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Dream out loud - HUMAN BEINGS

64 ratings | 11551 views
Dream out loud's second video from their album "HUMAN RACE". Currently being aired on VH1
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Text Comments (6)
Afaka Lianhna (1 year ago)
Whose listening in 2017 :)
AXELAGONY (8 years ago)
i find the mixing very weird....plus the starting verse vocals...love the chorus...esp in the end....and solo is shit....
abhifloyd85 (10 years ago)
ohh yeaaah buddy!!! Dat band's name is Shair+Func!!! D vocalist of that band is simply mesmerizing!!!
abhifloyd85 (10 years ago)
hey this is the same guy who sang 'zehreelay' in ROCK ON! I think his name's Suraj Jaggan
Sahil Sood (10 years ago)
nice 1....
Preetam Ramamurthy (10 years ago)
Great going guys... the song rocks!!!

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