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Mirror Tricks of Magic Shows at the Science and Technology Museum MadaTech -12

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http://www.tiltul.com Mirrors Tricks of Magic Shows at the Science and Technology Museum MadaTech -12 MadaTech Israel National Museum of Science and Technology http://www.madatech.org.il/Pages/Index.aspx?language=English TilTul - Automate the Web. TilTul Automates web sites activation for search, translations, medical science and patents search and much much more...http://www.tiltul.com
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Text Comments (25)
gamoep01 (7 months ago)
2:40 Thumbnail
Redblade (1 year ago)
Why did they not make it big enough for fatso to fit in?
Mikhaila E. (1 year ago)
can someone explain to me in physics terms how this is possible/ how they set it up?
Kevin Clepps (2 years ago)
Matt S (3 years ago)
The lamest exhibit ever. Really really really lame.
Harvey Levene (4 years ago)
Don,t see the point of this , but it looks all very expensive. Where,s the money come from?
Peyote Cowboy (5 years ago)
Dude. These are exhibits at a public museum. The illusions are already out.
Peyote Cowboy (5 years ago)
Plus almost every magic trick is patented. So anybody can look them up if they wanted. If you're a good magician you can reveal the trick and still have people amazed that you could perform it.
Selena C (5 years ago)
David Robinson (5 years ago)
No smart ass
1741Nicholas (5 years ago)
DJ HooDeck (6 years ago)
like it
Iborus Uddo Rae (6 years ago)
Mattia Gabbiani (6 years ago)
If u "make a living" with these 3 things u are the lukyest magician in the world! The rest of us have to do magic tricks/illusion and not this "retarded" things like is sad in the top comment...come on..do u really think that someone don't know how these 3 things works!?!?!? XD
Jasmijn F. (6 years ago)
Nathalie Vitinger (6 years ago)
EDUNEWES (6 years ago)
Please take down this video!!!!, Exposure magic copyrights.
Aimen Ness (6 years ago)
just by watching this my life was destroyed
not bad (obama face)
Khairul Emidin (6 years ago)
davidrobinsonmagic (6 years ago)
Please take this video down. You are revealing tricks of magic. Its how we make a living. Thank You.
isitmike (6 years ago)
Heather Camuglia (6 years ago)
Heather Camuglia (6 years ago)
@oaag123 ur the retarted one her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oaag123 (8 years ago)
this is retarded :\

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