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Text Comments (67)
Gabrielus Magnus (11 days ago)
Thats why guns should be illegal for "normal" people in the US. Only with a license. They seem to be not that bright to deal with a gun.
AWlpsSHOW36 (15 days ago)
Those kind of pranks are so inappropriate. And what was with that guy with the freaking gun??? Holy cow!
Richard Crawford (1 month ago)
1:45 "Its Chester" I fucking died laughing bro haha
Rodrigo Bacay III (1 month ago)
bruh that damn thumbnail mad scary my nigga
vikings nation (2 months ago)
I hope u shot looking at people in the bathroom what did u think is going to happen
light bulb (2 months ago)
Alright I would be upset and all but that last dude was willing to kill someone over a prank!
last part I can not believe
GalaxyVoid (2 months ago)
oh shit the last one
Kizuna Ai (3 months ago)
Shuda left the cameras on so u could have proof if he shot u
GOPRO Mountain bike (5 months ago)
Carry a gun it illegal
Kizuna Ai (3 months ago)
No it is not. I just have to have a permit
GOPRO Mountain bike (5 months ago)
Not smart bro
TheTenaciousVids (8 months ago)
Hopefully dude didnt get sued. Pretty sure its illegal to film in bathrooms. Stupid prank.
boostedsil40 (11 months ago)
'I might look white but I'm not." Oh well then you must be one of those low iq people who can't control impulse like killing because a fake head looked at you wrong.
Setsu X. Kuro'neko (1 year ago)
I literally hope, you're death
Isaac Henson (1 year ago)
Orion Capps (1 year ago)
For the first one how did he gat such a camera shot for the fake head I think this is fake
KookyFoe (2 months ago)
he did when nobody was in there
B-la_-st ! (2 months ago)
delboyengland (1 year ago)
i thought this long time back prob just had a friend for a scene . I dont mean a friend for the prank i mean after he done the pranks just filmed from other side to make it better for the viewers
sanjaysinh chudasama (1 year ago)
keep it up 👍👍
Matt Curry (1 year ago)
I bet 75% it was a black guy who had a gun in last prank, it's always the dumb black people who think they all tough, pull a gun in public restroom, your on camera get screwed over xD
boostedsil40 (11 months ago)
bri+ how can you get mad when statistics show the chances of him being black is pretty good,if anything you should be pissed at 14% commiting over half of all gun related crime.
AYEForApplesauce (11 months ago)
he was Mexican
bri (1 year ago)
Well... (1) he wasn't black you stereotypical piece of shit. Honestly, go fuck yourself because you my sir are RACIST. Also you look 28 and still typing "xD", even though you could be beyond 28 from what I see. Even if you based that man over skin tone you'd still be judging a book by it's cover just like I think you look 60. Maybe you're not/Maybe you are.
Isham2 W (1 year ago)
2:45 god damn!!!😦
Hans Bjorgman (2 years ago)
1:32 Was there a camera in the other stall?
I woulda stepped right on its head
BigTOE (2 years ago)
whats this song or beat?
Grigori Rasputin (2 years ago)
Question, why did you turn the cameras off? Why not leave them running as you take off?
Rapolas Pleskovas (11 months ago)
Grigori Rasputin, becouse Youtube is not letting to film real dead bodies, crimes and that stuff.... if you do that you can get reported and kicked from Youtube.
alldayagain (1 year ago)
I think because that part may have been fake
SLKittenGirl (1 year ago)
Grigori Rasputin he might sue him for it
R.I.P dude. Condelense
KygelRexUEasy (3 years ago)
the last one is fake... not the reaction but the gun part
Kyndal Savage (10 months ago)
KygelRexUEasy u don’t know so it could be true
KygelRexUEasy (2 years ago)
+Jacob Gonzalez Look it up. Its confirmed fake m8. Can't find it? Too bad.
How would you know????? Huh
Vanellope'sArchives (3 years ago)
I sure hope so.
Austin Curko (3 years ago)
Austin Curko (3 years ago)
i love u guys plz write back thank keep up the great video 😋
l Pronox (3 years ago)
he should shot ur dumb ass
l Pronox (3 years ago)
stupid white people shit
Cehaka (3 years ago)
+l Niveous l reported
Farnquiqui (3 years ago)
I love these types of videos.
stashTHE body (3 years ago)
make a part 2😂😂😂💀💀💀
AfroGaming (3 years ago)
A repeat?
Nicholas Payne (3 years ago)
+Reheman Hacks لا اعرف اقرأ
yahya ahmed (3 years ago)
+Reheman Hacks اسمي احمد بس الحساب حساب اخوي
+yahya ahmed شنو أسمك
+yahya ahmed 😂😂😂😂
yahya ahmed (3 years ago)
PrankCity (3 years ago)
Hope you enjoyed this toilet prank! subscribe if you are new!
Kyndal Savage (10 months ago)
PrankCity wow that was crazy don’t mess with people like dat I hope ur ok 🤞🏻
Californiaman 1122 (1 year ago)
Vanellope'sArchives he didn't respond, don't worry I feel ya bro (and if you're a girl then sorry)
The Unknown (2 years ago)
Bruh did he really have a gun? Did he just shot the door? Wouldnt anyone hear u?
Vanellope'sArchives (3 years ago)
Did he really have a gun?.Are you ok?
Motionless Amber (3 years ago)

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