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In today's video I am trying/reviewing swimsuits off of ZAFUL.com!! I post new video's Fridays + Bonus videos!! Subscribe here http://bit.ly/2FMI05q Instagram: @miamaples Snapchat: @miamaples Twitter: @ivorygirl48 What i got: Zaful Swimsuits: https://www.zaful.com/swimwear-e_14/?lkid=13052962 Lilac bikini: https://www.zaful.com/padded-bralette-string-bikini-top-and-bottoms-p_286229.html?lkid=13052962 Reversible Bikini: https://www.zaful.com/reversible-retro-print-ladder-cut-padded-bikini-p_287926.html?lkid=13052962 Army Green bikini: https://www.zaful.com/padded-wide-straps-bandeau-bikini-set-p_296535.html?lkid=13052962 Smocked white bikini: https://www.zaful.com/smocked-bikini-top-and-bottoms-p_373572.html?lkid=13052962 yellow bikini: https://www.zaful.com/knotted-scoop-high-cut-bathing-suit-p_300417.html?lkid=13052962 One Piece Swimsuit: https://www.zaful.com/strappy-high-cut-plaited-one-piece-swimwear-p_481129.html?lkid=13052962 deep purple bikini: https://www.zaful.com/scrunch-butt-smocked-bikini-set-p_486438.html?lkid=13052962 Checker String Bikini: https://www.zaful.com/padded-checked-thong-string-bikini-p_464340.html?lkid=13052962 black and white Bikini: https://www.zaful.com/high-cut-two-tone-bandeau-bikini-set-p_494042.html?lkid=13052962 *This is in no way a sponsorship these are all 100% my honest opinions
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Text Comments (2181)
Mia Maples (9 months ago)
Thank you all so much for the sweet comments, seriously means a lot to me!! <3 If you would like to see me try more swimsuits this time from Wish.com Click the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJ9uXP_TGKI
Magdelene Faith (8 days ago)
Mia Maples u
Imogen Tyler (16 days ago)
Mia Maples I love you in the last one!!!
Ashley Ross (30 days ago)
I love your body i wish that was me
Felicity Parke4 (1 month ago)
Your body is perfect!!!
Temí Oliveira (1 month ago)
Peyton Daily (5 hours ago)
This was posted ages ago- but I needed to comment on how freaking CUTE that white and black swimsuit looks on you!! I can’t believe you didn’t like it very much cause it seriously makes you look sooo good. you’re beautiful and it makes me sad that you suffer from insecurities :(
Karissa Vasquez (6 hours ago)
Girllll!! What body insecurities?? U are beautiful. I would kill to have that body.
Anya Helmer (6 hours ago)
She spent two minutes asking people not to judge her body when she literally has a flawless body 😂
Angela Athena (6 hours ago)
Beautiful love u❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Olivia Skoglind (9 hours ago)
I had a zauful add before this?
Audrey Williams (9 hours ago)
I love the plum one
Amy Burns (12 hours ago)
Where did you get that plant painting in the background? Soo cool
Ally Read (12 hours ago)
imagine how fun it would be to swim suit shop if you were as tiny as her
Kat (1 day ago)
Thank you so much for this!! I‘ve been conflicted about buying that red one, i thought it looked soo good but you never know and zaful doesn‘t have any pictures with models :// seeing how cute it looks on you i‘m definitely buying it!!!
Emily Ch. (1 day ago)
You should wash your swimsuits before trying Them on
Camilla Nielsen (2 days ago)
You got a goegwous body Mia <3
Sarah K (2 days ago)
Idk what I’m doing (2 days ago)
If anyone comments abt your body they’re probably jealous because u are so dainty and beautiful which is not common nowadays
Tina Duong (2 days ago)
Sara Haynes (2 days ago)
The bak
Njóla Rodriguez (2 days ago)
#3 looks soooo good on you omg
El Stephenson (2 days ago)
Your figure is gorgeous don’t worry about it xx
keishadawnirving1 (3 days ago)
So my questions are is the sizing true to fit & does it take long to receive them. Also, if their are any curvy girls reading this feel free to let me know cause i am curvy & have a super big bust.
Moo Goo (3 days ago)
I eat when I'm hungry and I eat til I'm full ~mia maples
Moon It’s me (3 days ago)
I kind of have the same body shape than you, so I find it soooo practical because I can go on the websites and buy swimsuits that will certainly fit me Thank you, you are so pretty❤️
HeavenlyZanny (3 days ago)
Why do we always want to be different from what we are? ALL MY LIFE I HAVE BEEN FIGHTING WITH H having a bit of insecurity for a large chest area and I have avoided swimming because of it then in 2016 "I had a stroke and now I have a left side of my body that doesn't function like a normal woman so how my body looks is not so important but I mostly miss the freedom to do the things I want to do
HeavenlyZanny (3 days ago)
I love the olive one
HeavenlyZanny (3 days ago)
My point is that you have to be able to enjoy your wonderful healthy life and your family
HeavenlyZanny (3 days ago)
Thanks for the video Mia
Bailey Boyd (3 days ago)
I need the link for the red one 😭😭😭
eshana titi (3 days ago)
Karley Trejo (3 days ago)
Do they have like so you can mix and match the sizes of the bottoms and tops?
Milia Brown (4 days ago)
The “rufly” material is called ribbed btw
Sarah Montgomery (4 days ago)
What size did you order?
Noekish (4 days ago)
You are beautiful❤️
Cath My Breath (5 days ago)
I love your swimsuit reviews! I’ve never bought a swimsuit in my life because I have MAJOR body insecurities. Seeing you tackle yours makes me want to try some! I just bought a few swimsuits from Zaful so I hope they turn out great! Wish me luck!
Rodrigo (5 days ago)
Honestly you are one of the most beautiful women on this planet
Hallie McDowell (5 days ago)
Take a shot every time she says “swimsuit”
edna shered (5 days ago)
Girl you are strong
lauren higganbotham (5 days ago)
Girl that black bottom white top one is SO CUTE on you!! I love that shape for you. I want to go buy it now after seeing it on you except I have booty for days and I think those cheeky bottoms would turn into a thong 😬
Kyley Lazarus (5 days ago)
Could you do a shein bathing suit hall? Also your bodys beautiful and you shouldnt be insecure about it ;)
Mia Onufrak (6 days ago)
1. hello from another mia :)) you are really pretty and im really happy there's someone who is built exactly like me!! also the video was great!
Mrs. Jana (6 days ago)
Thank you that you are doing this video! You are showing that not everybody needs to be perfect! (This doesn't mean that you aren't near to perfect) Ps: I also got little boobs and I'm so thankful that somebody who has also little ones is doing such a video😁
Vilma Hurttila (7 days ago)
How many times did she say the word swimsuit? 😆😆
Emma Hansen (7 days ago)
the black and white one makes it look like you’re a thiccy gorl
Ari R (7 days ago)
I'm glad you want us to be happy, but if you are truly uncomfortable with displaying your body on the internet, then don't do it. It is your body and I think you should be able to be comfortable making videos. Please don't feel like you have to do anything you aren't comfortable with because of us.
Catalina Espinosa (8 days ago)
Wooow, I really can’t believe that you had body insecurities, you’re beautiful just like that and have an amazing body. And that two swimsuits we’re my favorites too, look perfect on you 💕
Bryan B (8 days ago)
Your body is beautiful. People are drawn to your abs and the way your bottoms cling to you perfectly
zoe leon (8 days ago)
What sizes did you order??
Elise Tucker (8 days ago)
I aspire to have your body when I’m older💕
Trinity Holland (8 days ago)
Girl yes we all have insecurities but always remember you are absolutely beautiful
m (8 days ago)
how is it buying from them from Canada? Conversion, duties.. shipping time?
Nina The Pink (8 days ago)
Ok, is it weird for me to ask how old you are? I'm 17 and thought you were like 25, but you just said school. I'm just curious, lol. Also, you have a fantastic body girl. Don't ever be ashamed of it!!
Zoie Forrest (8 days ago)
You’re beautiful!!! Never stop loving yourself and growing in your personal endeavors 💕💕💕
Rose Braun (9 days ago)
your body is wonderful ♥️
Irene Portillo (9 days ago)
How do you have body insecurities you have a 4 pack and a thigh gap. I would kill to have your body
Chloe Couszins (9 days ago)
I love it
xx x (9 days ago)
how was the customer service, how long did it take to get there etc. because i’ve heard others say it took ages
Journey Speake (10 days ago)
You make me feel so much better about my body / in a good way 💕😊
Naoimh O Connor (10 days ago)
What size did you get in them?
Grace Davis (11 days ago)
“I eat when I’m hungry and eat till I’m full”.......Has body goals😍
Alanna Bromhead (11 days ago)
in the start you were saying you don't like your body but your very pretty and you should
Abby Segal (11 days ago)
" I think it makes me look like some sort of geometrical illusion..." -- Mia Maples
Leah Fountain (11 days ago)
You are so pretty!!! Don't anybody tell you different❤
ashley _ig (11 days ago)
the plum bando one was so beautiful and now i’m considering buying it! the color was also perfect with your skin tone and hair color
Marcie Yep (12 days ago)
Yasss girl you rock ❤️
Aaron copson (12 days ago)
i am the same as you to Mia Maples
Joey Loutitt (13 days ago)
You have a wonderful smile
Rosario Santander (13 days ago)
Your body is so perfect😍 Mine is absolutly wrose and doesn't look aaaaanything like yours skinny perfect body 😣😥
Bluejazi Grapes (13 days ago)
You have a big head with a small and slim body. Lol ironic
Skylar Toth (13 days ago)
What size did you get
Makeup_Blog (13 days ago)
You have a beautiful body don’t worry
laura laura (13 days ago)
Your soo beutiful no matter how your body looks💕you are a kind and nice peron so dont worry about whatever people say there just jealous 💕
ewinggg18 (13 days ago)
you have a beautiful body !!
who’s here with the ibtc??
Harley Renae (14 days ago)
the third one😍
kristina mikulich (14 days ago)
Your body is literally perfect! You're such a beautiful woman! 😘💕
Jessica Lemaire (14 days ago)
I love the way you think. I feel the exact same way as you. Keep it up girl😋
Emmaleigh Newell (16 days ago)
Who else thought of the ninja turtles when she showed the green one🤣😂
Celeste Longbottom (16 days ago)
On the booty 😂
Jeanna Grace (16 days ago)
Okay just wanted to say I’m so proud of you for going out of your comfort zone and filming this video! You’re amazing❤️ you are perfect the way you are and you are literally sooooo beautiful❤️
Prettylittlebitch 21 (16 days ago)
You actually have a cute body!!
Olivia Scott (18 days ago)
Doesn’t super yellow nails mean something? Anyways loved the video !! I’m actually buying some bikinis from them lol so this was helpful
Ruby (12 days ago)
Olivia Scott not really. If you wear nail polish a lot they get stained and look yellow.
Nicolette Dibenedetto (18 days ago)
You are my favorite !
Marganda Yasss (18 days ago)
What sizes did you get? I have a similar body type 😊
Sofia Kozlíková (18 days ago)
omfg i want a body like yours
star tika (19 days ago)
oh please turst yourself your perfect ...
Simply Julianna (19 days ago)
You are sooo pretty and do not let anyone bring you down!!
Elle LeBlanc (19 days ago)
brb gonna go do crunches till I can’t breathe
Bray Delao (20 days ago)
Girl don’t let an insecurity stop you from doing anything you want to do because you’re gorgeous and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise not even yourself because it takes a lot of talent and self love to get in front of the Internet and put yourself on display like you’re amazing!!❤️
TYRA SAIN (20 days ago)
You are so pretty and beautiful. Don"t bring yourself down.
Tess Wilson (20 days ago)
Mia could you please do a review of Romwe swimsuits???
M :3 (20 days ago)
haya ahmed (21 days ago)
the plum one is SOO PRETTY IM OBSESSED
Ida Ohlhoff (21 days ago)
Your Background ist very beautiful ans you are beautiful 2 sorry for mistakes im German 😊
URVASHI SHARMA (22 days ago)
Hey sister ...you are gorgeous adorable not from face only but your body is toooo good ...dnt knw why you have body insecurities....love from india
Bella Gonzalez (22 days ago)
Bro she's so pretty
Jada Harris (22 days ago)
i already know saying this doesn’t really help you because i know being insecure a million people could tell you’re perfect but you could say otherwise but your body is amazing and i wish i had what you did 😕
Cheyenne Sills (22 days ago)
Yesss girl!! Your amazing for doing this❤️❤️
alan larson (22 days ago)
you need to up your protein intake and get some fat on that ass
EmmaBridgeman (22 days ago)
go to McDonald’s
mid night (23 days ago)
Damn. You’re perfect 💎
jahangir aalam (23 days ago)
Wow Soo beautiful all Colours Zaful....And You are Really Soo beautiful & Pretty....Happy New Years Advance 💟💚💖💙💛💔💔
Martha Gregory (23 days ago)
Gurl you body is beautiful, if anyone says ur body isnt beatiful there just jelous because I am jelous right now❤️
Kylee Sylva (24 days ago)
#itty bitty titty comitee🤗 girl I'm wit y oh
hoyahh lol (24 days ago)
Why is she insecure she has a beautiful body

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