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MSC Seaside - MSC Yacht Club Royal Suite

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The exclusiveness on board MSC Seaside will reach a new level with the MSC Yacht Club Royal Suite. Elegance and luxury at sea are waiting for you with an amazing balcony of 33 sq.m. with dining table and private whirlpool bath. Discover a ship within a ship and click here to discover more about what will be your benefits if you choose an MSC Yacht Club Royal Suite. https://goo.gl/B55JI3 Find your next Cruise now: https://goo.gl/0b6tPb Discover all about our new ship MSC Seaside: https://goo.gl/B55JI3 Discover all about our fleet: https://goo.gl/D5bPB0 Subscribe on YouTube: https://goo.gl/0gejIc ------------------------------------------------------------ More info on MSC Cruises: - Facebook: https://goo.gl/Cp40H5 - Twitter: https://goo.gl/4y9fxh - Instagram: https://goo.gl/ZLdHBe
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Text Comments (8)
Beata Collazo (10 months ago)
What suite #is that? Will be on the seaside yacht club in July 2018. Thank you!
Piranhabites (10 months ago)
this type of cabine is stupid. You hear so much noises from upper deck, when somebody walks or move the sun chairs. Never ever!
Fred Folson (11 months ago)
Just booked this suite for a summer 2019 voyage. It's almost 600 days from today, but I can wait.
Beata Collazo (10 months ago)
Frederick Folson what cabin# is this? Thank you?
Fred Folson (1 year ago)
Just cruised in the Divina Royal Suite and I can't wait to sail in this cabin! Summer 2019!
Vlado (1 year ago)
I'm impressed ! All the best from " MSC " ! I'm sure , because I was in Paradise's cruise ( !!! ) on board the ship of " Divina ". Thank You very much for Your this video and Your high quality services ! I want to say again : For all Captains, For all Crews and For all Passengers of Global " MSC " : Only 7 feet under the keel ! Always ! 24*31*365* Best regards, Vl'ado. 13 Apr 2017
Cidiane Alves (1 year ago)
lindooo um dia volta aí 😍
Cinzia Sinigaglia (1 year ago)
le più belle navi del mondo

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