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Cutest Rottweiler Puppies Of All Time - Funny Puppy Videos Compilation [NEW HD]

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Text Comments (818)
TheClaudQueen (18 hours ago)
My Rottweiler, Hershey, died 2 years ago.. this makes me miss her :((
Maribel Zuñiga (1 day ago)
Los rottweiler son una raza gerrera 🐶😊😊😊
God Body (1 day ago)
I absolutely love Rotties! I had one, she was soo smart, and easy to train!
Its Diz (4 days ago)
I wish i could see mine again
ilina antevska (8 days ago)
Omgg so cute 0:33
I love you Rottweiler
LTbro 11 (14 days ago)
This is the most vicious dog ever!😂
Kayla Ball (15 days ago)
Kasun Themiya (23 days ago)
Love you Rottweiler
a d v i l (24 days ago)
Awww how am I not mad that this same dog breed made me almost lose my legs! (P.s I am gonna acknowledge the cat's pain as well)
Braulio Barajas (26 days ago)
Sell out bruh!..Those puppies are tight!!
frasierfraish (1 month ago)
I stopped watching when 3 of the puppies attacked a cat at 2:20 and it was actually in pain
Fibb (1 month ago)
0:27 Oh god my heart is spasm-ing over 10,000 times a second!!!!!!!!!
williams steam (1 month ago)
I have a male Rottweiler for sale right now. So if any one is interested just text me asap (857) 445-4053
brendon Tymon (1 month ago)
I have a Rottweiler 19 month old # crazy dog
Ganshayam Parmar (1 month ago)
Aashish Parmar
jeff jones (1 month ago)
i agree
Manju Samantha (1 month ago)
Mukesh Kumar (1 month ago)
Nice rottweiler dog baby
jake Ello (1 month ago)
the third on is very cute
Queen jade (1 month ago)
Jacqueline Llewellyn (2 months ago)
That puppies was stressed and not happy, You all should not have animals.
Jacqueline Llewellyn (2 months ago)
That is bad. You should never have puppies all over the cat. Cat not happy, Shame, You have a unsafe house for the cats and dogs and kids.
Cuteness Overload (2 months ago)
Soo cutteee the puppy he can awooo awooo
Wen I. Grow. Up. I'm. Getting. A. Baby. Rottweiler
Hillmidget (2 months ago)
Im just dying from the amount of cuteness in this. I cant deal. And i dont mind
hardcore gamer (2 months ago)
I love rottweiler end pugs
Cinnamon Mist (2 months ago)
Help I’m scared they are so sacry
Smertle (2 months ago)
0:58 to 1:11 CUTEST CLIP EVER
Siddharth Mehra (2 months ago)
Please don't play with animals if someone do like this with you how would you feel like...
Ellie Best (3 months ago)
Omg, that poor cat, the puppy was pulling it’s tail, and puppy bites hurt. 😭😱💔
Tommy G (3 months ago)
Greatest animals on the planet !!! I've had 3,don't have one right now. My lil pit princess is a lover but definitely no rotti
Carl Mina (3 months ago)
That howl at 0:35 ughh
Nishal Pawar (3 months ago)
Rhniyah Allen (3 months ago)
I can transform into a wolf or dog at I wanna be these pups
Zuhad Mansuri (3 months ago)
Please prey for me to get a rottweiler
s r (3 months ago)
Rottweilers are intelligent dogs who can be very rewarding to their owners. They are also known to not back down in a fight and are built to fight. These are two facts that people conveniently mix to suit their narrative.
nostradamus 18000 (3 months ago)
jaswinder sing (3 months ago)
SuperSaiyenShaymin 123 (3 months ago)
Thanks for the diabetes.
Deston Snowden (3 months ago)
I have a same dog
Clifford (3 months ago)
They are vicious just when you treat them like that in this important phase of life
Mysterious Girl (3 months ago)
I have a Rottweiler she is cute
Katja Stark (3 months ago)
Ich liebe alles diese Menschen! Auch ohne zu heulen!
Mlg Ethan Hernandez (3 months ago)
So cute
Rime Lyngdoh (4 months ago)
I love Dottie who's with me
heris harys (4 months ago)
Aww my hart right now 😍
Greg Farmer (4 months ago)
My rottie was my best mate and of a great nature. Gentle yet protective. He passed away 10 years ago and I still miss every day of my life. I have a photo of him above my study desk so I can see him every day. I cant bring myself to even consider getting another one, he was and is truly irreplaceable.
Moist Madness (4 months ago)
I will stab you in your sleep if you think Rottweilers are a dangerous breed of dogs
Marco Prevot (4 months ago)
Niet zo goed wat er aan toe te lichten over.
Linh Anh (4 months ago)
Love rottweiler
Suamae Singhsnaeh (4 months ago)
How do u hate these dogs.....just look!!!......THE CUTENESS INTENSIFIES
AJTokez (4 months ago)
Uncle Addie (4 months ago)
bewere guys those are dangerous
Ania Shadowdragon (4 months ago)
OMG I have a baby rottweiler
Kaycee Kayze (4 months ago)
Im going to adopt a Rottweiler should i get a male or a female?
Diveen Varma (4 months ago)
My cousin got a month old pup couple of months back now I visit him every weekend.
Lonnie Thompson jr (4 months ago)
Yogesh Pawar (4 months ago)
Nice rotty 🐕🐶🐶🐕
Elizabeth Sanders (4 months ago)
This was so cute that I cried BTW I have a Rottweiler and he's 11 months old and he's huge and adorable
TheBrokenSentry (4 months ago)
We have a rottwieler lab Shes very cute and energetic and nippy..
Aayush Pundir Rana (4 months ago)
Kaise sikhaya
G G (4 months ago)
Title is clickbait. My puppy is way cuter than all of them (:
rajpriya Shukla (5 months ago)
I have a rottie puppy and st bernard puppy i love both of them❤❤❤
Tom Campbell (5 months ago)
Hasini Pathirana (5 months ago)
i like Rottweiler puppies i love and want this Rottweiler puppies it's very cute 😘😘😘😘
Don Corleone (5 months ago)
Ugh it hurts me that I can’t have one of these. I hate you New York Landlords!!!!
Andrew M.P. (5 months ago)
At puppy : awww cuttteeee Adult one : aaaa ruuuunnnn
Eunice Enaje (5 months ago)
so cute
B B (5 months ago)
oh my god i love them. my 9 year old rottweiler Fiona passed away 2 years ago I miss her so much 😭
Bratayley Forever (5 months ago)
The fact that people think Rottweilers are vicious based on what they look like and from movies. All in all, they are wonderful dogs. It’s just how you raise them :) if you raise them well then you’re fine. If you raise them bad, then you’ll know the outcome. My rottie was such a big baby 😭
Breanna Maiden (5 months ago)
Too cute
remi (5 months ago)
Best dogs ever, they really are.
Carl Napp (5 months ago)
That's why they are so dangerous, you come near them and you are caught, you are helpless, you got to love them and they know it exactly!
yeah boi (5 months ago)
This video is not helping with my Rottie puppy fever
Izaiah Florés (5 months ago)
Like little black bears...
Nikky IDC (6 months ago)
Why can’t they be this cute when their older
music entertainment (6 months ago)
499 dislikes? Really?!
Iris Perez (6 months ago)
I volunteer at my local animal shelter and we have a Rottweiler and he is just the sweetest. He never gets aggressive and always obeys 💛
Sabita Das (6 months ago)
Cute dog
TRAVEL 4LESS (6 months ago)
Cute video, a little advice: when you use other people's material you, at least, should post links to the regular posts and give them credit! Please be aware of that! I made this comment after reading your description saying that some of the videos you did not contact the owner- and I think that would be ok too if you post the source where you got the clip from
Surbhi Rana (6 months ago)
Rottweiler dog is not dangerous breed they bite you when they feel in danger...and also matter how's there owner take care of them...
•Monica Sanchez• (6 months ago)
So cuuute❤️❤️❤️
Glorious Xoyas (6 months ago)
Without a doubt these are the sweetest dorkiest and cutest dogs ever.
Gowtham (6 months ago)
Dangerous dog
Suhas Nighol (6 months ago)
I Love RottWieler
Malini Raut (6 months ago)
Dogs are the best🙏🙏🙏🙏
Aathi Aathi (6 months ago)
I like Rottweiler dogs .my Rottweiler dog name is tom
Shweta Sharma (6 months ago)
I love Rottweiler puppy😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
animegirlzrock21 (7 months ago)
Poor cat
J Logan (7 months ago)
These dogs are dangerous! They steal your heart and totally sucker you with their cuteness and turn you to a pile.of mush
Mr_Sirius05 (7 months ago)
is so cute the dog
Denis Goguen (7 months ago)
I remember my Male rotty use to sing all the time with the radio
GreenPlayz27 (7 months ago)
My brother has a Rottweiler it’s so cute I see it every time it’s 3 months it’s so cute I love it so much
Everything Anything (7 months ago)
I’m getting one soon, most people say they’re vicious but the dogs that at vicious we’re mostly abused or not treated well. Just like pit bulls they’re so friendly if they were treated well. 😍
Spoonfull473 (7 months ago)
I have two Rottweilers but one is different than the other one because it’s whole skin is tan not Black and Tan
M Sherazi (7 months ago)
night mare (7 months ago)
Best breed of dogs, so intelligent.
sharda yetre (7 months ago)
so many cute
Nikki L EE (7 months ago)
Killer Ninja (7 months ago)
Ab mai bhe lunga ek dog.

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