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Nude Photos Of Teen Girls On Instagram Leads To Arrest Of 2 Men

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Text Comments (26)
Edward Highland (5 months ago)
that lawyer act like he saw something . maybe he need to quit
Mr. DC DAB (1 year ago)
That's right. Privacy! My ass, your privacy begins when you moved up out my house. Damn straight. Too many predators.
Steve Stiff (2 years ago)
That guy on the left looks like he's related to Karl Malone
George (4 years ago)
Some one pass a law to raise the age of Facebook and Instagram to 18 !
Bryce Dieleman (4 years ago)
My brother sent nudes earlier today and the school said something about the cops and he could be taken away... 0_0 That means every time we go somewhere to eat we can get pops! :D
VVS_diamonds89 (5 years ago)
what happened to his hair hairline & his scalp though lmaoooo
IT'S CHRISTY! (5 years ago)
Im glad I have tmobile too. Even before the jump program if my kids ran off at the mouth, failing or failed a class or like you said about changing behavior, I just go to my tmobile account and suspend their line until I see a positive change. See grown ups know how to have fun; P
dj selatian sims (5 years ago)
right on amen
iLuvNikeBlazers (5 years ago)
Lol, you sound just like my parents.
Jay C (5 years ago)
Brother I'm following as of yesterday, and truthfully we're brothers from other mothers. Cause we're definitely sharing the same points of views. Things you've said couldn't of said it no better. As far as the law they need to fine tune it cause there was no physical action taking place as far as rape. But indeed the parents are to blame as well for not lookin deep within their daughters' personal life, she has no personal life to even to find time to get away to beable to indulge in acts as such. And as you g black males we need to get taught structure by our fathers whether they're in the household or not that we need to control our sexual drive and make well thought about decisions about when it's comes to sex. I tell my boys sex is nowhere I tell them first and foremost knowledge wisdom an understanding is first and foremost. Cause when you know better you do better. It's gonna take a movement of us brothas to spread the word. I'm gonna spread it on my end and I see your doing a great job with these videos that you're creating. So I'm with you all the way to better our peoples in any way possible bro. I will be watchin you my man
golive832 (5 years ago)
Need more parents that are in there kids lives!
Steve O (5 years ago)
Like many times in the past The Advice Show has done it again. Your 100% spot on about your assessment of this situation. The break down of the American family is to be blamed again. No supervision, one parent upbringing and just plain laziness sometimes on behalf of these parents. How can these kids be around grown men without the parents knowledge? We need more strong fathers being involved with their children even if they can't stayed married to the mother of their children. We need moms, dads, grandparents and relatives to help raise the children especially if they live in bad Neighborhoods. In these times with technology and the fast pace of life our children need as much help as they can get. God help us.
strawberries404 (5 years ago)
I love how you didn't just demonize the men in this story to take attention away form the bigger problem - girls that willingly put themselves into compromising situations, thinking that doing so is alright. There are definitely issues in their lives that need to be addressed, be it an absent father, absent mother, absent father and mother, over overly permissive parents, or anything else. If the underlying issues are not addressed, they will do this again. It reminds me of a sixteen year old a few years ago who put an ad up online saying that she is tired of having her virginity and is thinking about selling it on Craigslist. Although she claimed to want advice, she bucked against everyone who told her not to do it. She definitely had issues that need to be addressed. So yes, the adults were wrong, but so are the children, only to a lesser degree because the law presumes that they don't know how to control themselves and don't understand all of what they are getting into and the consequences of their actions. That is debatable on a case by case basis. Nonetheless, these kids are out of control and they need to receive real help if they are going to stand a chance of thriving as adults. I agree with you 100% about checking a child's cell phone and their social media sites, and I applaud you for being a conscientious parent. Today, parents are too concerned about their own lives and hate being bothered with their kids. Either that, or they want to be the cool parent and act like everything is okay with them. They say garbage like, I'd rather little Jimmy do it at home than out in the streets. What they need to say is, 'You will not disrespect us or our home like this. If you want to continue living here, you have to respect the rules we have set,' and don't give in. If they keep rebelling, they have got to go once they become a legal adult. Sounds rough, but babying them and making them think their actions are okay is worse.
Nicole Kennsy (5 years ago)
I agree with you I had my dad he just passed so I worked to keep me busy my mom didn't pay attention to what I was doing but l lucky I was smart enough to do the right thing and keep away from people like that sad more people cant pay attention and be a parent
Alana H (5 years ago)
Call me old fashioned, but I feel a child under 16 should not have a FB, Instagram, Twitter ect.  16 & 17 should be monitored. That will elevate most of the problem. Also, they should be on the computer in plain sight.  You get privacy when you pay rent!
DJYC21215 (5 years ago)
Don't know what the law is in that state but here in maryland once they turn 16 they can have sex with any aged adults. If they have similar laws, then i bet the 2 arrested were thinking "damn just 1 more year and 1 of the charges could have been dropped"
stormshado2012 (5 years ago)
That's how you suppose to parent Advise. Stay on top of them.
Old Skool Channel (5 years ago)
Advice Show that was Awesome!! Well said, You are good!!!
MegaHobo Joe (5 years ago)
i never did like cellphones.
Jaleel Redd (5 years ago)
What business does a twelve year old have, having an instagram in the first place
iluvpinkandgold (5 years ago)
exactly! IMO they shouldn't have a smart phone capable of getting on instagram. all they need is a good ol' fashioned flip phone for emergencies.
MegaHobo Joe (5 years ago)
fucking technology always inventing a new way for perverts to fuck around. they need to bust those internet sites; they should make it that everyone pays 1$ off a credit card to prove there age. a credit card that is under there name. then what child would get there hands on one.
JB0523 (5 years ago)
Gotta be bruthas! Dammit! So tired of seein this shit! >.<
Surmar01 (5 years ago)
My kids work(ed) for their Father, he gave them Cell Phones off of his Business Account ,(The Coolest Phones of their choice) he also pays for a service in that he gets copies of all their Texts, and lists all the numbers they call, or call them along with 24/7 GPS Tracking; they are his phones, off of his Business Account, and there is No Expectations of Privacy from the Boss (Dad) when using a Business Phone. Our Twins who are over 18 now still uses their Father's Business Account though they know that their Father gets all of this Info and that they can now get their own phones; but our Eldest Son is in Trade School and saving every dime he can, and our Daughter is taking a few years off from School to pursue a dream and needs to pinch every penny.
x_callisto_x (5 years ago)
You sound like a good daddy, your children are very fortunate.
jus1 fro2 (5 years ago)
i agree

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