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Bonsai Styles

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Mr. Surla talks about different Bonsai tree styles from single to multiple trunk system. We, PampangaTalents mix in several pictures from other places as well. Styles of Bonsai: Formal Upright; Slanting; Informal upright; Wind Swept; Rock Grown; Root over Rock; Literati; Half Cascade; Forest; Raft Style; Clump Style; Landscape. More Bonsai pictures with style descriptions you will find here: http://www.pampangatalents.com/04_Gallery/Bonsai/index.html
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Text Comments (11)
R T M (4 months ago)
Makabanu pu magbonsai bisa ku pu mabyasa?
Nick Miranda (1 year ago)
good afternoon po sir, baka pwedi pong maki bahagi maski isa lang po, kung nagbebenta po kayo. saan po dto sa pampanga ang location nyo sir?
Miss Chen (1 year ago)
Gusto ko ma toto gumawa nyan..Pano kaya?
Bonsai Talk (1 year ago)
Alot of beautiful tropical/semi-tropical Bonsais.. Nice video, Lets grow Bonsai together!
jaliawalaz jaliawalaz (2 years ago)
sir what is the first thing to make the bonsai tree because sir I cann't able to make ourself bonsai,can you help me ?
mikbonsai (1 year ago)
For quick start results work with a nursery stock plant and make that into a bonsai tree. If you still need the information then there are many examples of this process in videos on my bonsai channel.
Reo Sangilan (4 years ago)
Sir omar anong klasing kahoy ang pweding gwing bonsai thnks po
Saed Hamed (4 years ago)
Thanks sir Omar. very clear presentation. and Pampanga Talents.
Astaroth (4 years ago)
Nice presentation.
rhyss Hafmanftorper (4 years ago)
what species mostly are you using?
noel arcala (4 years ago)
salita ka naman ng tagalog

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