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Text Comments (7259)
J X N X _ (1 day ago)
chevre a la pomme
Jafer Rizvi (1 day ago)
what song is at 15:00
STIKZY (23 hours ago)
Darude - standstorm
U4Eye (1 day ago)
Who scrolls down the comments when the video is on or just me?😂🧐
Vera Nilce (1 day ago)
Os life hacks nao facilitam a vida de ninguem! #lifehackéumamerda
Atriazz (1 day ago)
Joyca? 😁
Hugo Hultberg (2 days ago)
That was the worst life hack video
Hey_itzme Jill (2 days ago)
Me: *questions the whole time why every thumbnail for each hack has hot glue* ... “ *is there such thing as a hot glue fetish mom?* “
mauro orlando (2 days ago)
snehal sadanshiv (3 days ago)
Best of vest
Mind of Marz (4 days ago)
All I am going to say is I have a report tommorow. It is currently 2:40 AM
#Gamerbro 22 (4 days ago)
100% NO CLICKBAIT 100% TRUE QUALITY ... (ㆆ_ㆆ)(-‸ლ)
PETRovich975 (4 days ago)
пиздец... кто из России лайк
CosmicPinkk (4 days ago)
my absolute favorite is 2:40. why? because, straw potato. duh. no explanation. just straw potato.
Today I’m Doing (5 days ago)
who else wonders what the house looks like with all these hacks
Tim Tim paul (6 days ago)
Killed a plant good job
Tim Tim paul (6 days ago)
Why is my stove making noises
Hero • (6 days ago)
I have decided to watch this video and go commit suicide.
Viilet Colwill (6 days ago)
put a thumbs up if you tried it and it worked
Viilet Colwill (6 days ago)
put a thumbs up if you tried it and it did not work.
Oz369car Prendi (6 days ago)
Why do you need to put a straw in a potato
Sparty99 (6 days ago)
0:40 : Perfectly roasted and juicy, that’s what she said 😏😂
Your probably one of the best commenters I’ve ever seen
Division 1221 (6 days ago)
So fake it’s unbelievable
Tom Skoglund (7 days ago)
Jogify Wavy (8 days ago)
5 minute crafts: BEST LIFE HACKS EVER! Me: why in the world would you need to do that
Jogify Wavy (6 days ago)
+Viilet Colwill how
Viilet Colwill (6 days ago)
Because maybe some people like it!
Victor Finatto Soares (8 days ago)
yes 5 minute crafts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
prite sharma (9 days ago)
You like chicken I also like it
Stern Man (9 days ago)
My question is why are you sticking a straw in a potato?
26:45 BEST PART!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!
Viilet Colwill (6 days ago)
thats great!
GrilledCheese44 (9 days ago)
ATTENTION 5-MINUTE CRAFTS: your cat is very chumby
GrilledCheese44 (6 days ago)
+Viilet Colwill yes it is
Viilet Colwill (6 days ago)
that is not a nice thing to say!
Sana Azeem (9 days ago)
I idd
Momina Hassan (9 days ago)
ChocoTacoJR PUBGM (10 days ago)
24:57 dinner is served Child: mmmmm a cloth flower for breakfast Mother: don't forget to have your microwavable jeans
Hazel O'DONNELL (10 days ago)
Omg the Satisfaction
electro legend (10 days ago)
Well that was a waste of time and bottles
tales goulart (10 days ago)
Good video! I'm liked and share 700 times :D
philip stoltenborg (10 days ago)
Viilet Colwill (6 days ago)
I don`t like it as well.
alexandru Rusu (11 days ago)
cine e roman sa dea like la comm meu
Rebecca Smith (11 days ago)
Sometimes with splinters you can just swoosh it around on warm water
Fayizaazad Fayizaazad (12 days ago)
Don't repeat the same 🙅
👏👏👏 Good job lol
Yigitalp Comez (13 days ago)
Gudy fuwhw
Yigitalp Comez (13 days ago)
Brutalt K.cykel
Elijah Tompkins (13 days ago)
False not 5 minutes
Viilet Colwill (6 days ago)
I think it is buddy. My name is Violet, like the flower...Bye.
Herobrine Gaming (14 days ago)
7:52 so dose anybody thing that the hot glue will burn the plastic wrap and then ur phone???
Viilet Colwill (6 days ago)
I think so.
Colette Armstrong (10 days ago)
Bikershop Bandung (14 days ago)
di tato sampe tubuh tubuhnya yaalah
ZazziC (15 days ago)
Gucci Gane (15 days ago)
5 min craft is the best 😊😊😊
puppys 4life (16 days ago)
Why do I always think I am like one of the most smart ppl on earth when I don't even think of these hacks??!!
Amaka Ebubedike (17 days ago)
Who else thins that they use to much hot glue guns give a like if u agree
Amaka Ebubedike (17 days ago)
Who watches it but never act does them give a like if that u 🤛👻👻👱😎🇧🇷😜😜😜😜
Dabbo Dabbo (17 days ago)
Chuuuuuuuuutttttttiiiiiiiyyyyyyyyaaaaa ideas louda video teri aisi ki tehsi behenchod video maker
General daedae (18 days ago)
in 16:48 going on you can clearly see that the brah she made out of under-were in-the strap is clearly diffrent and its fake i think they buy it at the store and find soothing like it and copy the dezine and try to cheat it out
Denzel Gaming (18 days ago)
what's the difference between this and troom troom?
Default With Rage (19 days ago)
43:33 wait, am I watching a video in a video?
GameGenie216 (19 days ago)
Did not help with anything
Sajjad Ahmed (19 days ago)
Warning don't ever try the magnet one it can mess up ur battery and touchscreen
crianças e diversão (19 days ago)
cohen lewis (19 days ago)
your channel is trash
XxLazyPotatoxX (20 days ago)
99 percent of the comments: Who always watches but never tries? 1 percent: THIS IS ???? LIKE ME ME MEMEMEM I WANT LIKES
Succ Dragon (20 days ago)
Nice I’ll always remember to stick a bottle of Heineken in a chickens rear end
GameGenie216 (19 days ago)
Ramu Ramu (21 days ago)
I also do
Mélinouche bidou (22 days ago)
Nul nul nul vos idées pue du cul
Lucas 352 (22 days ago)
Caden Wesley (25 days ago)
How many people are watching this in 2019
Typical Noob (25 days ago)
Who puts a straw in a potato?? That’s a life hack how? Someone explain to me
9anat Labib (25 days ago)
Réparation connecteur Grand prime plus | إصلاح هاتف :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AOlGjHjzT8
Ava Polak (26 days ago)
Why do I need to stick a straw in a potato??????
Youtube Tv (24 days ago)
Michael Waters (26 days ago)
Who always rushes this but never tries it..
sincerely family (27 days ago)
Hi Mom
TheWolfYT (27 days ago)
quina puta merda xd
Blaz Potisk (27 days ago)
Mr Petty (28 days ago)
Who watches this high af
Terka roblox (28 days ago)
Mr Petty (28 days ago)
Please ladies if your able to make the shirt at 17:17 please THAT is sexy
Believe In it (28 days ago)
Why would you ever use a battery on your phone screen. Also it scratches your phone
Caden Wesley (25 days ago)
Vasif Memmedov (28 days ago)
off həmin seylər
Vasif Memmedov (28 days ago)
heç buna azərbaycanlılar baxmır???ana mən baxıram və 5minute craftsı sevirəm😗😚
Bonnie Boy (29 days ago)
6:57 does not work
Morgan Redenbaugh (1 month ago)
I did the charger around the spray bottle ......my charger melted ! 😠😈😧😈😠😡😡😠😴😡😴😠😈
Morgan Redenbaugh (1 month ago)
I did the opening b cokecola bottle with teeth and lost a baby tooth!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😈😈😈😈😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Mirtha Ynca Chauca (1 month ago)
El del abridor de latas con un papel es una farsa lo intentamos y no funcionó
Y si hablaras castellano??
Chris Sather (1 month ago)
why the frick did i just watch this entire video
william kl (1 month ago)
I only watch 5-Minute Crafts for the Music
ikbal mahmud (1 month ago)
very nice video
Jasmine Thunderhawk (1 month ago)
6:55 I have that phone
isaiah matafeo (1 month ago)
Penelope Being stupid (1 month ago)
Of course the one video that isn’t vertical has 20 million views. WOW
SCHEILA VANEZA (1 month ago)
Eu acho que vou bebe água pera aí
SCHEILA VANEZA (1 month ago)
1 hora mais bem gastas da Minha vida(só que não)
Aaron Hansen (1 month ago)
smiłe. kyndal (1 month ago)
18:09 got me dieing
Gabriela Balestrieri (1 month ago)
Jacob’s World (1 month ago)
2:40 who needs to put a straw in a patato
Amin Hercegovac (1 month ago)
NVG_JOE (1 month ago)
I love these life hacks I will use them almost every day
Katia Vastiau (1 month ago)
Lorena Perrone (1 month ago)
recomiendo canal ( more poli )
LifeStrife (1 month ago)
helpfull video sir, hope my video are helpfull too!!

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