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How to Bonsai- Changing Tree Style

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In this video I show how I study and change a tree from either pre-bonsai or restyle a finished bonsai into a different bonsai style
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DEploribus Unum (2 months ago)
Can't wait to see how this one is doing.
First Name (8 months ago)
The roots look like a baby laying down
sandhya kodukula (1 year ago)
I really liked the way you shaped it.. You completely changed the style... Nice... Thank you..I am from India... and have some bonsai trees.....
John Scholten (2 years ago)
I understand the idea of looking like a tree in nature but does it need to look the type of tree it is in nature? Just curious, my thought is no, because why not!
OrlandoBonsaiTV (2 years ago)
John Scholten I totally agree. Bonsai is art and you can do whatever you want. Nature inspires
Kevin Blaz (3 years ago)
How do I change a cascading into a informal upright?
OrlandoBonsaiTV (3 years ago)
+Kevin Blaz You might be able to grow a new leader branch that will take the tree upwards or try repotting the tree at a different angle in the pot to see if you can change it from cascade to more of an upright shape
Vaughn Golden (4 years ago)
Can you share some pics or this tree now? :-)
OrlandoBonsaiTV (5 years ago)
I have too many trees so I don't usually propogate from cutting from a styling like this. I'm glad you're viewing and enjoying the vidoes
Texmex chilly (5 years ago)
OrlandoBonsaiTV (6 years ago)
Thank you for the comments. I really do try to speak slower but it's really hard for me sometimes because there is so much information to cover.
Yummy Creazioni (6 years ago)
Thanks for your very, very nice videos! Jeez great job with that bonsai... I am sure that the owner will love you forever ^.^ Ohhh, was almost forgeting... thanks, for slowing down with the speaking, as I am an Italian lady makes me the understanding alot easier ^.-
MrTRAGICxBLADE95 (6 years ago)
what tree would you recomend for a first tree for me to do. i also live in kansas
OrlandoBonsaiTV (6 years ago)
The tree is a Ficus Nerifolia
OrlandoBonsaiTV (6 years ago)
You can do a Japanese Red Maple as a bonsai, but I can't its too hot for them to grow in Orlando Florida
cespedes andrew (6 years ago)
can you do a japanese red maple ?????
OrlandoBonsaiTV (6 years ago)
@nowwatchmework2011 Yes if I would have cut it it would produce new growth at the loaction o fthe cut. However with Ficus it will produce new gorwth all up that branch whether I cut it or not
OrlandoBonsaiTV (7 years ago)
@mw2ak47pro Light bulbs come in various types. The ones made for indoor plants are called wide spectrum because they provide other colors along with the white colored bulbs. Different wavelengths of the light react differently with the plats to help provide food production
Paul Wakeling (7 years ago)
one thing i love your vids but when you keep turning your head the sound keeps changing its much louder and clearer when you keep your head toward the bonsai....
OrlandoBonsaiTV (7 years ago)
@NJINSPTR Thanks! More videos to come
NJINSPTR (7 years ago)
I love your series on you tube I hope you have more coming soon
OrlandoBonsaiTV (7 years ago)
@ravl1010 Rotating the would help to at least balance the tree out. However you may want to simply place a grow light bulb about or around the tree. With maybe 6-8 hours of light it should provide enough light for the tree to produce healthier leaves closer to the trunk to help you develop it into a better looking bonsai. Nothing more than a wide spectrum light build should do it for you
Rene Vergara (7 years ago)
thank you for all your videos. I have a small ficus that I have been keeping indoors and the new growth has been chasing the light from the window while the leaves that don't get the direct light go yellow and die so the tree is not growing according to the shape I want. Should I rotate it once in a while? Move it further away from the window so no one side gets direct sunlight? Re-style it once in a while?
OrlandoBonsaiTV (7 years ago)
@PugDiary Thats the best approach and I pretty much had done that in my mind as to what I was going to do with this tree. It was more for demo purposes.
Kai Chong (7 years ago)
I usually repot + figure out the new position prior to trimming..
mclogan3737 (7 years ago)
thank you for the input. I was thinking about that, but thought I would ask someone a little more experienced. I started it two weeks ago so hopefully it will work out.
christefer1 (7 years ago)
Win do you take the wire off the tree
OrlandoBonsaiTV (7 years ago)
@mclogan3737 I would estimate somewhere between 1 to 1 1/2 months. Its getting a littl elate in the season so I'd do that sooner than later.
mclogan3737 (7 years ago)
@mclogan3737 btw I live south of sarasota, fl
mclogan3737 (7 years ago)
Love the restyling. I have a question about a different ficus. I am currently trying to airlayer a benjamina that my parents planted in their yard. I probably could have cut it off and treated like a cutting but I thought it would be good practice to air layer. How long do you think it should take before I seperate the tree? I know that is kind of like asking how long to leave wire on. The obvious answer is until there are a fair amount of roots. Just wondering if you could give a guess.
Jose Vega (7 years ago)
another excellent video,great work. thank you very much
David Schaible (7 years ago)
can you do a video on a ficus bonsai ,like the kind you would buy at like walmart the ones with the giant root buldge
MrWthisthis100 (7 years ago)
nice video! :D

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