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"Revenge" - A Minecraft Parody of Usher's DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love (Music Video)

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The original song is back. Songs playlist ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-sH53vXP2A&index=1&list=PL1C4ECC7E38737799 Subscribe for more! The people involved: TryHardNinja - Lead vocals: http://www.youtube.com/user/TryHardNinja Doc Exx Music - Audio production Captain Sparklez - animation, set design, post production, lyrics, rap vocals: http://www.youtube.com/user/CaptainSparklez Bootstrap Buckaroo - modeling, rigging, and being the most helpful person ever: http://www.youtube.com/user/BootstrapBuckaroo Lyrics: Creeper, oh man So we back in the mine, got our pick axe swinging side to side, day and night This task a grueling one, hope to find some diamonds tonight, oh how they shine Then it's heads up, hear a sound you freeze up, turn around and look up, total shock fills your body, Is this the end? Can't believe it's you again I could never forget those eyes 'Cause baby tonight, the creeper's trying to steal your stuff again, again, again 'Cause baby tonight, you grab your pick, shovel and bolt again, again, again And run, run, run until it's done, done, then you run, run, run until the sun Sun comes up in the morn' 'Cause baby tonight, the creeper's trying to steal your stuff again, again, again Just when you think you're safe, hear some hissing from right behind, escape denied That's a nice life you have, shame it's gotta end at this time, now you're mine Then he blows up, and your health bar it drops, you could use a 1-up, get inside don't be tardy, Now you're stuck in there, all alone in despair, half a heart is left now but don't die 'Cause baby tonight, the creeper's trying to steal your stuff again, again, again 'Cause baby tonight, you grab your pick, shovel and bolt again, again, again And run, run, run until it's done, done, then you run, run, run until the sun Sun comes up in the morn' 'Cause baby tonight, the creeper's trying to steal your stuff again, again, again Captain Sparklez: Dig up diamonds, and craft those diamonds Looks like that armor's been exercising MLG Pro, that diamond sword Come at me bro, I got it forged Training under the torch light glow Hone that form now you're in the zone Creepers out prowling, ready for the big fight Show them what it feels like Come on. Lets go! 'Cause I'm a warrior baby through and through Take my revenge. That's what I will do Bring it TryHardNinja: You gotta fight baby tonight The creeper's trying to steal your stuff again It's time to grab your sword, armor and go It's time to go get your revenge And you fight, fight like it's your last night, then you fight, fight like it's for your life Time to show them your bite 'Cause baby tonight, the creeper's trying to steal your stuff again, again, again 'Cause baby tonight, the creeper's trying to steal your stuff again Swing your sword up high 'Cause baby tonight, you grab your pick, shovel and bolt again Swing your sword down low It's time to go It's time to go It's time to go get your revenge
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Text Comments (330242)
TheAmazingSpiderNigga (22 minutes ago)
Nostalgia is like a drug
aimé france-beardshall (39 minutes ago)
reclaim your birthright gamers
James Malone (44 minutes ago)
I use to go to my cousins house every day and I remember we use to always play this song on our iPads, so nostalgic, I was like 5
Nicole Marie (1 hour ago)
This is iconic
U-Chii Meoww (1 hour ago)
This is soo much better than Youtube rewind 2018.
Crashy (1 hour ago)
Easily one of my favorites, yes in 2019
Alfredo Cordero (1 hour ago)
2011; I was 6 years old, I always thought of this song because I was addicted to Minecraft back then 2019; I am in 8th grade about to go to high school and I have grown far away from Minecraft. But sometimes I still feel the nostalgia from this song and many others. Enjoy life, It passes by in the blink of an eye for most people like me
Freezys Cartoons (2 hours ago)
*C R E E P E R*
Riskyy273 (2 hours ago)
Simpler times...
Kaydn Spooner (2 hours ago)
Back when Gaming was fun Fortnite has corrupted people and now that csgo is free, we nostalgia people have no home
tosikc820 (3 hours ago)
Minecraft induced depression
Brandon K (3 hours ago)
My childhood right here
donutjonut (3 hours ago)
I remember the old days of playing Minecraft PE on my kindle fire and when I was told to get off I would listen to this on repeat for hours
EnderMage Lord (3 hours ago)
Yeah yeah
The more I read the comments, the more nostalgic I get, however, I see so much hate when other games these days are mention. Ex. Fortnite, Pubg, etc. I understand how you guys all feel. As a person who's played this game for 6 or so years, I understand the feeling of punching your first tree... If everyone was given the same medicine, the medicine would only work on some people. This song made us happy, but wouldn't make today kids happy. Fortnite, PUBG and other games made today kids happy. We all want to be happy and have fun. The message I'm saying here is... *SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE* Okay, in all seriousness, the message I'm trying to say is that Minecraft is the game in in our hearts, while BR/Trendy games are not and vice versa.
Ethan Aleixo (3 hours ago)
oh yeah yeah
Noah Hanley (4 hours ago)
It's been almost 8 years and nobody has noticed that the lyrics in verse 2 in the description are wrong
Hamish Elliott (4 hours ago)
Oh yeah yeah
2019 anyone?
Bang Tang (4 hours ago)
what about the replacement, should prob post like an alternate version, i mean you put in the work anyways
Lol in the middle of the song my nose started bleeding heh
Nichole Morgan (4 hours ago)
Back in old Minecraft days when all we had is survival
Elpichuco1214 (5 hours ago)
I remember when i lisent this, Minecraft never gonna die
AgentZombie006 (5 hours ago)
Im so nostalgic ;-;
Rayne Lee (5 hours ago)
Bruh why am I crying😭😭😭
Jett Dorval (5 hours ago)
So 🔥
Madisson Botch (5 hours ago)
Ahhhh... 2011, those were the beautiful days.
FALLOUT BROS (5 hours ago)
Ahh the good ol days
Pedro Henrique (5 hours ago)
im not crying
Blue Ballistic (5 hours ago)
Some people didn’t have this as their favorite song back then and you can tell easily
lαzαя6z (5 hours ago)
I remember watching this when I was 5, Now I’m 13 I also came back to this video from an instagram post that said “some of you didn’t go through a phase where this was your favorite song and it really shows” then it had this song playing
Supreme Boi (5 hours ago)
Ah good old times😔
Anony Moos (6 hours ago)
The only game i miss so much. The only game I could ever cry about so much from how much i miss it. Its minecraft. I remember when i was 5 years old playing this game. I’m 13 now. Man, I miss the good old days.
Better than Fortnite
AyserG (6 hours ago)
Watched this first in 2008 knew it better then the real song.Nostalgiac
Delta lord (6 hours ago)
Wow people are still commenting even now. Ah glad to see you guys are still here.
Bruno Monti (6 hours ago)
cuanta nostalgia
Tyrone Nigson (6 hours ago)
Now this is epic
Neo Björn (6 hours ago)
Oh yeah yeah
777 sevn (6 hours ago)
A Guy (7 hours ago)
Rip fortnite
ChicaNumberOne Fan (7 hours ago)
This is only true until you put keep inventory on
FireofFear (7 hours ago)
Wow so long ago
DJLex (7 hours ago)
I remember watching this in like 2013 and all I’d ever do was watch mine raft parodies 😂 But now I’m just a depressed Canadian potato......
Checked Privilege (7 hours ago)
Steve you can’t mine diamonds with a stone pick axe... Oh fuck he can’t hear us! STEEEEEEVE TAKE OUT YOUR AIRPODS!
RedFoxFILMS (7 hours ago)
ah this is still my favorite song.
Night Wolf (7 hours ago)
*2009-2014 Golden days of minecraft,i really miss greats sounds parody and great youtubers with best minecraft vídeos.*
The cherrio (7 hours ago)
This song is eight years old.
IvanWaffle (8 hours ago)
IvanWaffle (8 hours ago)
i killed my dog on this song xD
mouse (8 hours ago)
damn, nostalgia hits so hard. i remember watching this in 2014.
Hud U (8 hours ago)
Its been way to long haha. I remember watching this so long ago
HunterPlayZ_XD (8 hours ago)
The dark side of the force is a pathway to abilities that some consider unnatural
Stephanie Connor (8 hours ago)
what the fuck does this song do to a gamer
Speellly (8 hours ago)
now dont tell me you didnt binge this video as a kid
Funnystein (9 hours ago)
Everybody rise up for the official Minecraft national anthem
FootLettuceGod (9 hours ago)
Uploaded on my birthday and one of my favorite things from my childhood
ASMR IN A NUTSHELL (9 hours ago)
The house of lego (9 hours ago)
Gus Jp (9 hours ago)
i was 9 when this came out god do i want to be a kid again
Nikola Enkin (9 hours ago)
Brings a lot of memories for sure!
Miku_Miku_Rose (10 hours ago)
I had this song on my old iPod 😂
sstj (10 hours ago)
... i was 10 when this came out. damn
The Raptors (10 hours ago)
Who's here because of Tik Tok?
VenIsAlwaysAFK (10 hours ago)
See you again in 3 years...
Mrs. Bena (10 hours ago)
Song my is favorite If don’t like, you are have stupid
DiamondBlock 321 (11 hours ago)
omg I didn't realise how old this is I was one of the first viewers to watch this now I'm watching it 8 years later omfg No Lies Sub to me Lmfao
Shayan Siddiqui (11 hours ago)
Name Obama (12 hours ago)
2012 i was 9 and i would play this while playing minecraft 2019 i am 15 and still playing this while playing minecraft things never change
This is epic
VladG24 YT (13 hours ago)
I like the Note Blocks parody at the end.
VladG24 YT (13 hours ago)
Олды здесь? Кто помнит Minecraft 1.0? Кто здесь играл в MCPE 0.4.0 alpha build 21?
VladG24 YT (13 hours ago)
В топ плз
Wora (13 hours ago)
Yaaaaa! It'S Rewind Time!
indigestion rocks ! (13 hours ago)
8 years later, still a fucking jam.
Yurado ! (13 hours ago)
2019 ?
One'SneakZ (13 hours ago)
whos here because of the tweet
Thanos (14 hours ago)
Man, my childhood here!
ayyan muhammed (14 hours ago)
Listen this shit *DAILY*
creepers are agents of isis
TheShyGamer (15 hours ago)
Gamers this is your childhood!!
Decent (15 hours ago)
Just saying if this song wasn't your favourite song as a child your not old enough
Lil_A_20 2.0 (15 hours ago)
Ah the good ol’ days...
LaatMeGewoon (16 hours ago)
I miss the old minecraft days now it is only fortnite
DidOk (16 hours ago)
2019? Nostalgia song
Good times...
Orchale (17 hours ago)
I got killed by a creeper and I lost all my stuff
Chute Mii52262 (18 hours ago)
2019 and this is still a classic
Codfish챙랴노 (18 hours ago)
Oh shit, The legend song is back! Splendid!
Anyone Emote Dances? (Guitar)
I was 8 years old when I watched this video repeatedly and unironically like wtf 8 year old me
elias bld (20 hours ago)
G_Boy (20 hours ago)
The Good Old Days
Cross X Gaming 7505 (21 hours ago)
Ah i remember the good old times when everybody loves minecraft... Nowdays kids probably dont even know about minecraft. They probably only know about fortnite 😔
Vojtech Karnik (22 hours ago)
I pee
Jesus Is_dead (22 hours ago)
I cried not gonna lie
Modern (23 hours ago)
Just noticed that the lyrics in the desc are the wrong ones... Please fix?
lol xd (23 hours ago)
Anyone 2399? Now all the kids play RoyaleCraft and Powerful Underaged Boys Game, but the good old days, stay the good old days.
Sheenyl Hassan (23 hours ago)
Chris Cornejo (23 hours ago)
Hue hue hue hue. Little sister.. hue hue hue

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