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Cute and Funny Don't Starve GIFS!

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I finally figured out how to record GIFS... XD Anyway, this is a collection of cute and funny GIFS from mostly Tumblr. WARNING: There are a few flashing GIFS in here! If you have epilepsy, don't watch this. DISCLAIMER: This is for entertainment purposes only! I'm making no money off of this. Don't Starve (c) Klei Entertainment. GIFS are credited in the video.
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Text Comments (138)
CodenameWhisper (2 years ago)
To those asking why Webber isn't in this video: Either I couldn't find any gifs of him at the time, or he wasn't introduced yet! :o
Egg Gaming (8 months ago)
Was regin of Giants already out?
Snakessi (13 days ago)
Elijah M (25 days ago)
Master Pik min (1 month ago)
Fast as fuck boi
Master Pik min (1 month ago)
Addy Mills (1 month ago)
*Wilson is my senpai*
moony (1 month ago)
c a n c e r o u s
atomic936 (1 month ago)
1:21 random stalker when he finds out where you live
I know what i'm typing. (4 months ago)
The last one is beautiful
Herman Mathisen (4 months ago)
Attackable object: *Exists* Wilson: Go for the eyes!
random boring monkey (4 months ago)
Wilson is the best
MaximumxeROTMG (8 months ago)
_Very funny ._
Echo Arts (9 months ago)
2:49 *exists* Me: cackling like a hyena at 2:00 AM
Reisku (10 months ago)
0:28 yes. just yes.
Y e e t (11 months ago)
I love the fourth one.
Page ANIMS (1 year ago)
3:35 He’s like a dad
blind glowstick 467 (1 year ago)
Thats a nice lookin tree eh?
John Bigless (1 year ago)
2:23 I threw him on tha *GROOOOOUUUUND*
AlbinoYolo IX IX (1 year ago)
Dipper + Bendy = Wilson
XXXsakuyaIzayoi XXX (7 months ago)
AlbinoYolo IX IX KHE BERGA?!!!!
Mr. Tabby (1 year ago)
Chet Augustine (1 year ago)
( it's pronounced JIF! )
zimmygirl777 (10 months ago)
Jraphics Image File? Nai. It's Graphics Image File or GIF.
Wapoh (1 year ago)
2:30 and 2:38 are me in dont starve
Fernando J. Cruz (1 year ago)
Say pal, you don't look so *SMASHING*
fenyr master (1 year ago)
0:29 thats happens when i leave of the base in 5 seconds
webber gameing (8 months ago)
same a willow burns my base
Toxx The Wolf (1 year ago)
I really like the mime (i think his name is wen)
Leo Cabral (1 year ago)
Victoria Prince (1 year ago)
Wilson: *Sigh* still no koallaphant...
Op Op (1 year ago)
2:38 me doing homework as fast as I can
Katrina Morris (1 year ago)
2:57 - 3:08 Haha! 😆
Mario64fan64 (8 months ago)
Katrina Morris w
Frankie the stuff (1 year ago)
Madmilk Gaming (1 year ago)
i tried this with my hands, and this hurts so bad
ChiknNoodl (1 year ago)
Good spelling
oreoshake Mercadel (1 year ago)
The last one killed me
All is Roxy's (1 year ago)
0:28 willow did you do that
Egg Gaming (8 months ago)
DashGame Filler (1 year ago)
he came home with pizza then the house was on fire
Astrobeast12 (1 year ago)
3:50 i ship it
Leo Cabral (1 year ago)
Astrobeast12 (1 year ago)
3:17 BITCH?
Leo Cabral (1 year ago)
Astrobeast12 (1 year ago)
2:25 just fuckin' waiting for the glommer to beat the SHIT outta bearger! that needs to be in the game, a glommer attack mode
Astrobeast12 (1 year ago)
AW HELL NAW I HAAAATE slurpers! luckily abigail can take'm
XXXsakuyaIzayoi XXX (7 months ago)
Well that's true ,but un the ruins exist something called "depth worms".
Leo Cabral (1 year ago)
Dead Memes (1 year ago)
fuck that giant deer , its kills me 3 time in the game
SOKUN Visoth (1 year ago)
Lol so funny
Tinu Sweetu (1 year ago)
Wendy here, soon, I will post videos, so, when I do, subscribe! It will be mostly be singing and don't starve, and who knows, maybe Abby will make some appearences! in reality, she's not dead.
Earl McCay (1 year ago)
see you like when it says 5 days ago in about 20 more days i will release it on these coments
Earl McCay (1 year ago)
heres something good the dont starve gifs story derp
RockRecords Studio (1 year ago)
Wes is so cute
wat (3 months ago)
Tru :3
ForceLoup (1 year ago)
*go for the eyes* He attacks the nest with no eyes and doesn't hit it
Ness (1 year ago)
3:45 Fuck I ship it now
x GalactaBird x (1 year ago)
Wilson: Go for the eyes! *Starts attacking spider nest* Me: *Laughing uncontrallably*
SHY tale (1 year ago)
the moths duck look like yellow dimensions
SHY tale (1 year ago)
WaЯʊↁo ̅Ɯ!tch (1 year ago)
6/10 not enough web- *Reads edenthewerecat's comment* Oh.
Ipwn 6S (2 years ago)
The typewriter gif in my perspective is this: "my research has become pretty well, I now can build a machine that I don't know what will do. I will conclude my results when I finish and turn it on."
DragonLoveBoom (2 years ago)
0:50 Madeline: Yes. Have mercy.
Dogedude 28 (2 years ago)
0:31 when willow sees yaoi
Leo Cabral (1 year ago)
As willow
Victoria Prince (1 year ago)
Justin Baxter what they are saying Wilson: I'm here to deliver the piz-.... Willow: Oh hi. What you hear Wilson: MmMmmmMMMmrrr Willow: FufuFFfuuFuuuuFFu
Ness (1 year ago)
When Willow can't wait for the food
Justin Baxter when Willow disagrees with your ship
Praecantetia (2 years ago)
omg poor Glommer! xD
Praecantetia (2 years ago)
haha the woodie gif
7.8/10 too much don't starve
Robot Nr.183 hehe right :y
Robot Nr.183 (2 years ago)
Raiden Nyphee omg someone from SU OwO
I liked
Mosslii (2 years ago)
where'd ya find the gif at 2:58?
Mosslii (2 years ago)
oh that's ok
CodenameWhisper (2 years ago)
AccidentalSpeedpaints Somewhere deep in the confines of tumblr... I honestly can't remember exactly who posted it... :c
Miner Kitten (2 years ago)
Why is Webber always left out of these things QwQ
CodenameWhisper (2 years ago)
Miner Kitten I think it was because I made this before he was introduced... Either that or I couldn't find any gifs of him... :c
Christine Peles (2 years ago)
Where's Webber this is spider racism and child abuse!
Leo Cabral (1 year ago)
Da pigs are racist bcuz they here webber#favirot
Nani the hecc (2 years ago)
EdenTheWerecat Wrong, They never did make gifa
CodenameWhisper (2 years ago)
Christine Peles I made this before he was introduced, I think! :O
brocoliobama (2 years ago)
the fact that you used windows movie maker to do this makes me dislike, but the fact that its dont starve makes me undislike it
DerpyDerp (2 years ago)
2:14 hey man- can you stop- please stop staring at me- IM WARNING YOU. DO YOU WANNA FIGHT MEH M8. LEZ GO- *gets quacked at* .-. nevermind... *dies*
Egg Gaming (8 months ago)
And so that’s how Webber lost his head
ForceLoup (2 years ago)
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Lol this very funny
Ghostly DeathCry (2 years ago)
why you steal my name! my name's Eden too.Im a boy
CodenameWhisper (2 years ago)
Ghostly DeathCry Cool! :D
Jill701 (2 years ago)
Fucking love Wilson 💜
oreoshake Mercadel (1 year ago)
Willow Don't Starve I always play as you cuz I luv fire
Praecantetia (2 years ago)
yes. burrn all
Jill701 (2 years ago)
You're my favorite female character. We both have one thing in common that sets us apart from the others. We love setting fires, if we could set fire to the rain, we do it.
Arthur Kirkland (2 years ago)
I love using the last one on kik. :>
Normal Sheep (2 years ago)
TopHat (2 years ago)
1:21 when you find the perfect porn ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I know what i'm typing. (3 months ago)
Prismancy (4 months ago)
XXXsakuyaIzayoi XXX (7 months ago)
TopHat or the perfect hentai.
Majestic Taco (2 years ago)
These aren't even funny or cute
Frosty4217 (3 months ago)
*Chokes* Sorry I thought I heard you say something.
XXXsakuyaIzayoi XXX (7 months ago)
I'm hungry.
PillowFort (2 years ago)
XinaXLowBatteryX Sure
iiAztronomical (2 years ago)
PillowFort can I sleep in you? :3
Arthur Kirkland (2 years ago)
PillowFort I like you. :>
Where did you get that 4:07 clip? SCIENCE!
PocketPlayer 101 (1 year ago)
When you fill your inventory with electrical doodads
Dogedude 28 (2 years ago)
The Ultimate McNugget Nagi when u finally build dat science machine
CodenameWhisper (2 years ago)
The Ultimate McNugget Nagi I think that one's on tumblr! c:
I'm new to DS and I already love it
The Ultimate Nugget Nagi im not new but i actualy love that game .( i playing from ruins dont starve (not tougether)update)
Dgamer30 (2 years ago)
ahahah SCIENCE!! xD
TimTims World (2 years ago)
Cypherus McClain (2 years ago)
Such a small fandom for Don't starve. Need more Gifs. :o
XXXsakuyaIzayoi XXX (7 months ago)
CodenameWhisper (1 year ago)
The fandom has actually grown from the time that I posted this video! :o
Kanim 548 (1 year ago)
ForceLoup nooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, awh hell no, people are sick!!
ForceLoup (1 year ago)
Kanim 548 There is porn of it I searched it out of curiosity now I hate my life
Kanim 548 (1 year ago)
DjCypherus let's keep it small or else it'll turn into DeviantArt atrocities
Emily Draws (2 years ago)
i died with the fourth one XDDDD
Noteseton (2 years ago)
the shipper girl :3 personnaly the 2nd killed me
Good_Name (2 years ago)
Trollo 129 (2 years ago)
Merrakuda (2 years ago)
haters gon hate
Kela B (2 years ago)
You don't look so Smashing xD
Merrakuda (2 years ago)
Merrakuda (2 years ago)
SWR24 (2 years ago)

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