirements vary. It sucks. I tend to check Logical Harmony, Leaping Bunny, & the international equivalent of Leaping Bunny. I will also use brands that parent companies may or may not be cruelty free. It's my hope that if we strongly support those brands under parent companies who aren't then the parent company will realize how much more profitable it is to be completely cruelty free.🐰🐰♥️♥️
Tamara Kelly (2 months ago)
I love your eye look here, just beautiful girl!
Tamara Kelly (2 months ago)
I try to look and buy products that are cruelty free and vegan...I have a love hate relationship with products that are cruelty free but have other products that are not... In my head, I figure maybe these companies are testing how many people are willing to buy cruelty free products before they switch completely... Canada has banned animal testing so since I'm Canadian I try to buy from companies here as much as I can as well...and I noticed a lot of companies from the UK, Europe, do not do animal testing either...
Simone Krolikowski (2 months ago)
Ohhhhh I can't wait for those favorite videos😍😍😍 oh and how about a favorite makeup brushes video?
Emma Häggkvist (2 months ago)
About touching your skin and accidentally removing makeup - I bought a smaller sized powder puff to put around a few fingers and rest the hand on when doing eyes. I had the same issue and saw Nikkietutorials do this, so go check her out if you have no idea what I'm talking about. I haven't tried it yet though so can't give my review. <33
Emma Häggkvist (2 months ago)
*from The Body Shop fiy
Emma Häggkvist (2 months ago)
Superglad to hear you're feeling more like a human. And confirmation - of course, I know I want you to post content that is fully Rhian approved, not rushed and not a source of stress. <333
Emma Häggkvist (2 months ago)
OMG Linda Hallberg Cosmetics!!! Yes!! A swedish brand that is UP THERE in quality and contemporaneity with values!! As a swede seeing her stuff on your channel makes me so happy!! Love it!! They have lots of other awesome stuff, a lot that is like this - multi functional. xoxo
Alicia Latour (2 months ago)
Having a parent company that tests doesn't bother me. As long as the brand remains cruelty-free. Here's my logic: I'm vegan. I buy lots of vegan foods. I don't stop going to grocery stores or restaurants that also sell animal products just because I'm vegan. BUT, buying these vegan food options shows these grocery stores that vegan is in demand and people like me want it. That being said, the grocery stores start selling more vegan foods and the restaurants start selling more vegan options. I look at it the same way with cruelty-free brands with a not so cruelty-free parent company. It's like Gardein being sold in Walmart, lol. I think we need to show these parent companies that cruelty-free is in, and we want it and we want more companies to convert. Now is this what's happening with Covergirl and Dove ? Supply and demand ? Maybe..... and just maeeeeybe they're noticing that cruelty-free is in demand....cruelty-free is in and that's what the people want. I can't say for sure, but I can't wait to see what Logical Harmony uncovers. Will I buy from those brands ? Probably not. But other people will. I've seen the comments on their IG. But let's see what happens.
Alicia Latour (2 months ago)
i really want to try that tatcha lip treatment !!!
Susanna Powers (2 months ago)
The Walgreens in the county where I’m from doesn’t have any cruelty-free cosmetic brands at all 🙁
paola palermi (2 months ago)
Hai voglia a truccarti bene, con tutti i tatuaggi e i piercing che hai, sei un mostro! Credo che nessun uomo sano di mente ti vorrebbe!
Rhian HY (2 months ago)
Quindi e bene che io non giudichi gli uomini sulla loro sanita mentale. 😘
Cynthia Matteson (2 months ago)
I have Cruelty-Free kitty Cruelty-Cutter and leaping bunny apps in my phone. Will not buy products if parent company is not Cruelty-Free
Elisha Yanke (2 months ago)
I prefer everything from the top to the bottom to be cruelty-free and vegan, however my budget would disagree. I tried to buy as ethically friendly as I possibly can. For me it's about doing the best you can with your circumstances.
Rhian HY (2 months ago)
Its all we can do!! x
Hannah Intihar (2 months ago)
Covergirl is now certified by leaping bunny
Rhian HY (2 months ago)
Yes! Thats what sparked the conversation!
Zanetta Rose Jones (2 months ago)
That nose contour was so satisfying to watch. It's so concise & executed perfectly for you face. I ❤️ your simple looks, they suit you!
Rhian HY (2 months ago)
So glad you enjoy <3
Ros with 1 s (2 months ago)
Would def appreciate a juicy skin tutorial! 🖤
ella (2 months ago)
Oh I would looove to see you in an olive green eye ❤
Paige Mannix (2 months ago)
I would love to see u do a orange "sunset" themed look please Hope your doing well Love how this turned out
Tashina Combs (2 months ago)
Love you! Thank you SO much for always being so amazing and supportive! And thank you to so many of you leaving nice comments too. It means so much to me!
Kristi Hudon (2 months ago)
that cheek combo worked like a dream
Rhian HY (2 months ago)
erin roth (2 months ago)
Rhian, this probably sounds weird/stupid, but you have such a lovely speaking voice. I could listen to you talk about literally anything.
Rhian HY (2 months ago)
Aw thanks Erin!
Sayruh Kama (2 months ago)
Can we do no background music? It kinda made me anxious and made the video feel so rushed. 😅I’m so sorry. As for cruelty free, I do not looove to support CF brands w Non CF parent co’s but I do.
Sayruh Kama (2 months ago)
Rhian HY it’s not preferred but I think it sends a message of pro-cruelty free because I don’t buy from non CF under the owner umbrella. And sorry, it’s just SO loud and so fast pace music that I couldn’t barely watch. Love you tho.
Rhian HY (2 months ago)
Ah the great background music debate again... this is one i can't "win" unfortunately. If i did no background music, i'd get comments that i should've added music because there were "awkward silences" and when i do... some people don't like the music. Since i can't suit everyone, i just do what i think is best/ suits my content and hopefully people can just ignore the parts that don't suit them and still enjoy the content of the video. Hopefully this explains it! Not sure if i'm reading it right but... can i ask why you support brands with non-CF parent companies if you don't want to? x
Kirstyn Rhoden (2 months ago)
YES girl, do you! I’m so happy to hear that you’re putting YOU first before work. You know we are all here for whatever you post. I don’t care about a schedule. I just care about some good ole Rhian content! I’m looking forward to your 5 days of favs video! I’ve been wanting new products and whatnot but have been waiting on holiday sales and I always look forward to your suggestions. YASSS to a skin focused tutorial because lemme tell ya, my skin needs Rhian’s advice for juiciness! ☺️ I agree with your Logical Harmony standpoint. I don’t buy anything without the Tashina and Justin stamp of approval! Their site and information is so damn helpful and makes my life so much less stressful when buying products. Thanks for the chatty, relaxing video 💛💛
kaitlynn donovan (2 months ago)
I consistently buy cruelty free for makeup, and try my best for skincare, body care, hair care, etc. There are a lot of budget friendly options, but I still find it difficult to be fully 100% cruelty free with a college student budget and lifestyle. That being said, parent companies that test don’t bother me because I think my purchase speaks for me that I will only support their companies that do not test on animals. As far as buying vegan, I don’t look for that specifically because “cruelty-free” should mean the animal byproducts are ethically sourced without harming the animal (ie. burt’s bees collecting honey etc.).
Yeonsoo Park (2 months ago)
I work for a cosmetic manufacturing company that has other brands as clients. Some brands do ask us if all of the raw materials that were used are cruelty free (aka not tested on animals) before they claim it. However, for those brands that do not check with us, we can't stop them from claiming their products as cruelty free, because, like you said, there is no regulation on the term "cruelty free".
Nikachu0906 (2 months ago)
If you do a juicy face tutorial, could you maybe do one without foundation? Or give some product recommendations for those of us who don’t wear foundation? That would be great!!!!
azkaland (2 months ago)
I don't support brands that have a parent company that tests on animals, but I completely understand those that choose to do so, as it's much better to support those brands over brands that test themselves. I relate it to vegan versus vegetarian, every little bit helps. I think that Covergirl and Dove (if this is all true) will be the catalyst to the other big guys becoming cruelty free. It seems to me that animal testing, to the big brands, is kind of a "we've always done it this way" thing.
Jena Pantano (2 months ago)
It seems as though most customers are waiting for/demanding a logical harmony certification before they purchase. Especially since PeTA lost most of their credibility, unfortunately. For me, I look for no testing, no ingredients testing, no selling in China, and fair trade/fair labor practices. Also, no palm oil. 💚 Hope Roxy's appointment goes well. One of my old dogs used to get weird lumps a lot. They were harmless, though. Hoping same for her!
Megan Ashley Marie (2 months ago)
Please a new goblin to goddess- holiday edition ♥️
Plant Based Bride (2 months ago)
I’d love more fashion/lookbook videos from you! I love your style and I almost always do the same very minimal makeup look, so while I still watch your beauty videos for your badass personality, I’d love some more fashion content! I also love your mental health content but completely understand that it can be draining.
jholmie (2 months ago)
ur claws! 😍😍😍😍 did u do them urself? teach us your ways!!!
milla j (2 months ago)
I found products that test in China, but state they're cruelty free a little dishonest. Hard to find products that don't test in China though.
Rhian HY (2 months ago)
Like as in you live in China? Because if not, none of the products i use are tested/sold in China and i have plentiful options!
Emily G Madden (2 months ago)
I like in the UK so I feel I have to use CF International a lot, which I don't 100% trust, but I trust it more than other sources. I don't like to use brands that have parent companies that test, hence I stopped using Too Faced. HOWEVER, I am using companies that are not on LH. I'm trying to get some of these brands to get in touch with LH so I can have the comfort of knowing they have their approval!! I hate being in UK brand limbo, but I just try to make the very best choices I can for my mind, the earth and its dwellers haha xxx
Rhianna Rebholz (2 months ago)
In the middle of the video there was a cover girl as that said that they were leaping bunny certified for cruelty free.
Rhian HY (2 months ago)
Coinkidink hey
Hannah Mooney (2 months ago)
Hey Rhian, I was wondering if you could make a "self-gift guide" video? With all the releases around Christmas, I never really know what is actually worth it. You could also include some self-care products as winter necessities
Brooke Hill (2 months ago)
I don’t buy from brands with parent companies that test, because I don’t want my money to trickle up to them.
Dee Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Kerry McG (2 months ago)
I listen to what you & Tashina say & recommend. I have had nothing but success with all of your recommendations. I always thought I was already educated....NOT. I also am shopping ethically or thrifting & am more aware of things that I really should have been aware of but clealry wasn't. (All I wanted to do was make sure my stepdaughter got clean items for herself & her baby when she was expecting, "met" you & Tashina, and it's been a delight ever since. I burn out on social media & I get where you are coming from because it is your job but you truly have been a breath of fresh air & make me feel young & trendy & on top of things...and my skin thanks you :-) xxoo
Rhian HY (2 months ago)
Ahh love this Kerry! Always look forward to seeing your name pop up here <3
Carissa Christy (2 months ago)
Love this jumper!
Carissa Christy (2 months ago)
And ur nails!
Karma Duncan (2 months ago)
I'm waiting to see Covergirl on Logical Harmony too before I rush out to support this change. And I would love to see a skin focus video!
Brittany B (2 months ago)
I'd love to see you do a yellow look! Bring some cheery vibes to the winter dreariness 😊
Su M (2 months ago)
I definitely don't buy from brands that sell in China, but I do buy from brands whose parent companies test. I'm fairly new to buying cruelty-free, and it was my way of easing into the transition. I could see myself, however, switching to only CF brands who don't have parent companies that test. It's mostly about being able to find substitutes to the things I use regularly. Also, does anyone know of a good CF dupe for the Clinique Moisturizing Gel?
KaroDance (2 months ago)
I like to be 100% sure the product is vegan and cruelty free. I do not like to support companies which are doing more harm than good, I just do not feel like myself doing that... . I would love to see super juicy tutorial lol cant wait! Lots of ❤️ from Manchester uk xxx
Karma International (2 months ago)
When it comes to parent companies, I dont see how eating a vegan option from a restaurant that serves meat, or even shopping at stores like Sephora that carry both animal tested and CF brands is any different than buying a CF brand whose parent company tests. To me what's important is just knowing that what I'm putting on my face hasn't been tested on an animal because that doesn't make me feel pretty. But that's just me 😊
Rhian HY (2 months ago)
I think thats a totally valid stance! Thanks for sharing x
Luz Villegas (2 months ago)
yec (2 months ago)
Where did you get your mirror??
Rhian HY (2 months ago)
Rena (2 months ago)
I love that I Think I Love you palette! Would you mind sharing all of the colors you used here? I never get a result this good when I use this, but it is clearly user error. :)
R a l i n n a (2 months ago)
Omg YES PLEASE do the juicy face video! ♥️😭♥️
Samantha Price (2 months ago)
Couldn’t agree more about Covergirl needing to get approved by Logical Harmony. Then I feel confident to purchase.
Tashina Combs (2 months ago)
Thank you for the support!
Raven Wolfe (2 months ago)
Thank you for sharing the information about "cruelty free." I did not know it was unregulated--like so many other things. :'( Thank you SO much for being a kind, caring human with integrity. I appreciate it enormously! <3
yay4ea (2 months ago)
Wow love the new art you had at the end of this video. You look bomb af also maybe something to consider.. I remember seeing a few of my fave youtubers doing like a radom color challenge. Jkissa Mariah Leonard and Alissa Ashley have vids on this. But I really liked this idea because I feel like it kinda forces you to get out of your comfort zone and they all came out with these really cool creative looks. I would love to see what you come up with😃
yay4ea (2 months ago)
Also I only buy from brands that dont have parent company that tests. I just dont want to give them my business because I feel indirectly i am also giving my business to the Parent company. I have purchased from companies that are on the pending list on LH
Holly Bagley (2 months ago)
I always love your video's! Please do a skin tutorial, that would be wonderful! You are such a joy to watch and so lovely! Love you Rhian!😊😘💄
Karen Luisa Smith (2 months ago)
First, I've gone CF with all makeup, skin care, shower products, shampoo, etc. plus home cleaning, and I try really hard to NOT buy anything from a company that says they're CF but the parent company is not CF. It's so much easier these days to figure that all out than it was even a few years ago and, for me, that's mainly because of you and Tashina. So, THANK YOU! Second, I'm glad you're taking a break and I certainly don't want you to stress over uploading schedules, etc. Your vids are worth waiting for. Third, you do seem happier and that makes me happy. I myself have had some medication changes recently and that's made a huge difference in all areas of my life - I sleep better, I'm less anxious, which then gives me creative energy and confidence. Next is to add yoga back into the mix. Bright blessings to you always, Rhian!
Samantha Price (2 months ago)
Karen Luisa Smith Amelia Vercoe Tashina has a video on the parent company issue. This past year she changed her stance on the parent company issue for this reason. I totally agree to buy to show the parent company what’s important. It’s worth checking out her video on it. Overall though it’s great you’re Cruelty free.
Gerda Sebestyén (2 months ago)
I don't buy a product from a brand if their parent company still tests on animals. Must be 100% cruelty-free! But I do believe that both Dove and Covergirl coming out as cruelty-free is a huge step forward.
Liz Ferguson (2 months ago)
I agree it is wise to wait to talk about brands that "might" be CF. AND I think that Logical Harmony does such a thorough job checking out the facts and wading through the jargon from companies that they are my prime resource for CF info. I have a suggestion for a video idea - how about doing a video where you show how to fix make up mistakes. For example - what is the best way to get those pesky smudges off your eyelids from mascara without ruining your eye shadow? Or what is the best method to tame down your blush or bronzer if you have put on too much?
Cris Diaz (2 months ago)
Love the makeup look. Lovely per the usual. 😘😘😘 Have a lovely day. 💕💕💕
Jennie Fajman (2 months ago)
Good morning! I don’t mind purchasing from a parent company that tests on animals. The way I see it, by purchasing cruelty free products from a non-cruelty free parent company you are letting them know you appreciate the cruelty free brands they do offer. It’s like going to the grocery store...I’m not going to stop shopping there because they have a meat market. I would purchase vegan/vegetarian options. That’s telling the store what is important to me. I hope this makes sense. 😄
Monika Webb (2 months ago)
Great explanation! I agree!
Samantha Price (2 months ago)
Jennie Fajman totally agree!! Tashina from logical harmony changed her view on this this past year as well :)
Anaïs • (2 months ago)
Amazing look, I love it you’re gorgeous! 😘😍 Just like you I always wait for Logical Harmony validation to be sure whether a brand is truly cruelty free or not. I found it quite upsetting that some brands “lie” about their cf certification it’s not something you can joke about and it’s really important for us! I hope that in the future brands will be more serious about it. It can be so confusing at times! Even if it’s your job you surely have the right to take a break if you feel like it the most important for us to know is that you’re okay and that you do what you think is the best for you! Anyway, I’d like to see a kind of very green look (green like fake grass, it’s the only example I have in mind 😂) I loved the purple look SO MUCH (that I had to share it on my instagram story) it was just sooooo beautiful! 😍 Much love Rhian! It always makes me happy to watch your video! ❤️
Jamie Nicole (2 months ago)
Love this look so much!!! Love the base!!!
Alexis Dimond (2 months ago)
I’d like to see a yellow look!
Jen H (2 months ago)
Yeah, I still don’t know if I trust Covergirl and Dove so I’ll probably stay away from them for the time being. It’s kind of like how Method says they’re cruelty free, but they test on Daphnia and how it depends on what yours and your lawmakers definition of an “animal” is, despite them belonging to the Kingdom animalia. I have stopped using Method. It’s hazy! It’s also opinions. Like, people saying you vote with your money. Maybe if parent companies see the majority of people only buying from their cruelty free brands, they may start to change their policies. However, you may still be funding cruelty in general. Idk! It’s also about greed and unfortunately money makes a lot of people’s worlds go round and that includes lying to the public. It’s a difficult choice to make. Ps, love this video and your makeup always looks so amazing. I have yet to find a makeup wipe that I like so maybe I’ll give that Pixie one a try. 😍
Jen H (2 months ago)
Kylie Not sure if this comment was meant for me or Rhian, but being in the US, I can’t comment on what’s available to you in the UK. Have you seen Mrs Meyers products at all? I love their seasonal scents. Bit pricier like Method, but I find I enjoy it much more than Method. Or, you can always make your own hand washes and it’s super easy and cheaper.
Kylie (2 months ago)
Ahhhhhhh I didn't know this about Method. What a bummer. Do you know of any better, gentle/natural home cleaning stufff in the UK?
Jill Schwartz (2 months ago)
Hi Rhian! Love your videos as usual! What was the eyeliner you used? I didn’t see it in the description but maybe I overlooked it.. thank you 😊
Jessica Bowen (2 months ago)
Please do a pamper routine
dnakranda (2 months ago)
I love grwm👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Amelia Vercoe (2 months ago)
So I like you use Tashina’s list as my go to for all things vegan and cruelty free😊 I try and stay away from companies who have parent companies that aren’t cruelty free because I want to support the ones that might be out on their own doing a thing. I will say my skin is a pain and I have had to resort to some cruelty free foundations who’s parent companies are not. I really want to try color pops foundation but I’m on the dry side and not sure it’ll be a good fit.
Samantha Price (2 months ago)
Amelia Vercoe Tashina has a video on the parent company issue. This past year she changed her stance on the parent company issue for this reason. I totally agree to buy to show the parent company what’s important. It’s worth checking out her video on it. Overall though it’s great you’re Cruelty free.
Emilija Angelovska (2 months ago)
Hey Rhian! I was wondering if you could address the rumors around Better Health? I don't know too much about it, I've just heard some things, but as someone that promotes them, I think maybe you can tell us where you stand on the issue?
Rhian HY (2 months ago)
I didn't take your question that way at all! As always i think everyone should do what they feel comfortable with after their own research <3
Emilija Angelovska (2 months ago)
+Rhian HY thank you 😊 I wasn't trying to attack you in any way. I was just so surprised that I heard out of nowhere about them being a scam! The only way I know about them is through you, so I thought I would see if you heard about the claims and what your opinions were.
Rhian HY (2 months ago)
I've yet to have anyone actually explain to me what their specific concerns with BH are... only comments attacking me who won't elaborate on what "scam" they're referring to. So... with just guessing from the limited stuff i've seen drama channels- the "issue" of them not verifying therapists/ being a scam stems from a generic release of liability (a pretty common one at that) that was included in their FAQ which some people interpreted to mean they weren't verifying their counsellors. This was not the case, just legal talk and BH have now gone out of their way to update their FAQ language and you can see the qualifications of each therapist if you hover over their image. Its my understanding that the vetting process of therapists takes 4-5 weeks and only 15% of the therapists who apply are accepted by BH. There were also people unhappy that youtubers working with BH were "profiting from people being unwell"; personally i think thats an unfortunate way to look at it but at the same time you could say that about most of the healthcare industry (thats a topic of its own). As someone who has created (and continues to create) plenty of unsponsored mental health content, is involved in creating awareness in other ways and ALWAYS discloses if something IS sponsored, i'm more than happy for people not to use my links and just stay for the content OR by-pass my link and still use the service/ buy the product. That said- IF a service is a good fit for my channel, a viewer finds it helpful AND their sponsorship allows me to put more time into creating that content... THIS is why i work with them. Past that, i haven't entertained the more aggressive comments i've had related to it because ultimately i'm not going to have any part in potentially putting someone off from getting the help they might need regardless of any relationship i have with a company or service. I know MANY of my subscribers have used and loved the service and continue to and I am seeing how this pans out before working on any more sponsorships with them. If there are further concerns i'm happy to bring it up with them! I hope this helps explain my thoughts on it all x
kokaiju (2 months ago)
That contour smiley face on your nose though! <3
Michaela (2 months ago)
I LOVED the purple look. You should do red and green next!😍
Nicole Lori (2 months ago)
Yes! Juicy skin tutorial!!!
Nic Guindon (2 months ago)
When I first found you and Tashina and was beginning my cruelty free journey, I didn’t use products that had parent companies that tested. I watched a few different videos from other creators about why they use those products and found that they had very valid reasons. Those reasons are that if we put our money towards the companies that are CF rather than their parent company products, hopefully they’ll see where the money is actually going. It’s also very difficult because the fully CF companies are mostly all in the US and it can get quite expensive ordering from the US cause our 🇨🇦dollar sucks and paying duty can make the products SUPER expensive. 😔 I do; however, wait until Tashina places the product on Logical Harmony before I buy it! I have the list on my phone and I check it all the time! I love the work she and Justin are doing! 💜💜 #comeoncovergirl
Amanda Powers (2 months ago)
I was just thinking "I wonder what Rhian would use for concealer these days??" Love these videos & happy to hear you're feeling more human Lots of love!!!
Melanie (2 months ago)
I really hope that Covergirl and Dove are fully cruelty free. That would be a huge step in the right direction and it would send a very loud message to the big players in the industry! I've heard that Unilever, Dove's parent company went cruelty free and I really hope that we find out that it's 100% true! And if this is real, it's about fucking time! lol
Melanie (2 months ago)
+Tashina Combs I just DON'T understand what the hold up is with some of these companies! It's almost 2019, get a move on! UGH, it pisses me off to NO end! I'm so glad that there are so many more options now, and they will be the ones who get my coins! There is no need to test on animals and these barbaric laws and practices need to change. End rant.
Susanna Powers (2 months ago)
Oh wow, I didn’t hear anything about Dove becoming cruelty-free? I’ll have to read up some on that.
erin roth (2 months ago)
That is definitely a step in the right direction. I grew up using Unilever products, and I would love to be able to use them again someday.
Tashina Combs (2 months ago)
They didn't go cruelty-free, but Unilever has partnered with Humane Society International to work on alternatives to animal testing. It's still pretty rad!
erin roth (2 months ago)
Seriously though! That would be amazing
Nikki Kelly (2 months ago)
If you’re looking for that juicy skin inspiration Lisa Elderidge recently posted a glass skin video that was really informative. Her technique is always amazing
Lucy O (2 months ago)
Juicy!! And heck yeah, branching out and trying new things is the best :D
Simone Clarke (2 months ago)
I am just a newbie in regards to using cruelty free makeup and skin care products! Both you and Stephanie Lange have inspired me to make the change. I love all your videos and have been binge watching, thank you for inspiring me 💕💕💕💕
Viviana Garcia (2 months ago)
Hi 😁I buy only vegan products and do not buy if parent company isn't cruelty free. However, recently I have started thinking maybe I should so that those parent companies can see that money is coming in from their cruelty free companies. Just an internal thought I haven't really decided on yet. Also, I don't buy anything without it being approved by logcalharmony😊!! Their cruelty free list is bookmarked on my computer and phone! Tashina and Justin are amazing and really work hard to provide us the best information!
Alicia Latour (2 months ago)
that's exactly what i do girl ! i still buy cruelty-free companies even if their parent company tests because i want them to see that cruelty-free is in ! and cruelty-free is what the people want. supply and demand.
Samantha Price (2 months ago)
Viviana Garcia Tashina has a video on this. This past year she changed her stance on the parent company issue for this reason. I totally agree to buy to show the parent company what’s important. You may want to check it out to get all the info to help your decision.
Kylie (2 months ago)
I think Tashina does a phenomenal job, and if I lived in the US she would be my BIBLE. I have the LH list open on my phone/computer at all times, but I don't expect her to know the CF status of brands in Australia/New Zealand (where I'm from) or Europe (where I live) so I do have to lean on other resources, because I also take into account things like air miles (how far a product has had to travel to get to me) and do like to buy locally available things. I try to be aware of if a brand has parent company that tests, but there are some things I haven't been able to replace yet, mostly due to allergies.. But one by one my products are slowly becoming kinder. I have just moved to the UK if you have suggestions for UK based cf/vegan channels I'd be really interested in their takes, especially on local products. I am so confused walking into Boots!!! So many unfamiliar brands!
Emily G Madden (2 months ago)
Evening Kylie! UK dweller too. I've been following Kiera Rose for a long time, she is cruelty free and vegan. I do not trust Boots now I have been cruelty free for 2 or so years, I find them really flaky and confusing too! I think superdrug is better, but they are waiting for LH approval with Body Shops parent company, which I also use. I'm using both based on Cf International's list but I want them to get on LH so we have the security of knowing 100% they are cruelty free lol. Would love to be in america so we didn't have so much limbo on if stuff of CF or not! xx
olivia clement (2 months ago)
Please do a teal/turquoise look 💕
Alexandria Owens (2 months ago)
Gooo morning :) I think the cruelty free/vegan thing can be difficult becaus it is hard to decide who to support. I agree that you don't want your money funding a parent company that is crap, but at the same time I want to support parts of a company doing the right thing because how else will they know that we would buy their products if they were vegan and cruelty free! I've been vegan for bout 10 years, so for me it has to be cruelty free AND vegan for me to purchase, for sure! I just wish I had the spending power to test out makeup lines that aren't as budget friendly! Rhian, you are awesome. I would love to see a green eye look...
terlyndrive (2 months ago)
Hey toots! The one thing with like cruelty free stuff. I'm pretty good about doing research and such. But the one thing I try really hard to avoid is when "fragrance" or "parfum" is an ingredient. Because most of those companies just use a bought fragrance that don't monitor where it came from. So like unless it has a ** to it saying 100% essential oils or whatnot, or it doesn't give that clarification, I try to avoid fragrance ingredient items. There's so many hidden chemicals and toxins hidden in fragrance that it's.... It's just scary! Definitely something to look out for.
Brooke Buffington (2 months ago)
what was the cream u contoured with first? I tried to find out in the description, but still not sure .. also, do you recommend the elf glow lotion? do u enjoy it?
Sarah C (2 months ago)
Oh my goodness I adore those purple looks! I’ve been loving dark green and yellow lately, and they are super bold and exciting to play with in makeup - I’d definitely recommend! Personally when I look for ethical companies I am very concerned about their environmental impact and if their packaging can be recycled/composted effectively. It’s also important to see if they treat their workers fairly etc.
Paola Cevallos (2 months ago)
That intro was so cute! 😆
xoxkassey (2 months ago)
Already not even a minute and I had to pause to say YOUR SO CUTE RHIAN 💕
Reiko Yuki (2 months ago)
I loved your purple look on instagram! I wanna see blue look, or not boring brown look please!
Leah V (2 months ago)
I do not buy cruelty free items. They have to be strictly vegan for me to purchase them. In my opinion, the brand or items are not completely cruelty free if they contain animal products!
Christina 🖊📖 (2 months ago)
Love seeing your videos. I myself am not Vegan, but I enjoy watching your videos to see what products are Cruelty Free both drugstore and higher end.
Amber Meyer (2 months ago)
I don't mind a different schedule. As long you let us know the videos been posted and believe in the content that's all that matters.
Marla Robinson (2 months ago)

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