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Math Antics - Order Of Operations

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Text Comments (2648)
ShinobiJosiah (7 hours ago)
2018 anyone?
Hawa Waggeh (11 hours ago)
Like you vids
Its Zorenix (1 day ago)
Omg i wish u were my teacher lol At least u were in virtual life
Lara Star (2 days ago)
Lukhanyiso Ndudula (2 days ago)
bodmas dud
Tom Keating (2 days ago)
Sir, thank you.If only all teachers explained this in a way which is clear as yours, if, they did they would be worth paying more, much more, however they don't. I wish you great success
Gampa Apparao (2 days ago)
Super problems
Queenie (3 days ago)
Thank you so much, this helped so much.
Michael Mariano (3 days ago)
Michael Mariano (3 days ago)
Don't you learn that in the 5th grade? [I'm in the 2nd grade and the left to right part surprised me.]
Amy Hopper (3 days ago)
Wow, you explain it WAY better than MY Math Teacher! I get it now! (No offence Math Teacher!)
Park Jimin (3 days ago)
Wow so smartful! you teach me plz math antics because I'm not understand better the math plz teach me
Unicorn Lover (4 days ago)
Now I got a better understanding
its all wrong
amm vlogs (5 days ago)
Thank you it helps me a lot i wish you were my teacher
Lenny Shemyne (5 days ago)
Its Reyah (5 days ago)
I suck at math but this helped me so much and I think I’ll rock my test
JASMEET KAUR (5 days ago)
AWESOME VIDEO! BTW, our teachers teached us this by using PEMDAS. P - parentheses E- exponents MD - multiplication and division, and AS - addition and subtraction! cool right?!
Lee Crandall (1 day ago)
Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.
Millie Harrison (5 days ago)
so helpful
Kylina Duckett (5 days ago)
ur vids r funnny
Alabuba Bums (6 days ago)
you saved my life
Secret Gaming Sucks (6 days ago)
So its like the MDAS rule
Adrian Garcia (6 days ago)
Nice Show
Railie-Jay San Diego (6 days ago)
You teach well and very nice and funny :)
adijatbuari Toke (7 days ago)
I love math because of mathantics i mean love love love math
High Sound-Dj's (7 days ago)
Good afternoon Mr and Mrs math
High Sound-Dj's (7 days ago)
ruthless jas (7 days ago)
"Don't worry I won't copy your answer, Cause I want the right answer." *R o a s t e d*
Hovsep Kalendjian (8 days ago)
Guys mege ga sahagianen?
Julie G (8 days ago)
Instead of bedmas it should be bedmass because the last s should have been substitute. On the Pythagorean theory
High Sound-Dj's (8 days ago)
Good afternoon Mr math
Eroll Gilgeours (8 days ago)
A boots a cats, a boots and cats, this man hear makes me really really hear as he does his maths faster than a cat, a boots a cats a boots and cats, he don't need a calculators cause he's faster than teacher- a teacher- lighting and meeta boots an cats an boots an cats an boots an cats an boots an cats Keep up the good work!
Hamburger seller (8 days ago)
In our class its called GEMDAS G- group E- exponent M- multiplication D- division A- addition S- subtraction EDIT: what's the different between the two?
ilyaz Channel (8 days ago)
Jewel Audrey Dimaiwat (9 days ago)
m multiplication d division a addition s subtraction (dabs)
TheDiamondOnFire (9 days ago)
Pemdas there are two ways P-lease E-xcuse M-y D-ear A-unt S-ally Or the way i like P-andas ( ) E-at-exponents M-ustard on-mutiply Dumplings and-divide A-pples with-add S-pice-subtract.
L S (9 days ago)
P please E excuse M my D dear A aunt S sally
Nana Agyarko-tutu (9 days ago)
Why go to school just watch this
Lilian Vailoces (10 days ago)
This help me a lot
Lilian Vailoces (10 days ago)
Wow ! U'r a great teacher!
Private Private (11 days ago)
Natalee Cassells (11 days ago)
Hates you sorry
Natalee Cassells (11 days ago)
My son hats yoy
Natalee Cassells (11 days ago)
You teach so well I love it
Dj Logon mixtapes (11 days ago)
you explain and break it down way better than ma math teacher
lakiya johnson (12 days ago)
its called pemdas
Emmanuel Manalo (12 days ago)
What if you divide then get a Remainder? Like 14 ÷ 7 + 28 - 16
Jimena Lopez (13 days ago)
Thank u I have a test tommarow and u taught better then my teacher lol 😂
And don't try to lie got dang it
Y'all some nerds
Juliet Fray (13 days ago)
Danica Hodges (13 days ago)
Hey this was pretty helpful but all my math questions have a check mark looking thing in them
Its Mayaan (13 days ago)
Damn this help so much!!!
Thiang Nguok Hiong (13 days ago)
hamna saad (15 days ago)
Youssef Z (16 days ago)
Hi Ais
Safeena Sidiq (16 days ago)
Also known as order of operations..
Safeena Sidiq (16 days ago)
Well done..
Jennifer ElShakhs (17 days ago)
Thanks for providing this resource to help my students :)
AaDfromtheRobotic (18 days ago)
Letisia Flores (18 days ago)
Spasmatic Sashimi (18 days ago)
When the lights go out you know what’s gonna happen, math antics!
FORTNITE Master (18 days ago)
Im still in elementary and im learning this
Stephen Chmielinski (18 days ago)
Thank you for articulating 8:00-9:06. -Multiplication and division are tied priority-wise. Same between addition and subtraction. That is the reason why these two groups have the additional rule: 'from left to right.'
Ahmadshah Musharaf (18 days ago)
Clever boy
Ahmadshah Musharaf (18 days ago)
Claudmer 12 (19 days ago)
PEMDAS is better
Claudmer 12 (19 days ago)
Shut up
Mia’s Cameraroll (19 days ago)
You help me so much! Thank you!!!!
4516n41 (19 days ago)
Such a man made thing even though math is universal. Left to right....Funny stuff.
ice creamy choco (20 days ago)
Beatrice Nji (20 days ago)
It'sMe Roxengg (20 days ago)
Thank You Very Much MathAntics ❤
Terenea Nero (21 days ago)
ty sir
Bashaar Ali (21 days ago)
Good but what happens if u have different brackets not a one right after the other
Mohamed Ahmed (21 days ago)
You are good lam understand math today
ha ha (22 days ago)
easiest question on earth: (144÷12)×(72÷9) LOL
Dana Mosley (22 days ago)
thank you
wHy aRe YoU So FrEaKiNg SmArt? I understand every problem that you solve. YOU'RE A LEGEND
Dev Parida (22 days ago)
I have test tomorrow
ninjazain (22 days ago)
sergej georgievski (23 days ago)
1:34 both of you got it wrong! it's 30! 2 + answer of 7 x 4 = 30
Fazila khan (23 days ago)
pemdas is how you can remember it
David Santoyo (24 days ago)
Thinking is better
Russel Ebede (24 days ago)
Thank you so much
You lost weigh
MaxsMovieChannel (24 days ago)
It’s been around 12 years since I have studied math. I have a TABE test today and I couldn’t remember the acronym! Luckily this video has refreshed me 100%. Thanks again
Very good teacher I need you always 😂 to teach for me math 😌🔢 #BEST_4ever
EpixG (25 days ago)
Thanks to you I'm not gonna screw up my test I barely studied for!!!
Alisa Bucarciuc (25 days ago)
I m first time in love in Math sow much
Ayman Lauban Manulon (26 days ago)
🤨 your wrong
Atef Rehma (26 days ago)
Pemdas Please Excuse My Dear Sally
Xxx Concussion (26 days ago)
Why do I fee like I’m the only one who learned bodmas
Willy Germina (26 days ago)
Thanks for helping my son to do the gemdas or pemdas
Zack Sloan (27 days ago)
Why am I here? My teacher made me watch this video!!! 🤓😒😞😤
Wen Li (27 days ago)
When u are 3rd then you need learn that I know that
Wen Li (27 days ago)
Is 28
ha ha (22 days ago)
Mia Rico (27 days ago)
my teacher tells me to symplify
Nathan Coker (27 days ago)
the cringe!!!!!!!!!
ha ha (22 days ago)
Fenrirpride Rage (27 days ago)
Where did everybody come from just to get here....seriously I'm just bored and find myself learning about math which I had learn but forget.....haaaa anyone else bored?

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