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English Ver. 「Magic Mirror / 魔法の鏡」英語で歌ってみた ✿ham「●ω●」

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✢ Because nothing lasts forever ✢ Support this on NND! http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm25228710 Update: I know that a bunch of you want to hear Mirror's Magic from me, but unfortunately there is no off vocal for the song!! I already have the lyrics done and am ready to record so.... If anyone finds an off vocal please let me know and I will make the cover promptly!! :D ✢✢✢✢✢ Donate: http://www.patreon.com/feedtheham Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ham/157805584367930?ref=hl Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/hamxham Tumblr: https://hamface101.tumblr.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/hampotato1 Lyrics (no need to ask! Just credit + vid response): http://bit.ly/13RK9Hk HQ mp3 (with fixes!): https://www.box.com/s/gv8fwl25zvoj3qjq2jml Alternate Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?h9ballmubb0bi9l ✢✢✢✢✢ Wheww, it's been a while since my last upload hasn't it? For some reason, my voice still feels icky and such, but I decided I really needed to do something. So, (after attempted many other songs) I finally settled on this one. The animation is absolutely beautiful and I really have a thing for these fairytale-type songs. It's been a while since I've seen one about mirrored worlds. I... - first heard this song on Friday - wrote the lyrics on Saturday - recorded on Sunday - finished recording Monday, mixed, subbed, and rendered - accidentally fell asleep when rendering - re-attempted this mix today, raged at it, re-rendered, and uploaded. I really gotta figure out how to mix sobs ; v ; Also for some reason, I didn't realize that this song was high when I first started it... haha...ha. [3/9/2013 6:11:14 PM] bhhbubhb: omg ham does all the rin x len songs is that a challenge? because i'll accept it B) Huge apologies to people I have ongoing collabs with... urp... //bricksselfOTL Thank you for watching! ✢✢✢✢✢ Song: Magical Mirror Composer: HitoshizukuP Music: HitoshizukuP x Yama△ (ひとしずく×やま△) Video: Tama (たま English Lyrics & cover: ham
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Text Comments (986)
hello there (2 days ago)
Shii -Laments (6 days ago)
A good character song of my twin ocs indeed it is
Lindsey L (17 days ago)
Lovelydrawer (25 days ago)
Seeing this song on youtube again after it being blocked for so long, just made me cry cries of joy God do I miss this song
phoenixblade84 (2 months ago)
So glad this has been unblocked. And now that I'm able to watch it again, I saw something that broke me even more... 4:10 HIS ARM!!!
vaivllieon (3 months ago)
This is available again!
Alexa Lañas (4 months ago)
Where can i find lyrics?
aquasusaki (5 months ago)
Make the second part of this song, Of Len's version .
SuperCraftGirl10 (7 months ago)
What if theres a sequal to this song where it's in the magicians point of view? :00
Crowned cupcake (7 months ago)
There are tears in my eyes this song HUrTs mY HeaRt oUch
Shizzazle (7 months ago)
aaaa watching all your old vids again cos i remember crying and enjoying them so much as a 11 year old. i miss this
McKenna Johnston (7 months ago)
Its finally unblocked!!! I'm so excited I love your version so much!! I wasn't able to view it at all!!
CDCopycat _997 (7 months ago)
Even if it doesn't rhyme IT'S GREAT
Spartan-P (7 months ago)
What?? Is this available for American viewers again? I’ve noticed a lot of songs have become available when previously they were blocked
ishia mae torres (8 months ago)
I love This song yet it really make me cry for some reason
Elmo Espinoza (8 months ago)
Danggit Len always dies!
『 Kantah 』 (9 months ago)
Never knew one song would make me cry my heart out... 😥
-しきP- Shiki (11 months ago)
OK EVERYONE, let's watch Mirror's Magic now for more sadness!
Netic (11 months ago)
Poland here :1 I listened polish cover/japan I dont understand some words but... It's very magic Thank you T-T
Suzume Lucilfer (1 year ago)
Falulu Bokerdole (1 year ago)
Just a little theory of mine: Rin is a lonely girl hiding from a war in an old house. One day, she find the mirror in the back. Instead of her own reflection, she sees the reflection of a boy (Len) who claims to be a magician who can grant countless wishes. Soon, the two children become friends, even though they only see each other in the mirror. Rin is happy she is no longer alone, with Len as her friend and her world of isolation gone. First, she wishes that she could be cured of her illness, so she can walk again, and Len complies. She calls him a generous magician due to the lack of hesitance he shows in granting her wishes. After that, she asks the war raging in her world to be over (if you missed this, see 2:14 to 2:18). Then, she asks to become a princess with a beautiful castle, planning every detail. Len happily grants her wish. Like that, she got everything she wanted. But she was missing one thing: Len, and the happiness she shared we him, so she desperately wished that he would stay with her. But then one day, Len must leave back to his reality and they must part. The magic fades, and Rin’s dreams become, once more, dreams. She is distraught as Len disappears from the mirror. It shatters, because, while their fates were intertwined, they were not meant to cross paths. The image of Len haunts Rin’s memory, the happiness she once felt gone. But they both know, they live on in each other’s memory, forever together, but apart at one time. Rin puts the mirror back together, hoping to see Len one more time. Then, for only a moment, he appears, before truly leaving, the joy they shared fading into distant memories.
Falulu Bokerdole (8 months ago)
ShainCake, Oh, I know. That one made me cry more. I was just imagining a scenario where Len’s version didn’t exist.
ShainCake (10 months ago)
Hannah Jackson There's actually an answer song to this called "Mirror's Magic" which explains everything in case you didn't know :)
chee wei chang (1 year ago)
This is posted when I was 7. Missed that point of time when I was innocent.
I cried
Ada Liu (1 year ago)
Such beautiful music...I become addicted to this song now... LOL
Aimée 935 (1 year ago)
it is pretty and so sad at the and
France W.G. (1 year ago)
going back to this song, I remember how I was such a soft and kind hearted person back then.....I miss me so much, also I relate to Len here except with a little bit more seething hatred. I lost everything TT-TT
Captainu Kiddu (1 year ago)
Magic or money can't happiness ...love does
Aaliyah Angeles (1 year ago)
*claps slowly* Beautiful as always. BTW 46 heartless people disliked this piece of masterpiece
Aaliyah Angeles (1 year ago)
Target: 46 people who disliked this
Aaliyah Angeles (1 year ago)
Can someone please make lyrics for me to copy; paste
Falulu Bokerdole (1 year ago)
This song actually made me cry… I AM WEAK But for some reason, it's the only song that I can cry about
Jenny Ha (1 year ago)
...waiting for love ❤🍀
do have link to dowload this song on zing mp3 ?
Kim Ng (1 year ago)
Rin: I want to be a princess. Me: Oh no DON'T YOU DARE!
Hyuka Blake Ashford (1 year ago)
Going back for nostalgia trip <3
Thế Trung Võ (1 year ago)
Love it so much <3
Sassy Slytherin (1 year ago)
I'm still waiting for mirror's magic even though it's not gonna happen....
Alpha Wolf (1 year ago)
who's singing? r u a girl or boy so confused!
ash. (1 year ago)
Shard's Scrolls (1 year ago)
Mawar Indrawati (1 year ago)
totallyspies01 (1 year ago)
so sad! *sob*
軍曹 (1 year ago)
HappyFormula Art (1 year ago)
can I use your song in my drawing videos, please~😀I will credit you💙💖
Asuna XI (2 years ago)
I watched Len's version and now im tearing up
V. ee (2 years ago)
Asuna XI (2 years ago)
*Yuki Tet (2 years ago)
I found it finally the video that makes me cry like a baby all the time or is there just a invisible ninja cutting onions near my eye???
Vanessa Massola (2 years ago)
Crying? No, just raining in my eyes.
Jade Headley (2 years ago)
I did not request for the feels train 🚅🚅🚅🚅🚅
Asuna XI (2 years ago)
Im a passanger! that didnt even tear up... ik my heart is cold
Hyped Apple (2 years ago)
Too bad. Hi BTW! I'm a ghost! I got hit by the feels train so hard I died .3.
SONGBIRDS (2 years ago)
this made me cry the first time i saw this. now whenever i even hear the intro a set of my feels goes flying out the window😭😭😭
EeveeMelon 999 (2 years ago)
I don't even know what kind of song this is but it is amazing! A friend sent this to me and I'm jut here saying "So are these the vocaloids?..... They're amazing!"
Miyako Vargas (2 years ago)
wow! after i heard the version of len i finally understand why he said that all the things he gave was only a repay... please dont hate me for i didnt find out sooner T^T
ひろやす伊藤 (2 years ago)
レンの声が上手すぎ 惚れた💖(。>д<)
Chanel Zoldyck (2 years ago)
The sound of the mirror shattering is the sound of my heart breaking.
Alexmau gamer (2 years ago)
Awesome and it's makes me cry 💜
Lollypop Sweet (2 years ago)
Is there any anime that has almost the same story ?? Not Fairy Tail☺😊😊I watched it already 😊😊😊😊😎😎😎😎😋😋😘😋😘😋
漬物 Picklerard Way (2 years ago)
Nope.. I'll try to look for an anime
Lollypop Sweet (2 years ago)
This song made me cry so much...😭😭😭😭
benjo sian (2 years ago)
i hate when invisible ninja's are close! and cutting onions TT_TT
Chloe Gicale (2 years ago)
This was one of my first vocaloid songs and now after about 2 years it still gives me so much feels!! I didn't even know what vocalod was back then :')
Luciana Kagamine (2 years ago)
Idk why I cry....
Supergirly Sofia (2 years ago)
So this what people mean when they say that Len is not the male version of Rin, but only Mirror Images
II II (2 years ago)
man... now i want to make a wattpad story about this and len's version. it would be nice.
ReddishP (2 years ago)
How did you cover the song?
Honey-Dew Melon (2 years ago)
no matter how many times I heard this, I had to cry (im even holding back now)
Shindouz Yukino (2 years ago)
Can't these two ever have a happy ending! TOT
Hotaru Tomoe™ (2 years ago)
I cried....
Misly Mallete (2 years ago)
i cant download it😭😖why?!😭😭😭btw thanks to this video i cried a lot😭
Craze Maze (2 years ago)
Why can't I stop playing the restart button over and over again...even now where I am shedding so many tears...I can't get over this song!!!!Help me😭😭😭Please....
Janice Ruth Geronimo (2 years ago)
cmon why always len like..left or die in every vocal song (this song is so sad btw)
Kuroko no basket (2 years ago)
zanelferos garademos (2 years ago)
hermoso sencillamente hermoso
bueaty3656 (2 years ago)
I just realised something. in mirror magic (lens version of the song) he forgets about rin until the mirror appears before him maybe that's because at the end when he asks her to always remember him she does and because everything is opposite in the other side of the mirror that's why he forgets her and is why she is the only person sitting in front of the mirror at the start of this song waiting for him. but when in his version he sees her waiting on this side of the mirror in her poor state he remembers her and so it makes her forget about him since one side is the opposite to the other, so that is why she is sitting there and all her dreams are her past memories when he granted her wishes the last time and so it just keeps going in a never ending cycle.
RaeRae123 (9 months ago)
C. Sky won't that mean that when Len incited a war, the war didn't last too long and Rin's status as a princess also didn't last? Won't that mean that there worlds still remained the same, with Len being happy and Rin being sad, but with differences? I can't imagine a war not changing something in a world.
C. Sky (9 months ago)
bueaty3656 I know this is a VERY late reply, but I noticed that at the end of this song, it says that the "magic" that Len casted didn't last before Len disappeared, so maybe it wasn't a loop after all?
RaeRae123 (11 months ago)
bueaty3656 (2 years ago)
+Tricia Dias aww i haven't watched one piece. i can't bring myself to start because i like starting from the beginning and there are SO MANY EPISODES!!! same with ones like naruto, bleach and gintama
Tricia Dias (2 years ago)
Ok so it's a mystery song (if you watch one piece you will get the reference)
Sylvia Lovett (2 years ago)
This song is so lovely. I daydream a lot and this just made me dream more! I keep on believing I have a prince who is a shadow following me around and waiting for the day we would meet lol but it's all just a dream sadly. I've kissed him the first time we met in a dream haha.
漬物 Picklerard Way (2 years ago)
Let me Cry for a bit lets get mike and len ** crybaby boyfriend version ** here to join the crying party
Jocelyn Wolf (2 years ago)
SONGBIRDS (2 years ago)
it was only at the end when i started to tear up, srsly
Camilla .Tulio (2 years ago)
+SirHamnet Do you mind if I use your cover for a video I'm making from this song? I will be sure to link back to your channel and credit whatever is necessary. I understand if you refuse.
Angel Rose Victoria (2 years ago)
everyone! need help!!! more tissue i need more TISSUE NOT TIN FOIL!!!
Anisa S (2 years ago)
omg this video so sad please like this more and more , i like this voice (^^)/
Arcelie Lotrago (2 years ago)
Shit cries
Yandere Queen (2 years ago)
So cute. Yet so sad....
Rana-Chan (2 years ago)
*sniff* H-hey Len I have a wish!.... I-i wish these tears disappeared before my mom comes and gets mad at me by thinking i brought the pacific ocean to my room! *sniff*
x.Kitty_Katt.x (2 years ago)
Can I use your cover? I'll credit you
Potato Lord (3 years ago)
the feels!!!!
Linde Hnfvd (3 years ago)
So sad
Caitlyn Ramsey (3 years ago)
The kids in this video is the same as the song Witch Hunt made by JubyPhonic. Lol
Human Zim (3 years ago)
Okay can someone link me to the off-vocal and/or the original rin version? Because I can't find a single video for it on Youtube, and I don't want to download them, just stream them...
Human Zim (3 years ago)
I Have No Life (3 years ago)
Who else flinched when the mirror broke?
Ruben Hulsewe (3 years ago)
Am I the only one who got reminded of the Mirror of Erised?
Ruben Hulsewe (3 years ago)
Could you add a download link in the description? Because this cover is just... * can't find words * * explodes *
Charmy Bonsocan (3 years ago)
it's a fairytale come true , i guess. :).
Hatsune Miku (3 years ago)
when I first heard this I was crying and now I'm crying this song is beautiful and I love it
Charlie Bolton (3 years ago)
Goddammit, is there no happy Vocaloid song that I can find?!
Rin Kagamine (3 years ago)
WHY DO WE HAVE ALL THE SAD SONGS???? LIKE LEN, CAN'T WE BE HAPPY FOR ONCE?!? I know we have happy songs, but I've listened to like all the sad songs in like, 2 days.
漬物 Picklerard Way (2 years ago)
But.. I like hitting people in the feels Rin..
Jessica Thai (3 years ago)
This is so sad I am not going to lie l was crying a lot😢😥😰😪😥😥😢😢😭😭😭😪😥😢😰😭
Alexandra Ruth (3 years ago)
Are you planning on doing a cover of Lens part of anyone makes an off-vocal?
DREII (3 years ago)
I FOUND THE CONTINUATION...WELL MORE LIKE LENS PART OF THE STORY!! http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2yv6cw
Travis Knight (3 years ago)
I'm imagining a Len version of the song, where he's the magician. He comes, he grants her wishes, and when he finally has to go, he doesn't want to, and only hopes he can come back someday. I feel like that would hot everybody hard in the feels as well.
CDCopycat _997 (7 months ago)
Fate sucks when magic fades.
Asuna XI (2 years ago)
;; time to go on a hunt for one then, although I'd prefer ur version
Haruka Momori (2 years ago)
There is a video about that, it is Mirror's magic! Look it up!
ASZ - The MoonWalker (2 years ago)
+Travis Knight i saw Len's ver... :( it makes all story even more sad
Hotaru Ichimaru (3 years ago)
+AnimeNeverSleeps I saw it and now i understand... HOW SAD!!!!😫
Lan Kouhai (3 years ago)
tears were shed. hit me right in the feels..
AliceGoneWrong (3 years ago)
This actually got me to cry... Be proud of that...

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