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Bonsai basic 3: Raft Style (Clump Style)

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On this tutorial, Mr. Surla shows how to do a Raft Style Bonsai (or clump style). He is using a natural wind burned Philippine hard wood -- the Molave tree. This wood is also used for wheels and furniture. This wood is already difficult to get. Mr. Surla sets the front view, selects branches, wired it and talks about his decisions for the plant. In the next episode, Mr. Surla will show his 32-year-old Tamarind Bonsai.
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Text Comments (12)
Joseph Liggayu (2 months ago)
Sir San po location nyo pwede po ba mapuntahan gusto ko po sanang mag aral mag bonsai thanks
Sikander Farooqui (1 year ago)
our enjoyment was reduced to half as the back ground was not white
Rodulfo Pinote (1 year ago)
sano hire ka taga vedio mo
BackSeatHump (4 years ago)
Raft Style IS NOT Clump Style.
Gelmar Bollavar (4 years ago)
Hi po sir...ask ko lang po kung saan makabili nang lime sulfur?
onin fudge (4 years ago)
Raft Style or Clump Style
victor correa (5 years ago)
muy-bueno ´
shelly sheer (5 years ago)
Hello Mr sular you are very good thank you for posting and you will be one of my teachers thank you.
JakeMark Corminal (6 years ago)
u r my idol
Musdar Effy (6 years ago)
Hi Mr Sular, I have some stumps of this plant in my land, and want to train them as bonsai. This plant species was call "Halaban" or "Laban" in West Sumatra and used as pole of traditional house, handle of hoe, axes, scythe, machet etc because of it hardness.Thanks for your inspirational video. Good Luck.
fernando duque (6 years ago)
anong kahoy po yan sir
Ziggy Zangl (6 years ago)
Too much background noise.. try a microphone

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