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Budget Magic: Combustible Ramp vs GB Delirium (Match 2)

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Does Combustible Gearhulk have enough power to keep up with Emrakul, Ishkana and Liliana? Let's see! ► Read more about this deck (full article): https://www.mtggoldfish.com/articles/budget-magic-88-39-tix-standard-combustible-ramp ► View this deck with the latest prices: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/504112#paper ◼ Purchase this deck (paper): http://mtg.fish/pNoOj ◼ Purchase this deck (Magic Online): http://mtg.fish/7YsFz
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Text Comments (66)
Veikko Elo (2 years ago)
Forgot about Blighted Woodland?
Roomy (2 years ago)
18:30 I just don't understand... you had the win. Why would you only attack with two? You can either attack with two and keep the game going, or attack with four and end the game immediately. Why even pass the turn? Just finish him. If you're lobbing to keep it going because you think you're kicking his ass and want to "humiliate", you deserve the lose.
13eetle13omber (2 years ago)
13:15 my favorite quote: "That was a lot of things going wrong at once."
Bertofication (2 years ago)
Where is he playing?
Branden Adams (2 years ago)
what platform is this
Ryan Lertora (2 years ago)
Would Panharmonicon be bood in this deck?
Happily chubby flygon (2 years ago)
Would you consider swapping the plains for a single hub? You have some energy makers so I think it would be fine.
MTGGoldfish (2 years ago)
I'd probably play four Energy Hub (and drop the Plains), but Energy Hub is surprisingly expensive for the budget.
Qiushi Zhang (2 years ago)
Please pronounce evolving wild properly, there's no combinations of A and W anywhere in the word. Also there were at least three play mistakes where you would have been in a more favourable position. Otherwise sweet deck and enjoyed the content
Qiushi Zhang (2 years ago)
something along that line, although it should just be correct.
MTGGoldfish (2 years ago)
So you're saying my pronunciation should E-valve?
Alex Onstott (2 years ago)
This match was super punty, even by Seth's standards.
Nich Kin (2 years ago)
What is that plains for?
Peter Klein (2 years ago)
Aether hub would be better. Untapped land for r/g, additional energy for mana/burn.
Branden Adams (2 years ago)
so when ur friends ask you can say you run Naya ramp just to seem cool and alternative
MTGGoldfish (2 years ago)
Radiant Flames in the sideboard.
OchoOucho8585 (2 years ago)
18:35 Could've easily won, if he had attacked with everything with decimator game 3
tct93 (2 years ago)
Why didn't you attack with everything at 18:34? It wouldn't it be lethal?
nickjoeb (2 years ago)
You punted on the attack with everything play but then your opponent punted back by not killing you with emrakul+ishkana then you didn't hit temper. Feels bad but we did punt.
Tomaz Melo (2 years ago)
Please pay more attention you lost lethal sometimes and made some terrible choices.
Kapernum Miller (2 years ago)
@10:50 Swing everything at Liliana
Malloot (2 years ago)
Seth, I love you man, you are one of the best mtg content creators out there. But do you really have to agonize us with these misplays? You do know that physically hurts us right? Missing lethal, missing the fact you had double red mana, not siding out the 2/1 dork... Just play a bit slower and edit some thinking parts out? Or not, we can always just put it on 1.5 to 2x speed
Kavewolf1989 (2 years ago)
damn that last game was a comedy of errors lol incorrect land drops, missed clue cracks, wasted mana, and even a missed lethal. lol opps
VaragianAfro (2 years ago)
i keep seeing plains but i dont see any white cards.. is there a thing i missed? :P
VaragianAfro (2 years ago)
oh nice ;)
MTGGoldfish (2 years ago)
Yeah, radiant flames in the sideboard.
DamnDrone (2 years ago)
Radiant flames.
Steve O (2 years ago)
Hey Seth! This deck is awesome. Do you think you could stream a non-budget version of this deck some time? Thanks!
James Reilly (2 years ago)
Attack with the Tireless Tracker and Servant at 18:34 and you win the game.
xiao xiao (2 years ago)
agree, I don't see any reason not to alpha attack that turn, should have won.
bekeleven (2 years ago)
He also neglected to crack some clues at EOT, and another time didn't realize he had red for bedlam. Such is Seth.
Jarrel Doomis (2 years ago)
Seth sepai you missed an easy lethal...
Celine Turner (2 years ago)
Why play conservatively, can the opponent pull a win with you on 15 and him with no creatures???
wakcedout (2 years ago)
You called up no red mana for bedlam in game 3 while I'm staring at timber grove u tapped and a mountain untapped.....unless you had other plans you coulda played it
wakcedout (2 years ago)
+nofail thats what i must have missed then.
nofail (2 years ago)
I understood that as "No mana for Bedlam Reveller + Hanweir battlement"
Cai GuiHuang (2 years ago)
Why is there a plain?
MrJet225 (2 years ago)
Radiant Flames
Cai GuiHuang (2 years ago)
SirSlipps I see
SirSlipps (2 years ago)
For the Radiant Flames in the sideboard. Helps kill those pesky 3 toughness things.
Corey Sierchio (2 years ago)
Timber Gorge taps for Red Mana. You also missed cracking a clue using Hedron Archive mana.
Johnny Trignano (2 years ago)
Corey Sierchio the gorge miss was bad but he probably didnt want ti give the opponent another card tonuse against him is my guess
John Richards (2 years ago)
come on Seth you gotta play more agressive! no reason not to attack with everything
Zeth4 (2 years ago)
could you not have won the last game on turn nine by just swinging with everything?
Malloot (2 years ago)
Daniel Hughes Yeah it hurts badly
Daniel Hughes (2 years ago)
Seeing people miss lethal makes me deeply sad.
blahblah14 (2 years ago)
Well his opponent punted too at least, could have swung with emrakul and drained with ish kanah without giving seth another turn.
Daniel Hughes (2 years ago)
No idea why he wasn't threatening with his dorks, they traded favourably with spiders, and getting those spiders off board is important.
Dysson Pitcher (2 years ago)
I was wondering that myself.
DarkGenesis (2 years ago)
18:30 How do you not attack with everything? What am I missing here?
RMHTexas (2 years ago)
MTGGoldfish (2 years ago)
That may have been better.
Malloot (2 years ago)
DarkGenesis nothing, just Seth punting on majorly important plays again. He plays well until stuff like this happens and his mind for no good reason thinks well it's better to keep blockers then to win.
WaterZer0 (2 years ago)
You didn't gain anything by playing the plains, and it cost you a clue which could have saved the tracker the following turn and given you a card.
Luca Cherpillod (2 years ago)
game 1 why not play the reveler first? you would have had lethal that attak
pedestrianme (2 years ago)
it makes you discard your hand
Hard casting decimator would have won. That a mistake made by saffron.
Luca Cherpillod (2 years ago)
Oh right but hard casting the decimator still works?
If he played the reveler says "discard your hand, then draw 3 cards"
Miguel Grados (2 years ago)
Seth says Liliana of the veil, Woodland Wanderer! Silly mistakes! If they were legal, they would make standard insane!
Miguel Grados (2 years ago)
yes but its not seeing any play whatsoever =( oh the good ol' days...
Jakob Jensen (2 years ago)
well Woodland Wnaderer is standard legal
Emma Tyler (2 years ago)

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