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Text Comments (19098)
imran mahmood (2 hours ago)
Soda means baking soda??
arham siddiqui (12 hours ago)
I watch only for time pass
Rahul Rajput (15 hours ago)
So good video mam 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Rahul Rajput (15 hours ago)
Kaha se aata hai yar dimag
انتصار جدوع (17 hours ago)
لايك وميت لايك
انتصار جدوع (17 hours ago)
واو رائع
Bo Gustavsson (19 hours ago)
Valbona Xhafa (19 hours ago)
Swagata Guha (21 hours ago)
Omg 160 million views Yet 532 k likes.....
Tom Eirik sen (1 day ago)
Informative Videos (1 day ago)
I love this like😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Monsta Music (1 day ago)
Rajeev Singh (2 days ago)
Can you do beyblade metal fight or Beyblade burst
RAGE BRO (1 day ago)
Uncle aap bhi bey blade khelte hi?
Cau Cerqueira (2 days ago)
Pion canal de todos da dica que ninguém usa pela amor
Silvana Soilo (2 days ago)
esse canal é um lixo
Sofiitubers Baldion (2 days ago)
Excelente video
MARWAN BARABA (3 days ago)
malak Tv (3 days ago)
핑키푸키 (3 days ago)
한국인 손!
Mária454 Szabó (3 days ago)
Roy Orbison The Orbison Way.
Mária454 Szabó (3 days ago)
Roy Orbison
Waseem Ahmed (4 days ago)
i have watched all of your videos and i love them but I don't try any of them because it does not work that nice
Alejandro Nogué (4 days ago)
Solo algunos le gustaron
Alejandro Nogué (4 days ago)
Este lo miro juegagerman y no le gusto xd!
Ice cream Lol (4 days ago)
MatchSmatch (4 days ago)
congrats for 160M+ Views!
Sikndar Gathole (5 days ago)
Ye aap bhight att jaisa kya dalte ho
madis laan (5 days ago)
Khachm Lard (5 days ago)
Plz sub
Plz sun
u got ROASTED (6 days ago)
This was back when ur channel was enjoyable and useful
Justin Stimson (4 days ago)
so... never?
Amnh Mahamd (6 days ago)
حبيت كل شئ 💕💕💕💕💕😍😍😘👌👌👌
Amnh Mahamd (6 days ago)
لايك لا تنسو
ItsGumnay Gaming (7 days ago)
shiva nani (8 days ago)
We see we try
Silla Lundby Nielsen (8 days ago)
anis ali (8 days ago)
SOHAIL AHMED (9 days ago)
Josie Gaukrodger (9 days ago)
Please don't waste plastic like this There are far more eco-friendly alternatives to do these hacks!
Kai Wei Lim (5 hours ago)
Josie Gaukrodger It would be useful if a group of ppl start collecting straws and repurpose the straws into crafts like this 😃
Rajeev Singh (2 days ago)
Dusco_12 (5 days ago)
Josie Gaukrodger true
utu malibacampus (10 days ago)
Pinxmadden Arche (10 days ago)
Charise Dela Cruz (10 days ago)
Wasting Colgate!!!!!
Ultimate home remedies (11 days ago)
https://youtu.be/Odq7gl2ANXU Hello friends this is my channel please support it.thanks💋💋💋❤❤❤❤
Pravin Kumar (11 days ago)
Pravin Kumar (11 days ago)
Masum Billa (12 days ago)
กาย เเส, (13 days ago)
duda moreira (13 days ago)
Eu sou brasilera
Em 22 De Mai de 2017
Sarkari Yojana Crafts (13 days ago)
Amazing Where R U From Guys 😀
GamingWithKJ (10 days ago)
Your mom
mi bui (13 days ago)
Bunny djoe (14 days ago)
https://ncb2ilnk.com/NjaC7 🎹✨🎬
Sami Jenkins (14 days ago)
That orange ballon tho 😬😬😬
Sami Jenkins (14 days ago)
It made me cringe
Sami Jenkins (14 days ago)
0:35 I see it popping very easy lol that would be messy😜
Omer Ahmed (14 days ago)
Shivam Keasarwani (14 days ago)
get more pls click here https://amzn.to/2LkL8xb
Tech BaalaMuruganarul (14 days ago)
Oh god, we are watching your videos without missing,but not able to try them out in reality, really great you are thousands of ideas just amazing.... Will try some soon.....
FaheemGaming (8 days ago)
Same to u
Sandeep Kumar (14 days ago)
Sandeep Kumar (14 days ago)
This video came back! (14 days ago)
Check the hashtag: #hacks #5minutecrafts
This video came back! (14 days ago)
Doyüş Kanalı (14 days ago)
Bilməy olmur ki icinə nə qatırlar adam balası kimi gostərində icinə nə qatırlar
Lin Hamdan (15 days ago)
Marie mimi (15 days ago)
Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool and Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻🙈🙈🙈🙈
Margarita Saballos (15 days ago)
Germán reaccióno a esta kk
Camila Verastigue (15 days ago)
German Vio Esto😂
MattCanadianPacific // (15 days ago)
0:32 until it pops
Nathaly Leal (15 days ago)
Para que uno quiere convertir un globo en una pelota dé basquet
Co55 09 (15 days ago)
Who watches but never subscribes
John T. Deck (16 days ago)
Dude this is so funny! Comedy gold right here. /s
Fabiana Barbosa (16 days ago)
minute crafts apranda com felipe neto uma tanpa e um pote tem que ser junto mas si vocé não tive uma tanpa compra um pote novo pela amor di deus
Imran A Qader (16 days ago)
sara ali (16 days ago)
يا ساقطه يا كحبه
Olivia Eason (16 days ago)
The toothpaste one doesn’t work The bottle just gets sticky
Sadhana Lanjewar (16 days ago)
How do we put a present inside a ballon
It is so good video
yes "defenetly"
Sol Rivera (18 days ago)
Yo ya mese la idea del minuto14:17
Evi Ou (18 days ago)
They are work really magic!!!
Hira Anan (18 days ago)
Science in the backyard
Christopher Nunn (19 days ago)
This channel makes me want to quit YouTube forever.
Bebo Esho (19 days ago)
كام واحد عربي هنا علشان اعرف لايك😂😂
Rodrigo Kuiper789 (19 days ago)
E se tenta fica escroto
Rodrigo Kuiper789 (19 days ago)
Ninguém nunca vai usar isso
Rodrigo Kuiper789 (19 days ago)
Vai se fuder
Rodrigo Kuiper789 (19 days ago)
Rodrigo Kuiper789 (19 days ago)
Canal mais cu do mundo
Rodrigo Kuiper789 (19 days ago)
Rodrigo Kuiper789 (19 days ago)
Rodrigo Kuiper789 (19 days ago)
Que canal mais bosta
Rodrigo Kuiper789 (19 days ago)
Vai tomar no cu bosta
Seweryn Wieronski (19 days ago)
Subcribed pewdiepie
Govind Zala (20 days ago)
Handy Crafts (20 days ago)
I tried to do the toothpaste balloon thing but it doesn't last that long
Who else misses the old music
naruto S (21 days ago)
RS World (21 days ago)
100kth Dislike.
Vijeta Trivedi (21 days ago)
Who watch but never try
Kostya Key (22 days ago)
Slime is very cool 😎

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