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Movie Theater Stereotypes

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No trip to the movies is complete without these guys. ----------------------------------------­ ► WATCH more STEREOTYPES - http://bit.ly/StereotypesPlaylist ► PLAY our iPHONE GAME - http://smarturl.it/DPGameiPhone ► VISIT our NEW STORE - http://bit.ly/Dude_Perfect_Store HUGE thanks to Cinemark for letting us be these annoying people in your movie theater! See movie times and more at: http://bit.ly/DudePerfectCinemark Obviously neither Dude Perfect nor Cinemark endorses or encourages the silly behavior in this video. Always be courteous and respectful. Some of our biggest videos ever are coming out soon so stay tuned so you won't miss a thing! Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/DudePerfect In between videos we hang out with you guys on Instagram, Vine, Twitter, and Facebook so pick your favorite one and hang with us there too! http://Instagram.com/DudePerfect https://Vine.co/DudePerfect http://Twitter.com/DudePerfect http://Facebook.com/DudePerfect Do you have a GO BIG mindset? See for yourself in our book "Go Big." http://amzn.to/OYdZ2s A special thanks to those of you who play our iPhone Game and read our book. You guys are amazing and all the great things you tell us about the game and the book make those projects so worthwhile for us! Dude Perfect GAME - http://bit.ly/DPGameiPhone Dude Perfect BOOK - "Go Big" - http://amzn.to/OYdZ2s Click here if you want to learn more about Dude Perfect: http://bit.ly/AboutDP Bonus points if you're still reading this! Comment "Haha Panda in the audience" to prove your awesomeness! As always...Go Big and God Bless! - Your friends at Dude Perfect Business or Media, please contact us at: [email protected]
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Text Comments (37817)
Kaleesia Gregg (2 hours ago)
Kaleesia Gregg (2 hours ago)
Kendrik MacKenzie (4 hours ago)
harry potter (5 hours ago)
I am the harry potter on the street at the end.
Jim Huerta (6 hours ago)
I feel bad for the guy's helicopter being broken and the other's nephew gift
Luna Z Alpha Playz (7 hours ago)
Shopping stereotypes
The Sloth Squad (7 hours ago)
I was literally at the movies last week and the seat saver was there it was terrible
Krish Patel (8 hours ago)
6:16 Funny
Bailey Lansfield (8 hours ago)
When the kid started kicking the seat... 😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅 Like if you made it to the end
Kirby6326 (9 hours ago)
i'm the loud eater sometimes and a smuggler
Icey Max (10 hours ago)
2:31 I do that...
Reagan’s World (10 hours ago)
On your iPad/iPhone game can you make more then twenty levels please I got the game to day and already finished it
XhariIsCool Villafuerte (11 hours ago)
Why Theres The Clean up Aisile 5
tom banks (11 hours ago)
I hate it when someone is texting in the movie theater. If you feel like texting instead of watching then get the fuck outta there cuz no one cares whether you did something today or not
Smartie Ninja (14 hours ago)
I am the butterfly popcorn guy
24ViperGaming32 (15 hours ago)
I'm the buttery popcorn guy.
Aiden Cain (15 hours ago)
I am Aiden Cain
Ashfaq Ahmed (16 hours ago)
I love Tiler
Jakob White (17 hours ago)
[email protected]aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Jakob White (17 hours ago)
Hey boy leg quarter coroner more Pooler cooler cooler ruler sugar chugar car car car car car car parts
Jakob White (17 hours ago)
Hahaha so funny the popcorn and he stole his hotdog hahaha
The Hitman Coz (21 hours ago)
I'm the snoozer
Julia Castillo (23 hours ago)
They need Classroom Stereotypes: The Test Cheater The Kid who is Always Late The Nerd The Stealer The Kid who Forgot to Study The Kid who gets F’s The Kid who is on Their Phone Too Long The Kid who Brags about getting A’s The Sleeper The Talker The Teacher’s Pet The Kid who Has Only Desserts The Silent one The Sick one The Kid who makes excuses For Getting Low Grades The Straight A’s Kid The Kid who if gets a B+ or lower Cries/The Crier The Kid who has a secret Crush on someone The Lovebirds If I’m forgetting any, reply
Benish Jilani (1 day ago)
I am a numbeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr1111111 fan of Harry potter
Trey D (1 day ago)
5:10 omfg he's got a Halo 3 badge! He's a true legend!
FENIX XD XD (1 day ago)
Kelli Bone (1 day ago)
@ 0:30 that’s me
Zoie Evans (1 day ago)
I’m a big fan of Harry Potter to my favourite movie is Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part two
cool haz (1 day ago)
Josh Cane (1 day ago)
Ouch (3:02)
Preston Goodson (1 day ago)
Ahh what the Bjeebies hahahahahahahahahahahahah
Brayden Playz (1 day ago)
Mesup it’s his gramma
Leah Steinberg (1 day ago)
Fortnite is the fucking best niches ty you duck you’re divk
Phantom AceGaming (1 day ago)
Mr. Jumpy “Oh what the bajeebies”
Shane Ivane (1 day ago)
Haha Panda
Shane Ivane (1 day ago)
Haha Panda
Shane Ivane (1 day ago)
Haha Panda
Brenda Smith Hagan (1 day ago)
mzpc8 (1 day ago)
I'm the smuggler my friend Connor is the loud talker and loud eater and the buttery popcorn guy
Ezekiel Espinoza (1 day ago)
My whole family including me are the smuggler
Sienna Comana (2 days ago)
I would be the Harry Potter super fan
Droopy Doop (2 days ago)
Demon Bros Extra (2 days ago)
You guys should do playground stereotypes
zzNATHANKINGzz (2 days ago)
Those ashes was suger
PRO SiS (2 days ago)
PRO SiS (2 days ago)
I'm the smuggler for sure I always do that every movie
Cody Breckenridge (2 days ago)
I am the bathroom champion
Matthew Pawlik (2 days ago)
Arvada kedabr
It's Me EMILY (2 days ago)
Cars and Random Stuff (2 days ago)
I am the smuggler and the buttery popcorn guy
Harini Etta (3 days ago)
You should do family story types
Christian Robertson (3 days ago)
Loud eater right here
Nathan Lontok (3 days ago)
2:33 i do that
Michael Castro (3 days ago)
I like the rage monster
2:16 what food is that it looks good
Im the smuggler
LeoDaBoi (3 days ago)
Strait in the foundation
OverFaheemLord Playz (3 days ago)
Exotic Gumyt (3 days ago)
U pay me slushie and popcornn
Brennan Kurek (3 days ago)
Haha panda in the audience
MrLiam97 (3 days ago)
Can you please subscribe to me MrLiam97
Thomas Michaud (3 days ago)
Do flight stereotypes like The guy who sits middle and has to pee all the time The guy who secretly farts The middle seat The rage monster will rage because there are 48 more ours of flying The pilot who breaks people’s ears The guy that can’t get his luggage in The person who won’t stop talking about where he’s going Etc
The Gamer Alton (3 days ago)
At 6:29 why does cory sound like poco from brawl stars
KYLE MONTEMAYOR (3 days ago)
6:09 aw mi gawd
Bom Bagel (4 days ago)
4:03 why are they all wearing sunglasses?
Harley Blankenship (4 days ago)
My friends are the seat savers lol.
Bigfoot Adventure (4 days ago)
2:55when he's hulk
NapkiinsA Nguyen (4 days ago)
F in the chat for Garrets grandma
I’m the loud eater
kian ming (4 days ago)
0:05 me everyday
Nasim Ghayoumi (4 days ago)
Laughter hahahahahhaha!so funny...😑😑
The Nightcore Room (4 days ago)
Huh the movie theater where I live is busy , but whenever I go there it’s so empty and the only other people there are some old people that prob don’t know what the movie is 😂
TJ Memes (4 days ago)
Guys you know what... Oh yeah yeah.
Rylei Rhyne (4 days ago)
1:34 tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
TheBoiGoob (4 days ago)
4:57 looks like backpack kid
XxMoJoe54 xX (4 days ago)
At 3:39 did Coby signal the guy or am I tripping
Isaac & Cam (4 days ago)
If you think they should do football stereotypes too like it
Danny schulte (4 days ago)
my favorite is the obnoxious laugher
Sharky Films (4 days ago)
Amusement park stereotypes 1. The scaredy cat 2. The over planner 3. The eater 5. The screamers And more
ItsMeRhys 11 (4 days ago)
4:03 that is so me!
Mark Simms (4 days ago)
im the smuggler
My name is Chevy! (4 days ago)
Do you guys do this on purpose
david Narloch (4 days ago)
david Narloch (4 days ago)
Sh3ll3y214 (4 days ago)
chazburgerpal pal (4 days ago)
It was great until 7:41.
Colby Zheng (4 days ago)
Makayla Nicole (4 days ago)
6:07 that’s my stereotype
Dragon Tamer (5 days ago)
I am DEFINATELY the moocher and the obnoxious eater. No doubt about it.
悪龍DarkFrog (5 days ago)
Is everyone in the background acting?
Martinez Sibs (5 days ago)
You forgot the person that doesn’t understand the movie at all
Beau Guest (5 days ago)
i wanna be with mr jumpy and scare him with the movie the meg
Ben Olewiler (5 days ago)
I’m definitely The moocher
Shark ark Playz (5 days ago)
Jelly Bean Animations (5 days ago)
I AM THE BUTTERY POPCORN GUY! I love buttery popcorn
Byson's Life (5 days ago)
You guys missed the spoiler!
Temka Temuulen (5 days ago)
this nigga like me
Mustafa Durmuş (5 days ago)
I am the texter
Fam From (5 days ago)
I’m the smoocher
Dylan Vitzthum (6 days ago)
What happened to overtime??
Mullet gaming (6 days ago)
I am the buttery popcorn guy

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