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How to Make Thick Curly Hair Frizz Free

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Thick hair styling tips by Mixed Chicks founder, Kim Etheredge. Your hair can be soft, shiny, and frizz free in just a few easy steps. Even if you don't wear your hair curly, you can use our deep conditioner as a detangler and shine product.
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joe wash (2 years ago)
Isn't that T.O.'s old publicist?
alysiamonet (5 years ago)
ohhh so this is like for white women who have half-black babies...LOL wow
Latisha Mitchell (1 year ago)
D C Thank you!!!! It is for people who have CURLY hair period
; (3 years ago)
or black women who have half black babies
Dev (5 years ago)
Can Mixed Chicks be used on kinky hair too?
Nat D (5 years ago)
Wow you have my hair type but it looks sooooo much better on you. My hair is extremely dry and frizzy and I have A LOT of it. I don't know of any products to use so I usually just put it up in a bun. Thanks for the tips!
KingsMOmmy124 (5 years ago)
What about in the winter. My hair is beautiful when I go to the Dominican ppl to wash n blow it but depending on the weather it frizz and if you have thick mixed curly hair your do is done. Do you have anything to protect from frizz when hair is str8. My hair poofs n starts to curl up
KingsMOmmy124 (5 years ago)
Beautiful women and I bought the conditioner yesterday. I'm Jamaican mixed with east indian from carribean. My mom has that beautiful silky hair but my dad is black American n my hair is mixed so I have that traci ellis, tia n tamera curly hair. Bought the product it really helped define my curls n no frizz. Today my curls are more loose how I like but I still have those soft Shirley temple curls without using gel. ♥it
filmfae (5 years ago)
Cycologist (5 years ago)
I'm a mixed male and my hair is fizzy and tangel up all the time after i wash it i use to put gel in it but i stop even though it worked but i just did like the shine.
w kaaya (6 years ago)
You can get Mixed Chicks at Target now!
w kaaya (6 years ago)
You can use Mixed Chicks straightening serum if you want to go temporarily with a sleek, straight look.
Rika (6 years ago)
thanks you!!! I have been looking for products for my natural coarse hair and I never found one until I found this video which opened me up to ur product mixed chicks!!! I use your product and my hair is great!!! my hair is exactly like urs!!! highly recommend this product
exoticmuneca (6 years ago)
They ship worldwide check their website
Meninabela (6 years ago)
Sounds promising...time to stop wearing my hair straight...and rock my curls! Going shopping today! XD
Lara D (6 years ago)
Where can I get those products? I've tried everything. I'm Mexican with curly frizzy hair and nothing helps :(
TheGremlins (6 years ago)
will this work if my curls are looser but really frizzy and thick?
Vanessa Mareno (6 years ago)
I literally have the same EXACT hair as you. The only thing I don't like about the system is the deep conditioner. I think it may be because I haven't had a haircut in a while, and none the less the leave in still does wonders to my hair. The only thing I don't like though as that even in the shower the mixed chicks DEEP conditioner doesn't comb thru my hair easil.y it's almost like a stuggleperhaps i'm not applying correctly or i'm not laeving it in long enough. whatever the case i need a cut
Nadiya Campbell (6 years ago)
Will mixed chicks work on transitioning hair
MaritzaMarie96 (6 years ago)
Yes that is my hair .. Im multi racial and my mom didnt know how to do my hair now im 16 i wanna learn to do it myself
Mia Arora (6 years ago)
I am south Indian and my hair is a bit less curly, would the product still work for me?
dboom1218 (6 years ago)
wendi looks like JLo
leona henriques (7 years ago)
your video is really descriptive. you show how to work the product thruogh hair. I have to mixed chick girls. and they have 2 x the amount of hair, how can i use product to make less poof? And you final comments regarding hairdresser ( especially Afro ) about combing hair,the father,I have heard it all... I was told by my inlaws, I braid like a white women, and should straighten kids hair,My husband says, NO WAY, All the white hairdressers say to take to a racial(black) salon
LindellFisher (7 years ago)
ive been using mixed chicks for a while now and i live it.. i am biracial white and black and i have very curly hair. I am very happy with the product and i will be ordering more
Rhae Myles (7 years ago)
her hair can be coarse. My hair looks exactly like that when wet but as soon as its dry........you may want to run lol
whiterose077 (7 years ago)
Hey great tips, thanks. but i just want to say my daughter had straight hair until she turned 9 it got puffy frizzy and curly so i put a lot of time into keeping it moisterized and healthy using olive oil conditioners but the bangs are a bit long and they always friz up..
nikki ng (7 years ago)
@mangoful97 If you want your hair to be less thicker or frizz, you should shampoo your hair and then aply Olive oil becauze your hair need moisturaise and then you could aply conditionner. My hair is like yours ;)
LadyDiaw (7 years ago)
@bjedlow you don't have to be biracial inorder to have curly hair.
Meninabela (7 years ago)
Thanks for the advice I really needed that!
BlackBullyJohn (7 years ago)
What else is she putting in her hair? I used this and it makes my hair hard :(
bjedlow (7 years ago)
@FireAndGravity lol there not 100% black .....but i love how my biracial hair is super curly
Brebreo8luv (7 years ago)
Ill have to try this
Bohemian Gem (7 years ago)
Love mixed leave-in conditioner, and the deep conditioner. I have been these products for 2 1/2 years. Now I mix the leave-in conditioner with Shea Moisture enchancing smoothie or Curls in Bottle. They work wonderful together.
Mekeda (7 years ago)
how the hell is her hair course?!?!?!?!?
Drew Mckenzie (7 years ago)
where can i buy these products????!!!???
Mz. T. (7 years ago)
wat is the product
bailey1950 (7 years ago)
Isn't she dating Bobby Brown???
micmic9427 (7 years ago)
I just love your eyes !!! Kind of green or brown .... :D
smerfee20 (7 years ago)
soooooooooooo i know this is kind of off topic but isn't the girl with the blondish brown hair off of love and basketball ? she looks so familiar lol
bubblebath88 (7 years ago)
hair twin! you're doing exactly what i just started doing since going natural…start at the top … do that in between hair thing … phew i'm on the right track!
Tentai Kansoku (7 years ago)
Aiyaa... I need to find this product. I've been going natural for a year and my hair curl is waaaaay tighter than it was when I was 11 @[email protected]
lollyroux (7 years ago)
To all the ladies who are saying "Her hair isn't really coarse"....first of all it's COARSE...not COURSE...and secondly, can you reach through the screen and touch it? Can you magnify it under a microscope and inspect the structure? I'm going to go out on a limb here and surmise that no, you cannot. I think she knows her hair texture a bit better than you do...Coarseness is completely exclusive of volume, thickness or shape of the hair strand...
Lauren Woody (7 years ago)
Her hair REALLY isn't course. In fact, most curly hair is not which is why it tends to be so prone to frizz. Sadly, Mixed Chicks is a terrible product for my very thick mixed hair. It weighs it down terribly, promotes greasiness, and actually creates frizz. I recommend using a mixture of Ouidad products for weightless hold. Mousse also seems to be key. I use Pantene mousse for curls.
FamilyGuyRockz2009 (7 years ago)
@MyInfiniteLove i know!!! i feel like they are just saying that to make me feel better lol
Lala Lewis (7 years ago)
Gr8 tutorial
Reem R. O (8 years ago)
@iGotApple same problem :D i'm egyptian too
Christine Vest Hair (8 years ago)
before i big chopped i tried your leave in conditioner and i LOVED it..but its soo expensive lol..but I might get another bottle while my hair is short so it can last longer..teehehe....and u guys should have a SALE or something sometimes!
Monique W (8 years ago)
@MyInfiniteLove Hell naw I guarantee you I would actually die for that kind of hair. Literally. lol.
SerenaImara (8 years ago)
@BriBri3177 my hair seems to be exactly like your ls amd I live in Canada too I've been living here since I was born I found some nice porducts for hair like ours and there are even better ones then what I use it works perfectly but it is kinda hard to find stuff best thing to do is to go to a salon and ask for help right now I'm experimenting with a new leave in it's called "Paul Mitchell" this is my first time using it I'll tell you how my hair turns out
Bryanna P (8 years ago)
I have hair like yours but even tghter curls ! And i live in a small town in canada (i just moved here ) and their are no black products so i have to straighhten my hair all the time and im trying to let it grow but its really short like before my shoulders short! Please help !
goawaywithmex (8 years ago)
Ahahaha my mum has heard that story SO many times! "You need to use this!" "You need to brush your daughter's hair it's all tangled up!" My hair tangles the moment it starts to dry!
Glowfu (8 years ago)
@Sonorite what do you mean " real black" ?!
Glowfu (8 years ago)
@Sonorite what do you mean real black?!
Laura (8 years ago)
In the UK, Leeds, do you have to get the products online or are there any shops?
Barbiie (8 years ago)
@MyInfiniteLove I feel exactly the same way ! Every time they say " i wish i had your hair " Im like, Noooo You don't! They don't believe me.Hah. So i get what you mean. :D
Mercia_Latte (8 years ago)
@PiggyChannel She has her own youtube channel called shimahair 21 :) Every since I've been using her product my hair has become thicker and more manageable :3
Mercia_Latte (8 years ago)
@PiggyChannel wearing your hair up can give you slit ends, try some shima hair oil
Kerry T (8 years ago)
@iGotApple lol hahaha omg i get the same thing, my hair is really thick but soft and i always get asked if im egyptian and im not lol, i always get asked if im egyptian :D
Tristan (8 years ago)
how can I get these curls if you have straith and a little curly hair
Crystagirl99 (8 years ago)
@iGotApple are you egyptian? from where?
ZehraAtiyah (8 years ago)
can mixed chicks rejuvenate curls cuz i think i might of straightened my curls out of my hair =[
Stefhanie Rivera (8 years ago)
When I was younger my hair was very beautiful and curly until one day my aunt permed my hair and since then my hair has been a diaster. It's lost it's natural curly texture, thickness, and strenght. Never perm curly hair -____-
kaitlyn parker (8 years ago)
will this make kinky/curly hair manageable, curly, and frizz-free
CoachByNicole (8 years ago)
What products are you using in your hair? I have thick hair - check out my channel on here CoachByNicole. I would love to cut down the amount of products I'm using daily. Thanks nice video.
besho abdulla (8 years ago)
What type of conditioner shall i use tell me any namee or anything femelior so i can buy !! plssss helpp me
swiss chard (8 years ago)
it sucks that we have to use so much product to just weigh everything down.. it sucks when you just wanna run ur fingures through ur hair but you cant.. o well
Ro Dinero (8 years ago)
Is mixed chicks based in the valley?
CaligirlSofia (9 years ago)
If u have wavy hair, and u use mixed chicks does it curl your hair a little? because i get tired of constantly curling my hair
QsHoney2be (9 years ago)
@G4BZZY Trade Secrets carries it now too; the one at Eaton Ctr. has the whole line
ellequence44 (9 years ago)
her hair isnt coarse or really that thick...
LALUNA493 (9 years ago)
my hair is 2c...with some 3a curls....i have very thick, coarse hair and i was wondering what kind of cut i should ask for next time i see my stylist...
calberkeley01 (9 years ago)
mixed chicks does not provide me with enough definition and hold but is still a great product i have two of the jumbo tubs. i always need to use a gel after :( and i have 3b hair i think similar to yours
fraze1 (9 years ago)
wonderful,i was amazed! it is so bouncy and soft what kind of leave in did you use?
tejones35 (9 years ago)
Yea there is a store called HoneyFig that carries the whole mixedchick line: 4967 Yonge Street Toronto, ON M2N 5N6, Canada (416) 226-2100
alibaba341409 (9 years ago)
Azan's Hair Salon sells it! They even gave me a free sample
The Harris Life (9 years ago)
it is your curl pattern/ hair texture
karola benavide (9 years ago)
what is all that of 3b/3c or 4a/4b i dont understand
who_you_tellin (9 years ago)
Hence the name "mixed chicks" because mixed chicks don't have 4 type hair! It is made for the 3's.
Rae Marie (9 years ago)
where can i get the product?
w kaaya (9 years ago)
MIXED CHICKS is for anyone with curls, so we hope you join us
iGotApple (9 years ago)
OMG! everytime i go into a salon they always say, You have alot of hair, did you brush your hair today, blah blah blah. but im not multi racial. im just egyptian
brenda torres (9 years ago)
my hair is naturally curly and frizzy im gonna try this product to make it look like i want to i almost have to go to a bottle of mousse
hallefine (9 years ago)
Your hair is BEAUTIFUL!!!
w kaaya (9 years ago)
yes, mixed chicks can be used on relaxed hair. it will not bring curl back, but it will manage frizz and moisture levels until your relaxer grows out.
Merchgal - (9 years ago)
my hair is curly and abnormally thick. Mixed chicks seems to be the only thing that works. I LOVE IT!!
hellokittycutie2003 (9 years ago)
Wow, she has the same hair type thing as I do. Not the same texture, but like her, my roots are straighter than the rest of my hair, which is kinda weird. My root hair doesn't even match. The rest is all curly. I'm a little nervous for when my hair grows out, because it's going to be flat and straight at the root, and then these curly bushy ends.lol
w kaaya (9 years ago)
yes, it is all natural.
Ginacurlyq (9 years ago)
o thank you. I am gonna try your products sometime. I used to HATE my curly hair and my mom saw it as a problem and she didn't know how to do it and said it was always tangly and frizzy. I used to end up straightening it. It took a lot of years and experimenting and I have learned ways to fix it. I love my curl NOW that I know how to take care of it. it's easy and pretty. im glad ppl like you are steppin up and saying curly hair is pretty instead of society deeming it as a problem!
Marielos Angeles (9 years ago)
I wish i was friends with all the girls that have commented lol... we all seem to have the same frizzy hair problem-_- so i wouldnt feel liek the only one.loll
MoniMeka P (9 years ago)
omg that is too cute. :D
LeahRae Photography (9 years ago)
Yeh my hair is soo thick and have really tight curls so it looks short when its wet and its long when its straightened. So just do a whole bunch of twists and let it dry..hmm im afraid my hair will get really fizzy if i do that. =[ i just cant ever find the right products and my hair is really healthy..just hard to work with when its not straight =/
w kaaya (9 years ago)
leave in is for styling. the deep is for detangling and moisture
kimzor (9 years ago)
your hair reminded me of nudles. Hmf you got me hungry!
w kaaya (9 years ago)
try a little extra product in the back, and make sure you comb through tangles back there with the deep. good luck
Samantha Clark (10 years ago)
Thanks 4 this video. My hair goes all frizzy, n wild. This should help a lot! Cheers!
Ash Ketchum (10 years ago)
lol what? :| beacause im mixed, so i dont want to be using hair produts for white people or somthing.
Ash Ketchum (10 years ago)
I have a question, is she mixed, or white or what? That will help me alot.
apusama (10 years ago)
my hair is SO annoying. it has gorgeous texture when wet but goes frizzy when dry. so i'm gonna try this.
w kaaya (10 years ago)
the leave in is for definition. if you need moisture, use mixed chicks deep conditioner.
artchick07 (10 years ago)
Can you make a application video for 3c 4a 4b hair type please? My hair looks much different wet from yours. I love the leave-in!! Its soo awesome! But I dont know if I am applying it right.
TruthFan (10 years ago)
Yes Black people can use this product. I've never used it. I'm curious but I really don't want to spend money on anything that's not organic. I'm going for the indian powders myself.
Empress Ri (10 years ago)
I see the hair silk in the store, but how do you use it?

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