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"Revenge" - A Minecraft Parody of Usher's DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love (Music Video)

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The original song is back. Songs playlist ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-sH53vXP2A&index=1&list=PL1C4ECC7E38737799 Subscribe for more! The people involved: TryHardNinja - Lead vocals: http://www.youtube.com/user/TryHardNinja Doc Exx Music - Audio production Captain Sparklez - animation, set design, post production, lyrics, rap vocals: http://www.youtube.com/user/CaptainSparklez Bootstrap Buckaroo - modeling, rigging, and being the most helpful person ever: http://www.youtube.com/user/BootstrapBuckaroo Lyrics: Creeper, oh man So we back in the mine, got our pick axe swinging side to side, day and night This task a grueling one, hope to find some diamonds tonight, oh how they shine Then it's heads up, hear a sound you freeze up, turn around and look up, total shock fills your body, Is this the end? Can't believe it's you again I could never forget those eyes 'Cause baby tonight, the creeper's trying to steal your stuff again, again, again 'Cause baby tonight, you grab your pick, shovel and bolt again, again, again And run, run, run until it's done, done, then you run, run, run until the sun Sun comes up in the morn' 'Cause baby tonight, the creeper's trying to steal your stuff again, again, again Just when you think you're safe, hear some hissing from right behind, escape denied That's a nice life you have, shame it's gotta end at this time, now you're mine Then he blows up, and your health bar it drops, you could use a 1-up, get inside don't be tardy, Now you're stuck in there, all alone in despair, half a heart is left now but don't die 'Cause baby tonight, the creeper's trying to steal your stuff again, again, again 'Cause baby tonight, you grab your pick, shovel and bolt again, again, again And run, run, run until it's done, done, then you run, run, run until the sun Sun comes up in the morn' 'Cause baby tonight, the creeper's trying to steal your stuff again, again, again Captain Sparklez: Dig up diamonds, and craft those diamonds Looks like that armor's been exercising MLG Pro, that diamond sword Come at me bro, I got it forged Training under the torch light glow Hone that form now you're in the zone Creepers out prowling, ready for the big fight Show them what it feels like Come on. Lets go! 'Cause I'm a warrior baby through and through Take my revenge. That's what I will do Bring it TryHardNinja: You gotta fight baby tonight The creeper's trying to steal your stuff again It's time to grab your sword, armor and go It's time to go get your revenge And you fight, fight like it's your last night, then you fight, fight like it's for your life Time to show them your bite 'Cause baby tonight, the creeper's trying to steal your stuff again, again, again 'Cause baby tonight, the creeper's trying to steal your stuff again Swing your sword up high 'Cause baby tonight, you grab your pick, shovel and bolt again Swing your sword down low It's time to go It's time to go It's time to go get your revenge
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Text Comments (337622)
Canstacat (34 minutes ago)
i didnt know perfection was possible. then i watched this and learned what true perfection is
T3KASHI YOUNG (1 hour ago)
Cash Don’t Last (1 hour ago)
god i love this game
sub 2 PewDiePie (1 hour ago)
I used to think that these parodies were epic *And I still do*
Al Dooty (1 hour ago)
*I Remember Listing To This When I Was Like 3 Years Old*
Daniel Desmond Amofah (1 hour ago)
cool video thanks Jordan Maron
waffles wear shoes (1 hour ago)
Still a fucking jam
Jpaxford (2 hours ago)
2019 ?
Zdeněk Vrtal (3 hours ago)
Old minecraft, good minecraft .
Fortnite and apex kids will never experience the joy of creating a brand new survival world
Amino_Acid (4 hours ago)
brought tears to my eyes when My kid started watching this, this was the shit!
Squeaks (4 hours ago)
What did you think about earlier Sparklez?
Jacob Hosler (4 hours ago)
Shout-out to Shazam for guessing this
Mightychondrai (5 hours ago)
This is a classic, just like the game.
JCole is trash (5 hours ago)
Oo I’m gonna cum ahhhh
Бамбезно, будто и 8 лет вспять
alfa rozz (6 hours ago)
The memories.......
Paul Spencer-Clark (7 hours ago)
Nice rap
I wasn’t even made aware of Minecraft until like grade 7 – grade 8, what the fuck happened?
Mewtwo TheScout (7 hours ago)
Aaaaaah nostalgia
Kaleb Von Mëter (7 hours ago)
This is how you make a grown man cry.
KiiroApple (8 hours ago)
Yes, I had a great childhood
Jimmy Huynh (8 hours ago)
Nostalgia just pinched me in the face
Simon Riley (9 hours ago)
*When your looking at Minecraft porn and your mom catches you* 0:27 to 0:33 and 0:35
Barraki (9 hours ago)
Nós eramos mais felizes naqueles anos e não sabíamos.
CyrustheViruss (9 hours ago)
It's now super difficult to find a comment from more than a year ago.
Toast (9 hours ago)
epic gammor montet :pogchamp:
97rwjlover (9 hours ago)
This came out when I was just starting 8th grade, now im 21 years old and the memories this song brings back makes my heart happy. Everything was so much more simple back in those days...
Butter gives (10 hours ago)
Feels like my case is a bit odd: 1) I remember growing up with some cod games like BO and WAW when I was really young 2) I then had a huge Minecraft phase for a few years 3) then I had a short Fortnite phase for a few months maybe about last year 4) I never played roblox And yet I’m only 13 currently
Elzor (10 hours ago)
i can't even...
Legend Gaming (10 hours ago)
AnYoNe In 2O19?!
Matthew Thiessen (11 hours ago)
I had a old friend named minecraft it was different than now
PixelP 1209 (11 hours ago)
Man I just got of with my friend in terraria. Revisiting our old worlds . In his voice I can tell it wasn’t emotional for him. As we got off he said stop, I walked up to him and he said I’ll need this more than him, and he gave me almost everything we had worked for before. My god. A whole era of my life has just ended. Why couldn’t I have just gotten my worlds. Why didn’t we just keep playing. Why did it all stop. I’ll miss you child hood. These videos are all that’s left of what once was my life.
Miffed Akko (11 hours ago)
Creeper is our word but you can say creepa.
Gavin does random crap (11 hours ago)
my five year old self: jaming out to this
Matt is not pat (11 hours ago)
My childhood is here in this video
Mr Potatoes (12 hours ago)
This was 8 years ago I'm slightly old
the odd girl out (12 hours ago)
i just got smacked in the face by nostalgia
door knob (12 hours ago)
SuperCool_Saiyan (12 hours ago)
Alot of people don't know that it's not Jardon that sang this
SuperCool_Saiyan (12 hours ago)
Every parody is gonna be wrong when the textures update
Aedan Hunter (12 hours ago)
Awww the memories...
Mr Tanner (12 hours ago)
Creeper awww man
ProBaron (13 hours ago)
its nice being born from 1997-2003
im dieing inside (13 hours ago)
I use to love this song
IdkMan2468 (13 hours ago)
3:10 *Top Ten Anime Battles*
Cold Cuts (13 hours ago)
Anyone notice the lyrics in the description are completely wrong, cant believe im only noticing this now but its for an important reason
Bovon Ding (13 hours ago)
Sparlez is flexing his alpha Male status on Usher
Oyun Ustasi (14 hours ago)
2019 ?? Wow
Gazio (15 hours ago)
Critic Of the thing (15 hours ago)
This was my shit back then. This is the first MC song I listen to in 2011 it’s still awesome
Viperage03 (16 hours ago)
Shhhhh, we need to be quiet, the edgy fortnite kids wont find us here. We’ll be safe
Awesome (16 hours ago)
Blasts headphones never regrets
TheStrike (17 hours ago)
Hell yeah I remember this when it was uploaded
Banana squad (17 hours ago)
remember listening to this when i was younger, thank you for all the memories
YA BOI (17 hours ago)
Shadow god Web4me (18 hours ago)
Minecraft for life
Nerd Terd (18 hours ago)
All these comments made so recently makes me so happy ngl
Thass Landry Hudge (19 hours ago)
glad i grew up with this and not fortnite
Benny tubes (19 hours ago)
Where can I get the world download
BlueCat (19 hours ago)
I was fucking 8 years old... This World sucks already... I love the good old times :´(
It was my first song and first video on youtube in age:7 now i am 13 years old this video was my best video in my childhood
Lowly Worm (20 hours ago)
one time at a school dance the og song came on and i completely forgot that this song was a parody of it. this man changed history lads
Kyle Lannon (20 hours ago)
If you a Minecraft homeboy and you had a Minecraft girlfriend that broke your heart like this comment
Lightning Volt (21 hours ago)
I just realised that there are note blocks in the music... EIGHT YEARS!!
BakedUpCheese (22 hours ago)
Wait.. What happened? I swear back in 2017, this song's audio changed due to copyright. But now it's back? o.o
Savage Waffle (22 hours ago)
I was only 4 when captain sparkles released all his good songs, but damn did I listen to them all the time
Lena (22 hours ago)
Kyle Perez (22 hours ago)
It’s become tradition for me to watch this video
Draexian (23 hours ago)
I don't know how long this has been back up, but thank you, this was the anthem of my earliest gaming years.
Saurum (23 hours ago)
Ahh, 2011, the second Enlightenment era
FlamingThumbs YT (23 hours ago)
Don't mind me, I'm just listening to old minecraft songs while almost crying
Flippy (23 hours ago)
Old but gold
Txnerii (1 day ago)
😗😗☺️☺️😆 🇻🇺🚈🚋🚈💺😺😺🙀✊🏼👊🏿👊🏿🙌👊🏿👋🏾😼😺👃✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✋🖖🤟😺🤞😼🤜🤜👈🎃🤟👉🏾👉👉🤟🤞✋👋🏾😺
ZaDo35 ! (1 day ago)
Still a banger
Boyd Draws (1 day ago)
Grab your sword grab your pick and balls again. 1 why would need a pick for battle and 2 grab your balls?😀😁😂🤣🤔🤔🤔
GrieferBros (1 day ago)
creeper aw man
Slizzite (1 day ago)
minecraft > fortnite
Carson Ng (1 day ago)
Luckily we all are born in right generation woth Minecraft but not shitnite ;)
Thank you for my childhood, captain sparaklez
TheGamerCat (1 day ago)
People who dislike this video hag no childhood
julien murph (1 day ago)
When you definitely didn't listen to Minecraft parodies when you were a kid back in 2014 *coughs*
Who wants to go in 2012 to play minecraft like old times like if you want
CAZzETE (1 day ago)
Whenever I’m watching this video and my mom walks in I switch to pornhub because I don’t want her to know this Gem of a Song.
Jason V. (1 day ago)
you dont know how grateful i am to grow up with minecraft and not with four tonight.
APPLE CUT RO (1 day ago)
The jam of my childhood.......
JoK3r Gz (1 day ago)
Lucasroboguy ? (1 day ago)
“Feelin’ old yet?”
XD Landz (1 day ago)
Yo I remember watching this when I was 4 actually
MinerTurtle45 (1 day ago)
creeper, aw man
The InFeR 978 (1 day ago)
God ?
Mechanical Worm (1 day ago)
I was trying to sleep on the school bus one morning when DJ Got Us Falling in Love came on. And if you don’t know, this parody and the original have a nearly identical beginning instrumentally. And I almost forgot that an original existed, so I genuinely thought Revenge was playing on the radio and I jolted awake as my soul threatened to leave my body
BEASTMODE (1 day ago)
The memories. 😭😭😭
Will Herzog (1 day ago)
It's funny remembering when minecraft parodies actually rivaled other billboard songs
Fiyre (1 day ago)
I guess I was born at the right time
Crucifix _ (1 day ago)
Man.. it really sucks knowing we won’t get these times again..
A dumb Spork (1 day ago)
When your principal puts you on the cool short bus and your mom cries because she's unepic

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