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K-High Math Matters | Special Products | Grade 8 Math

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Polynomials can be multiplied resulting in a special product like the product of two binomials, product of the sum and difference of two terms, square of a binomial, cube of a binomial, and product of the special case of multiplying a binomial and a trinomial. Subscribe to Knowledge Channel YOUTUBE Channel: http://bit.ly/KnowledgeChannel For Donors, Teachers and Learners: www.knowledgechannel.org Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc. 3rd Floor Main Building, ABS-CBN Compound, Sgt. Esguerra Ave., South Triangle, Diliman, Quezon City Email: [email protected]
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Text Comments (92)
ItsZhaye (1 month ago)
LegendaryGaming139 [AMV] (2 months ago)
I do t think I don’t need math I only need +,-,x, at division. I don’t think somebody will ask me like do you have (a+b)^3 change
Analane Yap (3 months ago)
grade 8 lesson pero bakit ako grade 7 palang nandiyan na kami pero anyways maganda nalang yun para ma advance kami
AggresiveLyfe (5 months ago)
Using FOIL Method sucks
Chris Lastimosa (6 months ago)
kapag kaklase ko si ate d na ako aabsent <3
gerald zachery garcia (6 months ago)
DJ JAKE 20 (7 months ago)
Jo Christia Marie Canlas (7 months ago)
Thank you po
Wilt gabriel Ignacio (7 months ago)
Pina search nga ng teacher ko to kailangan ko nga tong sagutin
Justine Vlogs (7 months ago)
Gets ko na ang dali!!!
Ella Garilao (7 months ago)
Nakakatamad mag-aral ng Math.. Pero, kailangan matuto😂 Sinong agree?
Meme man (6 months ago)
Ella Garilao yeah thats right salamath
Golden Fantasy (6 months ago)
Ella Garilao Para sa atong grado at edukasyon.
Carl Lacap (7 months ago)
Hirap (ginagawa nyu)
Carl Lacap (7 months ago)
Ginagawa nyu
Carl Lacap (7 months ago)
Ayus kulang nalang yung sagot sa tanong
Shaina Jeroso (7 months ago)
lisa eunbi (7 months ago)
Did you know? Napunta ako dito dahil sa assignment namin. Okay, now you know.
Ako deennnn
estephanie castro (7 months ago)
Hahaha anong sinagot nyo nakakatamd HAHAHA pacopy preny lol
J-zard The WIZARD (7 months ago)
Glenn Jumao-as (7 months ago)
Just cut to the chase
Nag reready nako sa grade 8 xD
Getting ready for grade 8!😂😂😂
Catherine Ann Tolentino (2 months ago)
J-zard The WIZARD (7 months ago)
Same same
Mush Dope (8 months ago)
Florenda Pepito (1 year ago)
math is like a problems📖📖📖
Chris Chan (1 year ago)
i hope thi will help for my exam tomorrow....
Simemo Also (1 year ago)
Futcha andaming memelord dito..
Betch (1 year ago)
"Baka hindi lang kayo nakikinig sa guro nyo" Sapul na sapul ako 😀
vin pogi (1 year ago)
vin andrei (1 year ago)
vin pogi i
Mr. Galaxy (1 year ago)
FlameyMystic (3 months ago)
itZTaRTILIus (4 months ago)
True af
Lee Sang-hyeok God (5 months ago)
AggresiveLyfe (5 months ago)
Danielle Anne Dealo (1 year ago)
Huh???grabe di namn
Ne0n_Bytez _Gaming (1 year ago)
Thank you! This Helped a lot! I wish there was more Videos like this about math of Grade 8, as you can see I'm a grade 8 Student as well, but our teacher teaches in a Different way, some would call Hard, Thanks again
Ne0n_Bytez _Gaming were more*
Vin Joshua (1 year ago)
ito na ang ituturo ng teahcer namin bukas laki ng naitulong nito maraming salamat po
vin pogi (1 year ago)
vin joshua condes i
YouTubeGuy (1 year ago)
9:00 Theres No difference Nakakabaliw Ka rin mag explain
YouTubeGuy (1 year ago)
7:45 Nakakabaliw Mag Explain Si Maam :p
YouTubeGuy (1 year ago)
Ads Putakte Kang Ads Ka
YouTubeGuy (1 year ago)
Nag Aaral Ako Papatayin Kita Nangiistorbo ka eh #Ads
Wilt gabriel Ignacio (7 months ago)
YouTubeGuy hahaha
James Cedric Hidalgo (7 months ago)
Mush Dope (8 months ago)
YouTubeGuy Amen 😂😂😂
YouTubeGuy (1 year ago)
0:45 Oo Kasi Ang Bagal Ng Net
t0fulord (1 year ago)
YouTubeGuy king ina ang ingay mo
YouTubeGuy (1 year ago)
0:30 Bastos Si Kuya Nag-aaral yung tao iniistorbo mo. Niaano kaba niya
ItsZhaye (1 month ago)
YouTubeGuy (1 year ago)
0:01 Nice Song
Evan Mendoza (1 year ago)
Lol put captions on
hlrs 3271 (1 year ago)
math life's matters
hlrs 3271 (1 year ago)
I got streit A in mafr crass
Mr. Jorpodoskovosoki (1 year ago)
Ola K ace (1 year ago)
math is love math is life
Chris Chan (1 year ago)
no its not....ur just stupid..
Sean (1 year ago)
tumahimik ka nga bobo ka lang talaga
Son of Chewbacca (1 year ago)
Its not cancer, its Ebola
benhar jhamin (1 year ago)
wow ayos to! napaka informative, maraming salamat
Yellow Pirate (2 years ago)
Dapat ang product ng 1st at 2nd term ay doubled
lalit patil (2 years ago)
lalit patil (2 years ago)
this is the best subject
Paul Shakya (2 years ago)
hey r u want to com in nepal to teaching for nepali
Ne0n_Bytez _Gaming (1 year ago)
Nice English
George Daco (2 years ago)
sa= 6s to the power of 2
RebelliousKFC (2 years ago)
Teacher be Like YO MAN A+B+C+D=EIIII EIIIII EIIII tae nag flifliptop na yata to 😅
EM JAY (2 years ago)
hahahaha nice! gi, bisaya na sa sunod ng video! hahahahaha
France Yockte (2 years ago)
Nice basic lang po pala, salamat po.
yevgeny carbayas (2 years ago)
fuck my ass
Joshua Ravelo (2 years ago)
Salamat po talaga
Sean ZootLizzie (2 years ago)
pano pag baliktad? Ang i sosolve ay x-24+8?
Ava Bargo (2 years ago)
same pattern
CloudTSLS (2 years ago)
Pinoy pala to
thats gailg (2 years ago)
nagets kona ang dali lang pala <_> yung teacher namin di ko ma gets ahahhah thankyouu po
James Mendoza (2 years ago)
Ok thank you po... Mas nagets pa po kita kaysa sa teacher ko hahaha
Josh TM (2 years ago)
okk gets ko na
SASHA .M (2 years ago)
are u speaking indonasian cuz I don't get it!
Gale GamerXD (2 years ago)
SASHA .M im filipino and that's a filipino language
Isan Mae Flores (2 years ago)
No they're not Indonesian actually they are Filipino and they're using a language which is the "Tagalog."
Reynaldo Alzate (2 years ago)
Maraming mali dito at hindi man lang nila kinorek bago in-upload. Tulad ng pagdating sa square of a binomial sabi nila: "step 2, multiply the first and second term". Ang tama ay "multiply the first and second term and multiply by two". The correct grammar is "square inches" and not "squared inches". Nakalimutan nilang lagyan ng plus sign yung "a^2 (-ab+ab)-b^2. Ang tama ay "a^2+(-ab+ab)-b^2".
Maestro Mathematico (2 years ago)
tama ka po dyan sir, nakita ko rin po ang lahat nang yan.
Antoniette Padua (3 years ago)
thanks so much!!! :D i'll use this for my grade 8 learners! :D love it!!!
rizza bornilla (4 years ago)
love ko na talaga tong MATH MATTERS!!!!! sana updated pa po kayo plsss........

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