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Bonsai Styling Timelapse: Literati Bonsai (Bunjin Bonsai)

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In this video, Jason styles a Literati or Bunjin Style Juniper from raw nursery stock. Throughout the video, Jason discusses the thought process involved while styling the tree and how you might apply it to your own trees. For more information, tips, and techniques, please visit our store and website at http://www.easternleaf.com. Tree Species: San Jose Juniper Style: Literati (Bunjin)
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Text Comments (54)
หยู ว่ะ (12 days ago)
How is it right now? Can you make a review clip?
Bonsai Amador (1 month ago)
belo trabalho amigo
Denise MacLeod (1 month ago)
What other types of trees can be used for this style? Is there any tropicals that can be shaped like this?
Chris S (16 days ago)
Any tree can make any style however they carry individual challenges
Tristan Perree (2 months ago)
Great looking tree I have a collected European larch that stands about 4 feet tall skinny but my goal is a bunjin bonsai for it
William McDonald (2 months ago)
What type of juniper is that?
DH L (3 months ago)
Hi. I had a jade plant that I was doing as a bonsai years ago before I lost all my plants. This past month I bought a money tree/ panchira aquatica and four miniture rose bushes. I think I eventually want to do the rose as a 'mini forest' and I have started separating the braid of the tree (it had 5 trunks) for movement. I have watched alot of videos recently and they talk about wiring. When I first became interested in bonsai I was told in shaping to use different size rocks and string yet no one mentions using those in their videos. Why is that?
Flo Mo (4 months ago)
Aek SR520 (4 months ago)
Andrea AskenDunn (4 months ago)
I realize that this is a time lapse. How long actually elapsed? Thanks.
Andrea AskenDunn (3 months ago)
Sorry, I mean, all in one day? Was it 3 hours over a week's time? a month? I am wondering about recovery and growth between stages. Thank you.
Eastern Leaf (3 months ago)
Hi Andrea, The total time spent during this styling was about 3 hours. Thanks for watching!
jana darnold (4 months ago)
Wish u would explain what u are doing and why as u go along
Chris S (16 days ago)
You didn't Whatch the whole video he explains everything at the end
Oussama Chaachoui (4 months ago)
Hi, Beautiful work I like that you explain how to designe the crown of a bonsai tree ?
Stallion Disliker (4 months ago)
Im tired of seeing juniper trees cant we see something else please example Fukien Tea trees, Ficus Trees, Japanese Box wood or something else than junipers .
Bob McCarlie (4 months ago)
I would love to see a video on how you repot that tree into a bonsai pot. I struggle with figuring out how to take a root ball and repotting it at a steep angle. It never seems to work out for me.
Cali azulplata (4 months ago)
Q toque mae
Andrew Strom (4 months ago)
Great work! Do you now put it out on a bench or do you have some aftercare first?
Eastern Leaf (4 months ago)
Hi Andrew. The tree is back in the garden now on a bench. Buds have already emerged from the ends. We just need to care for it like we did before. Junipers can handle branch cutting without any issue. :)
Marc Irving (4 months ago)
Excellent video as always, looking forward to the next update.
Fred Grech (4 months ago)
Very nice I think it's going to look amazing
Kai Samuelsen (4 months ago)
Beautiful bonsai
Hank Dapper (4 months ago)
Nursery stock... pfff.. liar!
bingkk (25 days ago)
agree I'd never find something that good in my local nurseries
Brandon Tran (4 months ago)
I expect nothing less than excellence from Jason. Another awesome video learning how to make a tree look awesome. Practicing what you did in this demo is harder to do. But great job and thank you!
rose smith (4 months ago)
thank you for sharing!
Nice work and nice tree. Thanks for the video!
Hmm ??? (4 months ago)
Looks like it won't be strong enough to survive with this little foliage.
Chris S (16 days ago)
It's an older tree also it's juniper then have a reputation for staying alive under harsh circumstances
JJ Henters (4 months ago)
Chris S (4 months ago)
Do you accept apprenticeship I know quite a bit about the hobby but learning more about it would probably deepen my respect I have towards the hobby and it's partiapents.
Chris S (4 months ago)
Eastern Leaf thank you for the helpful information will keep it in mind
Eastern Leaf (4 months ago)
Hi Yogis, Thanks for your interest in apprenticing and bonsai! Right now, we don't have an apprenticeship. However, we do have a free workshop on the last Saturday of every month until October. It's hosted by Jason at the Eastern Leaf Warehouse nursery. Jason also teaches a foundation class every year. That class is filled for 2018 but enrollment for 2019 opens up in October. If you're interested in either please just let us know at [email protected] so we can put you on the list! :)
Chris S (4 months ago)
Dennis Whiter well I'm aware of the outward work that is required and experience needed for the hobby just been looking for a teacher here in California who is willing to apprentice me
Dennis Whiter (4 months ago)
I just thought I'd let you know what it was really like. As in any trade or profession it's a long hard ordeal to achieve and master. At least we can still learn about Bonsai on YT and practice (and stumble) our love of this wonderful endeavor.
Chris S (4 months ago)
Dennis Whiter a 10 year visit to Japan dosen't sound like my cut of cake but appreciate the the suggestion thank you and have a good one🍻
Robert Fowlkes (4 months ago)
Turned out really cool, man. It always amazes me watching you guys on youtube style a tree, You never do it the way I would, but, it always turns out so awesome. I guess that shows me that I don't know what I'm doing, huh? But hey, I'm learning. Thank you.
madison thomas (4 months ago)
Awesome work! I am a member of the Puget Sound Bonsai Society out of Seattle and we'd love to have you do a demo one day!!
Eastern Leaf (4 months ago)
Hi Madison! Would love to come out to Seattle to visit your club. I have a trip planned out for Seattle next year actually. Feel free to reach out to me. If you email [email protected], they will forward you over to me directly. :)
mayur kamble (4 months ago)
Hello Jason sir need to contact you but can I contact you
Trey Antley (4 months ago)
Another great video!!!
Gera Rovira (4 months ago)
Excellent. Great job!
Ben Soliven (4 months ago)
I have a question. Can you decandle a (thunderhead) japanese black pine the same way as regular Japanese black pine? Mine didn't seem to produce summer buds the same as my other black pines did. I wasn't able to find this information online.
Ben Soliven (4 months ago)
Eastern Leaf Thanks that helps a lot.
Eastern Leaf (4 months ago)
Hi Ben Soliven! Yes, Meat Sandwich is correct, you can do it the same way. Before you cut the candles, you also want to evaluate the health of the tree. If your tree is healthy enough, then you can go ahead and cut the candles. If it's weaker, you may want to skip a year. Just give the tree some time, if your tree is in good shape, those buds should be coming out soon. Just try not to watch it every day. ;) Hope this helps!
Ben Soliven (4 months ago)
Seth Connelly I don't know about the dessert. I live in northern California. It's in the 100s most of the summer and my black pines and junipers do fine .
Seth Connelly (4 months ago)
Meat Sandwich How do you keep your tree's alive mid-summer in the desert? I'm in the desert where it gets to be 120 degrees sometimes, having trouble with the right medium mix.
Ben Soliven (4 months ago)
Meat Sandwich No I didn't. I just cut the candles. Maybe my tree wasn't as health as my other black pines .
Bishop Lewis (4 months ago)
That turned out very nice! Elegant and feminine design. I look forward to the follow up when you put it in a bonsai pot.
PeriodWoodworker (4 months ago)
Super video. I have a 12 year old hawthorn, forest grown, that is long and spindly that I have been wondering what to with. Now I know. Thank you so much.
Kelslly Romão (4 months ago)
Muito bom!!!! Parabéns!!!

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