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Nick Grant - Father Figure (Dreamin' Out Loud)

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♫ Stream / Download: Nick Grant - Dreamin' Out Loud - ↪︎ http://smarturl.it/DreaminOutLoud ♫ » Follow Nick Grant: https://twitter.com/NickGrantmusic https://www.instagram.com/nickgrantmusic https://soundcloud.com/nickgrantmusic https://nickgrantmusic.com/ Follow MyWayHipHop: https://web.facebook.com/mywayhiphop https://www.instagram.com/mywayhiphop https://twitter.com/mywayhiphop https://soundcloud.com/user-124611598 https://audiomack.com/artist/mywayhiphop For any suggestion or copyright, contact: [email protected]
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Text Comments (10)
Kade Carver (3 months ago)
If you hit thumbs down on this you must of bumped your head. Shits deep af dope too! Nick Grant I wish you’d drop a whole album in this style of songs!!!
Mrs. E. Mason-Hall (4 months ago)
Tone Sparx (5 months ago)
Simply amazing. Bro u are the reason I stepped out my comfort zone and started to show everyone what I can paint with my paint brush. I'm tryna paint a picture so vivid people spit it
Rj20708 _ (5 months ago)
I’m on the raise, just know your son raising himself.
JGUTTER34 (5 months ago)
The "my place" tweet sample
Amyn Pena (5 months ago)
Henry Capellan (5 months ago)
Great fucking song
dk 21 (6 months ago)
nick grant is greatness
LegitMusic (6 months ago)
Damn 😲
Aaron Word (6 months ago)
You finna be a legend in this game I call It now 💯💪

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