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Cascade Style Bonsai Timelapse

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Text Comments (35)
BlueFunkWinter (18 days ago)
the background music is some of the worst i've ever heard
ZEN revenge (29 days ago)
Is this a black pine;
philippe laurent (1 month ago)
vous étes trop fort les gars bravo
Bonsai TNHA29 (1 month ago)
Beautiful bonsai, thank you for sharing
Dân dã miền trung (1 month ago)
This tree is what you plant
Bipul Mohanto (1 month ago)
One day aliens will come and bonsai human, especially Japanese.
BONSAI& QUAY CHẬU (2 months ago)
Henry E (2 months ago)
This music 😷😷
mc simmons (2 months ago)
You guys seem a little forceful. Go with nature not against it. Did it survive? Pics? Try using a rotary tool to gentily carve the Jin instead of hacking away with a chisel. lol
Stingy fix tips (2 months ago)
i sometimes get mild anxiety attacks and these vids really help chill me out
Miss O.P. (2 months ago)
Does he do bonsai forest setups?
agung budi (3 months ago)
El Don De Cuba (4 months ago)
awesome, but horrible choice of music.
Fabulous (2 months ago)
El Don De Cuba the music is find, you’re just old 😂
BONSAI& QUAY CHẬU (4 months ago)
BONSAI TUAN HUNG (4 months ago)
I like it. Thank you so much fir sharing
Ardian channel (6 months ago)
Nice Bonsai
Bonsai Binh Dinh (6 months ago)
Quá đỉnh hi
Klebson Souza (6 months ago)
Ficou muito show
Lucas Guillemette (7 months ago)
It always makes me so uncomfortable seeing big branches getting axed down. Like they're at least 10 years old! I don't know how I could do something like that. But you're totally right it looks great!
Vance Wood (5 months ago)
Carefully and lovingly. It happens in nature and nature is not loving or caring, nature just is and the trees have to endure the encounter or die.
christopher (7 months ago)
whats that yellow plastic band under that wire ? how is it called ? :)
Charles Willis (7 months ago)
Raffia. It's a twine type of wrapping you can get in the crafts areas of department stores.
bildahome (7 months ago)
Well done!!
Appalachian Bonsai (7 months ago)
Excellent work as always, Bjorn!
Alvaro Ramos (7 months ago)
Nice work! I´d love to see the full transplant timelapse of this pine when it happens. Cheers to you and the Spaniard!
Kajukidbo925 (7 months ago)
Nice work. I just feel the main trunk is facing away too much. I would turn it more to the right, if your facing the tree. Still great job
Syon Reddy (7 months ago)
josh g6et agreed
josh g6et (7 months ago)
Kajukidbo925 Creates nice depth. Lots of bonsai lack it.
Bertrand Labelle (7 months ago)
out of words
Dallas Ford (7 months ago)
love it thxs
Kai Samuelsen (7 months ago)
Igor Savin (7 months ago)
Nice pot!
Mauricio Castiblanco (7 months ago)
Muy buen trabajo.
J Johnson (7 months ago)
Nice work. When’s the grand opening of your place?

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