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Gallery Bonsai tree: Tedy Boy Artist - Styles, shapes and forms, Before and After

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Tedy Boy is Bonsai Artist, lives in Bandung, West Java - INDONESIA Programs Offered: - Teaching, Mentoring, Shaping Consultation, Workshop, Demonstration and Lecture - Let the World Know You, Your Collections and also Your Nursery or Company - Bonsaitainment Hobbies : Drawing, Music, Computer and Bonsai Started in Bonsai Hobby: December 2000 "Bonsai is EASY, SIMPLE and have a lot of FUN It doesn't matter who you are, how much money you have, how smart or stupid you are. It feels like you play with YOUR LITTLE TOY or what ever that makes you HAPPY." - Tedy Boy Subscribe: http://bit.ly/BonsaiLovers_sub
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Text Comments (6)
Tai Nguyen Pham (1 year ago)
felipe novaes (1 year ago)
sandhya kodukula (1 year ago)
Please show a demo with newly collected material....
JC Fox (1 year ago)
hello Tedy Boy!! nice video, awesome music and beautiful trees, you Rock!!
Patti K (1 year ago)
DITTO! nicely said.
Frank Wilson (1 year ago)
there is no denying his talent. is there anything that shows what he can do with a newly collected or a nursery stock material? I am new to the art of bonsai and I would like to see how to properly start. specifically, I cannot seem to get the foliage to look like it should. thanks for the awesome video

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