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12-15 packs ALL THE PRODUCTS USED WERE BOUGHT IN LOCAL BEAUTY SUPPLY STORES. YOU DONT HAVE TO USE THIS EXACT HAIR, ANY 100% STRAIGHT KANEKALON HAIR SHOULD GIVE YOU NEAT TWIST LIKE THESE email; [email protected] facebook; https://www.facebook.com/pages/Braids-by-Beauty/116714651767668?pnref=lhc instagram; https://instagram.com/beautycanbraid/
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Text Comments (2430)
Queen Millz (2 days ago)
How long did it take to complete
Thais Gabriela (2 days ago)
Muito trabalhoso!!!! O Twist já vende pronto.
*BTS Love* (7 days ago)
Do you have to straighten your before you get twists?
Audrey Dimson (8 days ago)
Ooooh! So all these braids are kinda twisted along with a piece of fake hair? That's interesting!
Candi Morris-Hampton (10 days ago)
Love this!!!
Abo (13 days ago)
Question: how do u.u seal the ends using your own hair? I feel rubber bands won't keep the twist, thanx
rollmic (15 days ago)
Thank you so much for such a thorough, instructional video! Your work is simply beautiful!!
Jo Ann Boyd (15 days ago)
From what what else didn't you tell me
Cassidie Hailley (17 days ago)
Her hair looks lovely I wish I had someone who could do my hair like that. 😭 I want to twist my hair like this for a protective style.
Mustafa Alkeswani (21 days ago)
Check on sale Queen B hair on ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Queen-B-Braiding-Hair-40-100-KANEKALON-HAIR-8PACKS/202658019434?hash=item2f2f5bf86a:m:mrhNVJLfgrYv2DzNU6yVZAg
Symone Kelly (26 days ago)
How many packs did you use?
Beautycanbraid (26 days ago)
Symone Kelly 10
Patrice Whitiker (1 month ago)
I'm not understanding why the dislikes
Patrice Whitiker (1 month ago)
Love this
Rachel Hinkle-Payne (1 month ago)
Can you twist the opposite way?
Rachel Hinkle-Payne (1 month ago)
Trying this on my daughters hair
Deela Williams (1 month ago)
You are an amazing teacher thank you so much!!
JR Oliva (1 month ago)
Jiz'l 1269 (1 month ago)
I've watched so many videos of these twists and always ended up in a stupor. Just seeing you do one twist and I got it. I love this video. Thanks so much
anna emma (1 month ago)
Clarisse Erby (2 months ago)
How long did it take you?
Crystal Chandlier (2 months ago)
Why wouldn't show the front?????? Stupid💯
Mariana Villanova (2 months ago)
Never get tired of watching you! God bless your hands! 🙏🏾
Zaneta Mcleod (2 months ago)
Your work is always on point 🥰 Thank you ☺️
cindy moses (2 months ago)
simplest and easiest tutorial video, thank you
Saint of God! (2 months ago)
Shelby Jamese (2 months ago)
How many packs of hair you used?
Narine Hosein (2 months ago)
I just wanted to know could this work on Indian hair please someone let me know
medjina raphael (2 months ago)
How long did it take
Star berry 101 (2 months ago)
The only thing is she never turns around so we the front so we can see the front view
Kimberly Woodbury (2 months ago)
Beautiful! How much do you charge for this style?
Nubian Nurse (3 months ago)
where are you located ?
Kerine Headlamb (3 months ago)
Mercedie Feller (3 months ago)
Do you have to perform this style on straight hair? Is the style ruined once you wash it?
littledonut (3 months ago)
Does that hurt more than box braids?
Ladifa Mbey (3 months ago)
Flor Lillo (3 months ago)
Muy bella quedó!! me gustaría hacerme eso pero no sé, no tengo tanto pelo 😂😂
Trinada Griffin (3 months ago)
So good thank you for this tutorial.
Godwin Chukunalu (4 months ago)
Thank you so much for saving me from years of struggles trying to twist. You are the best. I can confidently twist now. God bless you. I love you. I have sub to your channel.
G a s M a s k (4 months ago)
I just searched mo seagull
Ashley Reed (4 months ago)
These don't come Out?
Josue2018 (4 months ago)
I this gay Latino boy were a black girl, I would totally be weaving, sewing, twisting, boxing, braiding, straightening, ironing, wigging all this awesome hair with mine! Until my last penny! 🤣🤪💇🏽‍♂️
Ruthsi Garcia (4 months ago)
Cuanto tiempo las puedo traer?
Olapade Oyinkansola (4 months ago)
This was too fast how am I supposed to learn?
PRAYERIAS1 (4 months ago)
I can do that myself. So freaking cool love it
lovely bettis (4 months ago)
Omg this helped me alot ❤❤❤❤❤
Ashley Kirby (4 months ago)
4,444,445 views when I watch the video. I can't but feel guilty for breaking the line of 4's :/
bee im (4 months ago)
Watching this video makes so much more sense. I feel confident braiding this kind if style now.
Miss Melody Spencer (4 months ago)
I got braid it first, i mess up too much. You got skills💪💪
brie 713 (4 months ago)
Very nice and neat,but my question, are you twisting with both hands for just one hand?
Regina Hoggan (5 months ago)
Beautiful Job!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck the haters
Tried this method didn't work for me my daughter came home and some had rolled out her head 🤣 looked good though be sure to roll roots real tight or something..good luck
Erica Djiako (5 months ago)
vous êtes située où madame besoin de vous rencontrer
angelica silva (5 months ago)
Perfeito lindo
LLEZAH JOI (5 months ago)
AAAAAAAAAAAAAWESOMESAUCE!!!!!!!  I have a question... I am just getting back in the game of doing braids and twists... what kind of hair do you use? Can you do twists with any hair>? How many packs does one need to perfect such a craft of beautifulness....lol....
Vell.E (5 months ago)
She tells you how many packs in the description 🤦‍♀️
Carolyn Marshall (5 months ago)
un usuario de youtube (5 months ago)
Best turorial
nigga stoplying (6 months ago)
Can this be done on 1inch hair?
Cris Angel (5 months ago)
Yes but to avoid slippage, you should try the rubber band method. Good luck!
Imperial Shugar (6 months ago)
Awesome great tutorial.
ana cecilia (6 months ago)
exelente te felicito bendiciones
Camille Rogers (6 months ago)
Danielle Victoria (6 months ago)
And for the 1.6k that disliked you can suck my left big toe.
Danielle Victoria (6 months ago)
Respect. That probably took all day!😂
Donna Reid (6 months ago)
I like this technique. Great work
R S (6 months ago)
Wow, my hands aching just watchin. Beautifully done.🤗
Trey McGarity (6 months ago)
How long do they last until you have to redo them?
Nessa Baby (6 months ago)
Wow this method is awesome I must try it on my hair
keybrewer82 (6 months ago)
So burning the ends keeps it tight? Because i tried it with Mr daughter's hair and some purple straight extensions and it loosened. Wish i could post a picture
holy church (6 months ago)
Mula Imane (7 months ago)
Your good at this , keep it up😁
Kelly Omorogbe Okuonghae (7 months ago)
If you are to bride short hair are you going to divide the hair into two before twisting
Star K (7 months ago)
Leide Debora (7 months ago)
Sandeline Aristil (7 months ago)
Doing my hair like this on monday
Sandeline Aristil (7 months ago)
I lovvvveeeeeeee thissss
Nataile Sanders (7 months ago)
So Gorgeous!!!
Venu Wilson (7 months ago)
Joyce M-Greer (8 months ago)
What is the name of the brand of Hair used here?
Frimpong Sandra (8 months ago)
Olawunmi Abigail Onibiyo (8 months ago)
Michouchar St Louis (8 months ago)
What state are you in?
Vell.E (5 months ago)
+Michouchar St Louis Lol... i'm from Jersey
Michouchar St Louis (5 months ago)
Shavell Mickens oh ok. too far from u. im in west palm
Vell.E (5 months ago)
+Michouchar St Louis I believe Tampa
Michouchar St Louis (5 months ago)
Shavell Mickens where in FL?
Vell.E (5 months ago)
Rochelle Naturally (8 months ago)
Practicing on my own hair. The twist won't slightly loosens up when i'm done at the end. Any tips will and is greatly appreciated. So Beautiful.
Keke Anderson (8 months ago)
How long does this take??
Vell.E (5 months ago)
6-8 hours
Kierra Simpson (8 months ago)
Can this install slip out of "loose" curl texture
Samantha Doherty (8 months ago)
I can feel this video lol
reynamary12 (8 months ago)
Y como se sostienen al final estas trenzas?
Patience M Boka (8 months ago)
OMG!!! this video is so helpful... Love how u clearly show how u plant that braid on her hair,, its so neat and smart Thumbs up girl..
mc BOSS (8 months ago)
The twist are very beautiful. by twisting wave in your hair how that's going to get them to stay in just by twisting them? Soon as you sweat or rub your fingers through the braids are going to be coming out so how does the twist stay in just by twisting it in your hair? I want to get these braids or whatever but but if its done like that is no way it's going to stay in my hair if it's just twist it in
Ojini Joy (8 months ago)
You did a very good job. I so much love it.
J Lareine (8 months ago)
dominique007 (8 months ago)
Great video thanks so much
Jaelyn S (8 months ago)
Wow you make it look easy 😂😂 the hard part for me would be like connecting the hair to the head
Peaches Watkins (8 months ago)
Where are u located
suslater91 (8 months ago)
Almost EVERY BLACK WOMAN I SEE DOES NOT LOOK HAPPY BUT BEAT DOWN AND TIRED! I'm a black woman and see so many dusty weaves! Self hate is awful!!!!! Love the hair GOD GAVE YOU!!!! Giving money to the Asians who send their kids to college (HARVARD, YALE and ANT WHERE THEY WANT) , live in a nice home and vacation back to their home land courtesy of the BROKE BLACK WOMAN WHO HAS NO SAVINGS OR FATHER FIGURE FOR HER CHILDREN FOR THE MAJORITY! But , you got Bantu knots🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️. #SAD
Vell.E (5 months ago)
Worry about your life. What ever the next person has going on has nothing to do with you. Life's too short, it's not that serious.
BeGlamorousByLindsay (8 months ago)
Awesome tutorial ❤️
Andrew Ramvasquua (8 months ago)
Godbless your talented heants
Flirtatious 86 (8 months ago)
How long does that last?
Vell.E (5 months ago)
Up to 5-6 weeks if you take care of it. Most doesn't keep it in no longer than 3-4 weeks
dennielle davis (9 months ago)
Omg! This looks sooooo freaking easy! Thank you so very much, I am subscribing. I always thought, you had to use something else to keep the hair neat and twisted
akira adachi (9 months ago)
this video is most definitely for people who are visual learners
Safiyaa (9 months ago)
She has a lot of hair🤤🤤🤤.be careful where you cut client 💖

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