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How to Make Gifs for Tumblr in Photoshop CS4 and CS5

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IT ALSO WORKS EITHER WAY WITH CS6! I'm showing you how to start from taking the screencaps with the KMPlayer and how to add text/watermarks and stuff (CLICK HD Quality for a better view) It shows you two different ways to make gifs with both versions of Photoshop, if you have any question/doubt my ask is always open, hope you like it! http://amuriita.tumblr.com I DO NOT OWN the song in here it's Koi wa Lonely Heart from the Sailor Moon OST
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Jiehan Mutiah (4 years ago)
how did you remove the subtitle??? T_T
Amuriita (5 years ago)
the same way, use videos in HD and make a good contrast on your coloring (try using 'curves' instead of 'brightness/contrast'), when saving use 'pattern' or 'adaptive' (you can even reduce it to 99% and still will look good!)
turtleducksunbound (5 years ago)
Hello! Your video helped me a lot! Thank you :D I was wondering how can I reduce the graininess of a gif in cs6??
klm (5 years ago)
ily hilarysakuramoon!!! :* thank you so muchhhh!!!!
Amuriita (5 years ago)
oh that usually happens when you have a very colorful gif, apparently tumblr hates too much cyan and magenta so the only way to solve this is reducing saturation or reducing these two as much as possible, your gif won't look as nice but that's the only way tumblr will let you upload it :/
liamkeesing (5 years ago)
hey i've tried this a couple of times and i've always made it just under 1mb but it still says there's an error when i go to post it... i made it 500px wide as well. any idea why?
Amuriita (5 years ago)
20 frames* i meant, sorry!
Amuriita (5 years ago)
um probably cause you don't have enough memory while runing photoshop? or maybe your file is quite big. Make sure it is 500px in width and i recommend not to use more than 20 layers for an average gif or the file will be really big and we need a file that's under 1MB in size. Then just change JPEG to GIF and it should work!
sosvocaloid (5 years ago)
Okay when I save for web and devices, it's automatically set to JPEG instead of GIF and my Photoshop ALWAYS freezes... How to fix?
ColaBearSama (5 years ago)
Thanks! I actually figured out it was because when I got the clips from the video player, I wasn't getting them in the original size. But what you told me also helps me out with any extra grainyness while saving, so thank you. (:
Amuriita (5 years ago)
it might be the dithering you're using when your saving, if not always make sure your videos are in HD and try to make a very contrastant coloring! I recommend you to use 'adaptive' and 'pattern' when saving
Amuriita (5 years ago)
bueno eso pasa cuando los videos son demasiado HD pero tienes que moverle a algunas configuraciones del KMPlayer, busca en google y en varias páginas te dicen como desactivar esa opción para que puedas tomar tus capturas c:
ColaBearSama (5 years ago)
Thanks! This helped me. I just have a question. My gifs always seem to turn out grainy. How do I prevent that?
HabboPolemicPeople (5 years ago)
ash no entiendo me dije imposible trabajar en modo superspeed :(
HabboPolemicPeople (5 years ago)
Jazzay2ka (6 years ago)
thank you, this tutorial helped a lot, you are awesome.
Belle (6 years ago)
Thanks for the tutorial! *-*

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