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Girls Dancing on Planes (Vintage footage)

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Above Rio~
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StneCldKilla (9 months ago)
Obviously not real lol
Vince Pi (14 days ago)
of course its real what are you talking about
Lolou Hussey (1 year ago)
Is that Fred Astaire in the background?
V G (8 months ago)
Yes. His 2nd movie. Flying down to rio
Stev op62 (1 year ago)
Those Were The Freaking DAYS !! Woman Had Total Balls And Loved IT !
V G (8 months ago)
V G This was done in a soundstage for the movie flying down to Rio. It’s not even remotely real.
Cheeky Monkey (2 years ago)
Eric Perron (4 years ago)
Hein ?

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